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this better be good!


I can't even figure out what this means...good or bad...

Republicans Are Unhinged

"Becoming" unhinged? I think that started about 30 years ago and has only gotten worse every year since.


Is this a state wide candidate?


Let me try to figure out what I think it mean, or at least who this comment is directed at. Given the recent violence against police officers this comment really hits a nerve with me, especially without some clarification.

First off, Ben corrected the quote "have the chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box, that's the beauty of our 2nd Amendment rights." If the first quote wasn't bad enough this clarification makes it extremely worse.

I'm sure we have all heard the argument of "Obama is gonna take away our guns" or any other crap like that and this is clearly what that quote appears to be pandering too. On April 4th, 2009 three Pittsburgh police officers were killed ( http://bit.ly/whTwr )by a suspect who believe the government and the police were attempting to curtail his 2nd Amendment rights. This is a quote from the suspect's friend that really solidifies that argument: "Mr. Poplawski had supported Republican candidate John McCain in the presidential election and had "very spirited debates" about Democratic candidate Barack Obama, Mr. Vire said. Mr. Poplawski was opposed to Mr. Obama's election, which he thought would result in the loss of his rights, Mr. Vire said." ( http://bit.ly/BVLw )

While I do not know the context this quote was made it is hard for me to believe that it was directed at this same suspect who murdered the three officers in Pittsburgh this last April. As someone who works in the field it is not only distrubing, but scary knowing that a politician or anyone would make a statement like that knowing the recent violence against police officers or government officials by the radical people who wrongly believe the government is attempting the "take away their guns."

I provided a little more information about the suspect in this case. I'm sure everyone will notice how someone said he "only liked police when they were not curtailing his constitutional rights, which he was determined to protect." http://bit.ly/16uw47


I'll bet $5 it's the Cooch. C'mon Cooch!


Maybe they are talking about their sperm going into the asses of their fellow colleagues.

Ghost of RWR



The guy in Pittsburgh who shot those cops was a "white nationalist" who posted on the neo-Nazi forum stormfront.org about how much he hated immigrants.

Then there was the anti-abortion nut who shot Tiller.

Then came the Holocaust Museum shooter who was paranoid of the government.

Yep, sounds like the "Coooch" crowd.


Actually, the corrected quote is pretty much fine with me (though I may well be missing some context). But it basically seems like just a statement of the whole point of democracy: we have legitimate processes that determine leadership and thus avoid social chaos of people trying to use force.

If read that way, it's not objectionable at all: it's the sort of thing any government 101 prof might say.



I read it more along the lines of, "If we continue losing elections, at least we have our guns to start shooting people."

Not how democracy is suppose to work.


Dude, what kind of prof did you have and at what university? Was it in Honduras, perhaps?

The corrected quote as stands (at it may well be missing some context for all we know) doesn't speak of avoiding the use of armed force, but rather seems to be advocating it--IF these people (whoever they are) don't get the outcome they want in the election. At the very least, the use of word "before" indicates that armed force is a possibility.

Timothy Watson

It's more than likely (and I'll give ten-to-one odds) Catherine Crabill who's running against Albert Pollard in the 99th district.

This is the same nut that has said repeatedly that the federal government was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing.

Not John Straayer

It's an ugly parody that only a fascist could love of Abraham Lincoln's famous quote, "The ballot is stronger than the bullet."

Drew, you obviously need a new reading glasses prescription.

It is one more example of the Republican Party's dangerous flirtation with militia politics since January.

Robert McGregor

The only time the republicans hide behind the "constitution" is when they are losing. Otherwise, they treat it, as though it wasn't around. They have lost on the national scene, on the state wide scene, and locally they aren't doing much better. So instead of self examination, they strike out, at anyone, they deem unworthy and the enemy. It is amusing to watch the republithugs posture about McDonnell and his chances of winning this time around. McDonnell is done! He lost the grassroots some time ago and he can't buy the election. The only way republithugs can get back into power is with armed insurrection! They have no ideas, no plans, no vision of the future and the only thing they can do is start shooting people.


Dammit Ben, it is morning! Out with it already!

