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And Scott is now the nominee

Not John S. Mosby

Scott isn't the nominee yet, but most likely will be.


Wow, this was unexpected. Hope Kris returns to politics again in the future.


She was a great delegate and represented her constituents well. But does any one else find it a bit strnage that topping her list of "top accomplishments" is the fact that she fought to keep a speed-limit 45-mph?

Mt. Vernon Dem

It's a HUGE local issue.


Sad to see her go, great person and great representative. Also will be sad to see Scott leave as chair of FCDC.

Salem Republicans

Elected officials in leadership positions don't usually resign if their party is about to take control. Wonder if anything can be read into some of the recent Democratic departures?

Not John S. Mosby

If you read Kris's letter, it's clearly a money issue. She's not independently wealthy and can't really afford to be live in Fairfax without working year-round, and state Delegates/Senators can't do that.

Salem Republicans

NJSM - Every Delegate has reasons to leave and they balance the pros and cons and make choices. All I'm saying is that when someone in leadership is about to take over the majority they usually find ways to overcome the obstacles.

I don't know her and know nothing about her decision (only her words) but I find it interesting that multiple Ds in leadership positions won't be back next year.

Ghost of RWR

Salem Republican has a point. The first-teamers don't quit at the beginning of a season they think might lead to the Super Bowl.

Not John S. Mosby


How much is your mortgage down your way compared to an equivalent house here? It's probably 2-3 times more expensive here from a housing perspective, and everything else is more costly as well. No one living in Fairfax would disagree with her view on that. If the money is coming in a lot slower than before, then you have to act. Delegates are paid peanuts for the amount of time they put in, it's a job for either the independently wealthy or the flexibly frugal.

Salem Republicans

NJSM - No question. Frankly, Delegates around the state face this issue. Ask Hogan, Fralin, etc. The point isn't to question Delegate Amundson. It is simply to ask whether the cons of doing the job would be outweighing the pros of the job for these Ds if they truly believed they could take back the HOD?

Let me phrase it more cleanly. Would we be seeing these losses in the D leadership if they truly believed they had a shot at the majority? The answer may be yes. I'm just asking.


I always wonder about people who accept a responsibility and then run away as soon as something “perceived” better comes along.
Scott Surovell has bolted from his position in the democrat party as soon as the opportunity to find an elected position comes along.
This does not show much for consistency or concern for anything but his own personal gain.
At least Jeff Frederick was true to his word when he made a commitment to not run again if he was elected to a new position.
I guess some people have little regard for commitments when they stand in the way of their own personal agendas.
Is this the type of person democrats really want as a representative in the HOD. If so what does it say about the party?



It is ridiculous to say Scott "bolted" from his position. It has been pretty well known that he is an exceptional candidate with no seat for which to run. Unlike some candidates he has not gone shopping for a home in another district and has deep family ties in the community dating back to his grand parents. Moreover, Scott has helped Democrats selflessly--it has never been about him (unlike Jeff Frederick where it is all about him). I would suspect that rather than "bolting" his current job, party leaders and many in the rank and file have likely asked Scott to run. As Democrats we would be fools not to ask such a smart and dedicated person to serve.

Not John S. Mosby

Salem, her district is pretty safe Democratic, so it won't alter the makeup in Richmond that way. As to her finances, it depends. If she's forced to sell her house and move, or ruin herself financially, then I say she made the smart move in not running for re-election.

Not John S. Mosby

DemSome, exactly, how does Scott's decision get lumped in with a retard like Jeff "Fredrick" Frederick?

Ghost of RWR

DemSome, your pal Scott has presided over GOP gains in Fairfax since O-Blah-Blah ascended to the thrown…ah sorry… presidency. Bring him on….

Doug in Mount Vernon

I'm sad to my esteemed delegate. Kris has always been someone who adeptly dealt in the political realities of Richmond, but who also never once left the empathy for others she's always had. It's that empathy that propelled her into public service I think, and it's something that we need more of in our delegates and senators. Thank you for representing us Kris--you will be missed.

At the same time, I am completely energized by the idea of Scott Surovell as our new delegate. In my 15 years of political activism I'm not sure I've ever met anyone as smart, competent, or quick-on-his-feet as Scott.

I'm going to have to stay in Virginia and make sure Scott wins this election!

Doug in Mount Vernon

Of course I meant that I'm saddened to see my delegate retire..


