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016-Lyon Village in Arlington

Wrath of God rain out here. Only 9 voters so far. All three campaigns have signs. Only McAuliffe has a volunteer here handing out lit.


Pretty severe thunderstorms in some parts of VA today--might drive turnout even lower. Recent polls have Deeds riding high, but they were conducted before the weekend and don't take into account any of the campaigns' GOTV effort, which were huge except on the Deeds end. With that being said the only poll that matters is the one today on election day.



Onancock Precinct 7:00 a.m., 6th voter I assume the first four were the poll workers. No signs or volunteers. Passed a second precinct on way to work and saw only a Deeds volunteer


I was at the sudley north precinct in manassas from 6 to 7:30 and I spoke with a total of three people.

Church Hill Dem

31st St Baptist Church in Richmond -- only Moran and Signer (and Sheriff CT Woody) had folks passing out lit. I was voter number 29 at 7:30.

I was surprised Del. McQuinn who endorsed Creigh didn't have her folks out there for him... lame.


Number 21 at Wolftrap precinct at 6:45 a.m. Not a crowd, but a fairly steady stream of voters coming in. That being said, we're a pretty high turnout precinct generally, having broken 90% in November, so I would say we're about on par for what I'd expect.

There were volunteers there from the FCDC just making sure it is smooth, and campaign volunteers for Signer, Baldwin, Keam and Omeish.

kelley in virginia

you dems spread your primary excitement to me, a committed Republican.

but maybe its because i'm a political junkie.



It's a guilty pleasure I think all us political junkies share. I'm a committed lifelong Dem and also get excited about Republican primaries, so you're not alone.


I have to announce that pending a Terry Mcauliff victory, i will be voting for my first Republican candidate in over a decade/


Update from Wolftrap... I've been told that number 83 voted at 8:20 a.m. So, about what I saw, I guess... slow, but steady.


It should be interesting to see what campaigns (if any) had a strategy of focusing on the competitive delegate districts. Turnout in those areas should dwarf turnout everywhere else.

Alex Pettibone

Voted in Loudoun County. Was the 10th voter at 6:30AM. Raining. Four Election workers probably voted first. Turnout looks to be dismal.


So brian moran's campaign manager called dc 101 said his name, then said he was wondering what they were doing... Then he hung up. Not sure if it was him or not, but he might've been calling about elliot saying moran dropped out since elliot didn't see any moran signs.


Voted at 6:05 Am in West End Alexandria. Was voter #2. One Campaign Worker for Moran showed up as I left.

James Deed

Johnson precinct# 109 in Henrico County.

I was the 8th voter at 8:35am.

Mary Lee Cerillo

At 8:30 AM we had 32 people who had
voted at Cub Run Precinct in Sully
District. That's Fairfax County.

your mom

Made my rounds in western Fairfax... turnout = low but about what was expected.


Blacksburg Beeks elementary- I was number 54 at 8:30. That's low compared to the Webb/Miller primary, but not by much, I think. Memory fails.

Poll at office- 4 of 4 votes for Deeds. At the voting place, only a Deeds volunteer out front. I think this may be Deeds country down in the Southwest :)

Gary Pash

Garrisonville Precinct in Stafford County had 20 voters by 8:20. A large number for a Dem primary.


I was around number 50 at 8:00 at the Freebridge precinct in Albemarle County. I did not vote for the candidate I supported throughout most of the race. And I'm quite happy with how I did end up voting.

kelley in virginia

john, how will albemarle go?

Scott Surovell

4% at Hollin Hall at 8:30 p.m.


#10 at 7:15 at the very red Upton (south Virginia Beach) precinct. (John LaCombe can attest to just how red). No signs, no volunteers. Hell, there were no Dems signs, no volunteers in the general Nov. 2008.


9 AM

Fairfax 628 Laurel Hill - 20 (0.6%)
Fairfax 629 South County - 22 (0.8%)


Voted around 8 am at Luther Jackson in the Providence District. I was the 34th voter. No volunteers.


North Street - Portsmouth

slow, steady stream of voters at 8:30.
One Gub vol: Deeds volunteer waving at people as they walk by, it swung my vote.


