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Just wanted to introduce myself--I'm Adrian Arroyo, deputy communications director for ActBlue. That push is already happening on ActBlue here:


Not Larry Sabato

Adrian- that is already linked in the post. This is the "in person" part of that effort, once we get our first Virginia Congressman on board!

Bob Brigham

Good for Terry McAuliffe.

Let's pick up some votes!

If you live in any Dem district in Virginia, call your member today.


That's it? That's the major announcement? The promise of a fundraiser for a single Congressman?

I like McAuliffe even though I didn't want him as our nominee (although I'm starting to revisit whether he might have performed less bad than Deeds), and this blog is really great at times.

But often times there is melodramatic build up here followed by a letdown. This is one of those times.

Not Larry Sabato

Cyclone- this would be the first time in Virginia netroots history where we teamed up with someone to do a major event for one of our projects. That's why it is big news- not because its a "single fundraiser".

kelley in virginia

i double dog dare tom perriello to do this.

but, i must say that he had lobbyist for big Pharm at our townhall last night so i guess he's ready to commit to this.

he was in kenbridge va last night.

we were polite. perriello used alot of big words 'cuz, you know, he went to yale, & we are just stupid rednecks.

kelley in virginia

the better post might be: which will jump on this fundraiser 1st:

bobby scott, gerald connolly or jim moran?

Not Tucker Watkins

Kelley in Virginia,

Your hate for Tom Perriello is truly impressive. He is holding 21 townhalls in a month, talking to people who want everything from single payer to no change in the current system whatsoever, but you're upset because he talks to you like adults? You've made it clear on so many posts throughout the VA blogosphere (including many unrelated to VA-05) that you'll go door to door despite your medical conditions to defeat him. That's great. But you seem truly blind in your rage.


Does the offer also include a new job in January, 2011?


True, true--and now I feel quite sheepish.


Calling Creigh Deeds…calling Creigh Deeds…will you publically agree with your former opponent in the Democrat primary that Virginia needs a public option that, well, most Virginians DON’T WANT?!

Way to go T-Mac and NLS for calling out Deeds on Obama-care! Deeds is as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs over how the healthcare backlash will impact his candidacy, and you guys are “helping” him a lot! Love it!

Medical fact

It really doesn't matter, no government health plan is going to cure you left wingers of being moonbats.


Wait, hold on!

You're saying that any Democrat that signs on to this pledge will drag their heels the entire way through the health care reform process even if we get a semi-reasonable bill if it doesn't have the Public Option?

kelley in virginia

i don't hate Tom Perriello. i don't think his votes are representative of his constituents. and anyone who has attended his townhalls (& we appreciate his having them) or read reports on his townhalls realizes that he might be a tad bit too liberal for the 5th.

and yes, i will work against him. is there anything wrong with any of what i've just posted? anything un-American?


a fundraiser? all that for a fundraiser?

screw it, Ben, do a call to action.

the other side shows up outside TH meetings with friggin assault rifles.

during Bush years "our people" got thrown out for anti-Bush tees and bumber stickers.

you don't need a dinner, you need a story about mass turnout at TH meetings in support of healthcare who can be just as passionate as the other side.

We all need to go "Barney Frank" on the them!


Well ain't that just special....Did Terry say he was gonna help raise money for Virginia candidates running this year even if he didn't win the nomination? Haven't heard anything from that so I figure I'd throw that out there!

southern observer

Tom Perrijello will eventually vote for the public option but he does not have the guts to say so. He says he presently does not support it but wants to be convinced to do so. If the meetings like last night in Lunenburg are an example, the people don't want it. But tiny Tom will bend to Pelosi and do as he is told.

NLS, you are such a strong advocate of his so call and see what you can get out of him. BTW, where is your running partner Joe "the blob" Stanley these days ?

Not Larry Sabato

DanielK, I believe that Terry just sent out a fundraising email for House Dems just last week?


Great news!! T-Mac will do for the Virginia Congressional Democrats what he did for himself.....take them down the electoral drain. I think four of these guys didn't want everyone to know about their leftist stripes and Terry is outing them.

kelley in virginia

gosh, southern observer, you were in Kenbridge last night?

Clairese Lippincott

Spock says he wants to go, "Barney Frank" on them...

Is that the same as going Broke-Back?


Not worth it.

