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Not Hussein

If you ruled out Brian and whittled it down to two, then at least you made the second-best possible decision. :-)

then again

Not a surprise. May the best man win.

Rob Smith, III

Great news! A Democrat winning in November is our goal! I hope we all support whomever the nominee ends up being!

Thanks, Ben.

kelley in virginia

as a Republican, I think McA will be hard to beat.

Not Bill Howell

Going for a Washington hack, soooo predictable. McAuliffe has spent his whole adult life being a bagman for corrupt politicians. Frankly, I'm looking for a governor with other qualifications. If it's McA vs. McD, I'll be helping to D-tox the Democratic Party in November.

Loudoun Insider

Big Yawn!

Warrenton (Look on a Map, Brian)


You won me over. Was also stuck between Creigh and Terry M. You make a good case for the latter.

Lauren Yoder

Is this being filmed in Ben's mothers basement?

Not Mark Powell

This isn't unsurprising. I mean...with that endorsement of Martin Jeffrey, I would've thought that Ben would endorse Nancy Spannaus.


Come on Ben...this was NOT a surprise. lol. Kudus to you for choosing the guy you want to win the nomination. I'm sticking with Mr. Deeds.

In the YC

Big yawn.

It's not so much that TMac deserves the nomination (becuase he doesn't) it's if he deserves my vote in November if he's the nominee.

I don't know which is worse: a corrupt Republican or a corrupt Democrat. I would suspect the latter the latter but the issue is moot. If TMac is the nominee he'll lose and lose big as all BobbyMac will have to do is run commercials all summer and fall morphing TMac into Bill and Hillary thus driving the rightwingnuts to the polls in droves.


Great endorsement, Ben, you picked the most progressive and strongest candidate by far. Don't listen to bitter, nasty dumbasses like "In the YC".

Honor Roll

"...it was an honor for the candidates to let me moderate one of the Gubernatorial Debates last month"

Hmmm... I hope your grammar is just off on this b/c it sounds really arrogant to say "it was an honor for the candidates..." (i.e. the candidates receive the honor by letting you moderate).

Hopefully you meant to say that you were honored BY the candidates. Of course, from reading this blog, I really don't know which way you would mean it.


Petty. You can't even go into a second paragraph Ben, without taking a cheap and nonsensical swipe at Moran.

That's typical for the McAuliffe campaigns negative tactics.


Anyone who thinks that Brian Moran's campaign didn't melt down has the political IQ of an eggplant. And that's an insult to good purple vegetables everywhere!


The creepy head nodding in agreement with compliments and hand crossing of the Dark Lord McAuliffe are off putting to say the least. I can't wait to vote for him in the primary.


Ben, I think this is a well-worded endorsement and I applaud you for your decision-making process. As you've read in my posts throughout the campaign, I am solidly in Brian's column because he is a close friend and I have great admiration for him.

That having been said, I have been more impressed with the campaigns run by Creigh and Terry this spring. I am especially impressed by the strongly-positive tone that Terry has struck throughout the race. This was on vivid display the night of the JJ Dinner - where Brian took shot after shot at Terry and Terry calmly said "My opponents are both good men and you will never hear me say a bad word about a fellow Democrat." I really applaud him for that. Brian's attacks have been harsh, generally unprovoked, and some of them have bordered on unfair in my mind.

I will vote for Brian next month because I personally know he is a person of great character and I know he would make an outstanding governor. But I think he has failed to show that at times during the campaign and if I were an impartial observer, I would likely be casting my vote for Terry. His energy is contagious and he has proven to be a quick study on the critical issues facing our Commonwealth. Despite a great run by Creigh, I suspect Terry will win and he will have my full-throated support throughout the fall. I hope our party will come together behind the nominee quickly. This three-way battle can be a great benefit to the victor in that it will hone his skills for the race against McDonnell – but it will only be a benefit if all Democrats pledge to support the nominee in any way they can.


To right wingnuts like "Houdon", Terry McAuliffe is the "Dark Lord" because they are terrified of him and know he's going to be the Democrats' nominee in two weeks. Let the stupid attacks begin!


NLS, Is this the first time a candidate you endorsed accept in a video?

Cool thing for T-Mac to do!

VA Blogger

Apparently, everyone but Ben saw this coming weeks ago! Like there was really any chance of Ben not endorsing the Clintons' "best friend"?

Throw in the fact that McAuliffe's ego is even larger than Ben's, and it's hard to see how the endorsement didn't happen sooner.

Not Tim Kaine

BTrib...you're a hack...so, is TMac. Two peas in a pod.

