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Obama and Biden have been completely upstaged.

What you witnessed in Mile High Stadium was much more than what many of us felt at home. Sure, it was historic. However, the music sessions, the lights, the "in-the-tank" reporters, and the fireworks seemed to have overshadowed Obama himself.

On every Friday evening national news in the DC area (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox) all had the first 7-9 minutes devoted to Sarah Palin. Incredible, a masterstroke in media television strategy. And just look at Saturday morning's Washington Post...

Plus, Bill Burton (Obama) gave an extra gift on Friday morning to the McCain campaign by firing off insults about Palin, Alaska, small town america, and apple pie. Rahm tried to get into those talking points, and CNN made him look silly. Yea, Burton's press release made the evening news, too.

Thursday was Obama's day.
Friday was Palin's day.
All that effort and hype for an evening Mile High Stadium event, and it ended up being a one day news cycle. I am stunned.


America deserves - and will see - this cataclysmic battle in 2012 or 2016: Palin v. Clinton.

The 2008 election will mark the end of Obama, the end of Biden, and the end of MSNBC.



Left of the Hill

Watch out Leslie and Hillary, Ben has is eyes on another woman.

Sorry.... could resist making the joke.


Or . . . Obama and Biden will utterly clean the clocks of McCain and Palin.

Tell me something: If this is how McCain picks a running mate, how well do you think he plans a ground game?


I'll tell you what disgusted me about Obaba's speech.

This skinny milquetoast liberal peacenik pacifist twirp was trying to "out-tough" a five year POW.

It was both despicable and comical at the same time.


t declares war against MSNBC.

Thier uber-liberal androgynous cast (i.e. "Rachal") are all cartoon characters.

Or . . . Obama and Biden will utterly clean the clocks of McCain and Palin.

Tell me something: If this is how McCain picks a running mate, how well do you think he plans a ground game?

Posted by: deminva | August 30, 2008 at 01:54 PM

Really? Works both ways:

From last night's PA event near Pittsburgh. Local media is not being kind...


Look, I am not knocking McCain's service to his country or his patriotism. Thank goodness we have folks like him who are willing to take on the fight.

However, the question begs to be asked. If McCain is the ultimate tough guy, the uber-soldier, the baddest ass in the whole damned town, then how did he get caught?

Just seems to me it's like putting Wilt Chamberlain in charge of Abstinence Education...


That video of Biden shows that he is either inebriated or has snorted Obama's white powder.

Not Larry Sabato

What makes me mad is only the Democratic Party is dumb enough to put 18,000,000 cracks in this glass ceiling and then leave it for a Republican to break.

Ian Jordan

Palin had a flash start. People will be unimpressed by Monday, the race is still ours to win! And thank god obama and his team was smart enough not to pick hillary and screw his path to 270.

Ben, please start blindly supporting Palin...given your track record of female support it could be the best sign of 2008!!


What makes me happy is only the Republican Party is dumb enough to select the least qualified VP pick ever and think that Hillary supports are so DUMB that they will fall for this gimmick. Congrats McCain, you just threw away you strongest argument against Obama: experience. Thanks a million!


Ben, Sarah doesn't need to wear pantskirts. She looks just fine in a regular old skirt.

I also want to thank you for being the only democrat blogger who is being intellectually honest about McCain's choice.

Ian Jordan and CarolineProgressive,

What you both are really saying, in a NUTshell, is:

Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah.

1. Ian: you are coming off as a sexist whore, a bro before ho kinda dude.

2. Caroline: A gimmick is when Caroline Kennedy is selected as a "credible" consultant for Barry's Veep vetting process; Obama using the Kennedy name to score some camelot points. Choosing Palin is a risk.

Did you not get the memo that Obama and Biden have ZERO executive experience?

For those of you libs not smart enought to figure it out, anything above zero is MORE.

Palin has much, much more.

Anonymous Is A Woman

If the Republican Party were really interested in having a capable woman on the ticket - somebody with the accomplishment and credibility of Hillary Clinton - there are countless others they could have picked. They include Susan Collins, Senator from Main; Olympia Snowe, Senator from Maine; Jodi Rell, Governor of Connecticut; Linda Lingle, Governor of Hawaii; Condi Rice, Secretary of State; Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Senator from Texas; etc. For a complete list go here:


Instead, McCain made an impulsive, spur of the moment decision to pick an unknown, inexperienced woman barely into her first term as governor of a largely rural sparsely populated state. Her only qualifications for national office are that she looks good, appeals to social conservatives and maybe will confuse women and Ben into voting for her because she's female.