Loudoun Insider

Another wacky Tea Bagger.


Look like poster Tim Watson wins the prize for guessing Catherine Crabill. Who is this nut?


I'm absolutely speechless...


Crazy Crabill? I was hoping for a statewide to be on the video, not that nutcase.

that being said she should immediately apologize for what she said.


Every time I think I can't be shocked anymore by gun nuts I am proven wrong. Amazing. This woman is advocating the use of "bullets" when she loses on issues at the ballot box. That is anarchy, plain and simple.

Being that I now live in Pittsburgh I can also add that the idiot who destroyed three lives and three families on April 4 has since said in jailhouse interviews with the press that he "would kill more police if I could."

VA Blogger

When even Virginia Virtucon, two months ago, calls the candidate batshit crazy, you know things are bad. She's barely representative of conspiracy theorists, let alone Republicans.



What she said about the second amendment is absolutely true, EXCEPT for the fact that there was no ballot box in 1776. The point of the 2nd Amendment is to fight tyranny to be sure. The founding fathers recognized that their independence hinged on the armement of the citizenry and sought to guarantee this right for all future generations.
When listening to psychos like this woman, it is important to remember that we still live in a society with a popularly-elected government. When you call it "tyranny", you are automatically calling those who elected it tyrannical. NOT a good argument for winning public support.
As Thomas Jefferson said "The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it away." As far as I can tell, (A) they haven't tried to take it away and (B) Republicans are trying to make political hay by likening a popularly-elected government to a monarchy -- which is a really bad PR move.


Speaking as a Democrat, when a challenger from either party is on the ballot because they had no contest for the slot, and has essentially no backing from the party itself, I don't really consider them part of that party. So, I won't hold this against Republicans.

But man, could you guys really find no one better?


Sam continues to be the worst commenter on this site. Was his volume off? There was a huge crowd clapping. How is that "no party support"?

Sam, you have said you want to be an attorney when you grow up. Please start signing your comments with your last name so I can make sure to never hire you.

Timothy Watson

For those that want more information on Catherine Crabill besides the Virginia Virtucon line (and I apologize for spamming my own blog):


What disturbs me is that people actually clapped in support of that comment. This person has the same mentality of Poplawski up in Pittsburgh. I don't think this should be politicized because if I'm shot by an AK or an SKS it's going to kill me whether it's shot by a Democrat or Republican but still.....I would hope any Republican candidate would condemn that statement but I'm not going to hold my breath. The last thing I need as a Deputy is a person who is using this type of talk as a rallying cry while I am responding to the call for help from a fellow officer under attack like what happened up in Pittsburgh.

Not Larry Sabato

Someone should start a "Please Don't Kill Albert Pollard" facebook group. :-)


I don't think any of Republican candidates for higher office will come out and speak against this because they are worried about a backlash from these people who have become part of the life blood of the Republican Party. If they do come out and say something about this monstrosity of a quote, color me shocked.

Timothy Watson

Sam, the Republican committee had the opportunity to nominate no one instead of her. They choose to nominate her instead even after knowing full well the comments she's made previously.


Maybe you should go over to the darkside and join Facebook like so many others! Then you can do it yourself! :)


... - You have no idea who the people clapping are. Any nut job from any party can find some people who agree with them. That you respond with personal insults betrays your incapability of reasoned discourse, meaning no sane lawyer would want to work for you anyways.

Timothy - True, but parties get a lot of heat from their base if they choose to nominate no one over someone. Donors frequently use the percentage of contested races as a measurement of health of the party before donating. Generally, nominating a nut who will lose and who you do not associate yourself with will hurt you less than choosing to nominate no one.


Republicans are naturally unhinged. That's why they're Republicans silly rabbit!!

