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It was only a matter of time before everyone caught on to the greatness that is Terry McAuliffe!


Yeah, but undecided is at 18% and he hasn't spent a dime yet.


"the greatness that is Terry McAuliffe" ?

That is the funniest comment I've read in a very long time. I assume it was meant as a joke.

I have nothing against the guy, but you gotta do a little more than convince a bunch of wealthy folks to repeatedly part with cash to achieve greatness.

Unless you have incredibly low standards.


Ahh, Ben, you got the title wrong. “McDonnell leads all three Democrats in New 7 poll”.

Consider this from the actual story…

“But the bad news for all of the Democrats, Republican Bob McDonnell leads each of them in general election match-ups, though Deeds is closest with a difference of five percentage points.”

Not Tim Kaine

Ben -

Links dead...way to go ,you intrepid reporter you. Real one is http://www.wdbj7.com/Global/story.asp?S=10265296

Haha. According to a poll I'm reading, which is far more scientific than WDBJ7 and those HUGE margins of error, Bob McDonnell beats all of them by double digits hands down. So, why don't you actually report the rest of the article that still says McDonnell wins by double digits regardless of the Dem nominated.

Why don't you? Because that would be real news and you don't report that.

Not Barry O

To all of you Republicans complaining about Ben not reporting the real news get a life. Head to heads for the general are useless at this point. 4 years ago Kilgore was up big and 16 years ago Allen was down by 20 at this point. Bob-o may go on to win and is certainly the tentative frontrunner at this point, but it hardly assured.

The real news here is that Terry has made a huge move the last couple of weeks. This race has been stable for months now. Since Terry got in there has been no real progress in the Democratic primary. Now we have a leader. That is the news here.


A more apt headline: "Moran is last...in everything."


Agreed with 4:50. Bob doesn't lead them all by "double digits" as Not Tim Kaine says -- he only leads Brian by double digits. Creigh is only 5 points down. Regardless, what really matters here is the primary numbers.


I'm still trying to decide who I want to vote for. I think I've ruled Deeds out for a variety of reasons. So now it's between Moran and T-Mac. I wonder why Moran is doing worse in the head to head with BobbyM? Could it be because of Moran's negative tone during the campaign so far?


Actually Dan it wasn't intended as a joke.
Terry McAuliffe has consistently proven to be the best candidate.
He's raised the most money, recruited the most volunteers, performed the best at debates, and lets not even mention the fact that he is the only to put out a detailed policy plan.
I would mention his appeal to the youth, educators, union workers, business owners, and independents as well but that just seems unfair considering I've already schooled you on "The Greatness of Terry McAuliffe"

Rob Smith, III

Regarding cash, the wealthy and greatness...you've overlooked grassroots. You really cannot underestimate that effort. These numbers are getting better [not just McAuliffe vs. Moran but also the undecideds may be more vulnerable to opinion shift in favor of Democrats if the VA and nat'l GOP bruhaha keeps going like it is]. Phase II for McAuliffe would be post-primary and you'll see the percentages shift considerably...and I'm willing to wager in Terry's favor as opposed to Bob's. We'll see. Regardless, the proximity of the primary is definitely becoming more and more of an adrenaline boost for all of us.



As I said before, I have nothing against the guy. And good on you for supporting him. I still maintain you need to have a bit higher standard for greatness.

FDR? Great. Sam Rayburn? Great. Thomas Jefferson? Great. Andrew Jackson? Great. Terry McAuliffe? Good fundraiser.

See the difference?

Hey, the guy may win and be a terrific Governor. If he wins the nomination I sure hope so. But he hardly can be described as great. That bar is set a bit higher.

Joseph Taylor

McDonnell leading in a poll of likely dem primary voters, Wow, You guys suck.



Does wrestling an alligator not automatically make you great? Haha I joke I kid I kid.

In all seriousness though
I wasn't necessarily implying literal greatness. However, once McAuliffe's term as Governor is up I'm sure you'll be singing the greatness tune with me ;)


Unfortunately, if he wins the nomination I won't be able to vote for him. But only because I'll be a North Carolinian by then. I will be here to vote for Deeds in the primary though.

If your guy wins I'll be rooting for him in November.

In the YC

TMac will bring down the Virginia Democratic Party. Being a Clintonista puppet will not do the ticket any good. Best thing going for us Dems is Brian Moran.

Bill Kuster

LOL In the YC

Because he has shown his "greatness" in picking lousy staff, burning through cash and alienating the electorate?

change please..

Young dem,
Emphasis on “young” I am sure from your posts.
Greatness comes not from the ability to raise large sums of money. Nor does it come from an ability to convince young empty minds (or old empty minds) that government is the answer to all of your problems.

Greatness comes from an ability to bring out the best in individuals, starting with ones self.; and giving back to society, not taking from society. No one is really “great” that only gains that accolade from their insistence on knocking down another in order to build themselves up.

As you grow from a “young dem” into an old dem or most likely a mature republican you will learn to appreciate these truths.

Not Pat

But the bad news for all of the Democrats, a majority of likely Democratic voters who responded to the News7 SurveyUSA poll indicate they prefer Republican Bob McDonnell in general election match-ups, though Deeds is closest with a difference of five percentage points. LOL.

Bob you are soon to come off the ranks of the semi-unemployed.

