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Actually I think that counts as 3 government jobs. Consultant for New Port news schools, Virginia Delegate, and his new position with ODU


This is bad for Hamilton but it looks even worse for O.D.U.

"The day the money began flowing, the center put him (Del. Phil Hamilton)on its payroll."

This does not look like the way an elite, quality, ethical institution of higher learing would behave. Do you think UVA would hire anyone who got them a half-million dollars? O.D.U. looks rinky-dink and desperate.

The Mighty Quinn

Hamilton looks like that Kenny Rogers character on Mad TV.



The qoutes from Old Dominion University sound like something you would have heard in Chicago in the '70s.

"He's (Hamilton) more than leveraged the money that we're paying him." (Dave Blackburn, ODU).


Phil is really not that conservative, but I understand the point you are making Ben.

Not Jim Moran

yeah i always thought that he was fairly moderate...

Larry's nosehairs

The problem with his opponent in the 93rd is that she is not very nice. And Phil brings home the bacon for the 93rd. Abbott sadly is just not very personable. In fact, she can be downright nasty when you meet her, if she'll stop talking about herself long enough to notice you. Hamilton at least listens. There is no question this is not helpful to Hamilton, but the candidate running against him is weak, weak, and not likely to unseat him. This is a district with a lot of double dippers, contractors and government employee's. Not going to hurt him as bad as his opponents are making it out.

Gene E. Magruder

First of all Phil is way more conservative than what he likes to convey. Second thing is that Phil has not brought much back to our district. Third thing is that Phil never votes for the middle class and workers. He always favors big business.

not surprised

He also got his wife a nice job at CNU the same year he sent them a load of money.


We know Hamilton is bought and paid for by big pharma, hospitals and insurance. Now we know he is lining his personal pockets too.

Hamilton is an arrogant prick who has been so insulated, he probably thinks he and his mistress, whoops second wife, earned these cushy paybacks sucking at the government teat jobs.

face the facts

This is just the tip of a very large iceberg. In his willfully blind state of ignorance, the Speaker has run his republican ship into the Hamilton Iceburg and the ship is now taking on water. Willful ignorance is only blissful for so long. Who else knew about Hamilton's corruption but turned a blind eye to it? Let's see ....


Anybody but Robin Abbott. She will be too busy chainsmoking and thinking about her next fix to worry about her constituents.
Remember less than two months ago it was Abbott who said "vote for the Brian Moran of your choice."

Larry Sabato's earwax

I think a couple of posters have hit on the central issue in the 93rd. Robin Abbott's abrasive personality. She is rude-crude and nasty most of the time. She gives off the "I'm entitled to this job" aire when you talk to her. When she can stop talking about her herself, long enough to give you the time. I don't disagree with any of the attacks on Hamilton, but people know Hamilton in the district and he's a hard guy to dislkike after you've talked to him. Robin on the other hand is hard to like after you've met her. Plus the guy running her campaign is as bad as she is, and doesn't know diddly about Virginia. Just flew in to save us southerners, from ourselves attitude. This story isn't going to hurt Hamilton and doesn't make Abbott more likeable.

Len Bennett

Larry's earwax and nosehairs (Same I assume)- nice trolling. [I post with my real name. And of course you would assert that I am bias as hell - Robin is my law partner and our firm - a consumer advocacy group in Newport News and Fairfax - is committed to this campaign, and other candidates that consumers]

There are all types of arguments you could make for your guy - but "Robin is abrasive" or "Robin is not very nice" is over the top and dishonest. Geez - she spends her law practice staying up late working on briefing to try and save foreclosure victims and defend defrauded servicemembers or going after crooks like this guy (sucessfully) - http://www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_0286-7078456_ITM


She is as 'nice', kind and caring as they come. So vote for your guy, but stop making stuff up for the rest of the folks out there.

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