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I'd take Bob over Creigh Deeds anyday of the week. He is weak and indecisive like the current POTUS.


I won't be able to access the video until I get home this evening but considering I do stutter when I talk that is absoultely shameful on Sheila Johnson's part. Obviously I haven't heard it yet but if something is up on a video I don't doubt she said it. Now I'm actually happy she didn't endorse Creigh because if this is her true character then she doesn't need to be supporting Creigh.

She essentially is acting like a teenager because most of the mocking and teasing of stuttering people I've experience comes from that age bracket. If that is not a "personal attack" on Creigh then I don't know what is.

Does Deeds have a speech impediment?

Does Creigh Deeds have a speech impediment? If so, I never noticed. If he was "stuttering" because of indecision, that's one thing. Making fun of indecision is okay. If he really has a speech impediment, then Ms. Johnson clearly owes him an apology. Being indecisive is fully within one's control, whereas most speech impediments are not fully within one's control.

Not Larry Sabato

I think it's been documented that Creigh has had that stutter since an accident in Bath County when he was a teenager.


Never mind the politics for one second. Is this appropriate public behavior for the managing partner of the Washington Mystics? This nonsense is not how girls and young women should be empowered.

Va Blogger

This is the first I've heard of it. Do you have a link to it? It does make a huge difference.


Sad to see this. When will *some* leaders decide to act like grownups?

Deeds doesn't have an impediment on indecision. He said he is keeping the table open for all options. How exactly do you academically take indecision away from that? Is it really that difficult to read?


"Pathetic. We deserve more class than this in the Governor's mansion."
- Is Sheila Johnson running for Governor? Um, no. So she won't be in the Governor's mansion, Bob will.

Not Larry Sabato


The Post covered the accident there. My understanding is that's where the stutter comes from- trying to find where I read that.


LeeHin, so you are saying that it is OK for a supporter to mock a speech impediment of her endorsed candidate's opponent? I'm assuming yes....Bob McDonnell is saying he's been a leader, this and that but it also takes leader to be the grown up in the situation especially like this when clearly she didn't see anything wrong with it. Does Sheila Johnson have nothing to attack Creigh on except his speech impediment or stutter? There is no way around it. She didn't just insult Creigh but rather the millions of children growing up and even adults who still suffer from it, myself included!


@DanielK - No I am not talking about whether or not Creigh has an impediment or not. How many lies has the Deeds campaign told about Bob? More than I can count. This post is trying to make a mountain out of an ant hill. Virginia has many more important things to be worried about.

Out of control Govt spending, the proposed increase in Medicaid which will run the state even further in the red, extremely poor local planning, transportation issues and more...


@DanielK - And furthermore, doesn't Ms. Johnson have a right to free speech? Yes she does. Now, if she were running for office and made a remark like that, I would reconsider my vote. But, she's not running.

Stonewall Brigade

Her comment was below the belt about studdering. But she was correct about Deeds not articulating a coherent message about taxes and that is not a speech problem but rather a problem lack of knowledge about state taxes and spending. Let's get to the real problem for the Ds they have a bad candidate this year and are going to lose this election.


Yes, she does have the right to free speech and no she is not running for office but she has put herself in the political spectrum in support Bob McDonnell and you are responsible for what your surrogates say, especially when they are in reference to one's opponent. Also, if the best attack she can do against Creigh is his stuttering then it makes me question she really did much research into everything that makes him not as good a candidate as McDonnell....All the Republicans here are able to come up with intelligent (although in my opinion wrong) judgements about Creigh's stance on issues but Ms. Johnson, a corporate CEO and supposedly educated woman can only come up with mocking his speech what does that say about her?

She has the right to say whatever she wants just like I have the right to call her an childish idiot. Can anyone say why she would mock someone with a stutter?