Very low turnout at South Run--was number 3 at 6 AM and my mom was number 17 at 8:30. Both precincts that vote at Lake Braddock Secondary School had about 50 votes a piece as of 8:40 AM. At Lake Braddock, representation from Terry (2 vols), Signer, Moran, Jody, and Creigh.

Not John S. Mosby

Low turnout in Fairfax is good news for Deeds. But, there were some major storms through here right around 6:00 AM, so that probably made a few people wait until this afternoon to vote.

During the Bulova special election, morning turnout was meager but it was steady throughout the day and turnout ended up higher than planned. I think by the end of the day turnout will be about where predicted. People wake up an hour early to vote in Presidential elections, for a primary in the middle of summer I think they vote when they get around to it. No one is going to lose sleep if they planned on voting after work and traffic kept them from getting to the poll before it closed.

Repubs For Moran

#39 at Providence in Chesterfield at 8:40

5 Moran signs and no volunteers.

Brian Straw

I think turnout in NoVA will actually be very low. You have the storms that rolled through in the morning and made a lot of people reconsider whether or not they were going to vote this morning, and there are supposed to be more storms brewing this evening.


Precinct 106~ 75 votes as of 9:30am

George Templeton

Hope all you Democrats have a smooth, easy day voting. Good luck to whoever wins (even if it is McAuliffe).


Number 100 at City Hall East precinct in Richmond. Was one of two people in "line". Nobody was handing out lit about the Gubernatorial candidates, just some volunteers handing out pamphlets on the Sheriff's race.


Kelley -

My guess is that Deeds will pull a strong showing in Albemarle. I wouldn't have said that three weeks ago, but he's been helped by the momentum and TV ads here. And a lot of folks in this area get the Washington Post.


Thunderstorms in the afternoon in NoVA, huh?

I guess we can look "forward" to Ben screaming bloody murder if voting hours aren't extended, which he will claim is part of a Kaine Konspiracy to take down McAuliffe if they aren't.


parkside middle school now, 4 McDonnell volunteers passing out "Democrats have a choice" lit


10 AM Victory precinct in PWC, I was voter #35, no signs, no volunteers.

Freddie Fender

Poquoson central district. I was #21 at 8:30am. No campaign staff.

Salem Republicans

Where are all the Democrats in the Roanoke Valley? Bad news for Deeds?



about 120 voters in Clarmont precinct in Arlington at around 9:30. One Moran staffer and one Wagner staffer




At 10 AM:

> 100+ votes cast (tracking like 10% turnout, well-ahead of 2006 Senate Primary)
> No volunteers
> ~ 15 McAuliffe signs, all clumped together (what to do with all that money?)
> Saw a number of moderate Republican voters (no Republican races)

Looks like a good turnout (for a Primary), and local moderate Republicans are almost surely voting for Deeds.

From these limited indicators, it looks good for Creigh.


Beautiful weather out in SW VA, and terrible weather in NOVA...looks good for Deeds though I hate to admit it...


Virginia Beach - Eastern Shore - my partner was #21 at about 8:30, I was #36 at about 9:30.

Based on my informal poll, it appears that Deeds has won 100% of my apartment.

kelley in virginia

my brother was going to vote at lunchtime in lexington. i asked him to gather all the pertinent info so i could post here. he told me to get a life.

but he's not a political junkie like we are.


McDonnell Volunteers at several PWC precincts


#70 at 8:30 in City Hall East in Church Hill in Richmond. Jody Wagner was at the precinct, as was Sen. Marsh.


Went by Chesterbrook Precint in McLean. Turnout VERY light, McAullife vol was handing out lit.

kelley in virginia

who said turnout was high in bath county? congrats to them for having a "son" in the race.

Deeds Country!

Southwest Virginia is Deeds country!

Was #44 at 9:45 am at the Lutheran Church in Blacksburg. An informal poll of other Dem friends, and 2 independent friends, showed 6 votes for Deeds, 1 for Moran and 0 for the DC Carpetbagger.


