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Bwana's post makes the interesting point that for Kaine to leave, he would elevate Bolling. While I am sure Democrats would be appalled, consider the chaos it would create in the Republican Party. Would Bolling serve as acting Governor and then step to LG to let McDonnell continue his run? Would McDonnell stay in and wage a nomination battle against someone who would be an incumbent Governor? Would McDonnell just seek another 4 years as AG? And who runs for an open LG seat? Utter chaos.

Not Larry Sabato

I don't think it would be chaos at all. My guess is the deal Bolling and McDonnell cut was McDonnell/Bolling unless Kaine left early to run for VP- in which case Bolling runs for Governor and McDonnell goes for another four years as AG- and we have a very tough task ahead in trying to unseat an incumbent Governor and AG. It would screw the Democrats, not the Republicans.

Wait... that's what Tim is good at.... hmm....

Anonymous Is A Woman

I doubt that Tim Kaine will be tapped as VP. Although Virginia is in play, it's not the only state Obama needs and Tim Kaine doesn't bring anything to the table to get those votes outside of Virginia.

I don't share your distaste for Kaine, but I also don't think he's the best VP choice. He lacks the foreign policy and national security creds that Obama is going to need and carrying Virginia isn't going to make up for that.


No chaos at all...McDonnell backs off adn runs for reelection or for Lt. Gov unless Bolling is an utter embarassment in the top job.

Personally, I think he runs for Lt.Gov. No one has won the governorship after holding LtGov or AG for two terms since J. Lindsay Almond did it in 1957. Andy Miller, Mary Sue Terry, and Don Beyer tried and failed. That is one reason why in 2001 Both Earley and Hager ran for the top spot.

But ultimately, I think it is a no brainer...you would have an incumbent governor who has already won a statewide election...so he gets the shot.

I think a more interesting question in this scenario is how Bolling deals with the Kaine appointees and the Kaine cabinet...


Kaine's not getting the VP nod, but he would take a cabinet position in 09. The "Chaos" generated on the R side would be his political excuse to other D's; then he would sell out his own va cabinet picks and other appointees when he gets his DC job. So much for loyalty.

Kaine would be an excellent Secretary of Transportation; has lots of good ideas on land use and understands that we need more transit funding in the future. It is where mediocre politicians go to die.

After his poll number continue to crater through the fall with no resolution of the transport problem, Democrats would be GLAD to get rid of him in exchange for a potential R civil war in 09.

Hon. Jewington Analplay

Just wondering ... does Kaine have more options than Leslie?


Ben is right, from people I've talked have told me that the Kaine-leaves-early-Bolling-is-governor scenario was discussed and agreed upon.


All this idle speculation aside, it ain't likely that Kaine will get the VP nod.

And what is this load of horseshit about "restoring honesty and integrity to the Governor's mansion in January of 2010..."?

Endorsing Gerry Connolly doesn't indicate a lack of integrity, Ben. It indicates a difference of opinion.

What shows a lack of integrity is continually smearing a man simply because he endorsed candidates for President and in the 11th CD other than the ones you supported.

A few days ago a couple of posters suggested that Ben might benefit from some psycological/pyschiatric intervention. His negative fixation on those who have disagreed with him certainly reinforces that.


anon 08.09,

It is hardly fair to accuse someone of mental instability because they have made biased posts on the internet. And even if those questioning Ben's mental state have medical credentials to back up their words it is highly irresponsible to make a diagnosis without ever having seen the patient. Sorta like Bill Frist and his infamous video diagnosis in the Schiavo case.

I think it is reasonable to characterize Ben's "revenge" posts as biased and immature. To accuse him of being crazy is just as bad as what he sometimes posts.


Dan is 100% correct. Let's raise the level.


I don't see how pointing out that the sitting governor in the last few days:

1) executed someone despite his erstwhile belief that capital punishment is morally wrong;

2) got a major polluting coal based power plant approved;

3) called a special assembly where it is obvious he has done zero groundwork and no has plan on solving the transportation problem;

4) approval rating are now below 50% and falling;

5) continues to tickle the Wpost's ear on a potential VP bid that anyone with 5 cents of political wisdom can see is NOT going to materialize

Ben is doing a D's a favor by pointing out Kaine's numerous flaws -- and the need to All Real Democrats in Virginia to step away from his radioactive crap.

I hope Obama give him a cabinet post so we can get rid of him.


State Del. David B. Albo argues it is not the highly educated who have turned Fairfax blue. "My bet is that it's those who are on food stamps and government services who tend to be more Democratic," he said.


Is Dave Albo tone deaf? Is it possible that he is that dumb? He should be target #1 for the Virginia Democrats House of Delegates strategy for 2008.


I think Albo is the #1 target for Democrats.

For my money, it's abortion politics and new demographics that have turned Fairfax blue.

Ben D.

Albo really thinks people with college and post-graduate degrees who move to Fairfax are on food stamps and "government services"?

Just wow.

Ben D.

Republicans could have had a lock on latino voters if they hadn't given into the Tancredo wing. They tend to be socially conservative Catholics, after all.

Instead they made the exact same mistake the Republican Party of the 1850s and 1860s did with Irish Catholics.

Not on Food Stamps

Fairfax has the highest household income in the country, but food stamp recipients control its politics?

Uh, right.

Evidently, Ben is not the only one who thinks Kaine is quickly becoming ineffective and irrelevant. And the writer is hardly a Republican:



Ain't nothing good going to happen in Richmond until Morgan Griffith becomes the minority leader, and his new boss gets himself retired to his law practice. This is all just a game to the Republican party - they can't govern. Every initiative begins with "no" - just like 2 year old children.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Ben, I have bit my tongue numerous times, but this is getting downright disgusting. You and I may not agree with Tim Kaine on some endorsements and possibly even a few issues, but your insinuations about him as our Governor are just plain wrong.

Gov. Kaine most certainly did advance a transportation plan both in the regular and special general assembly sessions.

Gov. Kaine has been a man of his word on any issue that I have followed him, and I would challenge you to name an issue on which he has not kept his word. "Restoring honesty and integrity to the Governor's mansion"? Really?

Ben, you make Fox News and Murdoch's NY Post look like respectable journalism. Truth hurts.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Dave Albo's time is almost up.

In 2007 at Laurel Hill, I'll never forget when I went to hand my "Dump Albo" flyer to a 40-something male voter, and he exclaimed to me "I'm a Republican but I wouldn't vote for that m*****-f***** son-of-a-***** etc etc etc ever again if he paid me!" I was a bit shocked. What made it even sweeter was Dave Albo himself standing nearby surely able to hear the whole thing!


Obama would be stupid to tap Tim Kaine as VP. Name ONE important thing Tim Kaine can claim as his own on his resume. Anyone? Anyone?
Besides, as a typical tax and spend Democrat, Kaine thought of EVERY possible way to tax Virginians more to pay for the transportation measures, but failed to come up with a single solitary way to cut already excessive and wasteful spending. Obama is much smarter than to tap Kaine for ANYTHING, in my humble opinion.

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