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James Young

And more executive experience than the entire Democrat ticket.

Stick a fork in him. Obama's done.

McCain just won the election.


This is a Brilliant, Wonderful, Outstanding choice.

A Godly pro-life principled Executive.

Biden just looks worse and worse compared to Palin.


Look at the bright side liberals.

Hill is now the frontrunner for 2012.


Huh? What are Gov. Palin's qualifications to serve as President of the United States? Foreign policy? Commander-in-Chief? What her broad thinking on how to effectively address our country's many pressing domestic needs?

This looks like a "hail Mary" and it's only the 2rd Quarter. Feels like a desperate politically-driven pick. Sometimes I wonder if the Rove-guys running McCain's campaign aren't actually trying to set him up for humiliating failure.

Now that the Dems on are the same page (after Hillary and Bill's gracious and powerful performances in Denver), the arguments against McCain and the party that enabled the Bush presidency are going to get sharper and tougher. I have a hard time seeing how this pick will ultimately help either politically or in governing (if god-forbid, McCain were elected).

If McCain wanted to shake things up, why didn't he reach out to Hillary Clinton as his VP? She surely would have brought a lot more to the ticket and the office than Sarah Palin.

Not John S. Mosby

Exactly Mike, this is the biggest admission yet by Republicans that the only way for McCain to win is to divide Democrats. Who this side of Canada knows anything about her except that she used to be a hottie and she just used her position as Governor to try and fire her Brother-in-law state trooper when he decided to leave her sister.

Geraldine Ferraro anyone?


Are you kidding me? Horrible choice. I think everyone else said no, and she was way down the list. No matter how many years of experience, I'd say that being a US Senator is a bit more relevant, especially in these times, than being a Governor of ALASKA!!!!! And one under state investigation no less.

Look, I know and like Tim Kaine. But I didn't think he would have been a good VP pick for Obama. Not enough relevant experience or national name ID. This R VP choice is even worse than Kaine would have been for VP. I'm not complaining, good for us Dems.

Oh, and did you see how PISSED Kay Bailey Hutchison was when talking about this on MSNBC?

Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

Two years ago this 44 Y.O. woman was the mayor of a 6,000 person fishing village in Alaska. There goes the "experience" meme, followed closely by the "judgment" and "national security in dangerous times" yip yap. Biden will eat her alive.

Lets review...72 Y.O. crippled cancer survivor backed up by a 44 Y.O. fishing boat mama with a downs syndrome newborn. This makes it easy for the undecideds, and the family values voters.

Pete in Williamsburg

Howdy do, ma'am, I'm a GOP Sales Rep! May I come in? Thanks, lovely home you have here. Your husband must appreciate what a terrific little housekeeper you are.

Look, I heard you wanted to vote for a woman and the GOP wants you to know that we've got one for you! At the GOP, we know that you never worried your pretty little head about things like issues, economics and foreign policy. All you ever needed to know was that Hillary was a female like you. So, heeeerrrrre's Palin!

What's that? You never heard of her? Her politics are opposite yours? Don't worry about that. Our viewpoint is that you never watched the debates or engaged in the issues. You simply vote by gender and that Hillary had no other qualities you wanted in a president. Why else would we bank an entire election on our belief that you will blindly vote female. Now go tell the other housewives to vote Palin before I call you a hypocrite.

Thanks for the glass of water. Lovely home you have here.

I don't know much about Gov. Pailin, but when I was told she was Sen. McSame's choice, I was a bit puzzled. The little bit I did know was that they were looking into her about the brother-in-law. She's gov. of a state, and think that she needs to get into issues like that? Seems like she's a female version of Barney Fife - too small town to be VP.

Pete in Williamsburg


Way out of line about the Downs child. Come back to the issues.

2 years in state office. Makes Tim Kaine look downright overqualified.

Be glad you aren't her ex-brother-in-law.

She could win am NLS babe contest as well.

Of all the candidates, Palin is the only one who has run anything other her mouth. Biden is a career politican. McCain is a politican with as many homes as John Kerry. As for Obama, the only thing he brings to the table is his ability to speak eloquently about nothing.

Rick Smith

The entire "Obama doesn't have enough experience, isn't ready to be President" argument just went completely out the window. This is a clear indication to me that the McCain camp felt that it needed to throw a Hail Mary.