Not Sam Rasoul (Praise Allah!)

That's not correct, "Not Pat."

The match-up between McDonnell and each of the three candidates is of all "registered voters."


Not Bill Barlow

Not Pat, that's not what it says.

The Dem gov primary ballot question was only asked to 409 likely Dem primary voters. The head to head general ballots were asked to 1396 likely voters, which included the 409 primary voters, along with a bunch of non-primary voters.

If you look at the crosstabs, McDonnell is nowhere close with to winning the Dems.


Can someone please tell me who are these McAuliffe voters who are supporting him over candidates that have actual legislative records? I guess money really can buy you happiness huh?

Rob Smith, III

I'd say that receiving capital input is good for the sake of the party.

We don't have to worry about Terry going to any historically discriminatory country clubs [a la McDonnell http://voices.washingtonpost.com/virginiapolitics/2009/04/thompson_raises_for_mcdonell.html ]


Ben, which way do you think the undecideds break and does it bother you that Terry may buy this primary even though he is a johnny-come-lately to Va politics?

In the YC

Virginia's Democrats turned the corner last year in the "Potomac Primary" and in the General Election. Why would we want to back to the 1990s? It's time to finally shake off the chains of the Clinton era and move forward.

Yes, I'm for Brian Moran because off all three candidates he has the most progressive legislative record and a history of representing hard-working Virginians. Whether you like it or not, the GOPers will paint Terry Mac as a Clinton puppet and as candidate who wants "purchase" the nomination and the governorship. I can already envision those commercials now. And to be honest, I think there's a tinge of validity to those arguments.

Rob Smith, III

At the same time, I think McDonnell opens himself up to the "purchasing power" syndrome by his all-star ensemble, too.

Social Conservative

Interesting...Moran makes gay marriage issue #1, and the next poll has him plummeting.


Go Deeds

And notice who matches up with McDonnell the best- Sen. Creigh Deeds.



terry's campaign is astroturf and the poll is bogus. I know of NO ONE, NO ONE in the city committees in newport news and hampton who is for terry. he has raised no money from anyone in those cities.

change please..

It has become extremely simple to win these races.
Just promise people they can have everything they desire with no cost to themselves and everybody dumb enough to believe it will vote you into office.
Then when you get elected start spending money like it is someone else’s, pass the debt on to the next generation, smile and talk about how great you are and what good things you have done.
The percentage of people smart enough to figure this out has dwindled and it should work on the remaining idiots long enough to get yourself a big fat retirement and a footnote in history.

Hey, It’s working for Obambi.

change please..

House democrats boost deficit to 17 TRILLION…



Not Tim Kaine

1. TMac is a great funraiser...out of state. He doesn't have a helping heap of in-state contributors AT ALL which is going to hurt him.

2. Yes 4:52...DOUBLE DIGITS. It's called a margin of error...so, potentially he could be leading Creightard by double digits.


Actually, Terry McAuliffe raised the most money of any candidate from Virginians.

Rob Smith, III

^^ That's the truth.

Regardless of who gets the nod in the primary, they'll receive my unyielding support.

I'm just sure it's going to be Terry.

and "Change please..", you can add the $17 trillion to the GOP tab. You guys caused every bit of it.

looking ahead


TM probably “won” the debate (imho) last night. However, I don’t know how well his “smugness” will sell in the general. At least Moran showed some passion in his frustration with TM’s attempt to convince people that he was “above” the fray and “better” than anyone else.

Also, nice try on the attempt to saddle the GOP with the 17 trillion deficit but the facts do not bear out this silly uninformed statement. Not even the most rabid liberals are trying to sell that concept.

change please


“add the $17 trillion to the GOP tab”

When are you lemmings going to face the fact that Obambi won the election and the dems are (and have been) in charge of congress (defined spending) for years.

Get over your obsession with the media induced hatred of republicans and accept the fact that the libs have turned this country on its head and put us in debt that can not be repaid.
The cost of this idiocy will linger well beyond your great-grand-children’s ability to pay.
The liberal selfish attitude is an embarrassment to anyone with even the slightest consideration for the next generation.

Quit parroting MSNBC think for yourself, finish school, get a job and get back to us when you are a contributing member of society.

Rob Smith, III


“Looking ahead”, thanks for the sane (and kind) answer. I disagree with you on the latent premise that cutting social and infrastructure programs, giving zero tax leverage to those who are trying to start from the bottom and move up, and spending sums (similar in amounts that we cut) on wars [starkly different than funding progressive defense] is an economic savior, though; the ensuing catch-up that we have to play is tremendous.

looking ahead

I can not recall when we have ever “cut” social spending in the real sense. Many like to call it a “cut” when they do not get the increase they want.

I agree that those trying start from the bottom should have tax breaks and they in fact do.

Unfortunately, the USA has the job of securing democracy for the world and therefore a higher percentage of our GDP is spent in that manner. It would be nice (however unrealistic) to see some of our “friends” step up to the plate and take some of the burden.
My biggest fear is that we have “sold” our future to the likes of China in order to have immediate satisfaction today.

In the YC


The only difference is that one will take us back economically (TMac) while the other will take us back both socially and economically (BMac). It'll be a sad state of affairs for the Virginia Democratic Party if TMac is the nominee.

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