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Ghost of Henry Howell

Glad to see the Big Tent is back at the Democratic Convention.

Hokie Guru

Great job, Ben

Not Brad Davis

Ben you look great, were funny, and had a kick ass suit on! I am proud of you, Mr. Tribbett.


1) Great interview/tour of blogger central at the DNC.
2) Lookin' sharp in the suit!
3) Even though you don't drink, you made a point to mention the free beer. Very considerate of you.
4) I'm sorry that the middle frame of the video clip landed on you in front of a banner that says "Big Fat Fun". Damn you C-SPAN!

Ian Jordan

Good for bloggers. Decent interview...packed on a few haven't ya Ben?


SWM, a few extra pounds, cute!

Makes this ol' gal's heart skip a beat ...

Joe Stanley

Great Job Ben. Your twitter posts have ben the best part of the convention. i wish you were going to be at RNC next week!

Ian Jordan must really be an d***h**d.

Not Walter Duranty

This is so cuuuuuuute! Benjy got on TV! First Hillary made her speech so Ben got to see some "penis." Now Joey gets to be soooo proud of his own "sweet puss." Did Joey get to go to Denver so Benjy could have his "sweet meat"? Maybe they had a lot of "Twinkie" for you to eat!


how did you get credentialed?

i am watching your interview on CSPAN right now, and you mentioned that one blogger from each state got credentials to be in the Google blog tent.

that's so cool. how was it done?


Saw your interview on tv ~ Xcllnt job!


Missed the Al Gore speech and heard it was his best ever. Is there a link to it anywhere?


You can see Al Gore or any of the other speeches at www.msnbc.com


It's been a long week working, or work weeking, but really nice to get back and see hopey go for the jugular. Ok I freaking blew the poll prediction with biden, though we are at 48-42 gallup now...

but, I'm going to go out on a line, because who cares, and say after this week we are at 50-40. Note to trolls, we are killing, no matter what you think. Get used to this phrase "President Obama".

BTW - on greek pillars, you idiots, go look up W's 2004 acceptance speech... oh, it was before fucking pillars.


btw- dobsons prayer for peace was for shit, what say you t?

I predict now a 39 to 12 state landslide.


As I have previously stated, four states decide this election: Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado.

If Obaba wins three of these four, he wins the election.

If Obaba wins only two of these four, he loses the election.


Dobson is one of the finest men I know.

By contrast, Doug, you are a homosexual sympathizer, with no appearent concern for the precious unborn.

Fly away sir.





Ian, you are no longer welcome on these venerable pages.

Your posts are ugly and hurtful.


Where's your grapesy?

Ian Jordan

T, shut up.


Just noticed your low-rent blog, Ian.


Looks like a high school project, punk.


Al Gore looked as fat as a whale tonight.

I didn't know that they made suits that big.

It was hard to focus on his words due to his triple-chin.

A white Jabba the Hut.


Dick Durbin is another fat-faced, fat-assed, liberal lard bucket.

BTW Doug, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack


dems4dems - despite what Grapes, in his horror at the fact that the dems gained big today, might claim, you heard correctly, Gore's speech was awesome. It should be online at some point, I'd imagine.

My favorite line was after going through a list of McCain being the same as Bush and giving four more years of the last 8, Gore quipped "Now I believe in recycling, but this is ridiculous." I cracked up.


I don't think Gore's belly will fit in your computer screen.


As t correctly reported more than one month ago, Gov. Palin will be McCain's VP.

This is a game changer that rips disaffected women and Hill supporters away from Obaba.

Buh bye Obama! You should have picked Hill, loser. Now your gonna pay.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, t speaks


A skinny milquetoast prick like Obaba can talk tough all he wants.

But McCain fought and served our country as a prisoner of war, about the same time that Obaba was snorting copious amounts of white powder up his nose.

I think the after effects of the drugs have left a lasting effect on Obaba - he is actually talking as if he’s a tough guy, rather than the pantywaist coward we know him to be.

McCain/Palin will kick Obaba/Biden’s liberal asses.

You heard it from t first!


This is DELIGHTFUL news.

A wonderful, Godly pro-lifer!

Praise God for this wonderful game-changing news!!!


