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Anonymous Is A Woman

The Washington Post is a shell of the newspaper it once was, Dana Millbank is an arrogant, pretentious and rude clown, as is Howard Kurtz, and Amanda Carpenter, from the Washington Times, is actually the very last person to talk about partisan bias. Pot to kettle...oh well.

You know the Huff Post and the blogs must be doing something right if we all are getting under their skin.

Not Mark Sanford

Amen, AIAW.

Not Mark Sanford

Dana Milbank is following two people on Twitter. One of them was a guest on Glenn Beck's show. I wonder if Dana will stoop that low LOL.

maybe is ron paul

I don't know what you guys are thinking, but I think Nico was resoundingly embarrassed by WaPo and the Times.

After seeing that, if Nico came to an event and asked for a press pass, I wouldn't give him one.

(I'd probably kick him out of a breakfast and send him to the MSM section @NLS)


Dana is just crying because Nico got to ask a question before him and his "prestigous" WaPo. AIAW is right in that if Dana is so upset then Nico is doing something right.

I think President Obama should get some credit for now the roll bloggers and the social media is playing in this Iran crisis right now. You don't see Dana writing about this issue as well as Nico so I think that his question was very good and right on point and given his use of those networks it allowed him to really ask a question from the perspective of an Iranian on the ground.

Let's also remember that Obama still really dodged his question, so if it was a set up question it didn't turn out that way at the press conference!

chicago two step

"obama dodged the question"

well, duhhhh

the man dodges every question, doesn't take away from the fact that it was a set up to make him look like he cared about the Iranian people as they were getting shot and beaten in the streets and even the british and french were embarrassed with our response.

chicago two step

I cry at night because my daddy touched me in my no-no spot when i was little. And because I'm still a virgin at 42.

Bryan Scrafford

Nico has consistently provided some of the best coverage of the protests in Iran and appears to have as good an understanding of what's going on in Iran as we can actually have here in the US. When you combine that with the fact that it's through social media and the internet that we're able to obtain most of our information about Iran, doesn't it make sense that Nico would be the one to ask a question about the situation in Iran.

Furthermore, while I commend Nico for his reporting, I highly doubt anyone would have paid too much attention to the fact that he got to ask a question at the press conference if Dana Milbank hadn't made it into a huge deal. Why? Because most people realize that Nico provides credible information. You could perhaps even argue that he’s more credible than Milbank because he doesn’t try to hide his political leanings which allows his readers to take that into consideration when reading his material.


I find it funny that the woman from the Washington Times is complaining about fair cracks at the President when Jeff Gannon/James Guckert was allowed to have a press pass in the Bush White House.

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