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George Allen's duties and responsibilities made him oblivious to what was coming out of his mouth....

I had never heard of any of this before. Thanks for educating us NLS.


I guess the next step is to see who is donating to the judges campaign tresury!

But more importantly it is a perfect example of a "politician" that believes he is more important than the law. This brings to mind the exact thinking of Larry Craig, he is a U.S. Senator who thought he was above the law. We all know the story. Laws are there to protect all citizens. If one is in the wrong one should take the responsibilty and whatever the penalty is to rectify the transgression. Not run away and hide behind position or self importance.

Congress is full of these kind of people. They only serve themselves and their buddies of like minded self importance.

This guy should not be a candidate for anything.

Thanks NLS for posting this and keeping all citizens informed of the character of elected officials. Good or bad.

Not Gerry

11 MORE! Loving this focus.

Reston Libertarian

Make sure you get the legal procedure down before you make your readers defend Gerry Connolly against their better judgment.

The Commonwealth's attorney decides the charge to bring. Misdemeanors are tried in the General District Court [GDC]. Felony probably cause hearings are held in the GDC. Most state criminal matters must go through the GDC. There are no juries in the GDC. G. Connolly had nothing to do with the choice of trial by jury.

It is common practice for the entire bench to recuse itself in situations involving sitting legislators, and attorneys who practice before that Court. It is so common that there is a standard procedure for obtaining a judge from outside the jurisdiction, that is overseen by the Supreme Court of Virginia. If you think G. Connolly has significant influence with the Supreme Court of Virginia, you've lost your mind.

I have personally appeared before Judge Johnston and found him to be incredibly diligent and insightful.

The burden of proof in criminal matters is beyond a reasonable doubt. This case was probably a close question based on the facts presented.

Isn't there something else in va politics to blog about . . .

RL points out exactly what I was about to point out, before I scrolled down to make this comment.

These posts are hilarious when Ben gets up in arms about something like Gerry not having a jury in GDC.

Also, to phaedrusmack, let us know when you've located the judge's campaign treasury. What you, can't find it? You mean we don't have elected judges in VA? First I've heard of it.

Not Larry Sabato

I said before- this should have been a felony charge and the people of Fairfax should have been allowed to decide his guilt or guilt.

FWIW - Judge Johnston was one of the GDC judges getting praised on the blogs last year for striking down an abusive driver charge. He found a student wasn't a permanant resident and, therefore, not subject to the additional fine.


Stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.

One should learn from their mistakes. Unlike self important politicians.

Who was the prosecutor on the case?

Did the Commonwealth's Attorney recuse themselves like the judges?

Reston Libertarian

The newspaper article may be the most information we learn about the prosecutor.

The actual prosecutor was probably a lower level public servant who had no orders and no ethical obligation to recuse him or herself. The decision of what to prosecute and whether the commonwealth's attorney in Fairfax should recuse itself was probably made high up the food chain (if they made a decision at all). The matter may have simply been handled the same as any other matter by the Commonwealth's attorney office.

Judge's have a lot more discretion in when they recuse themselves.

We should all applaud the maturity of phaedrusmack in acknowledging and learning from a mistake. He or she clearly has too great a sense of personal responsibility to be chairman of the Board of Supervisors . . .

"I said before- this should have been a felony charge and the people of Fairfax should have been allowed to decide his guilt or guilt."

The point, Ben, is that you have no idea what you're talking about. Regardless of whether or not there SHOULD have been a felony charge, there wasn't so there wouldn't have been a jury trial. That's what makes your posturing and ignorance so infuriating and specious.

Addendum to above: it's all just my opinion. But it's a fairly good opinion, I think.

Interested Observer

"I said before- this should have been a felony charge and the people of Fairfax should have been allowed to decide his guilt or guilt."

I'm sure the Commonwealth's attorney would be pleased to hire an aggressive go-getter like you to pursue criminal matters. A review of your (politically-motivated) prosecutorial suggestions on this blog would be most useful to attach to your extensive legal and educational resume.

Interested Observer

Oh, I missed this the first time through:

"...decide his guilt or guilt."

glad they get two choices....


Loudoun Insider

Connolly is a piece of shit - what's new? And NLS supported this "disgrace to humanity" against Gary Baise. What partisan blinders.

Interested Observer

Don't worry, after early June, NLS will be supporting Gerry again...

I just got my tenth mailer from Gerry. The thing I have against him is that, unlike many other candidates, he doesn't seem to have the blue collar touch. He doesn't seem to get out and knock on doors. But he spends a lot of money on the glossies, probably TV, etc.

I have mixed feelings about his ability to rant. It is a little refreshing not to have someone who is excessively slick. Gerry isn't slick. In a tough fight, I suppose you like him when he is in your corner and don't when he isn't. The problem is that he is like that all the time....whether there is a tough fight or not. Too bad he didn't fight harder for the tunnel....

He'll be fine in Congress though, then we can replace him on the Board of Supervisors.


Ben again shows the world how utterly ignorant he is of Virginia's legal system.

You point out that Gerry chose not to have a jury as if that's some incredible circumstance. It's GDC, dumbass. Every trial in GDC -- criminal and civil -- is a bench trial.

Judge Johnston is an outstanding judge, and I hope you get pulled over in PWC someday, and get the chance to shrivel up like the worm you are when you stand in his court.


Timothy Watson

It's a long line of legal blunders made by Ben.

What I want to know is why Gerry was prosecuted at all when he runs the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office according to Ben (GC Sucks, Part 50) and Blueweeds.

So why did you vote for Gerry after all this, Ben? Maybe you, too, were "oblivious."


We have been asking chairman G. Connolly for 2 years to fix unsafe Lewinsville Park (Faifrax County) tennis courts. All to no avail.
If he is not capable to accomplish simple projects even on a County level, is he capable to work on a Federal level?
Please keep this in mind in November.

summer rivas

I just have one comment about the sorry excuse for a person Gerry Connolly. We experienced several years of prosperity with a booming economy and a budget surplus, yet Mr. Connolly failed to plan for a "rainy day" and the school system fell into a massive defecit. Although our school system and all other public programs were facing budget shortfalls and cuts, he still got his raise. How about that nice expensive furniture in his office or the 50,000 table he approved for the government center. Good Job Mr. Connolly you sank a local budget, I can't wait to see what you do when you get ahold of more money at a higher level. Maybe, another hit and run, more glossy mailings, maybe even more stupid commercials reminding us of what you did'nt do at a local level.... The only benefit to your victory is that we can replace you on the board of supervisors:)


What year did this accident occur

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