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Well at least Kaine isn't jetting to Argentine to screw his foreign mistress...the Republicans should really stick to doing diddly squat before a scandal comes up in their ranks.

Not Larry Sabato

I hope not having a mistress is not the standard we hold our Governor to nowadays...

Steve Vaughan

Having a mistress is fine. That would be his business.
Leaving the state unattended for five days when nobody knows your whereabouts is deriliction of duty. BTW, Kaine's staff knows where he is, he can be reached. So we do have a governor doing his job. Governor's not a "hands-on" job ...he doesn't actually build the highways or anything ...it can be done over the phone.


I'm just sayin'...Ben you know this is all politics. Kaine has been very forthcoming about where he's been going and the GOP is just trying to make his life miserable. That's what they do. Why are you even giving them any credibility? Would they have done this to Gilmore? Of course not.

I also don't know what's with this 24/7 governorship that everyone seems to be fixated on. Should the NGA, DGA, and RGA chairs be scrutinized for not doing their "jobs"?? I mean, Kaine sitting in Richmond 24/7 isn't going to automatically create the jobs we lost overnight. The economic recovery is going to take some time, not based on what the GOP campaign minions want to dictate to the public.


Did they ever figure out what happened to all the medical records that were compromised? I mean find the person responsible for hacking it?

Sounds like someone is going to have a picture of Creigh up on his page soon to replace Tim!

Not Timothy Geithner

He just doesnt want people to know he was being wined and dined by his mistress, Dominion Power, in Colorado; while, they were raising rates and demanding the state pay for infrastructure improvements.

kelley in virginia

it is absolutely fine for the Governor to participate in a Dem/Rep Governor's group. and its also fine & good for the Gov to travel around the country/world promoting our state. and i want our Gov to have vacation time to unwind & de-stress.

however, tim kaine has another job. that is unacceptable to me, a Virginia taxpayer. he should do the job we pay him to do (and its a pretty big job) & only that job. period.

Steve Vaughan

Do you feel the same way about your legislators. Should they only do the job you elect them to do? Should they all give up their days jobs, which after all could cause a conflict of interest (well if this state had conflict of interest laws with any teeth). How about the corporate and charitable boards most of them sit on? Should they be allowed to have party positions? How about the l.g. (who only has a part-time job anyway) or the a.g. ?

Pete in Williamsburg

This is a non-story and the GOP knows it. Countless Republicans run for higher office while incumbents. That's part of the reason why an irrelevant state party head is the one assigned to throw stones on this.

Ron Friendly

I've always wondered what Gov. Kaine did to warrant NLS' ire... did he not buy him lunch? refuse an to autograph his tshirt? hmmm.

Not Russ Potts

I also hope that Jim Gilmore isn't the standard we hold our Governor to.

This is far from a "non-story". Kaine said that the job would be too distracting before he took it, and now he's complaining about the load of having two jobs.

Kaine said he would only do party business at night and on weekends. Do you know where he's at today? In New York.

Worst than being an absent Governor is the utter lack of transparency. You can (wrongly) argue that the Governor of a state doesn't need to be around to do his job, but you can't argue that the people he's supposed to serve don't have a right to know where he's at when he decides that his other job is more important than the one he was elected to.

Besides, if the GOP wasn't pressing this issue, you and I would still be paying for Kaine's security when he jet-sets down to Florida for a party fundraiser.

The Washington Post and Ben are right to hold Kaine's feet to the fire on this. His term in office has been one long stretch of inactivity, and now he's spending his last year with one foot out the door, attending to matters he clearly views as more important than being Governor. The question isn't "what Kaine did to Ben", the question is why Kaine deserves anyone's defense for his inexcusable absence?


"he doesn't actually build the highways or anything"
"Kaine isn't jetting to Argentine to screw his foreign mistress"

Did he ever get around to putting VA in for some funds maybe even over to the phone to Obama?

He may not be screwing a mistress in Argentina, but he seems to be screwing the taxpayers.

Timmay Timmay

Normally, I'm not in on the Kaine bashing. However, I am annoyed that he's taken a "second job." It's like we bored him here in Virginia and he couldn't give us full effort for all four years.


He may not be screwing a mistress in Argentina, but he seems to be screwing the taxpayers, which is more than I've ever screwed!