I suspect that the hope is that Palin can attract women voters and Hillary supporters. But Palin's stance on issues important to women (i.e. choice) are far too conservative to sway anyone who wasn't already going to vote for McCain. She's a creationist, and she's in the middle of an ethics investigation.

Let the Dan Quayle references begin. As an Obama supporter, I'm having a very difficult time imagining how this could have worked out better.


Quite an interesting pick. No doubt it keeps thing interesting- woman, social conservative. But it also signifies a total abandonment of the experience message. How many times is the McCain campaign going to reset?


You Dems are rediculous. You bash Palin, yet your nominee is profoundly unqualified for President. Your campaign is about change, yet you bringa 35 year veteran of the US Senate. I agree with the last poster, all you Dems know how to do is blow hot air. And as gifted as a speaker Obama is, he is clueless on just about everything.


I think Bubby's point is that she's got a lot of other things going on. I doubt he was making fun of Downs kids.

I'm a working mom, and I "want it all." But even I think that you can't be VP when you have a baby, especially one w/special needs, not to mention four other kids. Hell, I couldn't even work on a campaign staff with an ill baby!

Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

Pete: A 4 month downs baby needs constant attention and her mother. Palin will spend the next 66 days running all over the U.S. between spankings by Joe Biden and the national press. Her ambition has betrayed her professed family values. She has sacrificed her family on the altar of vanity.

not larry sabato thankfully

How can you honestly say this is a good pick. She has yet to be nationally vetted. She is involved in scandals in her own state involving her estranged family members. She is hardly recognizable. She supports drilling in the Artic Refuge of her own state. This is clearly a strategic vote to grab those Hillary supports who only supported her because she was woman (obviously not all of them...just the undecideds). Also if McCain goes down...she HARDLY has the experience to lead this country. Republicans feel Obama is ill prepared...let McCain die and then they will see someone ill prepared assuming he wins the election come November.

An aside...I think you are piece of trash for not giving Obama's acceptance speech its own post. You have clearly shown that you have your own interests in mind by trying to make this a gossip dirt slinging blog. If you truly supported Hillary like you have claimed, you would be throwing full support behind Obama instead of praising McCain for an ignorant VP choice. I think its ironic he doesnt support equal wages for women but is asking one to be his VP.

Its sad when people like you have the opportunity to have their voices heard and say nothing!

Two years ago this 44 Y.O. woman was the mayor of a 6,000 person fishing village in Alaska. There goes the "experience" meme, followed closely by the "judgment" and "national security in dangerous times" yip yap. Biden will eat her alive.

Lets review...72 Y.O. crippled cancer survivor backed up by a 44 Y.O. fishing boat mama with a downs syndrome newborn. This makes it easy for the undecideds, and the family values voters.

Posted by: Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh | August 29, 2008 at 12:00 PM


Go fuck yourself, seriously.


t is one for two. He promised us Tim Kaine but also said the empire's choice would be Romney or Palin.

Damn! Now we have to put money into Alaska. This pick may be a concession that even Pawlenty couldn't put McCain over the top in Minnesota.

This really goes without saying, but our right wing commentators at the top of the thread sound like they're on acid. There is no rational way to evaluate Palin's selection except as an act of desparation.

Anonymous Is A Woman

Pete in Williamsburg said it best. This is a patronizing pick if it was to get the woman's vote. It basically says that women simply want to vote for a woman no matter what she stands for, how qualified she is or what her position on the issues is.

Palin is McCain's Dan Quayle.


NLS - huh?!?

Horrible choice by McCain's campaign! She's under investigation for misusing her powers as a governor (the investigation was authorized by the Republican controlled AK State Senate), won't bring in very many anti-Obama Hillary women as she's vehemently anti-choice (no wonder the Concerned Women of America were hailing her pick), makes a total joke out of the Republican attempt to paint Obama as unqualified to lead...AND she is virtually unknown outside of Alaska.

I agree with AIAW - she's McCain's Dan Quayle...


There is a big difference between an experienced President with a younger VP learning from his example AND a young inexperienced President with an older VP to try to teach him how to lead.

McCain-Palin = Mavericks for America

And Bubbie - to criticize Sen. McCain as a "cripple" because of the wounds he took protecting our nation is incredibly crude. I suppose you opposed Sen. Cleland, then.

J. Tyler Ballance

If this is true, then the McCain ticket is DOA.

