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Mr. Deeds, I got one of your emails and I have to say that is the height of ass-hattery. Take your backwoods bigotry and kindly shove it up... well, you know where.

Ben, if you endorse Moran given your record in primary endorsements I'm placing my money on Deeds.

J. Tyler Ballance

I like Creigh Deeds. I met him a number of times while working for Republican candidates and he was always polite, and friendly. Most recently, I met Creigh while out shopping for new jeans at Sears (at a Mall in Henrico). I told Creigh that I like Lee jeans best and that they are the real "working man's" jeans. He said he appreciated that was likely the case, but his wife liked him in Levis. In true politician form, we both agreed that when we were boys, we both wore Wranglers, because they were pretty affordable.

On the policy side, Creigh Deeds reminds me a great deal of Jim Webb. I know that Creigh has served as a prosecutor, but the impression I have of him, so far, is that he never approached that job as a quest to just lock people up, but sought truly just verdicts, that did not always ruin people's lives who had made a mistake.

This sort of down to earth compassion for his fellow citizen makes Creigh Deeds a very attractive Gubernatorial candidate who will benefit from huge numbers of Republican crossover votes. He can successfully run using the proven play book used by Mark Warner, Jim Webb and Tim Kaine.

Mr. Moran will not get any significant crossover votes. If Democrats nominate Mr. Moran, they do so at their own peril. He may be a fine fellow, but Republicans see Mr. Moran as too Left and too partisan.

If anyone reads the last chapter of Jim Webb's latest book, A Time to Fight, you will learn much about how a Democratic candidate can win the hearts of most citizens. Jim Webb eloquently points out how many Republicans and some Democrats have made locking people up as some sort of sport and a key point upon which they brag, when what the citizens are crying out for is a justice system that is fair, and that will help return offenders to society as productive citizens.

Creigh Deeds, like Jim Webb impresses me as a Virginian who, above all else, wants to help his fellow citizen and ensure that we have Liberty and Justice, for All.

Are you saying that Claire Gastagna (or whatever her name is) gave Deeds the list?

I mean, who else would have access to it?

How on earth is "this interesting" slow day I suppose. Ben, you need a vacation.

fact check


It looks like Creigh's got more than one problem with his mailing list.

Someone should investigate.

Well, the Commonwealth Coalition got my e-mail from someone else before that. Oh, well.

Claire Gastanaga

As the campaign manager for The Commonwealth Coalition, I can tell you unequivocally (and would have if either you or MB had asked) that The Coalition did not sell or give its list to ANY candidate. If a candidate has access to our list, it is without the consent or approval of The Coalition. I take very seriously any potential compromise of the commitments we made to our supporters, and will respond accordingly. I wasn't known as "The Terminator" when I was in the AG's office for nothing.

Church Hill Dem

How ironic that the candidate who wants to get Dems back to the center on guns, god and gays would coop an EV list.

"I'll try and get a comment from Creigh Deeds?" Really? None of us take this blog seriously anymore, what makes you think Creigh will?

Not Larry Sabato

Um, the fact that his staff emails Lowell and I all the time?

Left of the Hill

Obviously Anon 10:33 feels that NLS has enough credibility that he/she has to launch anonymous attacks against Ben.

Yeah Claire, you're the "Terminator" allright. You inadvertently helped "terminate" Mary Sue Terry's political career.

Claire Gastanaga

Anonymous 12:12pm:
I do love the drive by personal attacks that so often appear on this and other blogs. It is why I limit my engagement with the medium. If anonymous had the courage, I'd be pleased to chat directly about the assertion that I "inadvertantly" helped end Mary Sue's career. Was it the nationwide ambulance recall I negotiated, or the closure of the Avtex plant or the Kim Stan landfill to which you are referring? Since I had no role on her campaign team other than minimal debate prep duties (talk to Pam Womack, Tom King and Bob Squire about strategy, etc), I believe that anonymous has given me credit I hardly deserve for the debacle that was her campaign. And, I am curious about why anonymous is carrying the fire more than 15 years after the fact.

Yeah, well...the Commonwealth Coalition got my e-mail from someone before that. That's how campaigns work.

Claire, you sound hot!! Any female operative that likes the nickname the Terminator is grade A in my book.

Pete in Williamsburg


What was in the email? Can you paste it into a post?

House Member

Deeds somehow got my out-of-state cousin's e-mail without my OK. My cousin complained to me that I was the only Virginia e-mail list he was on. Deeds' people denied any involvement.

Not Larry Sabato

House member, please email me at notlarrysabato@hotmail.com

If I can verify this is true, we have our first big scandal of the 2009 campaign.

Not Tim Kaine

That's why you all should just throw your support behind Bob McDonnell. God knows we don't need another Tim Kaine.

Not Tim Kaine

Oh yeah...and tell Claire she did a great job with that campaign. They only needed like what...325,000 more votes for it to pass. AWESOME JOB! :) psycheeee

Not Tim Kaine

and by pass i mean faillll

Church Hill Dem

Not Tim Kaine, don't be a dick. It would've helped if the other side was being honest with its expenditures.

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