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If Mary Washington College is a state run institution, then this or any AG is in the right. Poor judgement of the bookstore staff, if true.

If it is a private college, then they are obviously within their rights and responsibilities to sell anything they want in their bookstore.

Not Larry Sabato

There is nothing wrong with selling a shirt that does not advocate the election of a candidate. The names Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin are not illegal to use because they are running for office.

Hey dumb dick, the t-shirts had MW's logo on them; convenient fact for you to leave out. Why don't you just leave this one to the lawyers since you know exactly zilch about the law.

Not Larry Sabato

I have an image of the shirt up now. I see no logo.

Thanks for the comment though Bob.

red dem

I would like someone to show the law that says the school cannot sell the shirts--other than the law according to Bob McDonnell.


There is nothing in the law, whatsoever, that bans this sale. At UVA's bookstore we have stuff actually endorsing each candidate, and no one's bothered us about it. This doesn't endorse at all. Ben's right, this is petty idiocy coming from a guy who wants to show his "muscle" as he runs for Governor.

red dem

You may be interested in looking at this:


it does not appear that monitoring bookstore inventory falls under the duties of the AG--and I honestly think he should have better things to do.

Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

Colleges are very fragile environments.

Students are very impressionable.

We need to do all we can to prevent the free exchange of ideas and shelter these young naive children from inappropriate content.

Political t-shirts are completely inconsistent with a college educational environment.

(note tongue in cheek)

Not Larry Sabato

Last time I checked, mentioning a candidates name was not campaigning.

He's not known as "Taliban Bob" for nothing.

Im sorry, last time I checked SCHEV is a POS and certainly does not dictate the AG's responsibilties.

Hokie Guru

Anon 8:19, that's pretty good.


With the nation the verge of a financial and economic collapse I'm so glad to see NLS focusing on the critical issues. Nothing about Wasilla AK rape kits?


Hey NLS, you "trashed" Fairfax for not allowing the rally at the school (rightfully so). No one is saying that Obama shouldn't have a rally at the school. The FUNDAMENTAL difference here is the school creating a shirt that's Pro-Obama and has the official logo of the school. If the press won't do their job, guess we'll do it for them.


Did they put them on the rack next to the shirts that say "Muslim Power" in that big open space made available because they banned any shirt that made a reference to God or anything to do with the Christian religion....or for that matter love of country?

Hey.....just asking dude.

Fascism came to Virginia the second George Allen was elected governor. Bob McDonnell is just icing on the cake.


Did you see that Obama's totalitarian side is coming out again? He won't allow signs at the rally -- on the public grounds of a university -- and the Secret Service says it is not a security issue to have signs.


A UMW spokeswoman says that the Obama campaign required the sign-and-banner ban. That campaign tells us that the ban is for "security" reasons. But a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service, responsible for protecting presidential candidates, says that the service has no objection to signs at rallies, provided that no "part of the sign could be used as a weapon"--e.g., a heavy metal pole or a sharpened stick. Finally, the McCain campaign tells us, "We encourage people to make signs at our events."

Yeah, how bout it, Ben?

Where's your story about the Obama campaign stifiling 1st Amendment rights by not allowing signs or banners on public property? Outrage and repulsion!


Tempest in a teapot. What's really dumb is using the term "Fascism" the post's title. A state institution can't take an action that could reasonably be seen as an endorsement? It'll be gas chambers next, I guess. Jeez.

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