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Tom Davis actually made sense until the Lincoln comment started.

Well, you can't have everything ...


I remember watching Tom on a segment and when he was asked something about how the ultra-right have pushed moderates out of the party his reaction was so telling. He definitely doesn't fall within the ultra right ideology of his party and thus I believe if he was still a Congressman he would be facing a crazy, right-wing loon opponent in the primary!


Davis has always been one of the Republicans I have the most respect for. I still remember listening to him on the radio on election night 2008. "Well, this is what happens when a party puts purity before winning."

Tom Paine

Tom Davis speaks out of both sides of his mouth!

While he was condemning the Republican right-wingers in his appearances with moderate or liberal media, he was supporting those same right wing positions on the House floor and in committee.

Office 2010

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