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This is definitely news worthy but also pathetic that this whole "birther" debate is still going on. More news worthy is that there are still representatives who refuse to denounce it or say that Obama is an actual citizen (Bachmann anyone?) I mean even Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) summed it up during the Firedoglake segement that Obama is a citizen after his own staff conducted an investigation. I'm sort of hoping that these people get even more active in the McDonnell campaign so rational thinking moderates and independents associate it with the GOP. Do we know B-Macs position on the issue?

Also, I believe this is a total Cooch moment waiting to happen. Could you see him saying something like "As Attorney General, I will challenge the legal authority of President Obama to provide Virginia any federal money as he does not have the legal authority as our commander in chief, blah blah blah" some crap along those lines.

Sabato's nose hairs

Nothing like bringing out the looney-right-wing for everyone to see and hear, to move an election! Thank God for the Christian Right! Amen!!


If you think your going to win this election by bringing up "birthers" then I really do believe that SurveyUSA poll. None of the Republican canidates past the fringe Crabil types will be talking about this issue. Instead they'll be talking about jobs (McDonnell/Bolling) or running legal circles around the Dems (Cooch). its funny, the only people bringing the "birthers" up in this race is the Dems.

NoVA Scout

As loonie as the birthers are, their existence does present an opportunity for Dems. They just have to ensure that every R candidate has to answer forthrightly whether he/she believes the President is a native citizen of the United States. If the candidate equivocates, maneuvers or is at all hesitant about saying yes, he comes across as either stupid or intimidated by a bunch of lunatics.

Brian W. Schoeneman

I think the birthers are as crazy as anybody else, but this is an unfair criticism. Of course the birthers are going to be Republican - it's an anti-Obama movement. Its not like the truthers, who were just your general conspiracy theorist wackjobs. Remember, in 2003, over 50% of Americans thought Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11. Sometimes crazy things get caught up in the public's mind and they run with it.

Pointing out that there's a fringe to the Republican party seems to be the only legitimate line of attack the Democrats have this cycle - anything you can do to take the attention off the economy, I suppose.

After a while, the birthers will have been completely discredited and this issue will die off, except for a few die hard tinfoil hat wearers. This should probably be somewhere in the middle of Governor McDonnell's first year in office.

Not Larry Sabato

Let's see what percentage of McDonnell supporters are NOT "birthers".

It's going to be well below half. hahahahahaha.


Is anyone from PPP reading this? If so, I have a request.

Next poll please ask if people "approve" or "disapprove" of the killing of George Tiller. Let's also see the cross-tabs on that question with the Governor's race.

I bet over half of McDonnell voters approve of killing that doctor.

Stonewall Brigade

It's a non issue. The Ds had better come up with some issues that people care about or they are going to wiped out in 94 days. Kaine numbers are not good and BO numbers fall everyday so that leaves Mark Warner who has been incredibly quite in this race. You guys have won 4 in a row dont count on a 5th. Bob McD is going to be tough to beat.

Birther Madness

"in 2003, over 50% of Americans thought Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11"

That's because Bush, Cheney, and other Republican leaders told people Saddam was behind it or strongly implied that he was.


It isn't a matter of fairness. It is a matter of leadership. The more people put microphones in front of Republican elected officials and ask them about this the more these "leaders" show themselves to be anything but.

Both parties have always had and will always have a lunatic fringe. Back when the Republican Party was a party for thinking people I am sure all the John Birchers voted for Goldwater. But Goldwater didn't embrace the lunatics. And they did not define him or the party.

Today we see Republican Congressmen introducing "birther" bills in Congress. I believe one of the buffoons listed as co-sponsors is our own Congressman Goodlatte. And when they are not pro-actively advancing this lunatic notion they are making the most mealy mouthed statements about it that show clearly how terrified they are of pissing off the lunatics that they themselves have had a hand in motivating into their current foaming at the mouth frenzy.

It is hardly the issue our Gubernatorial election is likely to turn on, but shining a light on the actions and statements of these guys is certainly legitimate. It speaks to the type of leadership they can be expected to demonstrate.