#163 at Fairfax 838 Orange. 3.9%

501 richmond city

just voted for Creigh and Signer, 122 person at around 12:30.


#63 in Radford at the Rec center...poor turnout


Gordonsville Firehouse, Orange County.

I was #29 at 11:30. Pretty typical for a primary. One year I voted after work and was #60

I havent voted yet!

Just saw Jody Wagner (and entourage) walking around Shockoe Bottom in Richmond. Must be reminding the lunch crowd to vote after work.

Not Chuck Robb

#103 at noon in Courtlands, Arlington...one Moran vol, one Signer vol

very light turnout

Arlington Guy

The most fun campaign to watch has been in the 47th with Adam Parkamenko. Talk about misguided, expensive overkill. Am I really supposed to be impressed with robocalls from Bill, Paul Begala and Ann Lewis? Or an endorsement from Wes Clark? Could any of these folks find Glebe Road on a map? The candidate's greatest claim to fame is his work on HRC's 08 campaign and we call know how well-run that was. What exactly was his role in that thing anyway--top aide to the campaign manager who was sacked? Was he the brainiac who rented an HQ for $100K a month with a lease that didn't expire until April 09? And who WANTS their delegate to be "full-time"? The legislature isn't designed to be full-time. A truly fascinating campaign by someone with far more ambition than experience.

Joe Stanley

12:15 Callaway, Franklin County
Voter #21
I proudly voted for Brian Moran

Nate Denny

Voted at 12:45 at Westhampton Baptist Church in Richmond; was 166th voter.

Joe Stanley

When I voted at the same time last fall, I was #437. Ouch!

Fairfax City Voter

Fairfax City Precinct 3 - 124th voter at 12:45 p.m. Only volunteer handing out lit was for Signer - Only thing she knew about him was that he was running for office.

Mike Gropman

Fairview Precinct 105 in Braddock. I opend the polls with Allen Taylor. I was voter number 3 he was voter number. At 10:00 110 people had voted.

Mike in Braddock

Not Mark Powell

Rode the fence on whether to vote for Deeds or Moran until the last minute at the poll. Went with Deeds in an "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" sort of manner. I knew I didn't want Terry McAuliffe though!

I keep getting robo-calls for Martin Jeffery from the same number.

In the YC

Voted at 11:30 for Moran-Wagner at the Harwoods Mill pct in York County. I was #112 in this very (crimson) red polling station.


I was 51st at 11:30 in a Shenandoah Valley precinct. A precinct that is #2 in the County. This is low turnout. I am hearing the same throughout the Valley.


Voted in Alexandria this morning, slow but steady trickle of voters and a couple campaign volunteers, though only Moran's actually tried to hand us anything. Perplexed where all this GOTV took place as we're reliable Democratic primary voters in Alex. and never saw a single campaign rep.


I was number 133 at City Hall East in Richmond at 11:30. There were several campaign volunteers out, but only Brian Moran's approached me. It's too hot for politics today! :)


From earlier post, the 51 votes at 11:30 translates into turnout of 1.5%.


OakMarr Precinct in Fairfax County has had about 200 voters by 1pm. There are Carroll, Omeish, Keam volunteers handing out lit. There was a MacAuliffe volunteer earlier. The turnout looks like it will be a little higher than previous primaries of this sort. Slow but steady turnout by voters.

marsha in central va

#122 at noon in Goochland Cty precinct. GC is a rural county west of Richmond. There are five or six precincts in the county. About 18,000 people in the county. Registar said in Clinton-Obama primary, she had 1900 people show up to vote.

I still think 122 by noon in this small county isn't bad. I voted Deeds/Wagner

Not Brian, Creigh, or Terry

I get the sense that "none of the above" is winning the Democratic Primary.

Albemarle Voter

As of 1 p.m. more people have showed up to vote than the '06 primary in Albemarle County. We are currently at a 4.9 percent turnout rate: http://www.nbc29.com/global/story.asp?s=10503458(turnout was 5.18 for the entire day in '06). It looks like turnout in Albemarle will at least be higher than '06.


