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Good ad! Really hits home the point that Cooch is refusing to condemn a person running to be a representative of our Commonwealth who supports violence if they lose at the ballot box!

Gretchen Laskas

Nicely done!

Shaking my head

Good ad. It's certainly fair game.

The Republicans have been encouraging this kind of nut for a long time now. It is now coming back to bite them in the ass.

You reap what you sow.

Independent Voter

Once again a campaign needs a little introduction to video production. Audio too low on the youtube clip, and music too loud.

Frankie Sez

Yawn. It doesn't reflect well on the crazy lady ranting a bit, but I don't really get it as a connection to KC.

Of course, I don't quite get while a candidate for the Christian right would say what she said in this clip. Kinda wacky.


Nice to see Smilin' Steve spending his first ad talking about all the major accomplishments he had in the General Assembly.

Oh wait . . .


I can't wait for Cooch to talk about all the criminals he's put behind bars and kept off the street.

Oh wait......

Larry Sabato's Hairpiece

Doesn't this have to comply with VA's stand by your ad regs since it mentions the opponent?

kelley in virginia

could we have a post about michael vick & what people think about his return (possibly) to pro football?

Stonewall Brigade

The Ds are scared to death, this is an irrational attack against Ken. It will not work. What does Steve think about that special session now?

Brian W. Schoeneman

What does this have to do with the campaign? What do Crabill's rantings have to do with the Attorney General job? Nothing. This ad is pointless.

You might as well run an ad asking why Cuccinelli hasn't condemned the birthers, the Designated Hitter rule or lawn darts.

If this is all Shannon can come up with against Cuccinelli...he needs to fire his oppo researcher.


Nothing like going negative early and trying the 'guilt-by-association' ruse. I can't stand KC, but this is a low blow that makes me wonder about the qualifications of Steve Shannon.

Gosh, Ben. If I didn't know any better, I would think that you were on Steve's payroll! But, we all know that bloggers don't take "consulting fees" because that would be dishonest. Well, at least if they do take them, then it certainly doesn't affect their editorial bias, right?


Whoa,...is this Cuccineli person the woman in this video?

watching in Fairfax


What is your problem? The ad clearly says that it was "paid for and authorized by Steve Shannon for Attorney General."


This type of stuff is below Shannon.
He needs to get better advice, not only is this useless blather, it is not very well put together.


I see the Cooch's trolls have come out in force! Actually the refusal of a major party candidate who is supposed to be the chief attorney for the state to clearly and unequivocally disassociate himself from an apparent call for insurrection from a fellow nominee of his party running for state office reflects quite poorly on Cooch. Heck, if Cooch went back to his old mantra and asked what would the Gipper do, I can pretty much assure you that the Gipper would have said Crabhill is a nut and he would have called upon her to retract her statement or alternately asked the local GOP committee to disown her!



You have made the partisan mistake of believing that anyone who doesn't toe "The Party Line" is a troll for the other side.

Would you have us believe that any candidate for statewide office is obligated to either endorse or renounce the public statements and positions of every candidate anywhere in the state who is a member of the same party? Did Mark Warner meet that standard? Can Steve Shannon?

Sue Brown

I don't even understand this ad. I hope that we aren't paying money to run this on mess on television.

Sue Brown

I watched it again, and I STILL don't get it! No one else will either. who is that woman? And what's she got to do with Cuccinelli?

NoVA Scout

Unfortunately, the Republican Party in Virginia (and other places too, I'm sure) has not bestirred itself to make it impossible for people like Crabill to give us all a bad name. The same could be said of Virgil Goode. And we often pay for it at the polls. Our sane candidates are occasionally deemed guilty be association. But . . . this really is a lame way to go about attacking Cuccinelli.

Brian W. Schoeneman

There's no reason for Cuccinelli or any other Republican to condemn these statements. To condemn them means you have to pay attention to them, and they've already gotten more attention then they deserve.

The last time Virginians decided to pick up the "bullet box" after losing at the ballot box, it cost hundreds of thousands of lives. I don't think any sane person would advocate for that.

It's best to ignore the comments and ignore the person speaking them. Crabill needs to fade back into obscurity after losing the election.


I hear that there was a cancer rally that Ken Cuccinelli didn't attend. Ken Cuccinelli, he is for cancer! Has Steve Shannon publically denounced Nazi's? Oh boy, what is this saying about Steve?


What was that all about? I couldn't even understand what she was saying. I think Shannon needs to contack brian Kirwin for some campaign advice. Maybe he can come up with a catchy song. The video sucked!