Character does indeed count. And so many of these guys are demonstrating their true character. Voters should certainly consider that when deciding how to cast their votes in November.


This is such a stupid post. Nobody cares whether Bob's supporters also thnk Obama was born in Kenya.

Asking this question is the same as asking how many people who believe that Bush orchestrated the 9/11 atttacks are supporting Creigh Deeds.


What is relevent is the fact that Obama's numbers are tanking as he reveals his true colors and continues to stick his foot in his mouth.

Virginia has a history of going the opposite way of the president. We've done it for about the last 30 years. All of this spells bad news for Creigh and the Dems in November.

Not John S. Mosby

Chris, as a patent attorney, what legal circles is Cooch going to run around Steve Shannon, a criminal attorney? I mean, do Republicans just assume that since Cooch is a lawyer he's a trial lawyer or a prosecutor or some expert on constitutional law? The guy is a paper pusher who does research on patent applications.


McDonnell for the record believes that Obama was born in the US and that Hawaii is a State. (I have my doubts about that last one)
I can see how people could think that he was born elsewhere considering I haven't heard any administration explanation of the passport question.

I find it odd that the birth issue is just being jumped on by you. It didn't seem to bother in last years primarys that your candidates stooges were spreading the same rumor. And your post doesn't hold water. If the birther question is running evenly and Mcdonnell and Deeds are commanding the same percentages than that would mean that McDonnell-Deeds are near tied.

What did Creigh do to close Bobs 15 point lead?

James Young

I wonder if there will be a poll crosstabbing Deeds supporters with the "Bush was selected not elected" crowd?


Chris, Cooch is playing the public for a bunch of fools with the Melendez-Diaz issue. I've told a few of my buddies about his "solution" and they just laugh because it doesn't fix anything. This is where my confidence in Cooch's legal ability dropped seriously....Does any good criminal defense attorney waive a right that could help them and in no way hurt them? I've wrote enough about why his "legislative fix" will put the people "on the front line" (like me) back to square one. But I've explained this enough and talking to a wall is no fun. Unless you are a cop or a defense attorney with experience in DWI defense then you think Cooch solved this problem single handed!

notlowellfeld: You make a very good point because I know one of Cooch's supporters is an absolute anti-abortion militant who proudly supports Dr. Tiller's assassin on his web page.

I'm happy Bob McDonnell believe our president is a citizen but my question is if asked will he offend the Crabill-Cooch base of the Virginia GOP?

Larry Sabato's Hairpiece

Here's the bigger question. Does anyone really believe that 50% of likely voters in Virginia question Obama's birth qualification? Now PPP says this is their first night of calling. It is possible that first night respondents are skewed and subsequent night respondents will balance the sample and produce a more plausible result. But if the final results come in that 50% of all VA likely voters are birthers, I would have to question the sample quality, the question wording or the overall methodology. That is so unlikely to be the result that it should provoke tremendous skepticism of anything that the poll indicates.

Larry Sabato's Hairpiece

Or you can look at this another way. If 50% of likely voting Virginians ARE in fact birthers, then the race is over and McDonnell is going to end up with 70% of the vote. Since that is not going to be the result, I think we can safely say that PPP's first night of calling is messed up in some way or the question is worded poorly.


Whatever -------

Nice to look at the two handsome blokes in the picture!

Does the Hawaiian shirt have any significance?


This birther thing is being blown up by MSNBC and lefty bloggers.....they are obsessed about "the birther movement."

I'd love to see the push question that comes up with 50% of the electorate...probably something like.."Do you think the President of the United States should at LEAST be able to produce a birth certificate instead of calling the demands for one some nutty movement against him?"

Not John S. Mosby

Did anyone ask Ronald Reagan for a birth certificate? Or George Bush?


Ben, this will only be fodder for political junkies like you and me. No one else cares. However, it is kind of alarming if only half the population thinks Obama is a natural-born US Citizen. One would hope that number scoots higher before the results are all in.