We should congratulate t for being the only one to accurately predict this and report this more than one month ago.

His intel was "rock solid".


Biden is a wax figure "dud".

Palin is "electric"!

You know, T and Grapes, you two can spew back and forth on AOL Instant Messenger to catalogue your rants of delusional grandeur without cluttering up the comments section on someone else's blog. It will even have nifty sound effects. Friday's hot tip.


Palin was such an outstanding choice I never expected it could happen. If she is the choice this changes everything! McCain would compete big time for Hillary voters. Biden wouldn't be able to push at all during the debates.

Major game changer!!

If McCain picks Palin, Omaba will never see 50% again. Game over.

Maybe that will reinforce to you that he should have picked Hillary to even have a chance.


Looks DO matter - at least to some shallow contributors here!

BTW, Grape ought to put his picture in here for critiquing. Also, your language is disturbingly acne-teeny.


Looks DO matter, at least to some of the commentators here.

Grape, why don't you put your picture in here so we can critique YOUR looks?

Also, your language discustlingly acne-teeny!

Hokie Alum

Ben you gave a great interview from which I learned a lot about the bloggers tent. Thanks.

If McCain picks Palin, Omaba will never see 50% again. Game over.

Maybe that will reinforce to you that he should have picked Hillary to even have a chance.

Posted by: | August 29, 2008 at 09:43 AM

I agree, 100%.

Pete in Williamsburg


Highly recommend you put up a topic on McCain's VP choice. There is much to be discussed regarding the final nail in McCain's coffin with Palin as his choice.

What an over-reach. What a crass electoral miscalculation to think that simply placing a female, any female, on the ticket would be enough to draw in the Hillary voters. Women should be offended that the GOP thinks a no-name like Palin will lure Hillary supporters. Hillary is more than just a female candidate, she is a leader recognized around the world. That's the reason voters wanted her. The female thing was just a nice bonus for her fellow women.


What a crass electoral miscalculation for Obama to think that simply paying Hill bullshit lip service, and refusing to place a female, any female, on the ticket would be enough to draw in the Hillary voters.

Women should be offended that Obama thinks that this blatant slap in the face will lure Hillary supporters. Hillary is more than just a female candidate, she is a leader recognized around the world. All the more reason why racist sexist Obama should have put Hill on the ticket.

Too late now.


You better learn to "get over it" because you have just seen real "change" in the making.
Obama wants to “talk” about it and McCain does it. Real change is in deeds not words and we see now the only person committed to it.

I can only imagine the headaches this morning as they wake up in Denver with a hangover to find out that their “glorious leader” with words of grandeur has been brought to his knees with reality.

Even Pete wants a new topic page because he knows this issue is as HOT as the next VP.

So much to say, so little time.



Obama slapped EVERY woman in the face with his crappy treatment of Hillary.

All disaffected woman - come on aboard!!!

McCain values women!!!


Joe Biden was right about one thing:

"He's not the guy"

She's the female Dan Quayle.

From Dan Quayle's wikipedia page:

"At the 1988 Republican National Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, George H. W. Bush called on Quayle to be his running mate in the general election. Quayle was chosen to appeal to a younger generation of Americans and his good looks were praised by Senator John McCain, who said 'I can't believe a guy that handsome wouldn't have some impact.'

This decision was criticized by many who felt that Quayle did not have enough experience to be President should something happen to Bush."

...I think we can see historically how good McCain's judgement has been on picking Vice Presidents, and clearly he made the same sort of judgement call right here. How about we cancel the debate and hold a spelling bee for her instead?

not larry sabato thankfully

Sir...its time for the biggest loser (blogger addition).

"bloggers have special needs"

Like small children, bloggers are frequently irrational. Like children, Bloggers must be cuddled, can easily be bought off with new toys or by campaigns as consultants.

Like children, Bloggers require monitering / attention as they are prone to throw temper tantrums with out notice.


is that you? Great look, combed hair, suit and tie, very professional. Keep up the good work.

All you can eat buffet, free beer, sitting on your ass.

Ben, seriously, get your ass away from the computer every once and a while and lose some f'ing weight.

You look like you're about to erupt from your clothing.

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