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Brian W. Schoeneman

Dispicable? Please. McDonnell and Cantor are both acting in the best interest of Virginians, and nothing they are doing is inappropriate.

The Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia is not subordinate to the President of the United States. The fact that the President is Commander in Chief does not give him the power to 'pull rank' on a sitting governor.

There's nothing unconstitutional with this bill. If Congress wants to restrict where federal prisoners go, it can do that - either by removing power from the Federal Bureau of Prisons or DoD, or through the spending power. Congress establishes the executive agencies and controls the purse strings, and they can alter jurisdictions, abolish agencies or defund prisons or military bases they don't like whenever they want. All the President can do is veto it.

The President doesn't have many inherent authorities as Commander in Chief, and choosing where prisoners go certainly isn't one of them.

After seeing Democrats scream for the last eight years about how the President does not outrank the Congress, it's kind of amusing to see you change your tune. And unless you've served yourself, lecturing an Army officer about the chain of command is pretty foolish too.


Can't believe McDonnell thinks its a good idea to run as an anti-Obama candidate.

Guess he's been listening to Rush Limbaugh a lot lately like Eric Cantor.

Not Larry Sabato


You are saying the President doesn't decide where enemy troops are housed after they are captured. Who does?


The Obama Administration has made clear this is not a military issue to them. They consider it a law enforcement issue. That is why Attorney General Holder is taking the point on this and not Secretary Gates.


The Constitution says that “[t]he President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.…” These powers do not extend to matters under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department.

This power is covered under the President's constitutional responsibility that he “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” If Congress passes a law requiring that the state legislature approve something, then the President should take care that this law be enforced.

This is just like the many federal statutes that require a Governor to approve something before action can take place in the state (like, for example, before an Indian tribe can open a casino in a state, the governor of the state must approve it).

Also, if the President doesn’t like the bill, he can veto it. That is how our process works.

Scott Surovell

Bob has clearly polled/focused group this and found that it gets him some traction or else he wouldn't do something so knuckleheaded.

The whole thing sounds like a page out of George Wallace & Strom Thurmond's playbook.

Pete in Williamsburg

Pour water up their noses 200 more times... but not in my backyard.

Stop those Demon-crat earmarks... but not the ones I placed.

Get the government out of my life... but into my sex life and religious life.

Brian W. Schoeneman

NLS, I'm saying that the authority to make that decision isn't one that is simply given to the President. And we're not talking about enemy troops, either. All of the regulations and rules the DoD has adopted were adopted pursuant to grants of authority given to them by Congress, not the President.

Congress has a say, and to argue that introducing a bill allowing them to have that say is 'despicable' ignores that fact.

How is this bad for VA?

Why do Eric Cantor and Bob McDonnell want to deny Virginia the federal funds that will follow these prisoners to whichever state they are located? The Virginians at Red Onion are definitely up to the task, and SWVA would be an excellent recipient of those funds. It's a shame Cantor and McDonnell have so little faith in our Virginia supermax staff and want to redirect those funds elsewhere.


Once again, Bob McDonnell wants to take jobs and tax dollars away from Virginians.

Not Tim Kaine

It's not even that they "don't have faith in the supermax staff." It's "once a jihadist, always a jihadist." Staying in a supermax prison for years doesn't mean these people don't want to kill Americans when/if they get out. If anything, it increases their hatred towards America.

And when they get out of these supermax facilities...where are they going to go? Out into Virginia. This is commonsense leadership and keeping Virginia's streets, homes, and communities safe.

Not Tim Kaine

And the fact that Ben is trying to say that President has absolute power over where these prisoners end up is laughable at best.

Last I recall, where federal prisoners go isn't specifically mentioned in the US Constitution. Yuo know what is? That the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Just another one of the many reason why this blog is a joke.


Ugh. Is this going to be 2009's "No Car Tax"?

kelley in virginia

NLS needs to re-read his US Constitution.

and though those at Red Onion may be up to the task, i sure don't want any president jamming anything down the throats of Virginians: especially not terrorists.

liberal loser

Are we discussing the constitution that secures the rights of individuals and States, the constitution that prohibits extraordinary powers to be usurped by a federal government? Or are we talking about this “living document” that NLS and his cohorts want to rewrite in order to give a President (as long as he is a democrat) the power to do as he wishes under the “commander in chief” mantra. (kinda like congress takes the “interstate commerce” clause to give them full reign over States)

Would someone please get NLS, petie, and their kind a copy of the document so that they may read what it really says.


Beyond the fact that state legislatures vetoing federal actions violates the Supremacy Clause, this "issue" is beyond ridiculous. The detainees aren't exactly being brought to the U.S. to be released into the middle of mass population centers. They are being put in high security prisons.

Escape from a federal high security prison is pretty much unheard of, and I fail to see how pretty much anyone at Guantanamo puts us at greater risk for holding them in a U.S. prison that it has been to hold The Blind Sheikh or Ramzi Yousef who have been held in the U.S. without incident.


What's hilarious is that Cantor and McDonalds have no power. Cantor can introduce it and it never gets passed.. Know why? Because the people voted the party of ridiculous out. President Obama would never have to veto the bill.

And we have Federal Prisons. You know, the system where a bunch of Nixon's folks ended up, and Scooter, oh, and Top Gun bribe taker. The Federal Prisons are under the purview of the Federal Government. That's the place they like to lock up people for horrible grimes like smoking dope, you know them.