Sorry, forgot that the first time.

Tom Paine

Hold it girls and boys!

How do you expect Ben to suck up to his recently-found right wing poster base unless he trashes Democrats on a regular basis?

I mean how can he maintain his credibility with the right-wing blogosphere by only trashing Gerry Connolly and all the other low-level Democratic Party candidates who refuse to suck up to Ben unless he (Ben) escalates his trashing to ever higher levels? Ben aspires to be the Joe Lieberman of the Democratic grass roots!


"Pain" in the ...

You ultra liberals do not seem able to look at anything outside your agenda in a rational manner.
I would not peg NLS as a conservative, but at least he occasionally has the nads to post things that do not fit in the extremist agenda.
When that happens he gets the same treatment that everyone that has not been totally indoctrinated and disagrees with the extremists must endure.
There will come a time when you liberalistas will begin to turn off even those who have a slight belief in your ideals of total government intervention.
I suggest you liberalistas get a job, get off the government dole, and start being productive members of society instead of sucking up the taxpayers dollars.
You angry liberalistas are not only biased and ignorant, you shame one of the most historical statements of the century when JFK stated “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”…

Tearing down those who make this society work does not make you better, no matter what you pretend to believe.

Not Timothy Geithner

I thought Ben disliked Kaine because he was a useless Republican appeaser. From Kaine's love of coal to his repeal of the estate tax, I wouldn't call Kaine a liberal by any stretch in the American lexicon.


As an example of some intelligent thinking one might look to Sen. Warner’s writing in the W. Post where he agrees that we have way too many czar’s.

I know this type of thinking may turn off the leftinastas but it is a path towards the centrist reality that the country really needs.

No matter if he is posturing for future fame or actually looking out for our system of government, this proposal at least, moves a bit in the direction away from a dictatorship and should be commended.

Cudos to Sen. Warner for a small step away from dictatorship.


Anybody know where I can find some good furry porn?


Actually, make that scat furry porn.

*fap fap fap*


Alright guys, you caught me.

I'm actually Dave Albo.


good to see Obama be siding with castro and chavez, I hate to see racists abuse freedome anywhere and castro and chavez know how to lead. Obama is learning quick and making us all proud.

go bama go


Ok this is out of context but I just read that FCDC is charging anyone who wants to get their endorsement for Providence District School Board must not only fill out an application (done in the past) but also pay a $150.00 application fee! I do not remember this fee in the past.


What liberal child is using my screen name?

I haven't even posted on this blog in days!



Saying the same thing over and over again doesn't make it true. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Well, I, like most liberals, pay my taxes instead of trying to find a way to avoid helping the country at all costs.

Instead, you accuse all the liberals of being "on the government dole" when in fact, welfare rolls are the highest in red states. You attack Kaine for not putting in for money for the state, when he did, but the Republican GA rejected it.

Your ignorance betrays your stupidity.


you should go get a productive job like me, sam, instead of blaming Bush for all your issues and posting non-stop on blogs all day!

Perhaps when you grow up and learn to take your medication properly you will realize that.


speaking of ignorance... maybe you should study before you post.
You are correct that saying things over and again do not make them true, facts do. Which most of you libs do not care to understand. Instead you choose to post your daily kos blather and never think for yourselves. I will help you on your path to real education. Sorry for making you look stupid yet again, but read the following: (If I have to educate you start with this):

Va. Is Last State to Request Stimulus Funds for Roads
By Anita Kumar
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 17, 2009
RICHMOND -- For a state that has struggled for years to find road and transit money, Virginia would seem the least likely candidate to be the last one to ask for federal stimulus money for transportation.
But state officials started submitting lists of shovel-ready projects to the federal government last month after the other 49 states had. The final list will be sent Thursday


you are wasting you time talkin to that honkey he don't know nothing about what we are trying to do.

He just wants to bring down Obama cause he is black and wants to give us some acceptence after all these years of being abused.

Obama has promised us free housing, new cars, free electric and gas and those bigots like "change" don't think Obama will come through for us. He is afraid we will rise up and take what is owed to us.

Ignor that honkey, craker racist cause he don't know nothing.



