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Time for John Bell to step it up and beat Marshall this fall.


I agree with Del. Marshall, we are borrowing ourselves into hell. Thank God someone is still willing to stand up against this.



Would you please credit me for sending you the video I captured?


Not Larry Sabato

Hey Valerie, I thought I-Report showed the uploader (at least it did when I programed this to go up last night). Thanks for emailing it over!


No problem ... cranky today - results of Roanoke City Council appointment a "disappointment."

PS: Tom Perriello's father passed away according to Michael Signer!


Where was his concern over the past 8 years?

Why doesn't someone ask Valerie why she's costing Roanoke hundreds of thousands of dollars a year so she can play golf while our schools are bankrupt?


12:50 PM,

Why don't you ask Cutler and Lea why they voted to pay $4.1 million for it in the first place?

PS: I don't play golf.


That response is to anon 12:59.

Me, we, the citizens of Roanoke were not consulted on buying a golf course. Don't blame me for their stupidity.


this marshall guy, does he live in a tree or what? he is soooooooo out of touch on so many issues.


Well a few thoughts from me: 1) he's right that debt is us not helping the future us and our kids; 2) WTF was he the last 8 years? Did he believe this when Reagan ramped up spending for the cold war? 3) It does not equate to slavery unless we are planning on beating our kids, splitting them up from their families, etc. so this sort of rhetoric is always somewhat hollow- though it is used on all sides.

I'd say, in all, its another who cares- if you want someone to blame for the mess we are in go get a mirror, everyone, and stare into it and say- I'm not going to be a fat, lazy, over consuming, war mongering or free lunching American anymore. Obama was elected by a majority for a very good reason- to change course in this country. Whether it will work or not is to be seen, but blaming him already is beyond ridiculous.


Much better video, NLS, glad you found it.


Awesome Speech, Bob Marshall is a great American.
And for all of those that ask where Bob was in the last 8 years, Was there any Trillion dollar pork package that would have any cause to be debated in the GA.
Look at the deficit under Bush and the Republicans, It was shrinking, Now it will be Massive.


Why doesn't Marshall just "get over it."


Look at the deficit under Bush and the Republicans, It was shrinking, Now it will be Massive.

Posted by: PWConservative | March 02, 2009 at 04:06 PM

The deficit. Look at the DEBT under Clinton, it was shrinking. What Chuztpa. But then, I'll actually admit the seeds for this horrendous economy were planted by Bush I and watered by Clinton. Bush II? He decided to use the insane asylum to harvest.

Blame who you like, the only thing that might (and I'll grant that it well might not) kick start us out of this will be heavy regulation and some massive national spending. If you want to call it Socialism, it's forced socialism thanks to the last Bush completely destroying our economy.

Who is John Galt?


I think you are conceding that we now have a socialistic economy. Let's be clear...you wrote it...not me.

Government spending as a percentage of GDP is now moving from the mid 30% range to something like the mid-40% range (right on par with European nations).

These are the facts. And, if you want to look at budget deficits, Obama's spending will quadruple the Bush Administration deficits -- perhaps even more. What's more, Obama's budget projections use rosey scenarios...including the suggestion that GDP will reach 4% next year.

Regulation and massive government spending will produce stagflation (inflation coupled together with weak economic growth). Regulation will retard growth and promote cost push inflation. Excessive government spending will cause a crowding out effect in the market...because the government will be forced to borrow on the open market. This will crowd out private investment.

What really bothers me in all of this is that Obama promised to be fiscally conservative. Seems like a major bait and switch to me.


"Look at the deficit under Bush and the Republicans, It was shrinking, Now it will be Massive."

If it did shrink, it was because the Bush Administration used accounting tricks that would've added 400+ billion to his totals. So no, he wasn't reducing anything.

The public voted Republicans out for a reason. We're here to do what they ask.


Nice prospects. Great rankings per the Boo-yeah hyperlink.

If some of you were literate, you might have heard of an economist named F.A. Hayek. He wrote a famous book called "The Road to Serfdom," which describes the logical consequences of enacting economic policies of people like Obama. Now "slavery" and "serfdom" are closely related, almost synonymous terms.

You would think that most graduates of George Mason University would know all this . . . er, isn't that right, Ben?

Rtwng Extrmst

"Look at the DEBT under Clinton, it was shrinking"

Sorry, not if you count the debt for Social Security and Medicare. The debt has been growing consistently. Obama wants to put the war on budget for the sake of transparency, perhaps he's be willing to be truly transparent and add Soc Sec and Medicare as well?

while you minions carry the water and debate "history", splitting hairs over Busch years of tax factors when most of those were deomcrat majorities holding the purse.

But you art doing your job well by trying to deflect the agrumen onto Bush and away from Obambi and his massive spending plans porked up further by miss piggy pelosi and reed the walrus.

only problem is that some people still look at facts and these facts are sickening no matter what "level headed" american would look at them.

Is it no wonder that all of this "must" be passed within days or weeks and not have a chance to be vetted via the web site set up for such information.. what is the number of that site Joe VP?

what a farce..VP a farce.. Finance cheif .. farce.. and seven others that did not pay the taxes they should have, buty will pay now that they are cought. sickening.

This is the change you expected??? liars, stealing your money? Tax cheats in high places?.. lobbylists given presidential advice?..

I thought we heard something about these things before the elections which stated that this nes most transparent administration woule not be saddled with these issues.
A good leader would have at least gotten that simple message to the troopds.... oh well, maybe they didn't listen and will all be fired by tomorrow by this decisive new president?

We'll be watching... My guess is that it will nev4r happen. SCOTT FREE ON ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. PICK UP YOUR PAYCHECK ON FRIDAY. GLAD TO HAVE YOU ABOARD. (screw the american public.. Did they really believe in the things I was saying to get elected???

tell em to grow up and get in the welfare lines and soup kitchens we are setting up. and we will feed them well... so long as they continue to support me and my decisions.


I thought you were smarter than the drivel you are puttin out on this thread. Do you have no concept of reality? and how things really work in industry when changes come about.

your a smart guy, get back to us then the business man tells you he cant afford to do all that is asked. he will lay some off, cut health insurance..
but you got that coverded right, give them free health ins. from the govt. and pay those freeloaders pennies and send them to the soup kitckens...

change..change, change

Tom Paine

My mother always told me to never argue with idiots:

But I can't resist this one: the Democratic majorities under Bush II did not happen until 2007, and the Deomcrats were effectively in the minority from 1995 to 2007!


Where were these fools the past 8 years when Bush/Cheney "Defictis don't matter" added 5 trillion to the debt?


Keep fighting Del. Marshall.
One day people are going to realize the Bush deficits are miniscule compared to whats going on now. It is indeed like putting our children into slavery.

Atlas Shrugged Part 2: One Hour Later

"Who is John Galt?"

The answer can be found here:


Was anon 11:00 (aka "try me) completely wasted when he/she/it wrote that?

I have three little words for you "spell check"

Joe Biden

That doesn't even make sense.

Find an anonymous posts at 11:00am from some unemployed loser that has been posting here for two years with 100s of spelling errors then maybe you would have a point, 9:38.

*The same person who posted as "try me" has been posting from the same residential IP address for two years 24/7 and is obviously an unemployed loser railing against "liberals" and "gummint" for all his problems.


I love anonymous posts that complain about anonymous posts. Usually libs, usually losers.

Oh well when you can’t defeat the message, go for the messenger.

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