Sunny Dem

This woman is a disgrace to the Demoratic party. Creigh is lucky to be alive after
having been involved in an accident as a child. This is so typical of the Republican
mean spirited right wing party. What galls
me no end is these are supposed Christians who care about their fellow man. Could have fooled me. Creigh Deeds has more class than Ms. Johnson will ever have.
He's done quite well in articulating what
Virginia needs during his time as a legislature. He'll move the state forwards not blast it back to The Stone


Sunny Dem wrote:
"He's done quite well in articulating what
Virginia needs during his time as a legislature"
How many times did he vote to raise taxes? I pay enough in taxes as it is. New York is starting to figure out what raising taxes does to the state economy - http://tr.im/ALd8.

Increased taxes on an activity will result in less of that activity. It works that way all the time. Do you want more capital gains taxes? Don't increase rates, cut them. Cutting rates makes people more inclined to engage in capital creation activity, and the result will be an increase in real revenue.


LeeHin, you still haven't answered my question about when it is OK for someone to mock someone who stutters? What would happen if a Democrat mocked Frank Wolf's stutter? I'm sure you all would be up in arms.....


That's the typical republican. Now we should fear people with speech impediments. Send Mr. Deeds to Richmond.


The Virgian-Pilot just posted an article about this:


Gretchen Laskas

Sheila Johnson absolutely has the constitutional right to say anything she likes about anyone, including Creigh Deeds.

But I also have the constitutional right to come on a blog like this and says she's a pathetic and nasty human being for doing so, and that I'm glad as a Democratic that she isn't backing our candidate.


DanielK wrote:
"LeeHin, you still haven't answered my question about when it is OK for someone to mock someone who stutters? What would happen if a Democrat mocked Frank Wolf's stutter? I'm sure you all would be up in arms....."
Personally, I wouldn't care whether she said that about Frank Wolf or not. What is more important here, whether Creigh Deeds has a stutter (as I do sometimes) or who is best suited to serve the people of Virginia. Clearly, after 8 years of runaway spending by the Dems and such indecisiveness by the Dem candidate, Mr. Deeds (I was for raising taxes before I was against them...), Bob McDonnell is a much better choice.

Not Michael Jackson


If someone mocked Frank Wolf's stutter, I'd probably laugh, find it in poor taste but still funny. I'd probably not get all stuck up over a joke, go back to my job, and quit whining.

If I was working for Frank Wolf or was working for the R party and someone mocked him, I'd probably not really care and just get back to real issues and real work, instead of feeding the TMZ'ing of NLS.


Aren't we lucky to have a fine young man like Ben to be the arbiter of what is "classy." Not anything that Ben will find by looking in a mirror!



It's up on the local Fox station too. She better start apologizing now.

Oh, since various bloggers gather here, you might be interested in this link that says bloggers who get paid money to review products have a duty to disclose. http://www.wjla.com/news/stories/1009/665594.html


Yes, she has the constitutional right to damage her credibility. Leave the infantile stuff to the bloggers.


Some factoids from Wiki I did not know about:

"After her divorce from Robert L. Johnson in 2002, she was estimated to be worth about $670M. In 2009, Forbes magazine estimated her net worth to be $400 million.
On September 24, 2005, she married Arlington County Circuit Court Chief Judge William T. Newman, the judge who presided over her divorce from Robert L. Johnson in 2003."


Runaway spending? It's been cut,cut,delay ( especially on ttransportation) Oh and cut more.
What freaking spending?

Church Hill Dem

While her remarks are a little over the top, let's not cannibalize a woman who until today has been one of the most generous democratic donors in the state.

Kathryn Burrell

As Public School Speech Language Pathologist, now retired, I was very disappointed by Ms. Sheila Johnson's ridiculing mimicry of Creigh Deeds' speech disability. If Ms. Johnson's goal is to criticize his decision making she should give concrete examples, not make fun of his stuttering. For me, her display made her and her candidate look small and insensitive.

Rather, Mr. Deeds is to be commended for his many achievements in spite of a speech disability.

Some other well-known persons who stuttered yet accomplished great things are: Winston Churchill, Bill Walton, Jack Parr, John Updike, James Earl Jones, John Stossel, Bob Love, Jimmy Stewart, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Annie Glenn, Joe Biden, Anthony Quinn, Tiger Woods, and Carly Simon.