Not Larry Sabato

Delegate Albert Pollard’s Statement on Recent Remarks from Catherine Crabill

Washington, Madison and Monroe were born in my legislative district and to be bullied by a politician would be to dishonor them and the men and women who have died to protect this great country.
Given this rich history, it particularly disappointing that a major party candidate from this region wants to use the Constitution as a justification to bully and threaten people who don’t agree with her. I won’t let bullies wrap themselves in the flag and say that the majority vote is somehow is not the “right type of America” – attempting to scare others into doing dangerous things.
Sadly, what my opponent recently spouted is the logical extreme of the rhetoric in Washington and, increasingly, Richmond. It can be a short trip from over-heated rhetoric to furious anger to absolute rage.
In short, my opponent threatened to overturn the ballot box with the bullet box. She doesn’t realize the founders turned to the bullet box so they could have the right to a ballot box.
While some might be saddened for the future of robust political debate in this district and country, I know that we continue to be the best region, in the best state in the best country in the world.

Rick Smiley

We can't let this woman get elected. Everyone please go to Albert Pollard's website and donate!!!



Thought it was "Cooch" too so I listened again to the video I took of him at TEA Party on July 4th - no bullets but "intersting"

Alex P. Keaton

Thanks Ben. I'll be mailing her a check tonight.

Keep posting all these videos you consider radical, so I know who to contribute to.

Tom Paine

"Thanks Ben. I'll be mailing her a check tonight."

Once more, one of the far- right-wing trolls that have come to dominate this site speak out!


I am not a big fan of the alphabet agencies, but have any of them been alerted about this?

If this was a leftist candidate they would have been sent to GITMO by now under the BuSHIT admin.

I think it's payback time!

Mike B

You know this is quite in keeping with Thomas Jefferson. If government is no longer following the Constitution then Armed Revolt is the solution. Of course were so far away from anything Jefferson was talking about that it's silly to think of except in the abstract. But if Bush or Obama decided to no longer hold elections and declared themselves dictator for life or something then yes armed revolt is perfectly fine. But armed revolt is only if you don't get to vote, not if you loose the vote.

Josh Taylor

Hmm... interesting. This is a remarkably similar sentiment to the one expressed by Malcolm X in a speech entitled, "The Ballot or the Bullet." I wonder if it was intentional.

Either way, this lady's off her rocker.

Brotha from another motha

I doubt that old lady is down with Malcolm.


How is it possible that no one has posted a link to her site yet? http://www.catherinecrabill.com/

Some choice quotes include "War is inevitable?" and "Cry Freedom?" Who is she, Bantu Steve Biko?


You made the Huffington Post, if you don't know.

Crabill's response, via the Washington Post, to the criticisms:

"Those are my convictions," Crabill, 52, said in a telephone interview this morning. "I am a full-blooded, freedom-loving American, and what we're seeing in Washington is domestic terrorism at its worst."

But as a video of some provocative remarks zipped around the Internet, she also worried that she would be caricatured as an extremist. And she said she wanted to make clear that she was not advocating armed resistance.

"I have no desire to see this country erupt in any kind of violent revolution," Crabill said. "I don't even own a gun."

Not John S. Mosby

Full-blooded American, is that Republicanese Dog Whistle for white?

James Cupp

Not all conservative Republicans are nuts... From an e-mail I sent out April 22, 2009:

"All of this is not to say Ms. Crabill and other conspiracy-types should not have the freedom to believe in whatever nonsense they wish. It crosses the line, however, when they seek to be the face of a major political party to the public, who largely know nothing about the nomination process and fairly presume that a Party's nominees represent its beliefs and that if said candidates did not, they would not be the Party's nominees."


"Full-blooded American, is that Republicanese Dog Whistle for white?"



Holy freaking smokes! They just get crazier and crazier. The first quote made my jaw drop, the correct quote just scares the ever lovin' socks right off me. Good golly these people are nuttier than peanut brittle!


I doubt that old lady is down with Malcolm.

Posted by: Brotha from another motha | July 16, 2009 at 04:02 PM

Brotha, you just made the understatement of the decade!

James Young

I'm still waiting for the apology from John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. After all, they advocated the same radical notion.

