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Did you know that Steve McGraw is one of Sam Rasoul's biggest supporters?

"I've been stressing on this blog for three years how Democrats need to be more careful about who they nominate"

Actually, Democrats need to be careful about WHOM they nominate! Didn't they teach you English at Robinson High School?

The flat tax is a terrible idea. It only works everywhere it's been tried. Speaking of which, maybe you shold pay taxes and then see what you prefer. (By the way, the flat tax system, as proposed, still gives you a choice of filing via flat tax or using a more complicated deduction system.)


Democrats nominate too many abortionists.

They need to be more careful to avoid doing that.

Well that'll make Sam a valuable ally for Barack Obama when he...uh...tries to cut taxes for the middle class...while raising taxes for the wealthy....

Okay, fuck, Sam, why aren't yo paying attention?


Never mind candidates. Let's talk about elected officials.

Rep. Alcee Hastings comment, "anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks." is way out of line.

And you wonder why Dems have such a hard time competing in rural America?


And let's never nominate candidates that pay their female staffers much less than their male staffers. http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NjE3OWVmZjkzN2YyNDgzOGFjMGE1ZDg4YjE0ZjQ4NDc=


What was Rasul thinking? Flat taxes are idiotic.

Hey t fuck you!


The ineptitude of the McCain campaign is just flat entertaining. Man, Rowhey when are you going to admit you're an idiot?


"Flat tax" (as in a fixed percentage for everyone) DOES NOT EQUAL "regressive tax."

A fixed dollar amount of tax from everyone (rg. tolls) is a "regressive tax." A flat tax is a "flat tax" and then there is a progressive tax.

At least learn some English first!

Cliff Garstang

A graduated flat tax, which is what Rasoul called for, is hardly regressive. It is, in fact, a simplification of the current tax scheme.

speaking of idiots, is brimur asking for Rowhey to admit to being an "idiot" because of something the McCain campaign is doing?
I think brimur got into mom and dad's liquor cabinet last night.

You really should learn to put together some logical arguments, your lack of any ability for rational argument would be embarrassing to most intelligent adults. Take some advice and don’t stay up so late drinking.


It will be helpful if you are as precise as Rasoul in describing his plan. He suggests a graduated flat tax which has some aspects of a flat tax while retaining several progressively higher tax rates as incomes increase.

red dem


i can only hope that your overwhelming concern for the unborn translates into action for the many abused and neglected children of the world

t - I presume you've adopted dozens of children who need homes? If not, then STFU!

Salem Republicans

On behalf of all the Rs in the 6th let me request that you keep nominating exactly as you've been. Mr. Rasoul is a fine candidate and I only hope the 6th District Ds have the wisdom to nominate him every two years for the next decade or so.

James Young

You're absolutely right, Ben.

I hate when you nominate people who say sensible things, even if they do so only rarely.

After living in Virginia all of my life and seeing Sam Rasoul being able to run, really makes me sad inside.


A pure flat tax or even a progressive flat tax would be a disaster for this country at this junction (today’s crisis and a need for a Wall Street bailout). The economic calamity of the day is caused as much as anything by falling house prices and problems with the real estate market. Anything that would eliminate the present mortgage deduction would be economically unwise and political suicide. Goodlatte hardly needs to show up for a debate, but Rasoul unnecessarily handing him this gem is just another sign of an immature candidate. Does it not occur to him and his advisors that he has probably managed to come up with this suggestion at perhaps the worst time since the Great Depression???


Red dem, Yes it does!


I have finally realized why t has been cursed on this blog, and why he has received threats of physical violence against his person.

Your hearts have been convicted that this man speaks the truth!

I think the Government should "flat" tell the taxpayer what the hell they are doing with all our money. Let's get back to infrastructure, protecting our borders, and a strong miliatry.


McCain has given in and will debate! Now, instead of looking like a chicken, he looks like a wimp. And he's going to get toasted by Barack tonight. This thing will be over by the 11:00 news.

Douche Nozzle

Did McNozzle just blink?

FYI- for the douche heads, Obama pushed and passed the bill that puts the Federal Government checkbook online. Just like mooseburgers said she'd do!

"In 2006 and 2007, Obama teamed up with Republican Sen. Tom Coburn to pass the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act, also known as “Google for Government.” The act created a free, searchable web site – USASpending.gov — that discloses to the public all federal grants, contracts, loans and insurance payments."


Off topic for this thread, but Rasmussen has Obama up by 5 points in Virginia (at 50%). Which confirms the ABC News and SUSA polls from a few days ago.

I sure hope someone is saving all the "Obama will never win Virginia" comments that have been flying all over the political blogosphere since April.

Sam Rasoul holds the positions he does because he's a Republican, and so's his father, Ralph. And don't forget his brother, Jihad.

To those who speak of Sam Rasoul's "advisors," he doesn't really have any. He's either fired or forced anyone who disagrees with him to resign. That's why he has so many family members working for his campaign.

@1:48 - And that is why Sam Rasoul will disappear after this race when he loses 75%-25% if he's lucky.

This such discussion cant go w/o a mention of Janet "I'm going to have to waffle on this one" Oleszek...

Here is one for you. McCain will win VA by at least four points.

I'd be willing to bet that 8:56 PM is Sam Rasoul.

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