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Not Hussein (formerly Not Ben)

I'd take Connolly over Moran any day of the week.

Not Larry Sabato

At least Moran tells you what he thinks instead of being a two faced liar like Connolly.

I lived in Arlington for several years and I've since moved away. I can't wait to come back; it's the ideal place to live.

Ben, I usually don't agree with you on much, but Arlington is the best place to live in Virginia. Well done!


Yeah. Arlington is pretty great. It's got lots of old suburban neighborhoods, lots of new urban neighborhoods, great ethnic food, not much traffic (outside of I-66 and I-395), fantastic schools, very little crime ... the only downside is the price, but you really get what you pay for, in terms of the quality of life. I live in Richmond now, but I was in Arlington for years, and I really miss it. Lost Dog Cafe. Delhi Dhaba. The Cinema and Drafthouse. Clarendon Day. Pupusas at Atlacatl. The Italian Store. Lalibela. Riding my bike on the W&OD Trail. I'm getting a tear in my eye.

And it's a helluva lot better than anywhere in the 6th district. I mean...you might have to worry about Sam Rasoul being your rep!!

Oh, wait, I forgot...that's irrelevant. NOBODY has to worry about Sam Rasoul being their rep.

Hokie Guru

You made the registration with a week to spare, Ben. Good job :-)

Dem in Centreville

Congratulations Ben. I'm so jealous. I'm still stuck with Hugo, Cuccinelli, and Wolf, and I'm not planning to move any time soon.

Dear Ben,

Welcome to the Republic of Arlington! Ya socialist hippie tree loving prius driving tax tax tax overly sensitive cry me a river Arlington resident!

Best wishes,


p.s. PLEASE tell your newfound clan that the state capital is south in Richmond, not north across the bridges. Much thanks in advance.

Dave Marsden is awesome

Hokie Guru

That comment on Gerry is hilarious!! lol


Fairfax's gain is now Arlington's loss; Ben has some new Democrats to trash.

Let's see how long they tolerate Ben's propensity to destroy his fellow Democrats.

Hokie Guru

Big win for the Redskins today. I think the NFC East Division will be so tough that it gets four of the NFC's playoff spots. Washington, Philly, New York, and Dallas are good teams. If the Redskins can win in Philly, life might be very good. They can seriously win their next four, maybe five games if they play like they did today. Here is their schedule:


Not Larry Sabato

Hokie- no division can have more than 3 playoff teams. Someone isn't making it out of the East.

Left of the Hill

I'm sure Dave Marsden was in tears when he found out that he no longer represents you. I mean, he sent out the Christmas card saying you were his favorite constituent and everything.

Not Larry Sabato

Ha- good point. I still don't know what to think about that Christmas Card. I want to laugh about it. But sneaking up on someone to take a picture and reproduce their image to hundreds of people is not normal humor so I don't know if I should laugh. :)

Definitely go to Clarendon Day.

Mike Gropman

In order for Obama to win Virginia, Senator Saslaw said Obama need 61% of the vote in Fairfax County to win the State of Virignia. Senator George Barker belives that is correct. Baker beleives that Obama needs 70% to 80% in the City of ALexandria and Arlington County to win in ordre to carry Virgina. Any thoughts on this?

Mike Gropman

Ben, I'm sure that you feel that Marsden to Brink is the biggest upgrade!

Mike Gropman:

You're right. I think Obama will get between 57 and 59 percent of the vote in Fairfax. I think 61 percent may be stretching it a bit, especially for a federal election--but it definitely could happen.

The Arlington Dems are working hard to make sure Obama gets 80 percent or above in the county. Alexandria will probably go for Obama by at least 70 percent.

Although it may seem trivial, every SINGLE vote from this strongly Democratic region will offset a conservative vote from some place like Chesterfield or Hanover. That makes turnout very important in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, exurban communities, and other smaller cities and towns where Obama is running strong.

Winning places like Winchester and Danville would be great for Obama as well.

Hokie Guru

I'll stick with college football lol


"it definitely could happen"

Everything, and I mean everything, depends on turnout. Honestly, I think 80% is a little high for Arlington, but 59% is a little low for Fairfax. I'd look for 70-75% in both Arlington and Alexandria and 60-65% in Fairfax.

But Obama won't win Virginia because of the 8th or the 11th. He'll win because of Tidewater, and all along the James, up through the 3rd to Richmond City, where turnout will be massive.

If the 3rd doesn't have the lowest turnout of any CD, Obama wins.


Does Whipple still paint that white streak through her hair?

red dem

Yeah Ben! And Grapes, MMW is not only a terrific woman, she's one tough legislator.


Woo hoo! One less Democratic vote. You moved out of swing districts into safe districts. This is what is meant by the books that focus on our desire to associate with like people. Red people move to red states and red neighborhoods - and so do blue.

Not Larry Sabato

I moved to be within walking distance of work, not because I want to live with like minded people.


"Red people move to red states and red neighborhoods - and so do blue."

Except that the 11th is a pretty safe bet for Democrats--maybe the safest in the country--and the elections that really count this year are statewide, and Virginia has been gaining blue state voters by the thousands over the past fifteen years. It's not an accident that all of a sudden Virginia has a Democratic governor, two Democratic senators (almost), and a pretty good shot at giving its electoral votes to a Democratic presidential nominee this year. The same story is true in Colorado, Nevada, and North Carolina, to a lesser extent. The blue is spreading out.


Remember, Kerry won Fairfax 53-46 against Bush, so Obama must get his voters out in full force if he wants to get 60 percent or higher in the county. Kaine won Fairfax 60-38 when the turnout in the governor's race was 45-46 percent statewide and Webb won Fairfax 59-40 during a highly contested federal race. McCain probably won't get wiped out in southern Fairfax County, which is why Obama has to make sure he can hold his own in that area and run up huge margins in the center of the county where Democrats should completely dominate every race.

Ya better hope those "volunteers" actually file your registration form! LOL

Mike in Oakland

Arlington IS the best place to live in the country! Can't wait to return!

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