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Jeffy must have forgotten to sign out of the RPV account during a late night at the office.

Amy's going to break his legs!

Loudoun Insider

This must be sabotage!


Maybe this is there way of being "Off the hook?"

Not John Straayer

It's about time Latino lesbian love breaks goes mainstream in the GOP!

No wonder those Prince William zombies only want to send the MEN home.

Church Hill Dem

NJS, Those chicks aren't Latina...thinking more someplace Eastern Bloc-ish.


Wow....makes me want to rethink my handle!


You know this has you thinking about switching parties...admit it.


Must be the Hindrocket Postulate in action.



The soundtrack was pretty good.


I knew that Republican women were Hot but....

Brian W. Schoeneman

It’s good to know that while the Commonwealth deals with a budget shortfall, we face major transportation issues in northern virginia, unemployment is on the rise, our economy remains in the midst of an economic downturn, we’re faced with multiple foreign policy challenges abroad, there are two wars ongoing and some of our biggest manufacturers are teetering near bankruptcy, Ben's on top of the most critical issue of the day - a random Youtube video of some chicks kissing that somehow ended up on their viewed list for 10 minutes this morning.

With this kind of hard hitting analysis and cunning insight coming from NLS, I can’t possibly see how Bob McDonnell can win in November.

This, truly, was a game changing event. I wouldn’t be surprised if McDonnell announces he’s suspending his campaign after this scandal rocks the party.


Are you seriously pretending that you broke this story, and that you didn't read about it elsewhere first?

Do you think that maybe (just maybe) RPV wasn't reacting to your post when they took it down, and that they'd actually heard about it from a number of different sources already (who had beaten you to the story, by the way)? Your self-regard is surpassed only by your capacity to casually lie.

Not Larry Sabato

Steve- That's funny since every major outlet running this (Huff Post, Kos, TPM and Time Magazine) all are citing me for breaking this.


Well good for you, buddy! I know you're so proud to be recognized by the big kids.

I heard about it from Google Alerts, which brought it to my inbox this morning before you posted. I suspect that's the same way you found this link:
...where the story was posted yesterday.


I kind of wish you hadn't felt compelled to point out repeatedly that the video featured lesbianism. I gather you're excited by one woman sticking her tongue into another womans' mouth, but it could easily be misconstrued as implying that the homosexual element in this video is what makes it inappropriate--really it would be inappropriate for a major political party to promote a video this erotic if it featured a heterosexual white Anglo-Saxon Protestant husband and wife.


Is it really a point of pride to have broken this story Steve? Man if only there was a hat tip on the post it would've made someone's bloggy career.

Not Pat

So Ben is taking credit for breaking a story that another site actually broke? How unethical and pathetic. He should resign from his post immediately.

You mean VA GOP like women?

I actually have to give the VA GOP credit, Ben. At least it's something related to women; normally, the GOP dudes love gay sex with men.


I believe the call from Eric Kleefeld at Talking Points Memo to Gerry Scimeca at RPV may have been what caused them to take it down. I don't know who may have had the story before them.

Maybe Ben was first. Who knows. Who cares.

It ain't like this is Pulitzer Prize stuff. It's an amusing little story.

change lmao

the only problem i see with this video is that it ended way too soon.


you made - dailykos and talking points memo.....


I had no idea that Republicans were so cool.

Not Huey Long

The lamest lipstick European lesbians...ever! Republicans need to learn about where to find good porn.

special man

i love lesbians and nice ass

Suddenly Slim

I knew that Republican women were Hot but....blonde slim democrate...hm

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this should have alot of people planning to switch party right?

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he only problem i see with this video is that it ended way too soon.

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