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Joe Abbey (the football player not the Deeds campaign manager)

Deeds is backing on the same people showing up as always show up to these things.

Campaigns are won and lost on strategic assumptions like these.

NLS you should write about the strategic assumptions!!!

In the YC

Deal w/ it.

Going to Vote on June 9th

By development you mean something you just realized? Or do you have a link or a graph or something? What polls or data are you basing your post on?


lmao, now the democrats are blaming the "white man" for intra party issues.

liberal extreme vs ultra liberal extreme.

I understand that candidate Esam Omeish (of the famous quote "jihad way is the way to liberate your land") has finished speaking with the Sec. of State and is available for advice)

way too funny...

maybe it is Bush's fault.


Muslims make me piss my pants...so do black people. Hold my mommy.


Actually, Yikes, Bush could haunt the Republicans for generations:


Not Ben Tribbett

T-Mac is desperate. You know it Ben!


While it is important to keep perspective, McAuliffe should have had a heads up when the straw polls were taken in Fairfax and Prince William Counties and he didn't win either one of them.

Straw polls are your core Dems -- the people who are coming out to events in an off year to do fundraising and support their candidates and lobby for support of the issues they care about most.

For Virginia Democrats, these people come from many backgrounds -- from the white working class to the black upper eschelons, and every possible combination in between.

And yet Terry couldn't win them over.

These are the people who will be standing out in the rain -- not only for their candidates, but for ALL of the candidates; for the party, and for November.

Virginia Independent

I'm a moderate, independent Deeds voter here who votes for both Republicans and Democrats and I'd like to explain to the Dems on the site why I'm voting Deeds tomorrow.

First, I think I want the same thing that most people want: efficient government, good roads and schools, low taxes, a strong economic climate, and for the state to otherwise stay out of my life. I vote for moderate Republicans when they're willing to fund things like education and transportation and when they're not crazy religious types. But the GOP nominee for governor this time around, McDonnell, is rejecting federal money to extend unemployment benefits during the worst recession in decades and is most certainly a crazy religious guy. So I can't vote for him.

So then I began to look at the Democrats running for governor. I dismissed Terry McAuliffe out of hand. I know he worked for the Clintons, who I liked (I wanted Hillary to be president), but McAuliffe just reeks of the sleaze that comes along with being part of a political machine. It's not fair to him. He might actually be a good public official. But you can't be a sleazy money man that long without letting it taint the way people view you. Sorry, but I just couldn't vote for Terry.

So then I looked at Moran and Deeds. Moran seems to have the best campaign site and seems to be the most serious about governing. But he comes across as an angry liberal and people don't vote for angry liberals. I actually agree with Moran on most of the issues when I read his campaign site, but when I hear him speak, I'm reminded of Barbara Boxer, not Barack Obama. If Moran was able to channel his ideas into positive and optimistic rhetoric like Obama, he would probably be winning this thing.

So that leaves Deeds. I generally like his DLC-style platform. He's okay with gun ownership, moderately pro-choice, against the ban on gay marriage, supports education, and supports tax incentives to help businesses create jobs. That's a good moderate platform that I can support. He's against free trade and I'm for it, which is a major strike against him in my book, but the VA governor can do very little about free trade anyway and I imagine Deeds was pandering to his SW VA voters when he spoke out against NAFTA. Deeds isn't perfect. He's not Mark Warner. But he's close enough for government work, as the saying goes. So I'm voting Deeds tomorrow to stop the crazy right-wingers from taking the governor's mansion.

kelley in virginia

va independent: if you really, really want the state to stay out of your life, you are a libertarian & would never vote for a democrat.