Loudoun Insider

McAuliffe does look extra creepy in that video!

And Ben, with all of your best and worst dressed posts over the years, you couldn't come up with anything better than that woman's blouse to wear???


Notice how the Republicans are freaking out over this? Hilarious.

Not Pat

Try practicing reading the cue cards next time or better yet see if Obama will lend you his teleprompter. Tell your mom nice map.

Independent Voter

As someone who is not affiliated with a particular party, here's who I would vote for (in order):

1. Deeds
2. Moran
3. McDonnell
4. Gail Parker
5. Satan
6. McAuliffe

I'm voting this one by who I think would actually make the best governor, not who would be a good campaigner (And I think I should flip Satan and Gail Parker).

reasonable dem

I think Ben's in love. Look at those dove eyes.

VA Blogger

NotJoe, who of any party affiliation is "freaking out" over this?

Not Mark Powell

Put Sam Rasoul at 6 and McAuliffe at 7 and you'd have my take, I.V.

In the YC

Ewwwww, I'm a "dumbass" because I'm still voting for Brian Moran and I'm willing to express my opinions on the current state of the Democratic Party.

Well then, NJT, I've got one thing to say. "Thank you."


I simply do not think that Terry will make a better governor than Deeds or Moran because of his lack of significant Virginia experience. Nor do I think he is more electable than the others. These are my two most important criteria in choosing a Democratic nominee for Governor. Granted electability has a lot to do with fundraising but my guess is that McDonald will be getting a lot of money nationally because we are the only game in town.

Terry is a blank slate policy wise. Outside of the national platform he has no record to speak of. That means Republicans can project on him whatever that wish and instead of being able to say “I sponsored legislation” or “I have spent over a decade…” he will only be able to say “I have gone on record” or “As I have said in the past”, which to me are the weakest possible responses. What has he produced for Virginians?

I am defiantly voting for Deeds in the primary

Brian W. Schoeneman

Called it. Do I get a cookie?


I simply do not think that Terry will make a better governor than Deeds or Moran because of his lack of significant Virginia experience. Nor do I think he is more electable than the others. These are my two most important criteria in choosing a Democratic nominee for Governor. Granted electability has a lot to do with fundraising but my guess is that McDonald will be getting a lot of money nationally because we are the only game in town.

Terry is a blank slate policy wise. Outside of the national platform he has no record to speak of. That means Republicans can project on him whatever that wish and instead of being able to say “I sponsored legislation” or “I have spent over a decade…” he will only be able to say “I have gone on record” or “As I have said in the past”, which to me are the weakest possible responses. What has he produced for Virginians?

I am defiantly voting for Deeds in the primary.

In the YC

The GOPers can use TMac's autobiography and cite his assertion that NAFTA will go down as the best policy achievement during the Clinton administration.

Yeah, that'll go down real well across the Danville area.

Right to Know

OK, Ben, so be open . . .

1) Are you accepting any remuneration from TMac directly or indirectly?

2) Did you apply for a paid position with any of the Democratic Gubernatorial candidates? If so, which one(s)?

3) If you apply for and/or accept a position with a campaign, will you let your readers know?


The big question now is: Who is Gerry Connolly supporting?

Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

Jim Webb did it with true grassroots, and pocket change. Just like Creigh Deeds. Terry McAuliffe bought his turf by the roll and paid someone to lay it down. I certainly don't want a smoke filled room in Richmond replaced by one on Wall Street. McAuliffe needs to prove that he is a Virginian, knows our past and our people...sort of like Creigh Deeds does now.

Not Sam Rasoul (Allah-Hu Akbar!)

Amen, Bubby

Garland Tillery

The Sunday Virginian Pilot, the Norfolk/Va Bch daily, gave all candidates an opportunity to give their best shots in a couple of paragraphs each. Creigh was the only candidate who seems to understand our primary issue in Tidewater, ie, transportation. We have road problems that no other metro area in the world must deal with - our geography demands numerous bridges, tunnels, and combination bridge/tunnel systems to keep our local economy moving. They are expensive to build and without support from the rural legislators we always end up screwed. Gridlock is endemic. Our ports are the best in the world but how can we build on that without adequate transportation? I simply couldn't believe that none of the other candidates seemed to recognize that most basic concern of our region. Creigh's comments were on the mark and those comments had as much impact on our folks as the Wash Post Deeds endorsement had in NOVA. Everybody here got Creigh's message loud and clear. I'm sure the next local polling will reflect those statements favorably for Deeds. His education ads are playing very well to our audience here, too.

Not Jim Moran

its funny how Ben thinks that NLS's endorsement means something.