Not John S. Mosby

Brian, would sane people advocate insurrection just because you lose a fair election? No, but then again, would you describe the birthers, the Tea Party people, the ones screaming "socialist/marxist/communist", the other conspiracy theorists on the Republican side fully sane? It's one thing to advocate for your beliefs, it's another to run for office - or be in elected office - and actually advocate that insanity.


This is the kind of guilt by association crap that Lowell does all the time

I guess Ben is trying to get another MaCaca moment or something.

The difference the actual CANDIDATE didn't make these comments

Brian W. Schoeneman

NJSM, other than the Tea Party people, the rest of those folks are fringe at best and there's no reason to give them any attention. They don't represent the mainstream of the party and the only reason they're even active now is because of Ron Paul.

The Tea Party people I put in a different category because, for the most part, they aren't crazy - they're just mad. And that's fine.

I guess since we're not in charge now, our nuts get more attention than yours do. I can't remember the last time I heard about Code Pink.

Steve Shannon Swings and Misses!

That Catherine Crabill woman seems kinda crazy in this short clip. But I don't see her behavior as tied to Ken Cuccinelli.

I think someone hit the nail on the head. Has Steve Shannon decried the Holocaust lately? If not, can we say that he is a Holocaust denier? No. That would be unfair. And wrong. Steve is a decent guy.

I just expect Steve to play decently.

This kind of stuff is going to lose him the election. It's such nonsense, that no one will believe a candidate with a chance would put it on his page!


I think it's relevant unfortunately since Obama and the Democrats have taken over there has been this "Government is taking over, turning us into socialists" and everything else. Hell, I still attribute the murder of three police officers to this kind of rhetoric because "Obama is gonna take away my 2nd Amendment rights." It's total garbage but then again like that incident demonstrated you only need one person to believe it and act upon it.

Honestly, I'm a little curious to see since a lot of his anti-abortion militatants who he has support from and rolls with support and commend Dr. Killers assassin whether Cooch also supports their sentiment? I trust Mike Henry knows that he is doing with all this and besides, there is plenty of Crazy Cooch stuff to last us well into and past election day. Unlike Janet O's race, we have a campaign manager who can actually paint Cooch for the radical he is and make it stick with voters!


DanielK, what evidence is there to prove the government isn't "taking over"? They "took over" GM. They are trying to "take over" healthcare. They even want to "take over" carbon emissions and energy consumption.
I don't think these opinions make me a wacko, but no one can really argue that the gov't isn't trying to expand at an extremely reckless pace. Much the same thing could be said of those who opposed the Patriot Act.
Back to whether this has anything to do with Cooch, KC is about as Right-Wing an extremist as that crazy guy named Thomas Jefferson. They both oppose an intrusive government.


If you think they are taking over then that's fine and it can be argued that they are doing what they can to ensure these companies aren't going under. The problem you don't mention is how to deal with this "take over."

We know that voters weren't happy with the Republicans after eight years of George W. Bush in office and they voted for Barack Obama and an overwhelming Democratic majority. Now, in 2010 and 2012 if voters do not like the job of the current administration then they'll go to the ballot box and do what they gotta do. Plain and simple. Problem that comes in with these comments is the "what if" and what happens after. What happens if Democrats still remain the majority in 2012 or if they remain in control in Virginia and even take of the House of Delegates? Should Republicans or like minded individuals turn to the bullet box and their second amendment rights against the government? That's the point of all this and so far few people, from both sides have really come out and condemned this but particularly the Republican Party.

A Voter

I agree with "Steve Shannon Swings and Misses".

Why hasn't Shannon publicly condemned the Holocaust? Is it because he's anti-semitic? I also haven't heard him publicly denounce sexual slavery. Sexual slavery still exists, and yet Shannon is purposely turning a blind eye to this by silently condoning it, both here and abroad.

I think it's quite clear that by not condemning everything evil in this world, Shannon is an obvious an agent of Satan.

Wait, this doesn't make sense to you? You think it's a stretch to attack someone for not addressing every bad thing out there, which is NOT directly involved in this campaign? I agree... it's just too bad that Steve Shannon doesn't.


This ad was EXCELLENT. It shows just who is supporting the GOP candidates in Virginia--unhinged right wing conspiracy theorists with NO agenda other than possessing a weird strain of Obama Derangement Syndrome. With folks like these as friends, the Republicans can watch another set of statewide Democratic victories.

Jeffrey Knight

This is dumb. There's no connection to Cuccinelli here at all, which is why the ad doesn't even attempt to explain a connection. Shannon must be real desperate to sink to this crap.

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