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Yeah, but there was hardly any advertising running up to that special election. And it happened right after the big 2008 elections - I think voters were burned out by that point.

not an extremist

It may be that the conservative democrats are sending a message that they are tired of the liberal agenda and want someone more in touch with "normal" voters.

Thus, if Deeds stays conservative he will have a chance, if he runs to the left to please the "leftists" he will be in trouble.

Could be a problem or an opportunity.

Scott Surovell

5 candidates drop $15,000,000 on this race over 6 months versus $700K over 30 days in the middle of the Inauguration of the first African American President in U.S. history?

I don't see the parallel.

Not Larry Sabato

And I don't see the parallel between statewide money figures vs. money being spent only in Fairfax. :-)

Gretchen Laskas

It is always disappointing not to have great turnout for local elections, mostly because local elections are where most people see immediate results in their day to day lives.

But given how many elections we in certain parts of Fairfax had this spring, how tapped out people were after the fight in 2008, and the freezing weather on Sharon's election day (I was outside!) it wasn't unexpected.

Should Dems be concerned? Yes. But because we should ALWAYS be concerned and fight our hardest.

Gordon Sumner

Not Larry, when are we going to see a Dirty Dozen?

Not Larry Sabato

Hey Scott-

You forgot to mention Kathy Smith or Sharon Bulova's special election wins here: http://fairfaxdemocrats.org/?p=1684. Also Jay O'Brien technically won a special, but it was held on general election day. So really, we are about 50/50 in special elections in Fairfax not held on the same day as a general. Try again soon though!

not an extremist

Those who believe in everything that Obama and the current administration are trying to push on centrists should try to understand that just as we did not believe all that the Bush administration proposed was right so we also have reservations with the excesses of this administration.

Unfortunately, there have been more lies in the recent months than Bush ever told, we are a bit weary.

In fact, I like my doctors, I appreciate my bosses health care, and I want to keep it.

I can not believe what we are being told because of the lies that are constantly being put forth.

I want to believe, but I am not so stupid to be taken in by words and not deeds.
Everything that is happing now seems to be what many republicans said would happen (changes in policy, changes in promises)

I think there is some room for concern.

If Deeds runs on these types of "tell me what I want to hear" scenarios, I can't support it.

The final analisys is can we believe?
And how?

Not John S. Mosby

Ben, how many Republicans voted in the primary? No idea? I don't have one either, which makes comparing a special election to a primary about useless.

Tom Paine

Just Ben [as usual] just pulling his political analyses out of his anal cavity once more.

kelley in virginia

not john s mosby: alot of Repubs i know voted in the primary. but these are people not officially associated with the Republican party--just conservatives.

their theory: if worse comes to worst, its better with deeds than moran or terry McA. they voted for deeds.


Oh, please, Ben, you're smart enough to recognize the huge chasm there is between a special election for one office in February, compared to a regularly scheduled general election. Voters know when a general election is coming and show up. I'm sure a lot of voters didn't know or remember about the February special for Bulova. I'm a lawyer, and one of the lawyers in my office who lives in Springfield, a liberal and a regular voter, had completely forgotten about it until I reminded him the morning of the election, and he made plans to get there to vote after work. This was a politically engaged and highly educated 50something-year old good Democrat.

Relatedly, the "burnout" comments are right. Democrats were burned out. And Republicans were hungry after so much stinging defeat, and rightly saw these few special elections as opportunities to "steal" (figuratively, not literally) a few wins in low-turnout races.

Tuesday's result showed Democrats are engaged again. I'm sick of the "low turnout primary" meme by the media. It wasn't low turnout at all, almost one-third of a million was high. Who cares if it was 6% of registered voters, most registered voters are a combination of Republican McDonnell voters and independents who don't play in primaries. That's true everywhere.

We're going to show up in November and we're going to win!

Not John S. Mosby

Kelley, the point is, in the special election, the votes for Bulova were Democrats. The fact that 10,000 more than that voted Tuesday means that quite a few Republicans voted along with probably a few thousand more Democrats than during the special election. Not a big deal either way, the whole 10,000 may have been Republicans for all we know. It's not important and doesn't say anything at all about either race.

kelley in virginia

NJSM: i was taking your position. take it when you can get it.

All things in moderation.

I didn't vote on Tuesday, since I went to the Republican convention in Richmond.

I think the Democrats or whomever voted on Tuesday made a good choice in Deeds. Deeds came within a razor thin margin of McD in the AG race.

McA and Moran were divisive characters who were too liberal for most Virginians. Virginia, red or blue, is still a state that likes moderation.


Yeah, all those really conservative Democrats in Arlington were sending a message by voting for Deeds!

Wait, what?

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