Ghost of RWR

Also by actually reacting to this nutty statement, Pollard actually looks as silly as his opposition. Albert, better to say nothing and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt…thanks, NLS, for broadcasting Pollards “sanctimonious remorse” over his oppositions idiocy. Misery must truly love company…


Which radical notion is that? The radical notion that armed resistance is an appropriate response to a democratically elected government providing health care to poor people? Or that same government attempting to salvage a major American industry? No, I get it. It's the radical notion that violence is the correct response when our, once again, say it with me, democratically elected government even hints at a minuscule tax increase for some of the wealthiest people on the planet. I mean, if this is domestic terrorism at its worst, what does Crabill call George Washington putting down the Whiskey Rebellion? She probably considers that the moral equivalent of the Holocaust.


stay classy, once again, VA Republicans.


"Full-blooded American, is that Republicanese Dog Whistle for white?

Posted by: Not John S. Mosby | July 16, 2009 at 06:05 PM"

Yeah, because you say so, douchenozzle.


"democratically elected government even hints at a minuscule tax increase for some of the wealthiest people on the planet"

$54,000 is minuscule? Really? Wow. You must be one of those wealthiest people on the planet.

J. Tyler Ballance

People have used this Ballots versus Bullets construct for centuries.

First, there is absolutely no chance that Pollard can lose in the 99th. That District is so gerrymandered for the Democrats, Pollard would still win, even if he were a corpse.

Second, the citizens have every right to take up arms to throw-off the yoke of a tyrannical government. It is exactly this possibility that has saved our Republic many times throughout our history.

While I think her inflammatory rhetoric is lost on the mostly in-bred populace of the Northern Neck, it is a positive sign to see a few White citizens beginning to push back against unconstitutional behavior by the recent and current Administrations.

Not Larry Sabato

Tyler, you are misinformed.

The 99th has voted: Bush/Kilgore/Bolling/McDonnell/Allen/Yes/McCain/Warner.

Rtwng Extrmst

Thatks Valerie for posting the link to that excellent speech by our next Attorney General. He makes perfect sense and that's why he will win.

As for Crabil, she doesn't represent this Republican's views on any number of conspiracies she has been quoted on in the past.

I'm not surprised though that she was able to get nominated. After all, do you think most people who voted for Obama last fall thought they would get the kind of strong-arm tactics and nationalization of private property that we've seen in only six months?

Rtwng Extrmst

Here's a great quote for you:

"“And folks look, AARP knows and the people with me here today know, the president knows, and I know, that the status quo is simply not acceptable,” Biden said at the event on Thursday in Alexandria, Va. “It’s totally unacceptable. And it’s completely unsustainable. Even if we wanted to keep it the way we have it now. It can’t do it financially.”

“We’re going to go bankrupt as a nation,” Biden said.

“Now, people when I say that look at me and say, ‘What are you talking about, Joe? You’re telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?’” Biden said. “The answer is yes, that's what I’m telling you.” "

Good ole Joe, what an ignoramus! Meanwhile the CBO says we cannot sustain the kind of spending we are seeing in the Federal level. I wish I had a printing press in my basement like good ole Joe!


Rtwang Extrimst- Can you please explain why Coooch sees: taxes, attacking labor and fighting with the Federal government the job of the AG?????

This nutcase is supposed to protect VA with a well run LE force, yet his speeches sound like rambling Ron Paulbot speak.

Does Coooch know what the job of AG is?

Or does he see this as a good title to feed his fat ego and a venue to keep the heat off of this growing extremism?


I like Cuccinelli a lot as a Senator, but I do not trust his ability to be our next AG because I do not trust his ability to seperate personal/ political preference form the duties of the position.
For all of you conservatives out there (like me) who oppose(d) the confirmation of Sonya Sotomayor -- you should also opposed the election of Cuccinelli. Using a juducial or legal elected office to advance a personal agenda should not be supported by anyone who values freedom.


Spock whined: "This nutcase is supposed to protect VA with a well run LE force, yet his speeches sound like rambling Ron Paulbot speak.

Does Coooch know what the job of AG is?"

Note to Spock: you should figure it out for yourself before opening up your ignorant pie hole.

Pssst - the AG has virtually nothing to do with law enforcement. The only AG involvement in criminal law is when those cases are appealed. Otherwise, it's all handled at the local level.

The AG is the attorney for the commonwealth, the state's law firm. Thankfully, Cooch has a better grasp on the job than you do, Spock.

Now run along and play.