just sayin

VA Dem Mom

Hi, Virginia Independent,
I think of Brian as stepping into the lack of clear reporting to state clearly what Deeds' record is on key issues and why it matters.
That to me isn't angry , it's just necessary to put out there that Deeds was more to the NRA's liking than McDonnell in the attorney general race, the NRA BACKED DEEDS for his radical pro gun stances, like
not limiting the number of guns purchased per month, not keeping CONVICTED FELONS of domestic violence from purchasing guns (how bizarre is THAT), and taking a stance against Kaine to let folks come into bars carrying GUNS.
If you can't come forward and address this issue, you really shouldn't be running for office. I used to work with sexual assault and domestic violence victims, trust me if someone has been CONVICTED of domestic violence they are truly dangerous. To think that their rights to have guns are superior to the rights of women and children to be protected from gun violence strikes me as loony.
We need the most progressive among these candidates to carry forward the Warner and Kaine legacies, the most progressive on the environment, the one who's been so effective in BUILDING the base of the Democratic representatives in the house of delegates, and this is Brian Moran.
He has raise way more money than Creigh or Terry among Virginia donors,
$3.4 M, compared to $2.7M for Creigh and $2.2 M for Terry among VIRGINIANS.
He has a highly energized base of support throughout the state, it's a jump ball.....
I believe that he can pull this off tomorrow, let's vote for the most effective leader, the one who's built this party presence in the legislature, and that's BRIAN Moran
I truly believe when Northern Virginians realize how radically pro gun Deeds is, so much so that the NRA backed Deeds instead of the Republican McDonnell in the Attorney General race, his support among NOVA voters will dwindle.
I'd rather have a former prosecutor who knows what violence is in domestic violence cases, a guy who's been both a bartender and a prosecutor, who knows guns and bars are a truly absurd combination.....
Brian was in synch with Tim Kaine in opposing the poison pill the Republicans endorsed of a gas tax hike, it would never have passed, so they both backed other proposals.....why the WPost is so fixated on this misreading of the Richmond politics frankly completely
mystifies me.
Brian can beat McDonnell like a drum in NoVA, Deeds already has a record of losing to him, we have to win in November, and Brian is the only one who can beat Mc Donnell.
I hope all of us would vote in November for any of the three running, but Brian is the strongest candidate to beat McDonnell, and the one who teamed up with Warner and with Kaine to build the
Democratic party these last many years.


It is hard to be a libertarian. Can't vote for Democrats. But can't vote Republican either. Just ask Bob Barr!

Virginia Independent


I was a libertarian back in college. Then I grew up. I want the state to do a few things and do them well. Libertarians want the state to do nothing. I want the state to keep the roads paved, maintain good public schools, deliver the mail on time, etc. I think most people just want a government that does the things that we can't do for ourselves. It's the ideologues on both sides that try to use government to change the world, and then they wonder why their extreme candidates never win.

kelley in virginia

va dem mom: convicted felons aren't allowed to be near weapons. unless the law in the Commonwealth changed this morning without me knowing, that is.

please cite where convicted felons of domestic violence are allowed weapons. i was not aware that an exception had been made for them.

code section please..


I know what the polls say about the "suburban white women" but, boy, I sure do know a lot of this demographic and they're voting for Terry.

kelley in virginia

aint politics fun?

Hank Bostwick

This is pure propaganda.

I think (hope) NLS readers see through this.

In the YC

Vote Moran

Not buying all of Deeds' explanations...

Virginia Independent;

Deeds is "against the ban on gay marriage"? He voted FOR it TEN TIMES combined, in Senate Committee and on the floor. BTW, it wasn't just a ban on gay marriage, it was a ban on civil unions, domestic partnerships, contracts and similar arrangements. That's the ban he voted FOR TEN TIMES--later citing his religious heritage. Thank God he did not vote to stone adulterers to death!

fair and balanced


Anybody remember this gem from Terry McAuliffe, just a bit over a year ago?

In the YC

Perhaps they paid him?

Not Paul Krugman

Hard to believe black voters will go for the man who helped run and defended the most racial divisive national primary campaign in the modern Democratic Party (post 1968). But then again I guess you can never underestimate the power of walking around money.


If you think the black voters were the Obama voters and the white voters were the Hillary voters, you haven't been paying attention. And frankly, if you think the black vote has been decisive at any point in the last 8 years in a Democratic primary, you haven't been paying attention. Candidates have won the heavily-black 3rd District by wide margins in the past but lost the nomination multiple times in the past (Viola Baskerville in 2005, Harris Miller in 2006). No candidate has lost the 8th District and gone on to win the statewide vote in a Democratic primary since 2001. Including Barack Obama, who, yes, did do very well with black voters but also pulled in 62% in the much-whiter 8th District.

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