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kelley in virginia

o/t: just saw on Fox News that the detainees coming to Alexandria is a "done deal" according to unnamed admin. source.

Stonewall Brigade

Good to see the abortion industry take a shot at Timmy. Everyone knows he lies. "I will not raise taxes".

VA Blogger

What so objectionable about crisis pregnancy centers?


This is the only good thing Kaine has done, All of you pro-abortion naysayers are sick, twisted, reprobates.


Crisis pregnancy centers are objectionable because pregnant women are given information about adoption and having a healthy pregnancy. Shocking, huh? Actually giving women information so they can make an informed "choice" about their bodies an their babies.

Just proves that NARAL doesn't give a shit about choice. They just want as many abortions done as possible.

Kudos to Kaine.


Yea I would like to hear from a NARALer why these places are so objectionable.
Are these places even religious based or sponsored?


Cute and all, I. Publius, but pro-choice advocates support organizations that give women comprehensive, medically accurate information about all their options, including abortion, adoption, and carrying to term (kind of like Planned Parenthood does, if you cared to find out, instead of just making assumptions about things you know nothing about). Crisis pregnancy centers, on the other hand, deliberately conceal their anti-choice agenda (there's one in Falls Church called "A Woman's Choice," for example) and then give women inaccurate information about their options. They pass themselves off as legitimate counseling/medical facilities but they exist to promote a particular political agenda.

NARAL just happens to believe that you can't have real choices without accurate information, and that the state shouldn't be sending money to organizations that lie to women about their health care.

VA Blogger

Funny how pro-lifers say PP doesn't give accurate or complete information and pro-choicers say CPCs don't give accurate or complete information.

Never woulda guessed.

The bill doesn't strip funding for Planned Parenthood, so what's so objectionable about funding a crisis pregnancy center?

Not the "Change" you expected?

Newsflash!! A democrat candidate tells a lie?

More newsworthy would be if the truth were told. So this lie happens to cut against the liberal agenda, not to worry Obambi will probably try to make abortion mandatory for population control and to stem health care costs.

This behavior is typical of the children now running this country. Nest we are going to have the gitmo crew housed in NoVa. (probably just a stop over on their way to the Lincoln bedroom)

One can only wonder how many people sincerely believed that the three stooges really would “change” things for the better.

One can only imagine the shame these voters must feel now that their good intentions are being absolutely abused for the sadistic pleasure of socialistic sycophants.

Rtwng Extrmst

I see, working to save innocent human lives has now been devolved to "a political agenda".

Church Hill Dem

It seemed to me that this was more of a freedom of speech issue than a choice issue, but y'all go get worked up however you like.

Easy Solution

Why don't you Dems just come up with a special license plate that says "Choose Death?" That way NARAL has its own message.


God forbid women are told that there are other options.


Where is Planned Parenthood's leadership on this?


Is it legislated that a woman who is thinking about getting an abortion must go to a crisis pregnancy center for counseling? Or is a woman considering having an abortion given the choice to go to the crisis center? This distinction is very important in the argument. If she is not forced to go then what is wrong with having a crisis center? If the stipulation is that she must attend a crisis center before getting an abortion then clearly there is a violation of personal rights/choice. I believe the more options the better for women in crisis over pregnancy. It is a very serious issue and not one that should receive lables of pro-life and pro-death. I do not believe any woman going through a personal moral dilemma due to pregnancy is pro-death. I'm sure the toll is exasperating and all options should be avaialable to her. andMost importantly full support should be given to women emotionally no matter what the choice is. That is part of compassionate humanity that we should all try to possess.


I would like to add that Gov. Kaine did not lie at all when campaigned. He stated that he is a Catholic and is personally against abortion but will uphold the law as is. He stated that he does not believe in criminalizing women who have abortions. The crisis center idea seems to be a fitting decision for him to make.

Not Hussein

A "crisis pregnancy center" is effectively a Maoist re-education camp where they lure you in under the guise of presenting you with options, and instead force a bunch of anti-choice propaganda on vulnerable women. In short, the people who operate them are generally trash.

Social Conservative

Planned parenthood doesnt give options in their clinics. According to their annual reports, in 1998 the ration of abortions to adoptions was 8-1. In one of their more recent reports that number dropped to 138 abortions for every adoption referral. Now they don't even bother reporting adoptions.

Gotta admit, love watching the extreme left go after one of their own like the extreme right does all the time. Works really well for Republicans, doesn't it? Great model to emmulate.

This is fun.

As far as CPCs, most of them are in medical clinics with higher standards than any abortion center in Virginia - which have none, zero standards.

And yes, CPCs don't want women to have abortions - like that's a big secret. A woman can choose to leave. Its not like they lock the door on them. Women know they can go get an abortion. Maybe they are looking for some place that is going to support them so they don't feel coerced into an abortion? I guess in your world that's "Maoist" like. In everyone elses world that's called compassion.

Why is your only choice to kill?

Not Hussein

The agenda of CPCs may not be a secret to people like you and me, but there's a reason they choose such an ambiguous moniker. They operate under the guise of a center where you can get information about all possible options, not get an anti-abortion hard sell. If they were honest about their mission, you wouldn't see such a negative reaction to them.

Then again, honesty has never been a hallmark of the extreme wing of the anti-choice crowd.

VA Blogger

The only negative reaction are from hardcore pro-choice advocates like yourself.


Not Hussien,

When was the last time you worked with people in a situation like that. I am sure they could work somewhere else and get paid more money (I know some personally who could), intead they help people in a hard place. But you seem to understand these people so well.

Tom Paine

Another day and another capture of NLS by the wingnut bloc.

The Eric Cantor Gay Sex Express

Republican support for crisis pregnancy centers are a distraction for their love of gay sex.


Ready to lose in NY-20 tonight?


Obama is already a failure. The Democrat Party can't even win in NY!!!!

So much for the "stimulus" aka "porkulus" package. Looks like the Republicans were right to vote against it now that the Democrat in NY-20 is going down to likely defeat!


Where's your Obamamessiah NOW!? HAHA!

James Young

All this proves is how truly dishonest and PRO-ABORTION that NARAL is. In their cloudcuckooland, one can't even advocate a "choice" other than abortion.

I would expect you to see this, Ben.


Hey I'm not happy he signed this but I'd like to have more information before passing judgment.

What else was in this bill that risked not passing if he didn't sign it? Could he have line item vetoed it?


Serves NARAL right. They went for Obama in the primaries, they screwed Hillary, now they get a anti-choice DNC chair.


I applaud Tim Kaine for his courage. We need more pro-life Democrats.

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