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Hey, at least it was with a woman! That is more than you can say about most Republican sex scandals these days.

No diapers (Vitter), gay phone sex (that VA Beach Congressman, forget his name) or "erotic" IMs sent to a male, underage page (Foley).

Hey, this IS good for the GOP!

kelley in virginia

you're right, Richmond Dem. the mere thought of what Barney Frank does under the moonlight should make you shudder.


Let me know when Barney Frank is considered a front-runner for President, ok?


This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Are you telling me that Bob McDonnell has to do a personal background check on the RGA chairman? Of course he's going to take their money, the whole point of the RGA is to . . . HELLO . . . get Republican governor's elected.

And will the same scrutiny be given to the Democrat governor's, who just dropped $100,000 of coin into the Deeds campaign? Is Deeds using DGA money to hid campaign donors too?

And what makes all of this so laughable Ben is that you were backing Terry McAuliffe . . . the KING of shady campaign fundraising. Kinda funny that that never seemed to bother you.

Snaford is scum, let him rot in the Sea Islands for all I care but McDonnell is SMART to get money through the RGA because the Democrats with the Obama White House behind them will pump money by the millions into the Deeds camp.

BTW Richmond Dem, for the sake of accuracy, the name your looking for is Ed Schrock.


Lest we forget, it was the Democratic Governors Association who was fined by the State Board of Elections for failing to disclose its donors.

Why is Creigh Deeds letting these scofflaws do his dirty work for him? Because they are his mud-slinging, donor-hiding, union-coddling, law-ignoring Sugar Mama. That's why.


Not John S. Mosby

Kelley, when has Barney Frank not been gay? He's extremely open about it, doesn't hide it and certainly doesn't apologize for it. Sanford and Sons, on the other hand, wasn't he the guy touting the "freedom to post the 10 Commandments" amendment guy a while back? Is adultery on that list by chance.

RichDem, the Rep you are thinking of is Ed "Sucking Cock" Schrock.



Frank didn't come out until after he was caught. But it was the early 80s, and he wasn't married, and he never campaigned as a "family values" candidate or was explicitly anti-gay.

There's a BIG difference between staying in the closet, and staying in the closet while getting elected on "family values" and gay bashing.



are you saying that because Frank did not profess to have any morals whatever he does is ok?... (prostituting young men?)

I suppose because Kennedy never ran on a “I am not swim instructor” platform means it’s ok to run away from a drowning woman.

Is that why you accept all of the lies told by your leaders? Because they never ran on a platform to “tell the truth”?

you liberal extremists have a very strange outlook on things.

Not John S. Mosby

I have been out of the closet for some time now and I don't appreciate you wingers making fun of me swallowing my lovers manhood after he gives it to me in the hinterlands.

It gives a new meaning to the term eat sh.. and you should not knock it until you try it. (just make sure he did not have chili the night before.)


Mark Sanford has to go to South America to get his sugar. Bob McDonnell only has to go to South Carolina to get his.



Go beg for troll chow from someone else.

Shorter Change


I win.


What about George McGovern?? Huh libs, huh??!? What about him?

change's meth supply

Hey douchebag! Barney Frank? Ted Kennedy?

Your trolling is getting a little weak tonight. Need a little "inspiration"? You made some of your best posts when you were cranked up. I'm not gonna smoke myself, you know. I might even get you to think of a scandal that happened this century!


James Kotecki: "The betting is now open: who will complete the Republican scandal trifecta?"

Lots to live up to:



*lights up, smokes meth*

You liberal children are so stupid. This is obviously all a conspiracy started by Rahm Emmaneul (controlled by ACORN!!11) A Chicago political hit job on Sanford!!! Yeah, he planted it all. The woman was a decoy, probably related to Blago or Daley, and assisted by the liberal media led by George Soros!

Let me know when you lib extremists grow up and can admit the obvious truth! Too bad your "leaders" can't!!!1

P.S. Did I mention Obama is BLACK!?!?!?


it is obvious that truth sends you maxi-libs over the edge. it is not my fault that the leaders of your party are a bunch of fruits and losers.

those are the people you follow, if you can't take it you should change.


