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Try removing your head from your anal cavity; the purpose of the lottery is to target the poor and uneducated.

What evidence do you have to back up your assertion that only "poor" people would play this game? You have no stats. None at all. Would a family that grosses $80K a year that plays this game in order to try and put their kid through college qualify as "poor" to you? Utterly ridiculous. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE GAME, DON'T PLAY IT! What an idiotic argument on your part. Shows no thought.

Not Dick Saslaw


Interesting topic--I can't name the studies about who plays the lottery, but they may be worth digging up and examining. I recall the flavor of most lottery studies indicate that lower income folks play the lotto more than high income folks. That's too bad if true.

One reference point on this is a discussion that occured on the floor of the Virginia House last February when the budget was being debated. One delegate noted that lottery revenues were up while tax revenues were below initial projections due to the softening economy. I was wating for some delegate to ask if there may be a relationship between the two statistics. No one asked. Kind of sad if the poor folks are playing the lottery to make ends meet. If true, it wouldn't make me proud.


t opposes the lottery because our God is not a God of chance.

Not Dick Saslaw

....and to further t's point, God has consistently and frequently in Scripture pointed out that the poor are to be a focus or our attention -- to help them, not induce them to become poorer through state sponsored lotteries.

The lottery is a stupidity tax:

The dumber you are, the more you pay.

Ben -- all lotteries are targeted at the poor and uneducated. The actual prize itself is irrelevant for that end game.


It is true, Economists say it all the time. The lottery is targeted at poor people. If you go and watch the people who buy them, they are not rich.

Not Larry Sabato

I understand the lottery is aimed at people who want to win money and those who are well off already are unlikely to play.

But I see a huge difference between having cash prizes for winners and dangling a college education out in front of poor parents who can't afford it. This is basically like having a college raffle with more chances to win with the more tickets you buy. The difference is this game targets the desperate parent like no other lottery game before.


Actually, to require the winner to use the "winnings" for a college education is probably a good thing - instead of blowing the wad on stuff, having folks hit you up for the winnings, etc. At least this way you know the prize is something that will advance the winner: an education.


Industries that are designed to exploit financially vulnerable Americans (poor and elderly) are thriving.

What this country needs is a speach by Obama. That'll make everything right.


So 20 winners will have the opportunity to take statistics classes and learn not to waste their money on the lottery. Interesting.


The only difference between this lottery prize and any other is that you have to spend it on higher learning. The poor are already highly targeted with lotto games, and without any empirical data I am highly suspicious of the claim that this will somehow bring in more poor people. If anything, since the payout is not significantly different than other choices, except this comes with additional restrictions, it may keep disadvantaged people away who need that money for food, vehicles, homes, etc.

Just because we can both reason our way to a conclusion doesn't mean it is correct. Stop trying to tie everything under the sun to how terrible a person Governor Kaine is.


The entire lottery is a tax on those who can not afford it.

The poor do not need the money for education. The government already pays it for them. Maybe this is for the "middle class" taxpayer who is responsible for paying the four year party for his kids and the "poor" kids

Anon 12:30 beat me to it. The only people this will help are people too rich to qualify for social services (like free college money), and too poor to pay for it themselves -- in other words, the working middle class.

Final verdict -- another dumbass post by NLS.

James Young

The lottery is a tax on the stupid. Since the power to tax is the power to destroy, and the destruction of stupidity is a noble (if futile) goal, it is worthy of support.

Actually, as a voluntary tax, I have no problem with supporting it. The comments reflect, however, standard Democrat paternalism.


Here's another questionable ad in the works: http://www.politico.com/blogs/jonathanmartin/0908/Obama_sought_rape_victim_for_ad.html

The Obama campaign, according to Politico, is looking for a rape victim for an ad. Classy. And it looks like they may want a Virginia victim. The woman's advocate who fielded the request noted:

But Shelton-Knight said Palin should not be criticized for having governed a city with such a law as they were quite common until recent years.

"Alaska didn't pass a bill until 2000 requiring state and local law endorcement to pay for the exams. And Shelton-Knight said it wasn't until lobbying by her and others that Virginia last year put the financial burden on localities. Many states still charge victims for the cost of the exam."

I guess if we can blame Sarah Palin for what Alaska was doing or her town was doing (which is still not clear) we can blame Mark Warner for what happened while he was governor.

Obama is not a new type politician.


Although I am an occasional customer, I am philosophically opposed to the lottery. It seems to me that, when the government runs a shell game on its own people, it reinforces a damaging, cynical view of that government.

So if the prize is a "college education," does that mean that this winning is also taxed?

The cool thing about lotteries being for the uneducated is that there is finally a government program designed for Ben! So one who gambles complains about lotteries? Interesting . . .

You think the lottery is a shell game you should investigate social security, medicare, medicade..etc..etc..

Our government is pretty good at the shell games.
Take the 700 billion bailout plan, oops I mean investment plan that was voted down yesterday.

Today they are telling us that we are not actually paying for the lousy government programs started in the 80's, and abused in the 90's and 00's, They tell us we are actually going to "make money" on this deal in the long run.

How stupid to they really think we are?

Oh for goodness sake, no one forces anyone to play the lottery. It is their choice! Why should Tim Kaine be regulating how grown people spend their money? Wouldn't that be "Fascism coming to Virginia"?

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