As soon as the Press discovers how Palin abused her power as Governor to try to destroy her State-Trooper ex-brother-in-law, McCain can kiss the fifty percent of Men, those who have gone through a divorce, good-bye!

I just removed the McCain stickers from the back of my cars.

You got your wish for a strange middle name.

Sarah Louise Heath Palin

Sean Holihan

I'm kind of surprised by your analysis here Ben.

This pick is only good in that it takes the press' eye away from Obama for a day and puts it on the McCain campaign. After that, Palin doesn't bring much to the table.

And we're already spending money in Alaska with Begich's campaign against Sen. Stevens.

She also might be investigated in her own state for her involvement with the firing of the public safety commissioner:

Senate Judiciary chairman Hollis French said he spoke over the weekend with Senate President Lyda Green and other members of the Senate majority.

"I'm fairly confident at this point that what we're going to see is the appointment of an independent investigator to make sure that politics is not involved into the inquiry into the Monegan firing and if it was motivated by the handling of the Wooten case or something else," French said today. "And a separate track into whether there were violations of the personnel act in certain members of the administration's handling of the Wooten case."



I just saw here give a speach. She's already as qualified as Obama.

Palin's a game changer.

Obama's so screwed.

Before you goofballs go too over the top on the Quayle references, you might want to remember who wont that election..lol

Yep, Tatum is right,

Maybe Bi/O think they have some moves left but it’s really Checkmate.
The Bi/O ticket just got “bitchslapped” … lierally..lol

When given the chance to vote for someone who just blows hot air and someone who has actually done something, I believe the voters will see the truth.
They want to say that Biden is a “working class” person, Palin has been there done that, and so has her family.

I have already heard some real excitement from the few women I have ran into thus far today. I can’t wait for more.
Those who wanted change, well now you have “real” change.
This pick has more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined. They are jealous that this woman has more experience than they have.

This is fun to watch already. Squirm libs squirm…

Bi-O... Bye, Bye, O

"What's not to like?"

It's a long list, not the least of which begins with your favorite go-to: Experience.

It's official folks. Ben's a republican hack.

What the hell do you mean she is not quaified. She was runner up for Miss Alaska for heavens sake.

Sean Holihan

Hired help will probe Monegan dismissal

$100,000: Legislators vote to have independent investigator look into controversial firing.

Published: July 29th, 2008 01:44 AM

JUNEAU -- Alaska legislators on Monday voted to spend up to $100,000 to investigate Gov. Sarah Palin's controversial firing of former state Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan.

The decision came from the Legislative Council, a bipartisan panel of state senators and representatives.


This has desperate written ALL over it. I cannot believe that she got thru the vetting process.

Bubby, did you really just infer that this woman should not be the VP pick because she has a special needs child? Why don't you just come right out and say she should be in the kitchen baking cookies?

Just so you know, her husband recently quit work to become a stay-at-home dad. I thought liberals like you were supposed to be okay about "non-traditional" arrangements like that.

Sean Holihan

Editorial from the Anchorage Daily News:

So Gov. Palin's ethically compromised aide Frank Bailey gets to stay on the state payroll, despite doing dirty work on the governor's behalf, but she gives the hook to the ethically upright public safety commissioner who refused to do Bailey's bidding.

What kind of message does that send to Alaskans?

Hello? Is anyone out there? I mean, really.


Yeah. Reformers make enemies.

Sean Holihan

What was she reforming exactly? Her sister's ex-husband's job?


I'm sure the McCain campain was thinking "If we could just find a working class reformer who happens to be a mother". Then...bingo!

That thud you just heard was Obama's convention bounce.


I am very happy about this pick in that I think it's a terrible pick. McCain has made a blatent attempt to get women to vote for him. Nothing more. Palin has no experience save for being dog catcher in a town smaller than Waynesboro. People will see through this pick - no question. I can't wait for Biden to embarass her at their debate.

I'm also looking forward to Ted Stevens being convicted this fall. Then Palin will have to deal with that fallout and picking a new Senator while running for Veep.

Way to go McSame! You just won the election for Obama.


What was she reforming? Go get some facts.


Biden won't dare emberas her in a debate. Voters would feel empathetic for her. It'd backfire.


Both parties pick VPs from 3 EV states? Isn't that odd?

