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Congrats Ben.


Cool, what prize do I win?


Congratulations, Ben... you should let me buy you a beer. ;)

Hokie Guru

Congrats. This is the best blog in Virginia, Ben. I don't think there's any question about that.

James Young

Congrats. What does the commenter get? Dinner at Morton's? I settled for lunch at Kilroy's (to be fair, my choice).

Not Larry Sabato

I'll buy brimur lunch also!

Left of the Hill

Ummm...Don't you use typepad, Ben?

Not Larry Sabato

Yeah- sorry- I am out of it tonight.

How many comments is it when you (NLS) subtract the "anon" / fake name comments that you left yourself...

New total = 1

red dem

Well done been! Judging from some of the snarky comments, even those who disagree with you can't stop reading.





George Templeton

Congrats NLS and Hail to the Redskins!

Hokie Guru is such a kiss-ass.

On a related note: you might want to take "Too Conservative" off your list of blogs. It looks like the site has been taken down. Any idea what's going on over there?

Any of you see that grand paean of praise Creigh Deeds wrote about Sam Rasoul?

Not Larry Sabato

I haven't seen- link us.

It's an e-mail entitled "A Special Message from Creigh Deeds." I'll do what I can to get it to ya, Ben.

I deleted it my e-mail prog won't let me remove it from the trash and forward it.

Not Larry Sabato

Cut and paste the text here

Bill from Buena Vista

Here it is:

Dear Friend,
We are just hours away from a critical deadline. At midnight tonight every candidate in the country must file election fundraising reports. On November 4, we have the opportunity to send a new crop of leaders to Washington to get our government back on track. While most of the attention has been on the exciting race for President and my friend Mark Warner's campaign for U.S. Senate, there's an important race in our community that I want to tell you about. I'm supporting Sam Rasoul for Congress because his combination of experience and vision will allow him to serve us with distinction.

The FEC filing deadline is only a few short hours away and Sam needs our help to get over the top! Click here to contribute.
Sam has spent his lifetime in Virginia's Sixth District, first as a young man attending public schools in the Roanoke Valley and now as a successful small businessman. He has turned an overlooked election into a competitive race, but in order to win he needs our support by midnight tonight!

(link)Yes, I want to contribute right now - we need new leaders in Washington.

I know Sam will make a difference in Washington. He has brought a new energy to this campaign, and as our congressman he'll represent us with honesty and respect --- and he'll always put the needs of his constituents first. It's why he's talking about the Earmark Eradication Act, to end the out-of-control spending in the federal budget, and reforming our campaign finance system. In fact, Sam has gone one step further: by relying only on contributions from individuals and not a single penny from lobbyists and special interests, he's demonstrating his unwavering commitment to change.

For the last year, Sam has been traveling throughout the Sixth District to talk with families about the issues that matter. He's running a 100 percent positive campaign because he knows that the bickering and division we've lived through for the past few years has done nothing to move America forward. Now, as Sam enters the final stages of his campaign for Congress, he needs our help. I hope you will consider a contribution to Sam's campaign of whatever you can afford by midnight tonight.

Very Truly Yours,

Senator Creigh Deeds

Creigh Deeds just ended any shot he had at being elected Governor.

11:01 AM... go to hell.

Hokie Guru

Anon 11:01 AM, I'm not going to respond to your insults and personal attackes. Have fun your computer mouse. I like to have fun dating women.

Hokie Guru

Anon 11:01 AM, I won't respond to your insults. Have fun with your computer mouse. I like to have fun dating women.

Hokie Guru

Sorry for the double post, Ben.


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