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James Young

As opposed to what? The Sierra Club?


Not so fast, Ben. You care to elaborate a bit? Which endorsements do you disagree with and why? Do you think they should be endorsing more republicans? Which ones? And do their LCV scores, based on their own votes, warrant it?

Church Hill Dem

You could probably say the same about Equality Virginia... I think their only Republican endorsement is Tom Rust.

Virginia Education Association and NARAL are also probably similarly situated. If you're going to give one a hard time, give them all a hard time. It's not VALCV's fault that the vast majority of the VA GOP isn't pro-conservation.


Like the independent! Gordon Helsel is the man!


The real question, Ben, is when did the GOP (and sadly many Democrats) abandon the idea that conservation is not a partisan issue? Environmental progress is made when bipartisan coalitions are willing to work together. It's hard to find real environmental champions in either party. LCV's endorsements reflect the sad political reality that these issues are needlessly polarized.

Gretchen Laskas

Does "partisan" always equal "hack"? If so, I'm in trouble! (And proud of it!)


Here’s the problem with the VALCV. They have a far left agenda that goes well beyond common sense conservation issues. Take Delegate Bob Marshall, for example. This guy has a very good voting record with them. Has for some time. In the past I think they have actually honored him. But as we all know, Marshall is very politically conservative and this doesn’t fit the profile of the person the VALCV or their largest donors want in public office. So they endorse this nobody, John Bell, who happens to be very pro-homosexual (lots of money from gay groups), pro-Obama, and pro-high tax/big government.

There is no way that the VALCV will ever be credible until they drop the adjunct issues and focus on real conservation issues that, oh by the way, are not so anti-business. But don’t hold your breath.


They used to be faithful endorsers of Bob Marshall. There hasn't been any key votes since the last election that would have changed that. But like Mr Gop said, They have to play to their donors.

Reagan Democrats are the key!!!

"John Bell, who happens to be very pro-homosexual"



What Ben will not tell you is, he wasn't bitching when they endorsed Macker!


Marshall has generally been good, but his rating declined to 50% last year. Based on their record, questionnaires and interviews would his opponent be a stronger voice for conservation? That's the question not anyone's support for various social issues.


Perhaps it's more illustrative of what's happened to the Republican Party of Virginia.

Patiently Waiting

Definition of hack (per Urban Dictionary):

A cheap, mediocre, or second-rate practitioner, especially in the fields of journalism and literature: a charlatan or incompetent.

Used in a sentence:
That blogger who just spouts out the first thing that comes to his head without doing any research or having a clear understanding of endorsement processes was a hack.

Max Shapiro

The VEA endorsed Republican Jason Call in the 90th over incumbent Algie Howell

Last living moderate Republican

The LCV endorsed my opponent two years ago in a General Assembly race without even sending me a questionnaire of any kind or speaking to me in any way. And I was a sitting member of the Virginia Outdoors Foundation with a long record of working for conservation easements in Virginia. But I was running as a Republican. Go figure.


When I think of partisan hack organizations, I come to this blog.


I'm wondering why the VALCV endorses so many candidates who apparently care so little about conservation or environmental issues they don't even bother to include them on the issues section of their campaign websites. For a few examples check out the websites for VALCV-endorsed candidates Mathieson, Bell, Poisson, Rishell, Bouchard.


Do some research...

Delegate Poisson: Does a lot of work on energy efficiency in his professional life. http://www.delegatepoisson.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57&Itemid=60

John Bell: Talks about renewable energy and transit. http://www.johnbell2009.com/issue

Delegate Bouchard: One of leading experts on offshore wind and negative impacts of offshore drilling and urnaium mining. Green energy/jobs and coordinating our transportation system are on his website (has carried good environmental bills to this effect). http://www.delegatebouchard.com/solutions.html

Patiently Waiting

Last Living Moderate Republican -

Weren't you running against David Englin? No one can challenge his record on environmental issues.

Also, it should be noted that there is more to an endorsement process than simply picking the person who agrees with you on the issues. If you pick the person who has no chance to win, then you risk alienating the incumbent, and if the incumbent is already pretty good on your issues, it may make more sense to endorse him/her than to take the risk of endorsing the person who has little chance to win.

Seriously, people? It's politics. There's more to it than being on a foundation board.

And Ben, there's more to blogging than posting whatever first comes into your head and tweeting whatever someone puts in the comments section. Have some self-respect.


I constructed this graph on the percentages of Democrats endorsed vs. Republicans endorsed by the LCV since 2001. Sure are more Democratic endorsements nowadays.



The Virginia LCV has supported D's way more than the R's. Think Speaker Howell. This man did more for land conservation than any other individual in the Commonwealth. He is the father of the tax credit. Does LCV even acknowledge that, hell no.

The only reason State Parks receives a minor boost in state funding every year is b/c of Delegate Cox. Do you see LCV giving him a positive score ever. Hell no.

The budget trumps all legislation. Therefore, the only group that was/is focused on increasing spending to protect land and clean up our waterways is Va4ever. In just six years, they were able to increase spending toward these two objectives by over $1 BILLION DOLLARS.

To secure these funds it took both D's and R's so why the hell isn't the VaLCV calculating these extraordinary accomplishments in their scorecards or in their endorsements?

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