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Virgil Goodes Bichon Frise

The sad thing is that as bad as Virgil is, his opponent doesn't stand a chance. All of this religious crap he keeps spewing (Perriello that is) rings false to any hardcore dems.

Virgil is a cultural icon in Southside. No matter how disgusting his antics are, no matter how out of touch he is, or racist, or corrupt, he will be re-elected.

Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

What religious crap? Perriello says his politics are determined by his beliefs and that he firmly believes in separation of Church and State. It means he is Dem because he believes that the Party can deliver on his convictions.

I don't trust people that don't believe in God. They start acting like it is their job to judge.

Bubby wrote: "I don't trust people that don't believe in God. They start acting like it is their job to judge."

Ha, yeah, it's all or those atheists and agnostics running around judging people.

If you're looking to be logical about choosing who to trust or not to trust based on religious beliefs, wouldn't we presume to distrust those who believe in an unseen, all knowing, all seeing magic man in the sky because people who wrote a book a couple thousand years ago told us to?

Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

"Logic" and "Rationality" are as often the tools of tyrants as are religious beliefs.

But I'm talking about belief in a power greater than your own mind. And the certainty that wrong is wrong no matter the "logic". That's not a "religious" belief, it is humility and seeing yourself as part of a greater whole - in service.


ohhh... that would be virgil slappin it down the the MZM bucks, bizzatches.

Not Frank Hargrove

Sorry Dems, but I like Virgil. I know it is inconsistent, but he has always been nice to me, and I like Lucy, too. So f--k off. If the 5th District Dems had not screwed with Virgil, he'd still be one of us. Shout out to Virgil, Lucy, and Catherine. You and Bucky Stanley are the only GOPs in the world that are OK. All the rest are slime.

RoVA Ben

Perriello is by far the best RoVA Democratic challenger this year. Too bad the party can't find people like that in other places like the 4th and 10th, instead they hand us leftist sacrificial lambs.


Virgil didn't leave the Democrats because of anything that the 5th District Dems did to him. He became an independent in 2000 after he had voted for impeachment of Bill Clinton. He had been invited to the 5th District J-J dinner, and we were all looking forward to hearing him explain himself. He didn't come, and a few weeks later we learned that he was now an independent. In 2002, he decided that he was a Republican as a part of the deal that preserved his seat. If he had not agreed to switch to become Republican, he would have been thrown into Rick Boucher's district by the 2001 General Assembly.

So -- he didn't switch because the Dems were mean to him.

not joe crouch

Hasn't he been on "The Daily Show before?"


The Hummer is pulling a platform with a dozen people on it!!!

I don't really think a Prius can do that, do you?

But that including that little unwanted detail would ruin your hitpiece, would it?


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