For a list of more persons who stutter and have outstanding achievements, see the Stuttering Foundation of America website: http://www.stutteringhelp.org/Default.aspx?tabid=128


I'm so sick of you complaining about taxes.
What about our economy going into the hopper and our almost ending up in a depression? Who do you think caused that? When George W. Bush was spending money like a drunken sailor, where were all of you? Now you complain about a deficit and the Democrats with runaway spending.
Creigh Deeds and our Democrats are trying their best to clean up the mess left after eight years of total irresponsibility. Virginia is the envy of the rest of the nation. No thanks to
the General Assembly in Richmond who
blocked about every decent bill they could think of.


Those of you who worry about Deeds' tax history better start worrying about the taxes we'll have to levy to make up for the cuts that Bob will force. We'll also have to get used to paying more tolls on roads that we used to be able to traverse only for our tax dollars. I can't afford that. I can afford Creigh Deeds, though.

Salem Republicans

I hate it when people make fun of the weaknesses of another (maybe I'm biased because I used to stutter).

Just as problematic is the fact that she didn't need to stoop to that level to make her point. Her point (that Deeds can't articulate any clear policy positions) is relevant but it is obscured by the stupidity.

Now, having said all of this, this is and will be a complete non-issue in this campaign. It won't move any votes and won't have any impact. I just hate wasting time on it and Johnson should apologize.


If Johnson were supporting a Democrat and were criticizing a Republican over something like a stutter, anyone making an issue of it would be called "racist" (and Ben would be leading the charge).


I disagree, Chuch Hill Dem.

Tim Kaine should return all the money Ms. Johnson gave (was it a $million?) both his campaign and his PAC.

That's the only legitimate way he can show his disgust over her insensitivity.


Making fun of a person's stutter, for which they have no control over, is like making fun of someone's skin color.

What a bitch.

Not Bentard

Yea, that was a terrible thing to say.

Yet, all is fair in love and war. Deeds is not a very good communicator, and Johnson poorly made that point.

What is really funny is what will happen next year in 2010 and 2011, when Johnson supports one or two Dems in Congress and then the State Senate...therby sticking it to all of the above crying boys and girls who can dish it out but can't take it when their candidate gets beaten around.

Its October. All beats are off. Only the tough survive, so stop crying and go after the other candidate and not Johnson--you are playing into the distraction.


What a sick woman Sheila Johnson obviously is. The McDonnell team can have her. Another example of how money can't buy you class. Deeds for Virginia!

kelley in virginia

if anyone says anything bad about ms. johnson, they are a racist.


This is all you f@#$ers can talk about? My God..you are getting your panties in a bunch over NOTHING.

Isn't there something else worth coverage?

Like the economy.

Like the fact that the Kaine Administration has not been appropriating stimulus funding for transportation despite U.S. Transportation Department admonition that it do so.

Like unemployment.

Get a grip. This is chicken shit stuff.

Sgt Paul

Showed her true colors....

Sgt Paul


Ms. Johnson should know better than to mock people for the way they talk. And here in Loudoun, her endorsement really isn't worth anything. She's considered an outsider who used her considerable wealth to threaten Middleburg's charm.


Typical liberal - personally attack the opposition.

You should be demanding an apology from Sheila Johnson, she's the one who said it. She is an adult, and responsible for her actions. She should also be apologizing to Bob McDonnell for acting juvenile and embarrassing him.

"I have been a lifelong Democrat and I'm still a Democrat," Johnson said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.

Johnson said she favors McDonnell over his Democratic opponent, R. Creigh Deeds, because she thinks the Republican can turn around the state's ailing economy.

Mr. Jefferson


Why would McDonnell's campaign have to apologize? If anything shouldn't Johnson be the one apologizing? McDonnell didn't exactly do anything wrong here.


Here’s my question, NLS.

Which was more classy, this incident or when you referred to the “Deeds Country Tour” as the “Deliverance Tour”. And how classy was your apology? You remember, the one where you said you were sorry but then launched into a line about how bad Deeds campaign was as if to justify your comment in the first place? Will you be happy if there is an apology here of similar sincerity? Probably not.

