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If the Dems are smart, the roll call will go for Hill for President.

Then she can choose Biden for VP.

Let's see how well Obaba takes that.

Obaba can then give a speech for unity on Thursday night.

That would be funny but it would not give them the win.
It would have to be Hillary and Obama to even begin to erase the 17 point hole this campaign is in compared to the Clinton campaign.


The Democrats are smart enough not to take any advice from the likes of t.

Alex P. Keaton

I'm with you T. I would love to see the Dems have to go through their party selling them out. It would be a nice wakeup for what you and I go through constantly.


Hillary is clearly the superior of the two, and she does not have Wright/Ayers baggage. I see McCain is padding his lead in Florida --in one poll he's 7+ -- even though Obama has run uncontested ads there for some time, spending many millions.


With the Democratic National Convention set to begin this week, the man who expects to walk away with that party's nomination is spending a lot of advertising money in Florida.

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama bought nearly 7,400 ad units in Florida between June 4 and Aug. 1, more than any other state, according to statistics provided by The Nielsen Co. That's far more than his Republican opponent, U.S. Sen. John McCain, who didn't buy a single local ad in Florida during the time period.


The speech was a success for Hilary, not Obama. The convention and Biden pick thus far have been a disaster for Obama. He lost ground in the polls this past news cycle. The last time that happened, it happened to Bob Dole. His campaign did not do too well if I recall.

Chelsea is hot!!!


t can't even spell. Why would anyone listen to his advice?

JMU Duke

And it will be so, because the Hillary PUMA dead-enders said it is so.

Ben-- if the roll call goes well this evening, will you please call for the rest of the Hillary contingent to cease in their efforts to hold this convention and this party hostage over the results of a primary election?

It is clear to me that the Obama camp has gone out of it's way to honor the Clintons and their achievements, and after all of it anyone who can't get on board wasn't ever going to get on board in the first place.

Gotta give it to you minions, you catch on very fast. One day after your leader tries to take away the right to free speech from citizens, you suggest calling for the silence of Clinton supporters.

RoVA Ben

Your woman did damn well, NLS.


HRC did extremely well. And it should end there. Enough of this already. SHE DID NOT WIN. REPEAT - SHE DID NOT WIN.

Hell, back in 1992, I did not support Bill Clinton during the primary. But when he got the nomination, I did the grown up thing and got on board 100%. What the PUMA idiots are doing is just mind boggling.

Hillary's speech was great which made Warner's speech look even worse.


OK I give, what does PUMA stand for?


Change changed.

Six months ago "delivering change for 30 years" was a contradiction in terms. Saturday, it was Obama's description of Biden.

I have a feeling change will change again. My guess it will be from "post-partisan change" to "we don't need you change".

Party Unity My Ass


Damn, Rowhey and I were both wrong about Biden and the polls.

What's up with Obama's greek stage? Is there no end to Obama's arrogance? Why don’t we dress him in white robe, put a garland on his head and a scepter in his hand. That way when he talks down to us (telling us how to live, how much gas to use, fill our tires with air), he will look the part. What a jerk.


why do people keep posting that swill written by the roanoke valley republicans? Those twelve yokels wouldn't know a great speech if it bit them in the ass. granted warner's speech wasn't as good as Hillary's (few are..McCain's sure as hell isn't going to be that good) but he did what he was asked to do and the entire night was a proud moment for Virginians and Democrats.


if all you want is to sit in an echo chamber, why bother going out to the internet? If you are looking for a place that only allows one side of the debate try the DU or KOS?

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