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Ian Jordan

More ridiculous hit job-ery. Besides, Palin was not an excellent pick. McCain made a bad decision...but iguess for you any candidate need not be male for your support.

Truly a beacon of feminism you are, Ben.

Not Larry Sabato

Tell that to Jody Wagner, Ian. Weren't you just complaining I wasn't being nice to her last week?


We now have a woman with a babe in her arms. Who could possibly attack her? When she lets her hair down, she'll be a virtual madonna.

Ian Jordan

Being nice? She was the target of your weekly hit job...one we all know motivated by you supporting another candidate.

one thing Palin and Kaine have in common is that they are both married to tough men!


BTW -- Fred Barbash’s article on Palin’s inexperience in Politico --


quotes this guy --

“I think she is the most inexperienced person on a major party ticket in modern history,” said presidential historian Matthew Dallek.

Dallek used to be a speechwriter for Dick Gephardt. He also wrote speeches for William Kennard, a Democrat who chaired the FCC under Clinton, under a patronage appointment. His resume looks like he’s mostly unemployed.
He did write one book, on Reagan. His project at the Wilson Center has little or nothing to do with presidential politics – it’s on American civil defense.

But he's held not one but two Dem patronage positions.


Nice work out in Denver. Glad you had a good time too.

I see that while you were out there you didn't forget that Kaine endorsed Gerry Connolly and so we are to be treated to a continuation of the hit pieces.

They flow forth from your fevered keyboard like a broken sewer pipe.

BTW, "excellent VP selection" is a rather bizarre way to characterize McCain's selection of Palin. It was a Hail Mary pass by a campaign that has nothing to lose by throwing the long ball. Unless you believe the GOP has zero bench it is hard to objectively describe this choice as excellent.

Larry Sabato's Hairpiece


You hate this blog so much. Why do you come here? Is it that the readership of your blog is next to zero and you need to post here so someone will read your rantings? It's tiresome, Ace.

Larry Sabato's Hairpiece

Oh and Ian?

Which fact in the post Ben put up is factually incorrect about Kaine's record. If that is such a "hit job" or whatever you called it, clarify the record. Because, my memory says Kaine signed the estate tax abolition, he supported raising the sales tax, he had work done on the eyebrow, etc.

Just because you like Kaine does not make your wishful thinking that Ben makes this stuff up true. Stop being such a lame homer and deal with reality.

And just for the record, I could have cared less who Kaine endorsed in the primary. That's his business. That being said, Connolly is an abhorrent, corrupt sleazebag, but I have no enmity against anyone who chose to back him. That's their business.

Cavuto blasted Kaine's remarks yesterday when the Gov. said that people should be happy with one home and not aspire to own more or do better. Made Kaine look like an idiot.


I understand that the author of this blog does not like Governor Tim Kaine. However, with so many negative stereotypes existing in our society towards individuals with a handicap, must he use the term "short bus" in an insulting manner?
Let's keep the debate on a civil manner.


"Dallek used to be a speechwriter for Dick Gephardt"

That's about all we need to know about him.


I want to see how Karl Rove justifies this choice. When he was discussing Obama's possible picks he really hammered Tim Kaine as being governor less than 4 years, Lt. Governor before that, and spent 8 years as mayor of the 105th largest city in America.

Larry Sabato's Hairpiece


Do you think any average voter cares if Karl Rove can justify the pick or not? Rove may have been the incarnation of Satan for Democrats when he was in the Administration, but today he is just another yapping talking head on cable news. Does he really matter much anymore? While I'm sure there are a lot of Bush alums associated with McCain, I suspect Karl is not one of them. The only one who has to justify the pick is McCain.

Kaine has something like four times the experience of Palin. As Governor he has had to deal with a hostile House of Delegates full of do-nothing GOPers. Palin has a complicit legislature and tons of oil "dividends" that get paid to everyone in the local population. Must be nice, but it isn't reality for most Americans or political leaders. I'm sure the reason Ben really likes her is that, at minimum, she allows those around her to use official positions to settle personal scores.

Palin is ok and she has 100 times the accomplishments Ben could ever dream of having. But she ain't VP material. Does anyone seriously think she will be ready to be VP in February 2009?

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