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I'm no fan of Connolly, but really, the TVC? I would expect more from Debbie Schlussel.

Jamie Gregorian

The Traditional Values Coalition? What, were the Council of Conservative Citizens and National Association for the Advancement of White People unavailable to comment?

Disgusting post.

Not Larry Sabato

Last comment deleted- don't post lies about me unless you are attaching your name anonymous.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Jamie, that was HILARIOUS!!

Take a look at Sam Rasoul's donors.

You mean like Sam Rasoul's brother Jihad Rasoul?


Ben, get over it, the evil witch Leslie and her dweeb husband Larrrry got destroyed by a better candidate.


Let's see, some guy's comment gets deleted because the anonymous words hurt Ben's feelings, but right below that is an anonymous comment referring to the non-existent brother of a Congressional candidate. What's wrong with this picture?

Sam Rasoul really does have a brother named Jihad. Look it up in the FEC reports.

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