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Hokie Guru

For the GOP supporters on this site, is it possible that Cuccinelli could get close to defeating (or actually defeat) McDonnell? In other words, are there some similarities to the Bob Marshall/Jim Gilmore convention? Gilmore was almost embarrassed and I'm wondering if the same grassroots type of thing can happen to McDonnell.

Not Larry Sabato

Hokie- Cooch is running for Attorney General, not for Governor.

But I think if he did run for Governor, he would have a chance for a grassroots embarrassment of McDonnell because that's how far right the GOP activists are now in Virginia.


Well, that would require Cooch to run against McDonnell for the gubernatorial nomination, and since Cooch has announced for AG, I don't see it happening.

However, if he changes his mind, and unless there is some major sea change, the answer is no-Cooch could not take out McDonnell.

There is a huge difference. McDonnell is not only right with Cooch on most issues, he is a current statewide office holder who has been working the state for two years prior to getting elected, and now pushing three while in office-Cooch starts from scratch.

Gilmore was not as conservative on right to life matters as Marshall, had alienated folks by his high handed manner while governor, and had been out of (successful) campaign life for years.

Nope, no similiarities here.

Not Larry Sabato

I disagree on one point Bwana. McDonnell alienated a lot of conservatives with his support of unelected taxing authorities in HB3202.


Either Bob Marshall or Cooch would be outstanding, formidable gubernatorial conventioneers.


Also, if Obaba wins and appoints Kaine to a cabinet post, do not count out Bill Bolling from a gubernatorial run.


t makes a good point. If Kaine moves to the cabinet, Ken might challenge McDonnell for the AG nomination.


As t indicated...it is Marshall who is being floated into the mix by the activists. That's what all this wrangling over filing is all about....to keep Marshall from making an 11th hour convention challenge to McDonnell.

As far as Cooch goes, he's the AG nominee no matter what happens at this point and he will stay right there.

Hokie Guru

Thanks for the correction, Ben and Bwana.

red dem

If the dems cannot come up with good candidates to beat the likes of McDonnell, Cuccenilli and Marshall, we don't deserve to be in power


Also, if Obaba wins and appoints Kaine to a cabinet post, do not count out Bill Bolling from a gubernatorial run.

Posted by: t | September 28, 2008 at 12:30 PM
Sounds like t has woken up from his hangover/moan-fest on Friday.

(Actual picture of t, on Friday)



If you want to see a slightly more accurate depiction of t, check out the movie 300. General Leonidas (Gerard Butler) comes closer to the mark.


That's pretty sad that McDonnell supporters have nothing better to do then to try and deny our most dedicated activists the right to participate in a convention.

That is not what we elected him to do.

Not Boyd Marcus

I really hope the R's nominate both Cooch & Marshall for something statewide so that they can get a public ass kicking. Then, hopefully, t & both of his supporters will just give it up & face the obvious reality that they can command maybe 30% of the statewide vote w/ their anointed candidates.

"McDonnell alienated a lot of conservatives with his support of unelected taxing authorities in HB3202."

Is this data from a poll you personally conducted, or do you have some actual data to back it up?

Or, as usual, are you just making shit up because you like how it sounds?

Not Larry Sabato

I didn't realize how many people he made mad until I attended the 1st District Republican Convention last December. Three Congressional candidates made their opposition to HB3202 the center of their campaigns- even though McDonnell had been the one who helped put it together. I think those candidates drew 40-45% of the GOP vote on every ballot at that convention. Then this June, Bob Marshall almost beat Jim Gilmore while railing against it.

So I am basing it on the candidates running against it in his own party, who are getting a LOT of votes at conventions.


Of course, the real silliness of all this is that the GOP is opting for a convention again. If McDonnell wants to be sure to shut down Marshall, etc., take him on in a statewide primary.

And before we start into saying how it allows democrats to have a say, and before we talk about crossover voting, show me numbers and analysis that show that democrats have crossed over in large numbers to vote in a primary between two strong conservatives (as opposed to a John Warner primary).


Yes, the Dems tried to implement a "public ass kicking" to Cooch and Bob Marshall during the last election.

Wonder how that worked out for them.

Not Boyd Marcus

The operative word in my statement was "statewide" t. Get it? 30% for either one on a statewide ballot.


Man, The Republicans are getting good at handing elections to us Democrats.

On November 5th we may able to attribute McCain's loss to Virginia Republicans failure to nominate Tom Davis for the Senate. He may not have defeated Warner but he certainly would have helped McCain more than Gilmore can.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

That's a pretty crazy timeline to file and get petitions. Maybe Bob & Bill aren't so confident about their campaigns.

Has either party had filing deadlines that soon in the past? If not, what does the GOP doing that this year say? 2009 may be looking as good as 2008 for turning VA blue.


I agree with Early Bird. Bolling & McDonnell were so afraid of the "Marshall Factor" that they had to circumvent the process to protect their so called "presumptive nominee" status. If the GOP continues to let their failed leadership to choose their candidates for them, thus denying citizens the right to run for public office, they will continue to lose. How far do they have to sink to realize that ship ain't worth saving anymore. I don't know why the grassroots hasn't revolted within the party.


I also heard that Bolling/McDonnell had to pull out all the stops to get their way with restrictions upon the grassroots and the convention. 4,000 petition signatures to be on the ballot in less than 25 days. What a load of crap! If McDonnell and Bolling are that insecure how are they to defeat the democrat nominees?


If I were Marshall, I would run over Bolling/McDonnell and flip a coin to see who he should run against. I'm sure they don't want those Marshall supporters anywhere near the convention in 2009. He about blew the doors off of Gilmore and lord knows would have done better than Gilmore. What a disaster he has been. I'll bet he doesn't get 35% of the vote in Nov. His own party doesn't even want him as their senator.

Phillip Paul

Better watch out! McDonnell will send his Jack-booted thugs to NLS and shut you down, for promoting "non-republican" idea's!!! Seig Heil, herr McDonnell! I await your armband and instructions!

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