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Log Cabin Blogettes?

If turnout is low in NOVA, he has a real shot to win the primary because he's going to kick ass in the south/southwest side.

Not Daddy

This is a nut-talking post.

Jarding has been the one that's directed the major statewide wins for Warner & Webb, and you have a problem with that, while you kiss off the problem that Deeds creates by dropping off needed field staff?

A woefully dumb post.

When Moran wins, you will be licking crow off the pavement.

Not Daddy - if Jarding was acting as anything more than a name on paper for Moran, you might be right. But what, exactly, has he done?

I think I've been following the race fairly closely, and I have no clue.


Dead on post, Ben.

I'll probably vote for Brian, but there's no getting around the fact that Brian has pissed away a lot of his money on a top heavy and over paid staff while Creigh has has been smart and saved his cash for persausion when people pay attention at the end.

Gut wrenching call by the Deeds campign to lay off some people, but you got to do what you got to do.

Ghost of RWR

I can’t help but note that in all of this you failed to take note of Deed’s car accident where he was cited for following too close. Now, had this been McDonnell, Ben, I am sure it would have had a headline that was inflammatory at best. Maybe in this case it might read


But, that of course would be, well, inflammatory, wrong, but typical of what you are given to do…


I am a die-hard Moran supporter, but I would much rather see Creigh get the nomination than Terry. If it comes down to the last few days and turns into a race between Creigh and Terry, I may have to jump ship and vote for Deeds.

In the YC

John (9:02),

I'm also a die-hard Moran supporter and will be voting for him in the primary. A few weeks ago I never would have thought about working for Deeds in the summer/fall if he received the nod on June 9, but I will. TMac on the other hand? I won't work for him but I won't work against him either. I find his level of hypocracy and his close ties to the Clintons to be the antithesis of what the Dean and Obama campaigns symbolized.


In the YC,

I don't have any problem with Terry's ties to the Clintons. Instead, I think it would be a mistake for our party to turn its back on two legislative veterans who have served us well and really know their stuff in favor of a national operative who is not a Virginia expert. I just don't think it makes for the best candidacy.

I would also point out that if you look at NC, the Dems down there failed in a Senate race when they ran a national operative (Erskine Bowles) but won when they ran a state legislator (Kay Hagan).

In the YC


I'm in total agreement from a personal, professional, and political level (which for me is all three)


Creigh Deeds is a class act and a true leader who continues to set an exemplary example of how to run a solid campaign. He's doing just fine heading into the primary.

Tracy Flick

If nothing else good comes from this, please Lord, please, let it be the end of Steve Jarding in Virginia Politics.

He almost drove the Webb Campaign in to the ground, and it looks as though he may have done just that to Moran.

Oh please.

If anyone else had been running the Deeds campaign, they would've been SLAMMED for either a) not raising enough money or b) not forecasting how much money would be raised and budgeting incorrectly from the beginning.

Ben likes Abbey personally, so he'll spin anything in his favor. Only it's not really spin...its just his pathetic attempt at it. You can see right through it without even trying. Which is why this blog will never be anything more than a site for Ben to praise people he likes and attack people he doesn't.

Not Susan Allen

Not true, ANON 11:27 AM. Ben has slammed Deeds MANY times, and Joe Abbey too. I do not agree with much of what Ben posts, but I will say that he has been highly critical of Joe Abbey many times. Ben has also been highly critical of many of Deeds' moves until now. As a Deeds supporter I have watched the commentary on this site and others. I am pleased to see Ben acknowledge the smart, and difficult strategy Deeds is employing right now.


This is irony, right?

Webb won a low turnout statewide primary without running a single TV ad. How'd he do it? FIELD WORK.

Personal contact is how this race is going to be run. Taking boots off the ground because TMac's ostentatious advertising has spooked them is just plain stupid.

Tracy Flick

Horrible Deeds pic in the right column. I know they are low on cash, but lights too?

Bad pun

Deeds is working hard to enhance his reputation of being a CRASHING bore! Maybe he was driving on ABBEY Road?


We had one of Terry's people canvas our house on Mother's Day.

We over looked the fact that he was disturbing a family day and gave him a chance.

First this jackass addressed us like we were stupid, and kept name dropping on how he worked with the Clintons (like that was supposed to impress us?)

Then when we were obviously fed up with him sucking up our time and taking away from our family day he would not get the hint and leave.

I finally had to throw the idiot off my property by giving him a direct order to leave.

I am a Northern Virginian and I support Brian, and even more so now with seeing how bad the other choice is.

But, I have not receive one piece of lit in my mailbox from Brian, have hardly seen any yard signs or canvassers coming out for him.

Is Brian still in the race?

I would consider supporting Deeds if it was only between him and Terry.

Not Daddy

I just got a mail piece from Brian Moran today, in NoVA.

In the YC


Is it just me or should Deeds' blogad on the right read "Democrat" rather than "democrat?"

The two do have profoundly different connotations.


Television would only be a cost-effective use of this money if Team Deeds was predicting a high-turnout primary. If they were looking for a low-turnout primary, they'd focus on field and targeted mail. Additionally it's silly to think that running his own field and GOTV program is going to lose him the election by increasing turnout--yes, turnout will go up, but so will voteshare as long as he's finding and targeting his own voters.

Creigh's a great guy with a communications problem -- while he'd hoped that Brian and Terry would split the Northern Virginia vote (and this may yet be true) the tit-for-tat between those two has been sucking up a lot of oxygen. They're not getting their message out loudly enough to a wide-enough audience to break through the Brian/Terry back-and-forth, so he's lost in the background noise.

Increasing his media buy will help his message break through better, but it remains to be seen whether he still has the field strength necessary to capitalize on that in a meaningful way on election day.

Cobra Commander

Even though Cobra is one of the best managed global terrorist organizations in the world, I am often plagued by the cowardice of worthless tedious underlings and armchair quarterbacks.

I had to execute an insubordinate Viper today. Really bums me out. I usually like to do that sort of thing on Mondays to get my week rolling.

Not Royston Jester

This analysis is misguided. If turnout will be low, more money should go into GOTV efforts so that you boost your turnout and win. If turnout is low, GOTV becomes much more cost-effective than expensive TV that reaches lots of folks that won't vote.

Pete in Williamsburg

Brian could pick up a few points in the next poll if he issues a press release that reads:

On behalf of everyone involved in my campaign, I want to thank Lionel Spruill for his friendship and guidance. I wish Lionel well as he moves on and focuses on the needs of his family and his district.

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