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The Lerners own the Washington Nationals. Go Nationals! Go Connolly!

Didn't Leslie Byrne take a big check from a Dominion Resources lobbyist who also hosted a fundraiser for her earlier this year?

Does that mean that Leslie supports Dominion's plans for a new coal-fired power plant in Wise County?

By your reasoning in this post, Leslie must be in the pocket of Dominion.

cod hollandaise

West Group also funds the tysons tunnel site...looks like they are all in the same pocket

Haha so? Have you seen the display at Tysons Mall for "Tyson Future." Its gonna look so pretty. I'm glad they approved it.

Sean H

Uhm...have you checked to see who the Halpins have given money too?

Try everyone. Including 11K to your girl Leslie when she was running for Lt. Gov.

Not Larry Sabato

First of all, I didn't write this- it is a newspaper piece I am showing.

Second, the newspaper article isn't about Gerry taking the money- its about him doing favors after he took the money.

Which Leslie doesn't do. Which is why the post is called "Pay to Play".

Oh yes, Saint Leslie. Does no wrong. Sits back and watches you maliciously attack a fellow Dem...not even on relevant issues. Yes, yes, you're always right Ben. Gerry's evil and Leslie is already in heaven.

We'll never know how Leslie would treat her donors, because she's never in office. She's always running, never winning. . .

Donkey Breath

Maybe Leslie didn't do any favors in exchange for the money CAUSE SHE LOST!! Being a professional losing candidate does not make you all that powerful. You have to win to be valuable to big donors.. Heeeee Hawwww.

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