Justina For Justice

This Republican woman demonstrates the essentially undemocratic views of a vicious minority.

The ballot box shows the will of the majority of voters. She is claiming that if her views are in the minority, she has the right to use bullets to force the majority to cower to her views.

That is exactly what Al Qaeda and the Taliban are trying to do: force their minority views on the majority through violence and terror.

Our Constitution provides that a majority of voters determine our representatives and our laws. She has some nerve claiming that any part of our Constitution supports the tyranny of a violent minority over the will of the peaceful, voting majority.


U Pubis- No, not quite, no wonder the past 8 years were hell, you cons are morons.

This is the job description of the AG:

"State Attorney General
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The party distribution of attorneys general by state. Blue represents Democrats, and red represents Republicans.
***The state Attorney General in each of the 50 U.S. states and territories is the chief legal advisor to the state government and the state's chief law enforcement officer.* In some states, the attorney general serves as the head of a state department of justice, with responsibilities similar to those of the United States Department of Justice. Most attorneys general are elected statewide; however, some are appointed by their state's governor, legislature, or supreme court"

This position has NOTHING to do with taxes, or Unions or fighting with the federal government about taxes.

You idiots are programed robots for buzz words and have no concept of how government is run.

And BTW- your "Obama Sucks" website looks like the "White Nationalist" sites such as VNNForum and Stormfront.org.

Which proves this poster right:



"Ballots instead of Bullets" is an old expression.

She seems to be saying "Ballots first. Then Bullets" which is a different take on it. She seems to be advocating violence if the democratic process does not produce the desired results.


It simply depended on how you interpreted "before." Either it's an expression of something inevitable (i.e. eventually it will come down to bullets) or an expression about a sequence: (i.e. thankfully, we have democracy to turn to before turning to open warfare). But then now that I've seen the video, the context is the former, not the latter. And yeah, that's not what a Gov101 prof would say. It is aggressive and threatening, in a way different from how it read to me on the page. Such is the power of going to the videotape...


I wonder if there is the same shame towards the democrats who wish to turn our country into european style socialism?

Do racists such as spock support that movement?

There is really no need to worry about anything because things are just fine in this country and Obama and Biden have both told us that "everything is working as planned"

I suppose all of you liberals should be elated that the plan is comming together. Our unemployment is approaching european numbers, our industries are being taken over by the government, our banking system is being taken over by the government and healthcare is next on the list.

gotta love that change, just don't buy a car, try to get a loan or get sick.


ROFLMAO!! Nice cut/paste of from wiki's generic article on attorneys general. OMG... I'm blowing coffee out my nose here. Bwwwaaaahhaaaaaa.

Hey Spock, please don't ever go away (like limp wristed Doug did). This site needs douchenozzles like you to keep it interesting.


I became acquainted with Catherine Crabill about 10 years ago...she was a nut case then and things obviously have not changed. She does not speak for many of the Republicans in the district.

Some of us are choosing to vote for the lesser of two evils; we are voting for the democratic candidate (for the first time ever).

Tom Paine

QuotE: "The point of the 2nd Amendment is to fight tyranny to be sure. The founding fathers recognized that their independence hinged on the armement of the citizenry and sought to guarantee this right for all future generations."

Yes, there was to be no substantial standing federal army and the state militas were supposed to fend of internal tyranny or external invaders.


Did anyone who is posting to this blog actually attend the Tea Party rally where this candidate spoke? Obviously not by the various comments shown thus far. If you were able to listen to her entire speech from beginnig to end, she was actually reading and quoting from PATRICK HENRY and yes, Abe Lincoln did make the quote about the ballot box and the bullet box. But, in the context of the entire speech (his and hers), she was not advocating or threatening the use of weapons (she's not even a gun owner), she was making a point about this election and the Constitution and that the ballot box was the way we settle things in America. The "clip" used by the bloggers and the attempts by the press to somehow associate her with being a "threat" harkens back to the Clinton Administration when anyone who disagreed with the CROWN PRINCE of Arkansas was villifed in effigy. Obama and his gang of Dems and the press are no different. The stuff on this blog is simply ridiculous and not even good speculation or historically accurate.

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