Republicans will rejoice if either Brian or Terry win. We nominated a pro-life and centrist Democrat in 2005 and the Republicans still painted him in a corner and we only pulled it out in the closing weeks.

What do you think will happen if we nominate Billary's BFF or Brian?

Tom Paine


"Throw in the fact that McAuliffe's ego is even larger than Ben's [1!]"

That is an imooThrow in the fact that McAuliffe's ego is even larger than Ben's [!]

That is an impossibility!



Barry Bonds' Doc

I voted for Jim Webb, Terry McAuliffe is no Jim Webb. He's Harris Miller on steroids.

Anonymous Is A Woman

Ben, overall, I think yours is a well reasoned and thoughtful endorsement that will benefit your candidate. Kudos for saying it so well!

Right now, I am staying with Brian Moran, but I echo a lot of the sentiments of John 12:17.

I know Brian personally and know that he will be a good, hardworking, and dedicated governor. Unfortunately, his campaign suffered from a lack of clear message and went far too harsh. I am deeply sorry that it did because all that accomplished was to obscure his real talents and ability.

I also agree with Barry Bonds' doc, though, about your trying to link McAuliffe to Webb. No two men could be more different in every way.

I realize that McAuliffe has enjoyed the support of most of the former Webb supporters. But the actual candidates and their campaigns are as alike as apples and oranges.

Webb had no money and ran a shoe string operation, staffed and supported by a genuine grassroots, where McAuliffe spent lavishly and created a splash by sheer dint of his oversized personality. And his impressive crowds everywhere have mostly been paid staffers.

Where Webb was almost dour, McAuliffe's personality is bubbly, outsized, and larger than life. In a million years, Webb would never call himself, nor would anybody else call him a "huckster." If you did, Webb would possibly deck you. He definitely would scowl at you and consider it an insult. Terry, on the other hand, proclaimed it proudly about himself.

It's that huckster part that sticks in my craw. I think he could be a good governor and possibly is the most electable at this point. But I still don't want a huckster, with his special interest money and all his deals that always benefitted him, made him richer, and somehow managed to make his partners all the poorer for investing with him.

I guess I will stick with a fighter who remembers the taste of powdered milk from his childhood over a huckster. Even if he ran a less than perfect campaign.

Loudoun Insider

Oh boy here we go with the powdered milk whine again!

I was so poor when I was young. We couldn't even afford powdered milk. We were forced to drink watered down cow manure for breakfast.

And Moran thought he had it rough.


Why does McAullife get a free pass on all of his professional experience being political in nature? He is the democratic equivalent of having Ken Mehlman or Ed Gillespie run for Governor on the GOP side. If a Republican with similar credentials ran, NLS would deride him as a political hack with no civil or public service experience.

Jeff Dion


I just got an automated survey asking me if I would vote for Terry McAuliffe, JIM Moran, or Creigh Deeds. I'm certain they said Jim, because they said it twice. Do you think it is a stupid mistake or would someone benefit from that confusion?


I support Sen. Deeds not only because of his positions, but because he is the only Dem. who can win. McA would be a gift to the Rs that keeps on giving. Moran, while a fine Dem., won't play well outside of urban areas. Urban areas don't seem to vote as readily as rural areas do, and that's where Sen. Deeds will shine. Ben, please let the Clintons - and their shadow candidates - go. The rest of us have.

Pete in Williamsburg


Bold endorsement, well-explained reasons. I think you're right about some of your points on McAuliffe and wrong on all of your negatives on Brian.

Right to Know,

I don't think it's an issue. As one of the most read Virginia political blogs, it's appropriate for Ben to make an endorsement. After he does, there's no better place for that campaign to step-up advertising.


One pussbag, bedwetting girly boy endorses a pussbag, bedwetting girly man. This is news?


What if T-Mac is the same candidate that the Republicans need to unite and get motivated again and send a signal to the 2010 mid term elections? While peole said that Clinton could unite and fire up the Republican party in opposition I think that Terry will do the same! But what about this concern.

If they go ultra negative like they will and bring up everything else against him like they will could that hurt a strong candidate like Steve Shannon who should have no problem beating the Cooch? It's a concern that is out there, I'll say it!

You go girl

As a supporter of gay, polyamory, concubinage, human-animal or any other form of marriage between those who love one another; I agree with your support of big Mac. He will be a wonderful addition to our progressive movement.

I can not wait to get him under our big tent.

Oh No!

Terry, I was so hopeful that you would be our next governor. But with Ben's endorsement, it is almost a certainty that you will not prevail in June. Ben hasn't endorsed a winning primary candidate since 8th grade.