You post on the blogs a hell of a lot more than I do. Maybe that's cause I spend my day at my productive, and lucrative job, while you sit at home all day mooching off your mother. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

However, as you may or may not be aware, Virginia has one of the worst procedures in the country for requesting federal money. I was actually at the legislature session where Democrats attempted to pass legislation to improve the process, which Republicans blocked. It's awfully hard to request federal money when your legislature won't give you the apparatus to do so.

I know you're used to Bushie using the executive branch to do whatever he wants, but when the government actually follows the law, you usually need a cooperative legislature to get it done.

Of course, I wouldn't expect an idiot like yourself to recognize that "facts" are not just what's printed in one news article, but something that actually requires a little work and research on your own to discover. I know Republicans don't really believe in work, just living off mommy and daddy while you complain about everyone else who actually works.


Sam, it's not called a legislature, it's called the General Assembly. If you don't know the appropriate terminology, you probably don't spend enough time down there to get your bills passed.

Not Ben

I think Ben is completely incapable of being objective when it comes to Kaine. For the most part he seemed okay, not effusive but okay, with Kaine until he endorsed Connelly over Leslie Byrne. Ever since then the gloves have come off and he's been on the attack.



Since you appear to be an idiot, I will try to explain this to you. Any branch of United States government, whether at the state level or the federal level, which carries out legislative functions (writing laws) is called a "legislature" (pronounced ledge-i-slate-chur). The United States Congress is a legislature, the Virginia General Assembly is a legislature, the Texas Legislature is a legislature.

Now, Congress, the Virginia General Assembly, and the Texas Legislature are all what are called "proper nouns." These are names given to these legislatures to distinguish them from other legislatures.

In proper English, if you use language that makes clear what specific individual item or person you are referring to, using their proper name is not necessary. I was discussing Virginia law, and spoke of being at the legislature session, and "legislature" is correct because it is obvious that the Virginia General Assembly is the legislature to which I was referring.

Now that you know what a "legislature" is, please use a dictionary the next time before you look like a dumbass.

kelley in virginia

look, the point is this:

Tim Kaine was elected by the voters of this Commonwealth to a full-time job. He is unable to perform this full time job because he has another full timejob to which he is devoting his full time.



As much as I tend to think Ben is over the top in his criticism of Kaine, and as a Democrat, I have to admit I kind of agree with you on two separate levels.

I'm annoyed as a Virginian that he is too busy to take care of all the necessary executive functions, and I know he has fewer responsibilities now that session is over, but he should still be always on the ready. Crises arise on a moment's notice, and when the average Virginian can't readily find out where he is going, that's a problem, especially with regards to overseeing the treasury in an economic downturn.

I'm also annoyed as a Democrat, that we have a party chair who is at times too busy being Governor to carry out his duties to the party. There's a reason party chairs are usually FORMER office holders.

I really do feel like Kaine is hurting Virginia AND the Democratic party through the two-job thing.

Larry Sabato's Hairpiece

If things were cooking on all four burners in VA, I would have no issue with Kaine doing whatever political (or non-political) stuff he wants. But that's not the case.

The state's finances are in a mess. Now both parties can point fingers at one another about who is or isn't at fault, but the problem still remains. Kaine should be here working on that.

The VITA problems are exploding. Kaine? He punts. In today's RTD: "Kaine, who has defended the VITA-Northrop Grumman alliance, said through spokesman Gordon Hickey that he is deferring to the board that oversees the agency to set right the contract." Well given that hasn't really worked so far, maybe Kaine should step up and get involved. That's more important than running around for the DNC.

The state is losing jobs, foreclosures are rising, and all sorts of other problems are sprouting up. But Kaine's focus is split.

If things were running smoothly, I would have no issue with this. No dessert until you've done your chores and eaten your vegetables, Tim. Get back to work.

kelley in virginia

thanks sam for agreeing with me.

i don't care whether Kaine is a dem or a republican on this issue.

when he sits in the position that Patrick Henry once held, then he should not run off & get another job.

you can't serve 2 masters.

Not Timothy Geithner

Kelley in Virginia,

One can do two jobs provided they do one job well. Kaine failed in his first job, failed his audition for VP (cough...transportation special session...cough), and now he is the chairman of the Democratic Party actively alienating civil rights and GLBT groups which are generally Democratic supporters. If he was an amazing governor, I would give him the benefit of the doubt, but he did nothing except repeal the estate tax and temporarily impose abuser fees.