Pete in Williamsburg

There are a couple of interlocking mistakes underway here. Wednesday morning quarterbacking will reveal that the Hillary supporters who threatened to defect ultimately voted their conscience and supported Obama. Thing is, the GOP expectation of the Hillary defection is what led to the choice of Palin in the first place. That's the reason every GOP also-ran was creeping around Denver quoting Hillary's primary quips.

First mistake was that they thought there was a true Hillary defection going on and that they could fan the flames. Second mistake was believing that they had successfully fanned the flames. Final mistake was to insult all women by assuming women vote blindly on gender and have no capacity to understand actual issues.

Pete in Williamsburg


That's a legit strategy. Biden likes to be grumpy. Debates will be tricky. If he pulls punches, he'll be seen as patronizing. If he's too tough, he'll be seen as a misogynist bully.


When I say embarass her - I don't mean in a harsh sense. He won't be rude to her in the debate or even condescending. It will just be patently clear to anyone watching that this lady is way out of her league. This choice is the worst choice since Spiro Agnew. It's that bad. Even worse than Quayle or Ferraro.

Not Wayne Rooney

Good to know that Ben is developing a crush on a younger female politician. I was worried that he only liked older broads.


She has more experience than Obama, Unlike being a Senator, Being a Governor is a full time job.
I Love how she rejected the "Bridge to Nowhere" We need that kind of anti-pork attitude.
and terrydactyll
The investigation was a fraud, the AK Gop was just pissed that she blew the whistle on Repub's and dems alike.
As for the Dan Quayle argument, It's bullcrap, She is an awesome speaker.


Wait till the debates.
I actually feel sorry for Biden.

Loudoun Insider

There's a lot of BS being drummed up about the so-called investigation. The whole Alaskan Good Old Boy Network has been out to get her from way back, and they have always failed. She took her arguments right to the voters and has won them over.

Please keep bashing her, Dems, it will work out wonderfully.


In the age of identity politics. This was a masterful move.

She's mother, Iraqi war mother, working-class, union wife, young, non-partisan, reformer.

What excited me about her speach was the fact she thinks controling spending should be a priority. That's something we haven't heard in years!

Not Sarah Palin

This proves again that Republican women are better looking than Democratic women.

Pete in Williamsburg

If Palin is as skilled as the GOP has instantly proclaimed her, she should have no problem crawling out from under the wreckage of this campaign in November to resume her own political career.

I think there will be excitement about her from time to time, but otherwise she'll fast become an afterthought for both parties.

Big Dog

GOP to moderate
independents-- drop dead.


No Tatum - in the age of identity politics, she's a woman with no other credentials. This is a hollow pick made only for one reason. To appeal to Hillary folks. (Ok, two - McSame thinks she's hot and is looking forward to one-on-one meetings with her).

Stick a fork in it

RIP Virginia Blogosphere

Cable news has more original thoughts than the partisan bots that post here.



I'll See Your Biden and Raise You a Palin

Yesterday I argued that picking a woman for veep would help re-establish McCain's reputation as a maverick. If the pick is indeed Sarah Palin you are going to have a lot of women voters wondering why Senator Obama didn't tap Senator Clinton as his running mate.

--Howard Wolfson

Just an interesting quote from Wolfson

The state trooper investigation is about the only thing the Obama camp has to throw around. That is a very small issue compared to the warts the other candidates all have.

I've been reading all kinds of blogs over the last few hours, and every time someone says she's inexperienced, the rejoinder is that Obama is just as inexperienced, and he's the #1 guy.

I agree with Larry. I think this is a game changer. And once the guys find out she was a star athlete, has played hockey, hunts, and fishes, she's going to have lots of male admirers.

The Biden choice now looks terrible, and Obama's choice of Biden made it possible (e.g., Alaska, like Delaware, is a throwaway). Women are going to take a second look at the GOP ticket, and the pick will please the religious right.

Chip Woodrum

Pailin..hmmm....Mayor of Wasilia, Alaska, population 6715 (they say). Governor for (almost) 2 years.

Subject of ethics investigation started by her own party.

Great choice. At least as good as William E. Miller or Spiro T. Agnew.

Pete in Williamsburg


Nah, I think your analysis only works if Hillary voters only voted for Hillary out of blind gender loyalty. And, no one will argue that with a straight face.

As far as Palin's problems in Alaska, I hope the Obama campaign will be smart enough to ignore all of it as uninteresting mud. The way to run against Palin is to ensure women understand that Palin herself should be insulted to have been chosen solely for window-dressing.