Not Michael Jackson

Lets not comment until we see the crosstabs and the actual question.

It could be a push poll to put Bob on the spot about Birthers. (Which is exactly what NLS is trying to have it do.)

Listen, I'm a Cooch supporter, I'm not a birther, I don't believe in conspiracies, I just believe in limited government.

I just find it hilarious that just because Ken and Bob haven't addressed this issue, they are in support of it. It is a stupid issue which they are smart not to give new life to, the only people dragging this issue along are D activists who are trying to find some issue to paint the opposition to their policies as categorically insane.

I for one would like to see Steve Shannon come out and condemn Creigh's voting record on guns. Steve doesn't hold the same views, why won't he condemn them then?

Brotha from another motha

LOL. Who else do you think the birthers are going to vote for you stupid fuck? Bob's going to do what he always does, which is track and triangulate and be noncommittal. Sorry to ruin your masterbatory fantasy..

Rtwng Extrmst

In all likelihood Obama is a natural born US citizen. However, given the lack of transparency from the man about showing his official birth certificate, I'm not at all surprised that a large number of people when asked might not be able to answer with a confident "yes".

I don't know if this has ever been challenged constitutionally (natural citizenship, not necessarily in the case of a US President or candidate for that office). It seems logical to me that if a person was the off-spring of a US citizen who happened to be on travel in a foreign country and gave birth unexpectedly while there, it's a bit of a stretch to me to say that person is therefore not a natural US citizen. This appears to be the situation that alot of these folks questioning Obama's citizenship point to. It seems to me to be getting caught up in the letter instead of the intent of the law. How this all matters to the VA election this year to me is unclear.

kelley in virginia

wonder if 50% of all McDonnell supporters prefer sweet tea over unsweetened? what is the point here?

its Obama's policies that are the problem.


Kelley, it means that they don't like adding any sweetener into their tea!

I get a kick out of how Republicans introducing EFCA think that Virginia's right to work laws are in danger of being overturned. I mean, I know a good number of Republicans are stupid when it comes to labor but I'm big time into the labor movement and I'm certain nothing will overturn those damn laws. My point is that the Virginia GOP have nothing to run on so they have to go after national policies that are attached to President Obama.

Not John S. Mosby

Republicans would never ask a white man to show his birth certificate. Simple as that.

Brian W. Schoeneman

RE, there's been no lack of transparency. Hawaii and the Obama people have released the legitimate, official forms from Hawaii confirming he was born there.

NJSM, that's not entirely true. There was a small amount of concern about McCain's status, as he was born in the Panama Canal Zone and not within the United States proper prior to the election. To my knowledge that issue was never truly resolved, although most constitutional scholars believed he'd still qualify as a natural born citizen.

Regardless, as I have said before, this entire argument is pointless because even if the birthers are right (which they aren't) the only way to remove Obama from office would be impeachment and that's not going to happen. So this whole argument is stupid.

kelley in virginia

oh, not mosby: give it up on the racism charge. you should have been in Halifax on Wed when a black circuit ct judge was sworn in. you'd seen that white, rural people are not as racist as you think. and i bet alot of those white, rural people are Republican.

Judge Cunningham is just a good judge & totally deserving--whether he's black, white or purple.

Larry Sabato's earwax

For those of you who have missed the point, this is about the mindset of McDonnell supporters. Former Senator Marty Williams, who recently declared support for Deeds said, "they(republicans) hated me for supporting HB3202 so they threw me out of office, now they support McDonnell? McDonnell was the chief negotiator (McDonnell's own words) of HB3202 (the regional taxing authorities declared unconstitutional) and yet they now support him? Doesn't make sense! Williams has a point! No question he lost because of a poorly run campaign, but the issue he lost on is factual. Its about the mindset of these people. Blind to facts, enraged over gossip and driven by hatred! Logic is irrelevant to these people!