I assume from your home shopping comment you are talking about werkheiser and I agree that those tactics are wrong.

However, I also believe that not following through with a job commitment is wrong.
It only proves a character flaw.
Could he not have fulfilled his commitment and run for office in the next go-round?

Not John S. Mosby


"your pal Scott has presided over GOP gains in Fairfax since O-Blah-Blah ascended to the thrown…ah sorry… presidency. Bring him on…."

Yeah, a narrow special-election victory in the winter over a guy who can't speak English for the Supervisor's slot in the 3rd-most Republican magisterial district in Fairfax. Yeah, that's impressive alright, but not as impressive as when the President you hate starts spending some time in Virginia over the next few months campaigning for Democrats for this year's election.

I'm glad Republicans are so confident all of a sudden. Counting the Soil Conservation Board, there are only 10 elected Republicans out of 52 possible elected slots in Fairfax. A little below the Mendoza line, but at least you're playing.


Not jizz,
You must not be paying attention to obambi, a win is a win… and it provides a mandate to enact all the policies that one might have even if what you told the voters is opposite of what you really want.

Hopefully the republicans can take a page from that book when they win these elections and can push through all the legislation that is best for Virginia over the liberal whining that may occur.

I am sure that you would support that because you support obambi’s method of governing, as he said he was elected therefore everyone wants him to push the liberal spend, borrow, spend tax spend, spend and screw the future generations agenda.



You say "bring him on" -- that is little more than the type of empty bravado and rhetoric "W" used repeatedly to show how he was the most ignorant, ill-prepared and just down right dumb President in recent memory. He was also the worst thing to happen to your party--he has done more to destroy your party's credibility than and Democrat could have hoped--unfortunately in the process doing major damage to our country.

Speaking of "bring it on" -- I see your candidate who will be running against Scott has not posted his positions on his website regarding abortion, gay-bashing, imposing the republican "family values" on the rest of us, you know--the usual divisive stuff you run to the detriment of practical solutions to issues like transportation which have been obstructed by Republicans for several years now. I would be concerned that McConville is running away from core Republican issues. Maybe you need to send Jeff Frederick over there to lend a hand.



When Scott agreed to run for FCDC the retirement of Kris Amundson was not contemplated by her. So I don't see where he has broken a commitment here. In addition, I second everything Doug in Mt. Vernon has stated about Scott.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Change? You Republicans are always at least one cycle behind, aren't you?


I'm likewise saddened to see a fine public servant like Kris retire, but equally happy to see Scott enter the race. He is smart, with tremendous drive and wonderful values; he has deep roots in Mount Vernon and he o apparently doesn't require sleep like the rest of us. Scott was born, created, and built for public service.

J. Tyler Ballance

Sorry, never heard of her.

Could someone summarize her accomplishments in the Assembly as part of this thread or provide a link?


well, if YOU dont see where he broke a commitment then it must not be true.

what an idiot you must be.

Mike Gropman


Will make a great canidate and a great delegate. I know Scott when I was on the MT Vernon Democratic Commitee and Scott was great. He is doing a wonderful job at FCDC. I am postitve that his successors wil do a gret job.

Mike in Braddock.

Ghost of RWR

You Dems (I mean dims) crack me up. You’ll be cursing “W” to your grave. But please keep it up. It will guarantee that your extra small brains (that are directly proportional to your manhood) will be so consumed with hate-politics that there will be no room to contemplate anything remotely resembling a good idea. In other words, you will maintain your unbroken record of advocating big government, enacting confiscatory policies, and blame America first treachery.


hey ghost,

you republicans are still consumed and obsessed with the rotting corpse of ronald regan and all the glory that was the 1980's. so until you pull your heads out of your assess and leave the stone age, I feel the need to invoke the ghost of the angry potato and telling you to GTFO


She ran a poll I see and took the smart way out.

Not John S. Mosby

Yeah, she saw where she would win by 40 points and decided that she could retire and that another Democrat could easily hold her seat as her replacement.

emilie miller

Kris will be missed. We loose another women in the General Assembly that has been effective. My best to Kris.

Farah Fawcett


Your an ASS


I will miss her strong sense of fairness and bipartisanship.

George Templeton

Kris Amundson is a class act and the House of Delegates will be the poorer for her absence. I hope the Lord continues to bless you in whatever you pursue after this.

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