What do you expect? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely…

Kaine is Governor and grand potentate of your beloved democrat party…otherwise known as the Socialist Peoples Party of Amerika.

He justifies his actions because he thinks that no one will dare challenge him and his comrade, the all knowing and most beneficent Lord Obama.

Kaine and the Ds are doing exactly what the GOP did when they were in power that resulted in their loss of that power…reaching too far, being arrogant, and spending like crazy. Now you “Dims” are in the same boat doing the very same things….power corrupts…


Who cares where he travels? On to something else, please.


I agree with BlueAngel,
who cares what a democrat does wrong, lets move on to something important like the SC gov. cheating on his wife.

Let's ignore Conyers helping his wife get bribes,
let's ignore the 3 million jobs lost since Obama took office,
let's ignore the fact that the democrat stimulus package is not working,
lets ignore double diget unemployment,
lets ignore the nationalization of banks, car companies and the attack on healthcare,

let's ignore the firing of gov't lawyers looking into the activities of Obama's friends,
let's ignore the fact that congress is passing bills without reading them on issues that are costing the taxpayer trillions,
lets ignore the fact that Obama left the Iranian people hanging but spoke out to save the dictator in Honduras,
let's ignore tripling the national debt in 6 months...

on to the important issue of Sanford's sex life, and the sequel to solving our energy problem. Since inflating your tires didn't work the government is now working on legislating you light bulbs.

Not Frank Hargrove

Jesus, not only do we have NLS's nut hatred of Tim Kaine, we now have to read the spew of the far Right Wing. Christ, if I wanted to read a GOP blog, I guess should just go to the RNC site. Birthers, where are you? You know Obama was born in Kenya, right?


Not Frank,

Don't you just hate it when somebody actually posts facts instead of generic BS?


let's ignore that I have no life
let's ignore I blame this on black people and gays
let's ignore I'm a closet case myself
let's ignore I'm a 42 year old virgin
let's ignore I've wasted two years trolling the same blog under 100s of names
let's ignore that I've been wrong about every prediction I've ever made

Stupid children! Sheep!


*fap fap fap*


sorry guys...I'm a little cranky today. I forgot to lock the door to my room and my mom caught me jerking off to "Anal Adventures".

Tom Paine

Quote: "Don't you just hate it when somebody actually posts facts instead of generic BS?"

Wrong tense: When have you ever posted anything but
fact-free "generic BS?"


I take comfort in the fact that my posts are so on point that they can only be countered with childish impressions.
When there is no intelligent response it proves the debate is won.
You children are way out of your league. I suggest you forget political debate and go back to watching cartoons or jackass, or whatever mindless drivel that might take up your time between basket weaving classes.

Paulie Gualtieri

"Watching jackass?" Did somebody set the Wayback Machine for "1999"? Next "change" will insult us by asking why we aren't in AOL chat rooms like all the Kool Kids these days with their so-called "pagers".


Why don't you children go watch your VHS tapes and play Nintendo 64!? Huh?

Any of you mature adults wanna check out my new geocities page? All the cool people use geocities.

Not Frank Hargrove

Hey change (approx. worth 11 cents), where is your post about how Bill Ayres wrote Obama's autobiography? You forgot that one!

kelley in virginia

change isn't spouting "far right wing" chants. they are merely facts.

i only take issue on this one topic:

Honduras. i'm not so sure that the ousted leader was a dictator. however, he did try to circumvent Honduran Constitution & that is why the Honduran SC allowed the Honduran military to oust him. Zelaya (sp) is certainly a criminal, but i don't know about dictator.

at any rate, Obama & his state dept. should not support Zelaya because of this. any of us can see that.

Viagra Price

Hi great blog The Washington Post and Ben are right to hold Kaine's feet to the fire on this. His term in office has been one long stretch of inactivity, and now he's spending his last year with one foot out the door, attending to matters he clearly views as more important than being Governor. The question isn't "what Kaine did to Ben", the question is why Kaine deserves anyone's defense for his inexcusable absence?

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