Not John S. Mosby


Actually, the McCain thing kind of proves the point. A white guy who clearly wasn't born in the US or a territory gets less of a grilling than a black guy born in Hawaii. The Panama Canal Zone was an unincorporated territory in 1936 when he was born, Congress passed legislation I think a year or two later to make everyone born there a citizen. But, he definitely wasn't born in the US, and thus no need for a birth certificate. There was a little chatter about it, but certainly not to the birther extreme.

Kelley, what does a circuit court judge in rural Virginia have to do with President of the United States?

Tom Paine


"Kelley, what does a circuit court judge in rural Virginia have to do with President of the United States?"

Kelly is not the most politically consistent or coherent thinker! She reminds mde of an old song from the 1940s: "Scatterbrain"!

James Young

Without endorsing the claims of the so-called "birthers," if memory serves, there are two principles at work for natural-born American citizenship (and I can't remember the Latin), but it translates as "law of the soil," and "law of the blood." The former holds that all persons born on American soil are "natural-born citizens," and the latter holds that all born to American citizens, no matter where, are also "natural-born citizens." The question get complicated with Obama because of his father's foreign nationality. If born in Hawaii, there is no question, and he is a "natural-born citizen," while if born elsewhere, it can become somewhat more complicated. I don't pretend to know all of the peculiarities of this law, but its peculiarities --- along with President Barry's failure to produce the original certificate, as opposed to a certification issued by a probably (in Hawaii) politicized bureaucrat --- are what provide what little credibility the so-called "birthers" have.

kelley in virginia

hey, yall were talking about Republicans being racist--that could have been on the other thread, but it is mentioned here often.

i was trying to relate a small story of a non-racial event in rural Virginia.

its ok if you call me scatterbrained. those that know me are laughing.



You forget the Hawaii executive is controlled by Republicans and has been since 2002.

Ghost of RWR

Here's the point. Deeds has nothing to offer. I ran into a guy from NOVA today—a teacher no less—who said he was a D but was truly interested in Bob. Why? Because he has actually be contacted by Bob! You D's are whistling past the graveyard if you think that you are not in for it in Nov.

People have had it with “Government Motors”, Obama-care (you'll see this in August with protest all around the country) and stimulus here, stimulus there, stimulus everywhere.

Deeds has NO message. Bob does. Less government, low taxes, more opportunity, something you D's have never liked and don't understand anyway...

Not John S. Mosby

So, Bob's message is the same stupid fucking broken record message that Republicans have used for the last 30 years? The same message that Early and Kilgore and Macacavitz and Gilmore and McCain have used and lost statewide with in the last 8 years? The same message that has lost Republicans 9 of the 13 elected Delegate/Senate seats they held in Fairfax 5 years ago? That message?

Everyone fucking knows that message. Do you have anything remotely relevant to the 21st century?

...I'm Too Sweet as it is!

I support McDonnell.


I believe Obama is a citizen.

AND, furthermore:

I prefer my tea unsweetened, cause...

kelley in virginia

well, i'm scatterbrained, not a racist, support McDonnell, believe Obama is an extreme leftist & love sweet tea.

James Young

Don't know if the position is appointed by the Governor or not, Sam. Remember that, Governor Lingle notwithstanding, the Hawaii legislature is still solidly Democrat.


I don’t know anything about “ppp” but finding 50% questioning citizenship sounds very interesting.

I can not see a racial aspect to this, given that Obambi is half white (at least in the Virginia ad’s).
But if half of the people think that he is not a citizen, it begs the question on why many voted for him in the first place. (stupid or ignorant?)

It is unfortunate that his birth certificate was destroyed (I have yet to understand that), but he is our president.
I disagree with many of his policies on social issues, but I do appreciate him keeping some of Bush’s policies in tact in regards to security.

Bottom line is that he will probably be of little use during this election, and the rest of the liberals are even more of a burden. I am sure that the 5 million who have lost their jobs (three letter word) since Obambi has taken office are not happy campers; and do not believe that this was the “change” they were looking for.
A Deeds bumper sticker (following in the Obambi model) that reads “vote for me and you will lose your job” is probably not going to be helpful.

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