I'll say it again, it's a patronizing pick that smacks of bypassing real accomplishment and substance in favor of style and shoving the women of substance and accomplishment out the door for the hot, young trophy. I suspect that's how a lot of Hillary's supporters, like me, will see it.


Ian's pedestrian blog is sucking fumes and circling the drain.

No wonder he spends so much time in these parts grasping for attention.

Ben's hardon for female politicians, any of them, is poking out again... Ben, why are you so infatuated with women?


Hey Anon 318,
Dude, you're totally right. I forgot about all of that time she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. I'm sure deciding which potholes get filled or deciding to approve a zoning ordinance totally qualifies her to work on the Georgia-Ossetia crisis. Running away to Imaginationland won't make Palin a better VP pick.


AIAW, your uninteresting blog has been on life support for months.


Because you think that the cadre of pro-abortion hags that you just listed would EVER be acceptable to the principled pro-life majority of the GOP.

Begone woman.

And a follow up... The gender gap is already alive and well here...

Question: Is Palin ready to be President?

Gender Gap: Women say no with a 17 point larger margin than men.

Question: Favorable/Unfav on Palin...

Men: 58/23 or +35
Women: 48/30 or +18
Difference: 17...


Remember you started this

In your own words

I'll say it again, it's a patronizing pick that smacks of bypassing real accomplishment and substance in favor of style and shoving the african americans of substance and accomplishment out the door for the hot, young celbrity trophy.

In case you can't figure it out I'm talking about Obama

Its war now the niceities are over



I think we should have a higher opinion of women. As I read these comments, it is clear that many individuals think women will vote for the Republican candidates simply because there is a woman VP candidate. Do you all really have such a low opinion of females that you think they vote, not on issues, but solely because there is a woman in the race?

You have got to be kidding me...


Watch and see Brannon...

Anonymous Is A Woman

Um, no NMM but nice try. It's the Republicans who months ago started hammering away on the "experience" issue and also on trying to portray Obama as a superficial, celebrity pick. They were accusing us of choosing style over substance as well as playing "identity politics" from the get go.

McCain actually cut his own best issue off at the knees here. And most journalists actually pointed that out already, as did a few conservative stategists who chose to remain anonymous when reporters spoke with them.


You perhaos have been seeing stories about trooper-gate. Here's some of the back story unreported by many lefty blogs (perhaps out of ignorance, or intended deceit) on why Sarah Palin was concerned about the trooper (Wooten) once married to her sister.

A h/t to http://www.floppingaces.net/2008/08/29/palins-troopergate-beating-msm-distortions-to-the-truth/ which has a very long version of this, with other citations.

The husband (Sarah Palin's brother-in-law)
1) tased his 10 year old stepson (doing it for "training")
2) allegedly threatened to shoot his wife's father (also Sarah Palin's father) if the father hired an attorney to represent the wife -- Sarah heard the threat on an open phone line her sister had set up

(tr. of Sarah Palin's testimony at http://media.adn.com/smedia/2008/07/18/13/071607-palin-monegue-050205-interview-transcript.source.prod_affiliate.7.pdf)

3) drank while on duty in his patrol car


The state police internal investigation against the brother-in-law had started a year before Palin became governor, in fact before she had even started her campaign.

The trooper at 35 has been married and divorced four times. http://www.newsminer.com/news/2008/jul/28/scrutiny-wooten-raises-conduct-questions/ Apart from the allegation regarding Palin's sister, the "trooper commanders saw cause to discipline or give written instructions to correct Wooten seven times since he [had] joined the force." Id.

Now there are two sides to every story, especially in a divorce . . . but it sure looks like this guy should not have been on the force. I think Palin was fighting the attitude found in many unenlightened cultures that women are fair game to be harassed.

As far as qualifications, the Democrats cannot go too hard after this because Obama has limited experience. All he's basically done ins keep running for higher office. His only legislative accomplishments came when his name was tacked on legislation once Emil Jones decided to become a kingmaker.

Obama is very smart. Palin has the right instincts about government waste, which is a big deal -- I do not think Obama has any experience in that department, and he has a history of doling out pork to political friends. So arguably, the GOP team features someone who will concentrate on foreign affairs (McCain) and one who will work on waste issues (Palin). Having worked at the federal trough for many years, you could close about half of it down with no effect save on the DC housing market.


Seems like AIAW is scared. Very scared.

Very scared of seeing a Republican woman breaking that glass ceiling, with five kids and a union husband in tow!

How will you handle yourself at the union cocktail parties, how will you know what to say after January 20th?