Chip Woodrum

Whoops...my bad. Its Palin...not "Pailin".

I'd be mighty surprised if the women of America fell for such a patronizing gambit. Gosh, what do they have against Kay Bailey Hutchison or Elizabeth Dole?




Criticizing a down's syndrome child, her mother, and a prisoner-of-war.

You are, without question, the most despicable son of a bitch that I have ever encountered.

Bubby, you are a pompous self-righteous foul-smelling bitch.

You have proven time and again that you don’t have a clue when it comes to politics.
Continuing to push the theory that Hillary supporters were not ignored, debased, disillusioned, abused and generally taken for granted is laughable.
That MANY of them moved away from Obama even before McCain picked Palin is a fact that can not be argued by any thinking person (I understand that leaves you out).

The fact that Palin is a woman is a BONUS to go with her ability to rally the conservatives, to connect average Americans with government again and to bring REAL experience to the ticket (more than Obama and Biden combined). Not to mention youth, and good looks.

You are just angry that this pick has virtually sealed the election for McCain/Palin and left your “leader” in the dust. Fact is if he had picked Hillary this race would have been more interesting.
Many democrats were looking for a reason to vote against Obama and now they have one.

Your insistence that this pick was a negative to or for women is misogynistic and demeaning to the State of Alaska and Governors in general. Maybe you should just have called her a "Typicial Woman".

Your insipid rantings have long rung hollow and continue to prove ignorance.


Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

You wingnuts need to remember than when Quayle ran with DaddyBush, Dukkakis was the Dem candidate. You've got Obama this time around...8 years of BabyBush destruction, and a Republican majority record to run against. You're screwed.

Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

t: Get used to it son. I'm going to rub your hypocritical, bullshit-loving, pseudo-family values ass into the ground with this one. What kind of a mother would do this to her family? Huh? I'll tell you who, an ambitious, vain, self-centered, Sunday Christian who would crawl over her own family for her own glory - that's who.

All you folks talking about the Palin "scandal" need to remember that Joe Biden was caught cheating/plagiarizing multiple times and insinuated that 7-11 and Dunkin Donuts are run solely by Indians.

And you guys are worried because Palin (allegedly) tried to fire her ex-brother-in-law from his job as a state trooper after he had admitted shocking his stepson with a Taser and threatened to kill Palin's father. That's just the kind of person who needs to be a cop.


Bubby, you pompous prick.

Why don't you volunteer ONE HOUR of time taking care of a special needs child you lowlife cretin, before you criticize someone who does it 24/7.

It's liberals like yourself that stain and plague the entire Democratic party.

Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

I'll be damned if I see America take a chance with this geezer and his backcountry bubblehead VP pick. Imagine her facing Russia, or China. She's unfit to serve, and he's got one foot in the grave. I just sent Obama/Biden the biggest check I've ever written to a candidate. I'll be digging for more, and hitting up the clan. The Republican Party is a Corrupt, America-hating criminal enterprise. Any doubt about that is gone.


I call on Ben to BAN BUBBY from this blog.


This from a scumbag who calls himself "Hussein".


Quoting Bruce: "There is a big difference between an experienced President with a younger VP learning from his example AND a young inexperienced President with an older VP to try to teach him how to lead."

Wow, you're comparing McCain/Palin with Bush/Cheney!

Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

This VP pick is the most cynical gamble with America's future in election history.


Obama has cute little kids. Big draw, for some reason.

Palin has five kids, the younger ones cute little kids.

Kids are in this season!


Bubby you are way out of line. How about showing a little bit of class and character??

Brian Kirwin

AIAW, what a sexist thing to say.

I'm waiting for your commentary of Democratic efforts to register African-Americans to vote for Obama.

Do you consider that patronizing, too? Or do you only see through your left eye?

I would suggest that you ignore baby bubby, He has proven time and again to be a "typical liberal moron".

Stay focused on the concept that after this election he will be quiet for at least 16 years through the McCain and Palin Presidential years.

Change, change, change, just words, just words,

words mean something....

Ask McCain

AIAW was one of the last ones to lose objectivity and go all out partisan hack but it was inevitable and she did

Blogosphere is dead except for people who actually think the RNC and DNC are respectable organizations

Partisan Non-thinking hacks

NLS is one of the only thinking bloggers left


If the number of posts is any indicator of interest, it took two days to get over 80 comments when Blowhard Biden was announced. Palin got there in less than 4 hours.

