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Big C

Tom Gear has an opponent-Olaf Gebhart-an attorney from poquoson.Also, many conservatives who have backd Gear before are now backing Gebhart.He is running as a Democrat against Gear.

whoa! that's messed up

That's the breaking news?

Loudoun Insider

Are they taking lessons from the Feder campaign???

If true this is way over the line and totally innapopriate. Moran really is obssessed with McAuliffe, isn't he?

Loudoun Middle Man

If I were a Moran tracker, I'd prefer following Dorothy to Terry. Just saying.

Ian J

Don't fall for it people. Wait until he has something concrete...and then make sure not to fall for it again.

Left of the Hill

I saw a bluebird today


I made a phone call.


See, I can write something too and then put developing so that I don't have to do the research that would make it into a real story.

Todd Smyth

Steve Jarding was speaking at the event and he was videotaped by Moran's people and Dorathy was not and she is not tracked. Ben made a mistake.

Not Ben

Death...taxes...Todd's tap dance for all things Moran.

Not Ben

Death...taxes...Todd's tap dance for all things Moran.


The event was the Stafford Democratic Committee meeting at the Stafford Government complex on Saturday morning. Dorothy McAuliffe was there to speak as a surrogate, Steve Jarding was there to speak for the Moran campaign. The campaign was taping their own staffer- Jarding.

Ben doesn't know what he's talking about.

Ben doesn't know what he's talking about.


If these two chicks were making out that would be worth a headline, and a lot more interesting.

Left of the Hill

Hahahaha..... Terry's campaign has issued a statement on the issue.

In response to a report on the NotLarrySabato blog that the Moran campaign sent a tracker out to record Dorothy McAuliffe, McAuliffe campaign senior strategist Mo Elleithee issued the following statement:

"When the Moran campaign said that it was time to play hardball, we didn't realize that meant following other candidate spouses! We're flattered that they find Dorothy to be as compelling a surrogate as we do. The more people hear both her and Terry make our case, the better."

I guess Terry's campaign is pleased with the sensationalism Ben's promoting.

Why not track what is happening with the budget and where the money from the “stimulus” is going?

Oh.. I forgot that money is going to ACORN and birth control, and other very important job creators that Pelosi, Reid and Obambi are paying back for their high posts.

What an embarrassment this liberal administration has proven to be.
More troops to Afghanastan, I still have to pay my mortgage and car payment. Prices going up, trillions in pork.

What Idiots voted for this kind of change??

News headlines:

Stocks at 10 year low,

Burris buys senate seat,

Blagojevich (enuf said),

GM wants another 50billion for the union bosses,

Pelosi runs to Rome and Obambi has to fly half way acoross the country in order to get his picture taken signing away our childrens future (what was the price for that ink?),

democrats pass trillions in spending without reading bill

state department congratulates chavez for intimidating his country into making him leader for life.

Change, Change, Change.. you could not make this stuff up for SNL.

Somebody let the adults take charge.


McAuliffe apparently is still living in an alternate universe where
1) campaigns "stalk" his wife
2) Hilz is President
3) Global Crossing made $18m for everyone

it's one thing to make a mistake, its another to purposely lie and obscure.

I was optimistic that McAuliffe would run a classier campaign for himself than he did for Clinton.

not so much....

Tom Paine

Ben back to cutting his own throat again; give him a sharper knife.



Todd Smyth

Ben, your title is a complete lie without even an attempt to back it up. Hope you are proud of yourself.

Jerome Armstrong

"Death...taxes...___'s tap dance for all things ___."

Isn't that becoming a bit of a projection Ben?



Mark Brooks

Yes, when competency of journalism is in question, always go with Ben and Huffington Post.

What a sad spectacle, and I don't care who is running. Everyone wants to get the advantage by getting the story 'first'.

What a sad state of affairs.


7:55 PM, fact is, you may lose even more United States Senate seats in 2010. Boo-yeah!! You Log Cabs have to defend 15 seats and recruit 5 new candidates... life is good... especially with that douche, Cornyn, at the helm.

Cornyn, come to Antigua, Cornyn?


I like these posts best for the OT crazies. On both sides.

But on topic, is Virginia now officially the state of crazy tracker controversy? I hope this blows insanely out of control like Macaca. Great entertainment.

then again

Can you point to exactly where ACORN is getting $ from the "stimulus" bill please?


OH NOES, SOMEONE TAPED A DEMOCRATIC EVENT!!!!1 Yawn, what a load of shit.


When will Virginia be lucky enough to Not have Not Larry Sabato?

Maybe you should read the bill, that would make you the first democrat to do so.

