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Well Sharon Bulova apparently thinks it's funny.


WWJD? Let air out of their tires? I don't think so Mike. Try again.

Ben's Vag

BFD...really? Did you ever come to a conclusion on John Cook's racism? Still waiting for that.

Stonewall Brigade

Come on it was a joke, lighten up.



You'll recall, Ben also attacked Bulova for it. I personally feel like it's just a joke, no need to overreact, but at least Ben is consistent.

Organic Peas

Left or right, when it's obviously a joke, don't try to add nefarious meaning to it.


Organic Peas

Sorry... forgot to add this...

He said let the air out of the tires, not slash them.

BIG difference, ya know.


Definitely a Republican joke....since Republicans are famous for voter suppression and repression EVERY election ( and this is the only reason Bush got 2 terms in the WH) folks that don't vote Republican don't find this funny at all.

Pete in Williamsburg

Bad joke, but not a scandal. About as scandalous as Obama's Special Olympics joke. Occasional incidents of foot-in-mouth just don't get me too riled up. Sometimes you're stuck with the comment you have instead of the comment you wish you had.


liberals who have no sense of humor humors me. These jokes have long been a part of the Huckabee arsenal. Notably in Iowa when he joked about shoveling snow into the driveways of Romney supporters.

It is a joke, people need to stop being such Vag!nas.

Ian Jordan

Good lord Ben, no wonder all you do is bitch. Ever heard of a harmless joke? Damn...get a life.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Huckabee has a tendency to go just over the line when it comes to appropriate humor. He should know better by now.

That being said, it's not the end of the world.


What's next by those thoughtless Republicans!!!! Maybe those plastic lapel flowers that squirt water Ben!!!! Crisis!!! Wasting precious water resources!!! Offending people who can’t who have aquaphobia or wear contacts!!! Call the EPA!!! Hell…call the police!!! Help, help.....I’m melting, melting ohhhhhhhhh…….

Not John S. Mosby

My god, Gerry Connolly is a bad influence even on Mike Huckabee. This is all Gerry's fault.

James Young

I KNOW you have a better sense of humor than this, Ben.

Witness your support for Hitlary!


To James Young - Hitlery, HaHaHaHa. That's rich. I guess you've been hanging out at that wing-nut online version of the Algonquin Round Table known as Free Republic.

BTW, are you the James Young featured yesterday at the Angry Potato? The one he called a "moron?"


Let air out of the tire? WTF are you saying Mike!!!

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Let the air stay in the tire, and chill out.

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