I bet the unions will get real snuggly to Vice President Palin come January 21st.

Loudoun Insider

As eh smartly points out, CHANGE is the operative word this year, and Palin just stole it right out from under Obama. Governmental experience is way over-rated and actually a hindrance in my opinion for enlightened groound-breaking reform in our bloated government. People want CHANGE, they don't want the same old same old.

So, Obama picks one of the ultimate DC insiders in Joe Biden, while McCain really shakes things up with a committed reformer. Now who is really making the best case for real change now? People are sick to death of politicians, and Biden is one of the worst self important tools in DC. Palin relates to the average citizen in a way Obama and Biden cannot.

Let the Dems keep bashing this woman, please just keep it up. This is working out much better than I ever thought it would.


(1) Ben Tribbett appears to base his opinion of the political qualifications of a female candidate of either party on how much he would like to see her playing a dominatrix in a porn film.

(2) Corollary to 1: Ben Tribbett will never support a candidate, even a woman otherwise qualified under Observation 1, who does not genuflect before the altar of his blog or who has openly opposed his preferred candidate--or openly supported his least preferred candidate--in the past.

(3) Sarah Palin is a good political choice. At first glance, she does appeal to middle class, working women. She is a bad choice for the country, because her two-year experience as Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard isn't really sufficient to qualify her on the international stage. She could fill the Jackie Kennedy role very well, but not the Jack Kennedy role.

(4) Corollary to 3: Her face-value appeal to middle class, working women will fade over time because the middle class, working women will not, by and large, identify with her political ideology. Moreover, they will realize that, while Sarah Palin is quite similar to themselves, they would not consider themselves qualified to be President and will realize that Sarah Palin is not, either. Thus, her early appeal to this demographic is really a Trojan horse that allows her objective weaknesses to undo her.

(5) Corollary to 4: If the Democrats bad-mouth Palin, middle class, working women will react defensively, as if they themselves were being attacked. The smart thing to do is wait, silently, for middle class, working women to realize Sarah Palin's shortcomings on their own. They're smart. They will. But forcing the issue down their throats is going to lead to a visceral reaction against those demagoging against her.


I'm done with this blog.

Rampant trolling from both anonymous commentators as well as the blog author. It was a good 2 and a half years of reading.

John McCain didn't even make this choice. He didn't even know this woman on a personal basis. Met her briefly twice. I suppose he looked her in the eyes and knew she was ready to lead our nation. Sounds like George Bush and his Russian counterpart, Putin. It was a good move by McCain's people to overrule him and pick this woman. I hope however the American people see through this trick by the neocons.


Dear AIAW,

"I'll say it again, it's a patronizing pick that smacks of bypassing real accomplishment and substance in favor of style and shoving the men of substance and accomplishment out the door for the hot, young trophy."

Thought you were talking about Obama there for a second......

Not Larry Sabato

Good one republitarian!

Facts don't mean a thing to these libs. As far as they are concerned the guy could have beat the hell out of his wife and it's ok as long as she is a republican.

It's kind of like AIAW's comment:

“Her only qualifications for national office are that she looks good, appeals to social conservatives and maybe will confuse women and Ben into voting for her because she's female.”

Seems the only people qualified to pick women in politics are the dem’s, they can pick them for their party and for the republican party. It also sounds a bit haughty, particularly from a woman. But I suppose one can sell not only sell their soul they can also sell out their "sisters".

They also seem to forget that even the decisions to fill “potholes” as the genius CarolineP has put it is more executive experience than Obama and Obiden have ever had. Somebody needs to explain to the folks the "something" is more than "nothing" PERIOD.

I am not sure if all this is blind ignorance or if it is a venting of pent up anger because McCain has effectively proven that Obama is really just an empty suite and all his platitudes amounted to zero when it came to making decisions.

McCain has proven that he is the man of change with deeds and not words.

Would someone PLEASE explain to me the emphasis on executive experience? Yeah, I do remember that it's the executive branch. Do YOU remember that the present president had plenty of executive experience before he was elected? If that's your argument for Pailin/against Obama, get another pail to help you bail out the sinking Republican ship.

executive experience

I'm sorry, but the "executive experience" talked about ad nauseum does not a VP make. 20 months as governor? Years in the PTA and serving a town of 6,000 people on town Council and as mayor, no doubt part time (as most office of this size are)is NOT a strong example of executive experience. Although Obama hasn't served in an "executive" position, his years of experience in the state legislature and in the senate qualify him for the position of President.