Run Terry Run (far away from Ben)

In the YC


Those have been my feelings for quite some time now.

Hide The Alterboys or the GOP will get'em

yeah, yeah

another one goes down

in more ways than one

this time, surprisingly with a woman


I'd like to add one other thing. I disagree a bit with AIAW in her saying that Terry "possibly is the most electable at this point," I think that is a little misguided at this point in time. Things are substantially different for Creigh than in 2005 when he was running for AG and essentially in how the campaign was run. Creigh has acknowledged certain mistakes that may have cost him but he's learned from it and won't make the same mistake twice. My point is this:

If Creigh wins on June 9th, there is no reason why every Democrat should not believe Creigh is the most electable. Joe Abbey has run a near flawless campaign given the massive financial disadvantage he has been in and in a position to pull the upset. If he wins the primary he's going to get financial support at the national level as well as donors at the state level so he'll be able to expand his work without having to worry about pinching every penny. He definitely follows the adage of "Don't spend a cent if it doesn't get a vote." If Creigh's campaign team has the financial resources then they will be able to develop a plan to where Bob McDonnell will have no chance in November. Personally, I think the general election will be easier for Creigh than this primary!

Richard Handler


disillusion young Dem

T douche will get worked over if he gets the nomination and we as a party will have, yet again, dropped the ball. Let me know where I can send you a personal thank-you note when McDonnell wins in NOV.

Pissed Progressive

Poor Terry, he's toast.

reasonable dem

Admit it, Ben, you want to bone him.

Richmond Insider

I don't begrudge your endorsement, but was just wondering; is Ken Plum the only remaining General Assembly member allied with you in support of Terry?

Joel McDonald

I'm disappointed with your endorsement, and very put off by how much Terry bobs his head in that video.

You've picked him because you think he'll win. Easy enough I suppose.

While I disagree with how Moran's campaign has been run, I still believe that he's the best choice to lead our commonwealth. We'll have lost much if Brian Moran is not the nominee.


I am Shocked!! Shocked!
That you waited this long to endorse -- someone everyone know you would!

Hon. Jewington Analplay

Two weeks of holding up the endorsement (which is a surprise to absolutely nobody) just waiting to get Terry for the video? Well, that says a lot about the importance of this non-event.


I guess the check cleared.
Here in Hampton Roads Terry is getting endorsements from people who say they are on city commmittess when they are not.

Mark Netter

Nice job, Ben. Next time, teleprompter?
: )


Great the picture shows McAuliffe has been endorsed by the Pillsury Dougboy!


Anonymous Is A Woman,

Why were you sitting in Terry's area with a Terry sticker at Connelly's straw poll event?

Virginia Dem

Comparing Terry McAuliffe with Jim Webb is ridiculous. If there are structural similarities between their campaigns, that is trivial compared with the fact that Webb's family has been from SW VA for 200+ years, he's a military hero, thoughtful, careful with his words. McAuliffe is a huckster (his own word) and would lose SW Virginia hugely. Webb won because of a narrow majority that combined his SW Virginia roots and strong CONVICTIONS based on a lifetime of real conviction, personal connections + staunch NOVA support.

Terry McAuliffe is Viagra for the Republicans, if nominated I will
dread our blowing the Warner-Kaine
legacy, which Brian has worked so effectively in building for so many years, across party lines. Brian can win in November, there will be plenty of money for the general election, those who know him know he LISTENS to his constituents and doggedly works to set things right. Obama is so powerful in large part because he is a super listener.
I perceived that Larry Sabato had endorsed McAuliffe at least two months ago, given this blog contents.

To me, Brian Moran is the real deal, a progressive public servant. McAuliffe
is from another planet, great with big money donors from elsewhere. Why it is
his having 80% of his contributions come from out of state, and in huge checks from the glitterati doesn't bother
Larry Sabato really really bothers me.

Blather and carnival barker bravado have no commonality with what it took for Virginia to gain its standing as #1 best governed state , so hardwon with the competent, thoughtful GOVERNANCE
of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.


Hey Big Ben,
You continue to disappoint me. I will have to punish you at a poker game.
With love,
Your Creightard friend.

In the YC

Virginia Dem,

Well stated.

Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

YOU may like Brian Moran, but he has been openly, stupidly contemptuous of the unwashed downstate Dems and Independents. I've never seen such political ignorance from someone who should understand how things work. It's a shame, but he is now utterly unelectable to statewide office without a complete makeover and lots of hard field work - there is no time now. He's toast.


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