Not Barack Obama

Awww...poor Kelley...she's just too overcome by all those BIG words of Tom Periello...they scare her...like change....how sad. Good on T-Mac, this is a great idea, I just wish more people in more states decided to reward their good guys like this. How fortuitous an occurrence for this generous offer of beneficence from Mister McCauliffe. I hope it yields a great dividend. Heh

Ben's Mom

Out with the truth Ben, you just want the Feds to pay for your hallucinogens and sex toys...err therapeutic devices.

kelley in virginia

actually, not barack:

my law degree is just as good as Perriello's, but I got mine in Virginia.

but i was proud of our citizens of Lunenburg--they were pretty damn well-informed about what is going on in Congress.


Why should it matter where one got their law degree kelley?

Ben, I'm talking about Terry being more active in regards to the fund raising for Creigh. I mean with Terry's help there should be no reason why Creigh should be trailing B-Mac at all during the campaign. Just my opinion.

kelley in virginia

danielK: not all us have big-time expensive elite northern Ivy League education as Obama & Perriello do.

however, we do read & write & often understand. and we vote.


There must be a public option. If healthcare worked half as well as the DMV or the post office we'd be in much better shape.


@kelley in virginia

Did you ever see Virgil Goode speak in public? He was _incredibly_ wonky. And people liked it. They said he spoke to them like adults and made them feel like their Congressman could get things done in Washington.

But now that the big-words-user is a Democrat, it's not okay, huh?

(I don't think you even believe your own drivel.)


Hot damn Kelley, what's with the attitude? I sure a hell didn't make any comment about your law degree thinking it's any less than anyone else's. In my line of work I've ran into plenty of defense attorneys who have gone to fancy, big name/big money law schools and they've argued their clients right into jail. On the other hand, some of the better ones I've seen have come from Tier 3 and one even a Tier 4. Point is, who cares where one gets a law degree (Unless it's from a non-ABA approved school of course)

Point is, who give a shit where anyone went to law school? A education is only as good as the work you put in to earn it!



If Kelly really has health issues, I for one would be glad to pay extra taxes to make sure she has a public option for healthcare.

Now, she has a lot more $$$'s than I do, but like everyone else she should not have to face huge health insurance and Dr costs!

Kelly, I would be glad to chip in to help you, you are my fellow human being and we are all in this together!

The $$$'s being spent on your health should stay in your family for your children, not in the pockets of insurance company CEO's and big Pharma.

Stonewall Brigade

You go Terry, it's killing Deeds in Va. GOP victory in 74 days!

Sue Brown

Tom Periello won't vote for the public option. He is well aware that if he does so, his career is over.

Any chance that McAuliffe could raise the profile of Creigh Deeds? Maybe hold a fundraiser for him? Or even let him come to the fundraisers for the Congressmen in Virginia. Maybe Terry will let Deeds give a little speech, or something, if he promises to give money to Virginia Congressmen.


I feel for virginia preogresssives. I really do. you seem to have too many the snotty/jock/ willfully/ ignorant/ daddys boy/rush limbaugh "conservatives" to feel superior to, and not enough of the the toothless/heavily armed/overmedicated/tralierbunker/ glen beck types. they are even more fun. "WAKE UP PEEPEL" = O

kelley in virginia

sue, i hope you are right that Perriello won't vote for public option.or maybe i hope that he does.....

spock, thanks for your generosity. big Pharma is in with Obama with his healthcare plan. its been in all the papers. Obama has negotiated with them. and big Pharma was/is supposed to use $150million to advertise for the healthcare plan.

Rtwng Extrmst

Yes Ben, WE NEED a public option desperately to keep those EVIL insurance companies honest!

While we're at it, we need a public grocery store option too. People are starving and need those prices reduced from evil Walmart and Costco.

Also we need a public option for housing (wait, I guess we have Fannie and Freddie and we see how that worked out)

And a public automobile option... Oh wait there's GM and Chrysler run by Obama and the UAW.

Anyone see a pattern here????

Orley Allen

McAuliffe made 23 million dollars from the Global Crossing fiasco. How did you do? If McAuliffe and his DLC cronies are interested in a public option, it's because they've found a way to profit from it.


Perriello had another bad night last night in Nelson. He had to bring in his goons from Charlottesville who seem to be in many counties, same folks. Does he have to do this to put up a show ? Are they coordinating this with his staff ?


McAuliffe, could not have made 23 million dollars, that would have been "profit" and rabid liberals do not like profit.

or are you trying to imply that it is ok to make profit if you are a liberal like McAuliffe and Streisand..etc???

They would not be so hypocritical.. would they?

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