Can you say Mrs. Vice President Palin

AIAW should have taken a deep breath before that one.

is your point that McCain should have picked an ugly woman with more experience than Obama and instead of an attractive woman with more experience than Obama?

Somebody ask Obama and Biden if it hurts more to get bitchslapped by an attractive woman.

Ty, I'm surprised you supported McCain. You're a socialist on everything BUT abortion.

You are one very, very confused person.

Not Hussein (formerly Not Ben)

Sarah Quaylin is good for positive news through the convention. She also just took away John McCain's best argument about readiness to lead.

red dem

would she have even been considered if Hillary had been nominated or been put on as VP? Doubtful. It's a gimmick. I'm disgusted.

Pete in Williamsburg


Nope, I think you got it wrong. I just double-checked my posts and just as I thought, they're pretty good. The bad news is that I re-read your post and it really needs work. Hang in there.


Ben- I loved your post on how great Obama's speech was last night. And the HUGE ratings it got...

Oh, yeah, you posting something positive about Obama is just a little too much for you.

Aug 29 Gallup
Obama (D) 49%
McCain (R) 41%


I was really hoping for Mittens. That would have been great fun.

I hope he's pissed.

Good that you agree with yourself. Must make life real good in Pete’s world.
If that is all it takes to blow your skirt up it’s fine with me.
Stay in touch with yourself.

But remember to practice "President McCain"

Obama has gotten almost half the "bounce" that Clinton got.

That puts him about where he was 2 months ago.


What an affront to women. She is a "token", picked to try to get women to McCain. Is she too dumb to notice why she was pickied? If McCain wanted a woman there are many more qualified Republican women in the Senate and House. Probably even in the VIrginia Hose or Senate.


Oh, and I do think Palin is hot. Too bad she's a Creationist- I have enough cousins who I can't stand arguing that dumb stuff with.

So, now I just feel worried for Cindy- Palin is much younger and hotter. Hang in there Cindy!


Palin is on record making all forms of abortion illegal, even in cases of ectopic pregnancy, incest and rape. Good luck getting any bump at all from her.


t is mean spirited and out of control.

d4d likes funny t better.


Serious Bubby. So are you implying that women are supposed to handle the kids and her husband cannot, will not and should not play a role in bringing up the kids?

I mean you can have policy differences with the candidates but you are just a downright despicable prick. If this is the symbol of 'progressiveness' where women with kids cannot aspire for office as it would be 'vanity' and people are to be mocked as cripples then God save the country from you folks. Amazingly disgusting.

Mudcat Saunders is a child molester

Hey Bubby aka Mudcat,

Why don't you have the guts to use your real name when mocking a child with Down's Syndrome. You and I are going to meet very soon and you aren't going to enjoy it.

Are you people retarded!? How is the governor of ALASKA going to help the ticket of the Republican Party?

Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

Hey Matt: What do you know about raising a 4 M.O. Down Syn kid? Good. STFU. If this ambitious loon wants to abandon the handicapped infant that just 3 months ago she had to bear, then I find her judgment to be irrevocably flawed.

But for the Republican Party to put Miss Alaska The Fish Camp Mayor one 72 year old heartbeat away from the Presidency? Fuck these people. They hate America. Its war.

Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

It is spelled Down Syndrome you buffoon. And I'm NOT mocking the child, I'm mocking his mother. She an unfit mother, and unfit for high office. Clear enough?

Mudcat Saunders is a child molester

Laughable. Especially when you consider that your affirmative action candidate--when stripped of his teleprompter--makes George Bush sound like Cato.

Your day is coming Bubby, sooner than you eeven know.

Bitter Typical White Person

HA HA HA ..The mayor of Mooseport (or whatever) in 2006 a heartbeat away from the Presidency running with the oldest should he be elected. What a joke. My problem with Obama was he was to unqualified and experienced to be POTUS (hated his campaign for the smears and playing the race card too). This PUMA must vote Obama Biden now.

What a hypocritical pile of crap was presented in Dayton. Quoting Hillary Clinton, John Glenn and praising Geraldine Ferraro by a right winger. Pathetic and it is not going to work.

You D's are just sick over this...admit it...you've been outflanked. Which doesn't take much given your lack of brains...

Mudcat (Bubby), I would piss on you if you were on fire..you're pathetic

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