Maxi-Lib is the brand of adult diaper I use whenever Barney Frank appears on the teevee. I'm so afraid he will give me The Gay, I wet myself.


We have real WINNERS on our side like Mark Earley, Jerry Kilgore, George Allen, Virgil Goode, Thelma Drake, and John McCain!

And MANLY MEN (mmm) like Charlie Crist, Larry Craig, Ed Schrock, and Mark Foley.


I actually appreciate the fact that you children are so upset by the truth you wish to exaggerate intelligent banter.
Each of your posts makes it even more enjoyable.
Although I would hope you could do better than these weak attempts.

Paulie Gualtieri

"Although I would hope you could do better than these weak attempts."

That's what he said!


well if that is the best you kids have I suppose public schools do need more funding.



I really like children and kids. I mean, REALLY like them! If you know what I mean.



*fap fap fap*


Change, it wouldn't surprise me if you were into sheep.


Oh, I AM, PWC!

*fap fap fap*

And children! Its why I talk about them so much!

*fap fap fap*


Stop it! Or I'll sue all you Maxi-Libs for libel!


Change, are you crazy? Are you saying someone is not posting as you?


All I will say is that I was cleared of all charges, Not PWC.


So funny how Republicans are trying their best to defend their own when it comes to another sex scandal. Let us not forget, this is the party of "very high moral values." What a joke!

Not Spiro T. Agnew

Who the hell cares? The guilt by association stuff is just crazy and the voters know it. Your linking Sanford in as McDonnell's "sugar daddy" is a stupid as when the Republicans said that because Bill Ayers hosted a fundraiser for Obama it makes Obama a terrorist sympathizer.

Come to think of it, perhaps Obama should have rejected the womanizing Teddy "The Lifeguard" Kennedy's endorsement because of his past indiscretions!


This line:
"The sources of the money then must be found through RGA reports that are not always clear who is sending money to which candidates."

Shows a lack of understanding. Folks who donate money to the RGA do not donate to a specific candidate. It is illegal to 'earmark' money that way... Bottom line is that if a donor donates to the RGA (or other 3rd party organizations) they don't have a say where their dollars go. So, in fact, McDonnell is not hiding anything as long as he reports that the RGA donated money to his campaign. This is the law... part of the plan developed by your two buddies Feingold and McCain

Not John S. Mosby

I'm trying to remember, did Chappaquiddick happen 40 or 41 years ago? Or, basically, before anyone under the age of 50 was old enough to really give a shit?

Is that the best Republicans can muster, dredging up scandal from the 1960s? Fuck, Republicans have 8 or 9 full-fledged sex scandals just in the last three years.


I am seriously beginning to think "Change" is Ken Cuccinelli


Republicans do have their share of scandals and democrats also have their share. I often wonder if it is the inability of some to be able to check the extreme power that comes with political office or just the normal failings of humankind. I would be interested to see statistics on the percentage of politicians (and/or others in positions of power) who find themselves in these situations vs the general population.

I wish those in positions of leadership were better able to subdue their passions. If not, at least they should be better at policing their own, no matter which party they belong.

Bet that as it may, I do not think that because something happened 40 years ago makes it any less important, at least for the poor woman who died and her family. Also that incident was much more than simple adultery.


Ben, enterprising journalists such as yourself should dig into RGA contributions and find out all the crooks giving McDonnell money (since my guess is you already have anyway).
I guess I should do the same for the DGA, but I don't really care that much.

malfunctioning "truth"/"change" bot

Barney Frank, Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy. ACORN and Rev. Wright! Grow up children! Barney Frank, Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy. ACORN and Rev. Wright! Grow up children! Barney Frank, Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy. ACORN and Rev. Wright! Grow up children! Barney Frank, Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy. ACORN and Rev. Wright! Grow up children! Barney Frank, Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy. ACORN and Rev. Wright! Grow up children! Barney Frank, Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy. ACORN and Rev. Wright! Grow up children!

P.S. Remember, Obama is BLACK!


Sad to see Michael go, he gave me so much as a young boy. turned me into the manboy I am today.
I will remember never never land with fondness and excitement.

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