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Martin Lomasney

You left out his cowtowing to the Bushies and the Telcos on FISA renewal which he refuses to defend, explain or submit an amendment.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Webb is a one-trick pony. With the war in Iraq winding down, there's really no need for him in the Senate anymore. We don't need single issue Senators. Webb hasn't made a case as to why, other than on defense, he deserves to be in the Senate. Prison reform? And what international expertise? Compared to Dick Luger, John Kerry and others, he's got no international expertise to speak of.

Don't get me wrong, I like the man personally. He and I have gotten along when I've met him - we both enjoy history and he's a good story teller. But I think we need a more rounded individual in the Senate representing Virginia.


Do you have someone in mind, Brian? Just curious.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Honestly, I like Tom Davis. I think he'd make a good Senator if he's willing to do the job, which I doubt. Other than that, I'm waiting to see how the field looks. If McDonnell doesn't win as governor (which I highly doubt), I think he'd make a great Senator.


The Republican primary for Senate in 2012 will be Tom Davis vs. Ken Cuccinelli. Unless Tom quits again.


LOL, Brian, you consider people like McD and Davis "more rounded" than Webb?

Webb has FAR more diverse a life experience than either of your Repug favorites, and FAR more knowledge of international affairs and most else.

Ultimately Webb is going to benefit in 2012 from Obama coattails, with a popular President (and yes, he will be popular notwithstanding the fool's gold you Repubs pan for in the normal ebbs and flows of a President's term) driving up record Democratic turnout in a key swing state.

Dulles Rail

By 2012 Dulles rail will be one year from its projected opening date for phase 1. The massive redevelopment of parts of Reston and Tysons Corner will be near completion and parts of Loudoun County will have been rezoned for denser development.

The state will only turn more Democratic and Webb's reelection will coincide with that of President Obama. Unless Webb goes crazy or the state of the country suddenly worsens, which it won't because the economy looks like its getting better (and fast than projections), he will be reelected easily.


Funnily enough, I just got robo-polled today by an obviously Republican group. Two of the most surprising questions? Did I have a favorable opinion of George Allen and whom would I vote for in a rematch in three years--Allen or Webb?

I guess Allen is putting his big toe in the water and seeing what he can stir up.


Webb, his entire office staff, and his meek constituent services suck--at least in SWVA. I was glad to vote for him, but I don't see voting for him again.

I'm here in Tysons, and we tried to contact his office on Wednesday to tour the Capital. No luck, as usual.

I hope he just quits so someone else can run next year.

Gene E. Magruder

I have to disagree at least in Hampton Roads where his constituent service is excellent. They have helped me and my family out on many levels and I would recommend their services to anyone including the tea party participants, who they were very polite with even though the mobs were very unpolite

Brian W. Schoeneman

DCCyclone, I don't care about life experiences. When I care about work experiences. Webb has never held elected office before the Senate. He shouldn't be a Senator at all, frankly, but he picked a lucky year and Allen put both feet in his mouth.

I don't know where this international experience nonsense is coming from - when did that become a prerequisite to running for Senate? What's Mark Warner's international experience? How about John Warner? Or George Allen?

It's way to early to be talking about Obama's coattails at this point. The way his administration is going, he'll have hocked the coat to cover another stimulus bill.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Dulles Rail - you must have missed this article today: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aNivTjr852TI


WAY off this time Ben.
I can personally say that the constituent services @ Webb's office is top notch.
I had a difficult case a few years ago and I received excellent care.
I did not identify myself as a Democrat, nor did the caseworker know me.
The individual that I worked with went above and beyond in service, professionalism and results.
I will always be grateful to Senator Webb's office and when I think of how constituents should be treated, I use this as a point of reference.
As for outreach, I'm hard pressed to think of any community event of note that Webb has not been represented...

Dulles Rail

Brian, how is that article relevant to the economy appearing as if its getting better? Just because the economy SUCKED during Bush's term (which is what the article discussed.... from one year ago today) does not mean that President Obama shouldn't be credited with the recession slowing, which is what was released today. President Obama will go down in history as the person who helped avert the nation from plunging into another depression. Also, the DC metropolitan area currently has the best economy of any metropolitan area in the country. So you know what that means??? When all those developments for the Silver Line are built, I'm sure plenty of Democratic people are going to be ready to move into them.


Not John S. Mosby

Brian, as Dulles Rail says, the article you referenced states that the economy contracted twice as much in Bush's last 16 or so months in office as thought. Not a big deal percentage-wise, 1.9% for the period vs the 0.8% previously reported. But, further proof that Bush drove the economy off the cliff long before the finance crisis of Sept/Oct 2008, and certainly long before Obama was inaugurated.

Brian W. Schoeneman

The point of that article is that this recession is far worse than anyone predicted or thought it was going to be. For the first time in recorded memory we have had four straight quarters of economic contraction. That's unprecedented since we started tracking GDP in the late 40s.

Other than the stock market, which many Democrats have reminded me over the last two years is not a reliable indicator of economic growth, the economy has shown very few signs of picking up. Unemployment is still increasing, and while I know it's a lagging indicator, at some point it has to slow or stop and there's been no evidence that that's happening.

For those of us who remain out of work, the economy is still not doing well, regardless of the optimistic hoping of Obama supporters. Forgive me if news that the recession is slowing coupled with news that it's actually worse than we thought doesn't have me doing cartwheels in the streets.

Dulles Rail

Maybe the recession wouldn't have BEEN so bad if George W. Bush wasn't president. That inept idiot basically GAVE up leading up to the election and especially after. As the economy kept on getting worse and worse he disappeared and only reappeared to give a press conference which only caused people to panic. Remember? "America may slide into a depression at any time." That was not leadership. The fact that the current administration was able to stop us from free falling into a depression is pretty remarkable.


Re "the inept idiot"

Why do you suppose the head of the committee to pick a vice president, picked himself?

Who was the REAL president?

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