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Apparently Bill Bolling needs his own flat busted t shirt...

Ian Jordan

NEWS FLASH: Republicans hate gay people.

Once again, a lowly aide takes the heat for a political screw up.

I went to the link and it has the gay parts in question. I notice on page two it describes "Dildo Bingo" at a Lesbian Bar. If Bolling is truly sorry he will offer to call the numbers this week at Dildo Bingo.

Some say Bob McDonnell already did, he just "can't recall it...."

He Needs More Than One Copy

Ed Schrock, Jerry Kilgore, Tucker Watkins, all of the ex-George Allen staff...

He'll need a lot of these books to make it up to everyone.

Is this really shocking?


That's more like it! Great picture!

Did the guide have anything about the airport bathroom stalls? They probably didn't want to catch Todd Palin in there- I hear he's quite the horn dog and could make September really interesting.

Maybe you need a toe tapping guide for a graphic too? And my dear, idiot, log cabin Republicans, do please take note of this once again. Ask t, the Republicans do not love you, they do not like you, they do not really want you to be anywhere near them, tempting their Senators.

Indeed he does need more than one copy. I certainly hope the RPV doesn't play this card. It's been played once too often. This time, glass houses will meet stones.


Consider it this way:

What if Governor Sebelius ordered a bunch of Denver guidebooks for her delegates and the books had 6 pages on Focus on the Family, the Navigators, and Exodus International (the ex-gay group) - all of which are based in nearby Colorado Springs...it would lose its appeal, wouldn't it, because it was advertising organizations and venues that are against her delegate's values.

I don't think Bolling is being homophobic or narrow-minded here - most Republicans would just simply find it uncomfortable to distribute or read a guide book with 6 pages of material that is against their values. If Bolling's campaign is paying for them out of pocket, why buy something that has lifestyle material in it that's against the Lieutenant Governor's beliefs? It makes sense...

And its not that they hate gay people - they just don't know exactly how to deal with that lifestyle, so they avoid dealing with it altogether. Chalk it up to ignorance or old fashionedness...

TJ Davis

Good for Bill. There should not be a section in a guide-book dedicated to any sexuality or sexual preference. Would he have been any more tolerant of a section geared towards heterosexual entertainment?
Randy's response was swift and appropriate. The man is a political genious, and a snappy dresser. I fully endorse the Lt. Governor's position on this issue.

Kudos to Bill for choosing people with good judgment who know how to make good decisions.

If the bedwetters get their panties in a bunch over it, they can piss up a rope.


The guide should have been cancelled.

In fact, it never should have been ordered in the first place.

It is ridiculous and offensive to promote the gay lifestyle and/or abortion in a travel guide.

Hopefully, "the Rake" will get the message and cease promting an ugly homosexual agenda.


BTW, "T" is not "t"


"BTW, "T" is not "t""

Where have you been?

I announced my existence weeks ago.

john s.

You know, who cares if they pulled this order...they are Republicans and no one should have been surprised! Yet, out of pushing the gay agenda down our throats, the staffer's email was sent onto the media, in hopes to stir the pot when really, this shouldn't have been a story. In looking at the content, there are sexual innuendos and references to naked bodies in clubs, dildos, jaunts, etc. It is not necessary, and raunchy.

And one other thing: why do gays insist on "equal rights'" yet INSIST on having their own section? The african americans earned equal rights, but do you see specific sections in travel guides indicating "black section"? No, because they are equal!

The gay movement is offensively being shoved down regular American's throats. And please, don't say "get with the times" because that's not what it's about. It is about morals and not wanting immorals shoved down our throats. I am SICK of it. If gays didn't push their agenda so much, we wouldn't be bugged and we really don't care what goes on behind closed doors for this minority in our society.

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