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You gotta be kidding me.

I never hear a peep of concern about the ongoing slaughter of innocent unborn babies, yet you are bitching about some feral cats?


t agrees that Gov. Bloody Hands has some repenting to do, but NOT ABOUT THIS


I just want to give big kudos to the coverage of this story by NBC12. Even though Fox Richmond contracts NBC12 to run all of their news operations, NBC12 has been all over this story. The best was when they had the "Call 12" segment where you could call in and talk to a professional if you had your own faral cat issue.

Not Frank Hargrove

Hyperbole alert: Killing useless, impossible to socialize, and probably diseased feral cats is equivalent to capital punishment on humans. Jesus H. Christ; somebody needs some pussy, methinks.


There are humane ways to kill a cat, and then there are bulldozers. All life is His and must be shown appropriate respect, and compassion.

?? What does Tim Kaine have to do with this??

Ben, honestly, have you ever thought about seeking counseling or some psychiatric help? If you will give some indication online, I'll be happy to make some private suggestions to you off line.


The difference is the cats were born. Totally different.

You're right 12:20. Ben clearly needs some treatment for his emotional/mental imbalances. He's "gone off" and something must be done to "bring him back" and soon.

James Young

Sounds like a public service to me....


T, Anon 12:20 PM, and anon 1:37 PM, do you all know satire when you see it?

NLS, I do disagree that Kaine will have a "Gilmoresque" legacy.

Gilmore is the absolute worst governor in the history of the Commonwealth of Virginia. No one will measure up to the level of incompentence displayed by Gilmore.

James Young

Except perhaps, Matthew, someone incapable of spelling correctly the word "incompetence."

Doug in Mount Vernon

My Lord, you people are so pathetic.

Relating this to Kaine might work about as well as Kilgore's Hitler commercial.


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still, the fact that people are killing these cats are horrific. i hope most of them manage to escape.


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