I'll give you a small hint:
look for things like "neighborhood stabilization." .

As a fair minded person when you find that billions are going to groups such as this who repeatedly and overtly break the laws of our country I am sure you will agree that this democrat abuse of power should end.


So you can't record surrogates at public events now? Isn't this how they nailed George Allen. If she was just his spouse, that would be one thing, but she's acting as a surrogate. It's not like someone reached out to students who are friends with their kids and asked for dirt on her. That kind of behavior is reserved for the NYTimes.


I wasn't at the event and haven't seen the video, but "appropriate" is a relative term. Pun intended.
If a candidate's spouse stays out of the lime-light and does not seek public attention, it is very inappropriate to hunt them down with a tracker.
If a candidate uses their spouse as a high-profile surrogate for the campaign, there is nothing wrong with sticking a tracker on them... as you would with any surrogate.
Once you decide to use a family member as a weapon in the campaign arsenal, they become fair game. You are exercising due diligence to have a video record of any public speech on behalf of a candidate or campaign.
Again, I do not know the circumstances the Moran "incident" but the differences are worth noting.

I have a lot of respect for Brian Moran. If this happened, I am sure it was without him knowing. However, that isn't cover, as it is his name on the sign.

What bothers me most is that Brian has hack Steve Jarding out there as a surrogate.

As a former Webb staffer, I can tell you there is no one any more unpleasant, dishonest, or bipolar than Steve Jarding.

The man is a meglomaniac with some serious anger issues.

NoVA Moderate

NLS is always quick with the accusation or "scoop," but never with a correction.

Kinda like the DrudgeReport.

then again

"Oh.. I forgot that money is going to ACORN."

Could you please point out WHERE in the stimulus bill you found this dubious fact?

Keep crying about acorns, no one cares.

I forgot to add that when you read the budget you might want to THINK also.
You are either stupid or intentionally ignorant.
The stimulus does not specifically name ACORN however it also does not specifically say it is giving money to “Virginia” however the legislature is currently spending it.

And the statement that “no one cares” about ACORN should be restated that no democrat cares, but that is no surprise given the way they are trying to trash the future for our children and grandchildren.

They all should be ashamed.


Things we'll never see:

Dear Brian Moran:

I'm sorry that I ran with the speculative and sensational story that said your staff was stalking Terry McAullife's wife. It violated even the minimal standards of journalism that I and New Media aspire to adhere to. I am ashamed that my desire for a scoop caused me to demonstrate such poor judgment. Those who follow my reporting know my real talents and can vouch for me.

Again, I am sorry that I ran this inappropriate story and have issued a correction immediately upon realizing this error.


Ben Tribbett"

Not Jim Moran

this wasn't breaking news when Jim Webb "stalked" George Allen


Why is it a valid strategy to stalk GOP opponents but not to stalk your primary opponents?

then again

"Maybe you should read the bill, that would make you the first democrat to do so.

I'll give you a small hint:
look for things like "neighborhood stabilization."

Yes this would include funds for Commando Zaydoo from the planet Zaydon to build hidden space craft bases. You'll never know when we'll need them to assist in neighborhood stabilization.


This may be like trying to teach a pig to sing but I'll give you one more verse.

Do you even read the text of your basis for argument or do you look at the title and pass it off as truth. (rather like the democrats and the so called stimulus bill)

Even your own source acknowledges that ACORN CAN get these funds.

A prominent basis for factcheck’s opinion that they will not get funds is because Big Bertha Lewis says the organization has “no plans to apply” (if you are stupid enough to believe this I have a bridge for sale).

This is the same Big Bertha that said they do not pay crack, cigarettes etc.. to get “voters” to register (and we see the “voters” admit the opposite on TV); The same BB that professes to be nonpartisan but stands in a meeting and tells them to vote for Obama; The same group that is being investigated for fraud, the same group that registers dead people.

Further, should you want to see the truth, maybe you should question why Bank of America receives billions in bailout money only to then pass along “donate” millions to ACORN. Or maybe ask yourself why democrats could not even follow thru with their commitment to make the so called “stimulus” bill available to the public for 48 hours before ramming it through? (remember it was not important enough to sign for three days after it was passed?

I must say again that you are either completely stupid or willfully ignorant, neither bodes well for your future.

But what is to be expected from someone who places his future in the hands of admitted liars (Pelosi, Reid, Obambi) now you put your mind in the hands of the likes of ACORN.

People like you really are pathetic and worthy of pity. You should really attempt to think for yourself and not parrot erroneous facts from liberal intellectual midgets.

Finally, you should not attempt intelligent or factual debate when you posses neither.

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