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Should Hokies support Warner when he singlehandedly caused instate tuition rates to skyrocket?

Not Ben

No, they should support him because Gilmore's gross ineptitude made tuition increases inevitable.


Jim Gilmore took $250 million out of higher education funding (universities) and then had the gall to order universities to freeze their tuition!

Jim Gilmore specializes in making other people take the hit for his bad decisions. A first year finance major at VT could run the state better than Jim Gilmore.


Mark Warner did not cause in-state tuition to rise. Actually, no governor can do that- it is the Board of Visitors at each school that sets tuition for each year.

As an employee of a state university, I can tell you that Mark Warner helped state universities a great deal- he implemented procurement programs that have saved a great deal of money and he has been a huge proponent of technology advances.

Actually Bubby, I think my cat could have run the state better than Gilmore.

So you're saying all UVA fans should vote for Gilmore?

There are so many better reasons to vote for the man than college sports.

And good lord, you look and act like a goober.


The Hokie Guru isn't making that simplistic of an argument, Anon 2:35 AM (What kind of comment is a goober? Have you ever had sex?). The Hokie Guru also pointed out the ridiculous policies of Jim "Fiscal Destruction" Gilmore. I think the Hokie Guru said that NLS, AIAW, and RK already do an excellent job of pointing put Gilmore's lack of fiscal management (as governor) and attrocious environmental policies.

It looks to me like the Hokie Guru didn't really want to kick Jim "Fiscal Destruction" Gilmore when he's already down. But I don't mind taking up that slack. Looks to me like Mark Warner will responsible with our tax dollars and Jim "Fiscal Destruction" Gilmore will "punt to the next guy":


Finding deficiencies in Jim "Fiscal Destruction" Gilmore's stewardship of Virginia is akin to shooting fish in a barrel. After all, there is so much about his record of incompetence as governor (something we cannot afford on a national level in the United States Senate):


NLS, RK, and AIAW could go on all day about Gilmore's lack of responsibility as governor and I hope they do because there is a new generation of voters in Northern Virginia that don't know about his record of incompetence as Governor of the Commonwealth.

Virginia Tech's inclusion into the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) was a big deal for Southwest Virginia. Don't kid yourself.


It's a great national fit for Virginia Tech. It will help bring some of the best students in the country to Virginia Tech. Studies demonstrate that great university athletic programs increase the quality of the students (e.g. standardized test scores, grades) that apply to the university. There is no downside to Tech's membership in the ACC. And Mark Warner had everything to do with this; he got it done. Overall, this is great news for the State of Virginia.


The great thing about the "Republican Revolution" - from Newt through Macaccawitz to Jim Gilmore is that we now have their "rap sheet" of mismanagement as evidence. It used to be that Republicans could sit in the back benches and harp about what they would do if they had control of government...now we know. Gridlock, massive deficits, war, $4.00/gal gasoline, and unregulated corruption.

So message to the Gilmore Fanclub; you can continue to lie about Jimmy's record, but we have the evidence, and we will present it.

Anonymous Is A Woman

Rest assured, we will be writing extensively about Jim Gilmore, his fiscal irresponsibility and his inability to get along with even his own party while he was governor.

He barely won a Republican convention that was set up explicitly to give him a competitive edge in his race for the nomination.

Ben D.

Mark Warner could sit on his front porch for the rest of the campaign and he'd still win.

Ben D.

Mark Warner could sit on his front porch for the rest of the campaign and he'd still win.

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