Anyway, yes, SWVA could use the money and we could put more Terrorists in those for life and let the three strikes poor dopers out where they do no harm but to themselves, like alcoholics and smokers. (I know, drunk driving and I apologize for not being more sympathetic for that, but we don't throw people in jail for life for being caught drinking three times. And Virginia has some great, harsh laws for drunk drivers- they will lock your ass up for a long time with a terrorist.)



Please, give me an ounce of evidence that these detainees, once released from having served their sentence, will be released in the United States? They are non-citizens being held for serious felonies. By rule, when their sentence is up they are deported.


As a final point, the Congressional bill on this is clearly within Congress's right (just as Obama would be within his rights to veto it), it would be action taken by state legislatures without Congressional approval that would violate the supremacy clause, so I amend my earlier remark to make that clarification....

liberal loser

Do you have to work to be so stupid or does it come naturally?


actually, I think doug raises a good point.... the threat of being locked up with terrorists might be a decent deterrent to other criminals in our state....

liberal loser

"Pour water up their noses 200 more times"

Hey petie,
At least the republicans admit that they knew about “waterboarding” and that it was done to help secure our lives.

Any comment on pelosi’s convenient loss of memory about being informed and saying nothing over and over? Then lying to you and the rest of America about her knowledge (or lack thereof)?

Maybe she really does not remember (in which case she should step down), or maybe she is lying (in which case she should step down), or maybe she just thinks everyone is stupid enough to give her a pass (in which case she should step down).

How much of this type of crap are you willing to swallow for party sake??? Will you continue to tow the line like a good lemming???

Sit, rollover, play deaf, or grow some balls and speak…

Spank That Donkey

Ya'll are just mad some Democrat Governor's didn't cook up a State's Right's issue on releasing Gitmo Terrorists during the Bush Years to their States, so they could come over to dinner at the State Houses, and like appear on Oprah!

Go Bob Go!


I see all the wingers are in a tizzy trying to make a mountain out of a non-issue! Yawn -- the GOP still has nothing even remotely relevant to add about how to create or retain jobs in the commonwealth, stimulate our economy or better our health care, unfreeze credit markets or take on Wall Street, so they troll around for fake issues to demagogue about! Things are so bad economically that most Virginians don't give a damn where the terrorists are incarcerated so long as they are securely in Supermax -- NEXT ISSUE!!!

Channeling spirits of Cheney, Rice, et al.

Okay you Bush-lovers. I'll put it in language you understand, and believe. He's the president. This is war. Anything he does is legal.

looking ahead

I don’t think you would be hard pressed to find one republican who believes that “Anything” a president does is legal even if he is a republican. It is good to see that your type are finally understanding that this is “war”. After many years of being told as much, I suppose it took a democrat president before you believed it.

Releasing terrorists into our streets, paying for their new lifestyle and paying people to watch them is not a way to wage a “war”. and for the benefit of (truthnjustice) above, there is talk that some of these prisoners will be released into our streets and not “Supermax” prisons. The Obama administration has interestingly couched their statements to say that they will not release anyone “they” consider to be a terrorist. However it does not look like some in congress are satisfied that the administrations definition of terrorist is acceptable enough to decide that (non?)terrorists can get a taxpayer funded retirement in “their backyard”


Federal prisons = federal jurisdiction.

No Governor can control who gets housed there.

This discussion is eerily similar to the nuke waste disposal issues that have been easy political targets for gubernatorial candidates, and politics, in Nevada (Yucca Mountain), New Mexico (Los Alamos), Idaho (INEEL), and Washington (Richlands).

A Governor can cry all they want, in the end the Federal government does what the Federal government wants to do on, and in, their facilities.


Of course Ben didn't read the Constitution! He went to Robinson High School, remember?

Cobra Comander

If I find out who left Global Terrorism for Dummies on my desk, it will be a most unpleasant day for them.

Pete in Williamsburg

In power or exiled by the voters, why do most GOP posters only write in "hey you dummocrats" style? Not very effective.

I wish war was so simple and easy that all we have to do is knock some heads, clip some digits and we'll have all the intel we want. Not the case at all. Torture doesn't work. If I pulled out one of Sean Hannity's fingernails I could get him to admit to the JFK assasination.

For those of you who want to go immediately to the "ticking time bomb" torture rationale, all I can say is, wake up, you're having a torture daydream. We'll never have that perfect confluence of circumstances where we have the guy who has the code and all we have to do is hook up the jumper cables to save lives. It's a naive, wishful daydream.


Good grief, Benny. Unwad your panties.


Why does McDonnell think it's a good idea to attack Obama? Obama won Virginia and he's much more popular here than any Republican is. I just don't see why he'd think this was a good idea!


sorry to bust your bubble but the EIT's worked and that is documented fact.

Pelosi and others in congress knew and OK'd them because they were getting information.
Only after she felt "safe" and wanted to play politics by going after Bush/Cheney did she start to have memory lapse.
Now that she is up to her tits in this I bet she won't be calling for anyone to go to jail...

Read the news, stop listening to MSNBC.


The "talk" that these detainees are likely to be released is no doubt coming from the usual unreliable sources and being echoed through hate radio -- Since these folks are not invited guests, legal immigrants naturalized citizens, when and if they are released it will be to and in 3rd party countries which either accept them or are the country of the individual's origin -- your fearmongering is preposterous on its face!


Read the paper, the administration is already talking about releasing some of them into the USA.

I suppose what is really preposterous is your belief that you have a clue what you are posting about.

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