Thank you for using data (how refreshing) to put the turnout in a more meaningful perspective. I agree that the 2006 Senate Primary seems to be a reasonable yardstick to use for today's voting.

Bob Platt

Hume Precinct (08) in Arlington, 60 people voted by 8:30 a.m. and 167 voted by 12:30 p.m. This means a very light turnout. In a gobernatorial year, the precinct gets over 800 voters in the general election.


FYI the word "Deedsmentum" is pronounced "deeds-mentum," not "deed-smentum"...


Just voted at my home precinct of Nokesville, #64, Dem precinct captain is supporting McDonnell-Bolling-Shannon, Says that it's no use to fight for the dem Gov and LG candidates - McDonnell-Bolling have it sewn up.
I voted Moran-Signer, One of the election people said that about half of turnout was republicans, some were confused and wanted to know why McDonnell wasn't on the ballot and some were voting for Moran or McAullife to make the race more competitive, There was one McDonnell volunteer passing out lit.

Not Jerry Jr.

Lynchburg paper reporting that as of 12:30, around 1,100 votes in Dem primary and 1,600 in Rep primary. Not looking good for Shannon Valentine in Nov.


Silver Lake precinct, Rockingham Co. no volunteers anywhere...

At 11am I was the 27th voter. Ladies working the polls asked me "if I was there to vote, seriously?"


Thunderstorm in Hampton Roads


A friend of mine just voted in Harrisonburg. Just 113 voters so far out of 4,100 or 2.6% (for this precinct)


Silver Road has 2,333 voters so, that is only 1.1% at 11 am.

Fairview-Spotsylvania Co.

Number #55 at 11:00 am this morning in the second largest precinct in the county.


It's hailing in the Valley


sever thunderstorm warning in SW VA...might deter some of the after work voters...

Ben Kyber

Voted for Senator Deeds at the Greenfield Precinct in Midlothian (Chesterfield County) at 4:10 pm. I was number 127. Turnout is definitely lighter there than it was for the 2006 Senate Primary.

Looks like afternoon thunderstorms may be headed for the Richmond area as well...


I voted around 12:30pm at my local Reston precinct. I believe they said I was the 115th voter. Which, I guess that's pretty light, even for a primary.

I voted for Brian Moran, but really, I'll be happy with whichever candidate wins.

Albemarle Voter

Actually Ben K that is a bit higher than the '06 Primary (58 more than the whole day to be exact). See here: http://www.sbe.virginia.gov/ElectionResults/2006/JunePrimary/detail041.htm#025

Happy to hear you went for Deeds. It took me some time but I ended up coming back to where I started at the beginning.


At 3:30 I was 255th voter at the Bethel precinct in Hampton.

Ben Kyber

Ahh my bad. You're right Albemarle...

Albemarle Voter

@ GeneK... that's more than double the amount of '06. Based on the personal reports of numbers at specific precincts and public turnout numbers, the turnout may be higher than predicted. I guess it's important to remember when considering these raw numbers that there was a huge surge in registrations in '08.

Sorry to keep throwing numbers out there. I get really into political stats sometimes.

your mom

big thunderstorms coming to NoVA for the evening rush. God (and a bunch of DINOs) apparently want Creigh Deeds to win.

your mom

Thunderstorms hitting NoVA for the evening rush. God (and apparently a bunch of DINOs) wants Creigh Deeds to win.


#139 around 3:30 PM at Albert Hill in Richmond. Around 4:30 PM, the skies opened up, and the wrath of God came down. It was hailing for a while.


Oak Mar 324 voted at 4pm

Gonzo Thompson

I was the 256th voter at Hume precinct in Arlington at 6:00. Now going to go on a three day Ether and Vodka binge.

libertarian voter

297th voter at 6:30 in 507 - Lincolnia (Fairfax). Non-Democrat, voted for Deeds and against the incumbent in the 38th House district.

Mike Gropman

Final Results for Fairview.
Precinct. 407 voted. In Governors Race
Deeds 194
McCullif 108
Moran 100

LT Governor
Wagner 311
Signer 52
Browbeck 10

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