Not Larry Sabato

Executive Experience-

Serious Question. If Mary Margaret Whipple was elected to the U.S. Senate this year would she be qualified to be President in 2012? Same amount of time since Obama won in 2004.


NLS- The issue is that McCain killed his own message. The voters get to decide who has the adequate amount of experience both in the case of Mr. Obama and Ms. Palin. But now McCain is running on the most muddled message ever.

executive experience 7:56,
You have a point, however one does have to show up, take a stand and vote something other than "present" to be considered to have made any decision.

But then maybe Obama has religiously dedided "not to decide", just what we need in a leader, non-leadership.

Well if the country is looking for someone with the experience "not to make a decision" they should vote for Obama.


Hmm...so far...there is a split in my family...

The educated women in my family think this a dumb pick that reeks of token female pick.

The uneducated women think its a great pick and want to vote for McCain.

Now the bad news for you republicans...the educated women in my family always vote. The uneducated women in my family rarely ever vote.

An interesting scenario:

Mr. President, Mr. President Russia has just invaded Poland do you suggest that we do???

Ummmm.. ahhhh.. wellll.. ummmm…. PRESENT

Tell them my IQ is higher than any of theirs.

Inform them that the USA will stand with our allies and defend our national interests

Just say the word “Bobbitt”

I am sure all women appreciate your condescending attitude towards those who do not meet your definition of educated.

I wonder how you would describe someone who said that it is fortunate that “uneducated blacks rarely ever vote”

I would be interested in knowing how AIAW responds to this type of post since she has given credence to virtually any misogynistic idiocy that may now be written.

Truth Teller

The reason that Palin was such a smart choice is that it gives people who can't stand the idea of a black man in the White House some cover in saying "Oh look we're making history, we've got a WOMAN on our ticket!" just to sound open-minded when we all know they're closet racists.

There are 2 statements I find I'm saying all the time. 1) "Any stranger off the street can do the job better than Bush" and 2) "McCain is not Bush".

I volunteered for and donated to Kerry in 2004. I just sent a generous donation to McCain.

I said it a year ago and I'll say it again. Obama's unacceptable. The 80,000 seat arena made him look like a celebrity with a lot of empty political rhetoric.

Dems fail to understand, Bush will not be on the ballot in 2008. Stop nominating liberals. The country is only 20% liberal.


Anon 9:53- your 2 statements underscore just how much the Dems are controlling the messaging of this race and this VP pick of Palin just complicates McCain's effort to counter it.

walking byrd

"I'm done with this blog."

Yeah. This blog has become downright surreal. I can hardly see in here with all that smoke getting blown up various Republican asses.

Perhaps most important: Palin is a blue-collar populist. She got a big tax increase on the oil companies passed, saying they had kept their taxes artifically low by bribing legislators. The resulting windfall to the state was so immense, she is now rebating $1200 each to the taxpayers.

Her crusade against corruption in the state GOP has made her a pariah among the party poohbahs. Is it any wonder her approval ratings are over 80%?

Palin could b a ticking time bomb, however, as she is quick to speak her mind and her knowledge of foreign policy has to be slight, compared to Biden's. But the Obama release saying she had the "least foreign policy experience of any national nominee in American history" was pretty laughable. You could have said the same thing about Reagan and Clinton, and it seems we survived their 16 years in the Oval Office.

For a full rundown on Palin by someone who has covered her for years see:


"Dems are controlling the messaging of this race"


somebody better tell that to Obama. He's still waiting to read something about his speech


"I recognize that any of the buzz surrounds the fact that I happen to fit a demographic that is appealing to the ticket right now. That's the reality. Again, I happen to fit a demographic at a time that the Republican Party needs to get with it and change and progress and allow others to be a part of public service. It's gender, it's age, it's kind of the maverick being from the outside. It's a combination of things."

Sarah Palin


AIAW, Susan Collins and Olympia Snow are the dumbest, worst possible choices for VP I have ever heard of. Boring boring boring. Legislators, and the worst type of Republicans - ever.

Just a little info from the latest Zogby poll taken Friday and Saturday after McCain announced the Palin pick.

McCain/Palin - 47%
Obama/Biden - 45%

Stick a fork in him.

Obama's done.

Dan Geroe

Gallup reports a 10 point bounce, Ben. From McCain +2 to Obama +8. You really should check out RCP before you post.

Please don't turn into a shill for Palin, dude. Yeah, she's a woman. A woman who is totally, 100% NOT prepared to be President, and you know that.

and Obama is???




As Sen. Clinton asked so eloquently, who are you in it for?

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