This recent incident is utterly meaningless to this campaign. What is important is this; Deeds has not connected with Virginians because he stands for nothing except empty platitudes. The man has NO transportation platform, not even a bad one. None. NO vision for Virginia. NO guts to debate more than a minimum number of times. Why? Normally the one running behind WANTS to debate. The reason he won’t debate is he lacks the courage to debate. Things are as they appear to be, NLS.

Democrats like you may not like Bob’s platform, but like it or not, at least he’s put the specifics out there. Your candidate has not and thinks he can propel himself forward by negative attacks about dusty academic writings.

NLS, go to a mirror. Stand in front of it and say this. “Governor McDonnell”

Mr. Jefferson

Also, for a party that mocked Dubya's mastery of the English language at every turn imaginable, I can't see this as being too inflammatory or mind-blowingly hideous.


"I think it's been documented that Creigh has had that stutter since an accident in Bath County when he was a teenager."

And your proof is . . .? Deeds doesn't have a stutter. He just can't answer questions when under pressure. It's no more inappropriate to poke fun at this than it was to make fun of Bush's frequent malapropisms. Time to call NLS a whaaaaaahmbulance and send him home along with the rest of the poopy-diaper Dems crying over this one.

Does Deeds have a speech impediment?

Thanks to our host for answering my question.

As for Frank Wolf, well, he has always been open about his stutter.

If Creigh Deeds has a stutter, which it seems he well may, then that it was in poor faith for Sheila Johnson to make fun of it.

However, I do not expect Bob McDonnell to apologize for what someone else, unconnected with his campaign, has said.

Sheila should apologize to Creigh.


This claim of a so-called handicap is hogwash. If he has had this "handicap" then why haven't any of his constituents known about it? I've never heard any mention of it in Rockbridge County.

Maybe we should ask for his medical records.

Look, he was tongue-tied on the tax issue because he hadn't thought out his position. In that regard, he is more like John Kerry than Mel Tillis. For those who don't listen to country music, Mel Tillis suffered with a severe stammer but worked it out through music.

I think some folks are starting to act in a desperate fashion because they see the daily numbers.


Creigh was struck by a "runaway" truck at a football game. He was in a coma. He doesn't discuss it so he doesn't emphasize it and he doesn't seem to use it as a crutch either.
I guess it takes someone else to point it out and then others to pontificate on it.
Isn't Creigh's plan for transportation to raise gas taxes slightly? Taxes that haven't been raised in years while our transportation issues have grown and our infrastructure has crumbled.

Google Robin Vanderwall

I hereby officially declare my candidacy for Chief Mocker of Sheila Johnson. I hereby officially mock Sheila Johnson's hair, weight and tacky overuse of large logos. Let's tie her up in her own Hermes and kick the Chanel right outta her.


The man earned a law degree from Wake Forest University. He is a practicing attorney, has run for office countless times, and has made hundreds of appearances in court.

There is no hint of a speech impediment in his manner of speaking. He is an effective public speaker. Period.

The fact that he got caught up in a tangled web on taxes has nothing to do with impairment of speaking. Rather, he was simply trying to be "too cute" with his language in trying to nuance a position -- and he got burned by it.


Would Sheila Johnson take offense at mocking remarks concerning her skin color -(i.e. another factor a person is born with and may not be able to alter significantly, unless they're Michael Jackson)?? She is SO out-of-line she doesn't even get it. I guess soaking in all of hubby's BET money makes you stupid.


Well, it's clear that Obama should return all the campaign money he got from this woman. And Tim Kaine has to denounce her and return all the money she has given to the DNC.

Because God knows nobody ever made fun of how Kilgore spoke.

Freedom Fighter

Wow...your attacks on Bob McDonnell have now funneled to those who support him? Your just soar because she isn't supporting Deeds.


How about this. McDonnell apoligizes as soon as Deeds apoligizes for attacking McDonnell as a women-hater (even though he has four duaghters, one an Iraq war vet), a gay-hater (even though Deeds is the only one who's campaigned against gays actively), and as someone who hates our schools?

Senator Eeyore Deeds has run one of the dirties, attack-first campaigns in recent memory. For you guys on the blogs to cry about this is bullshit considering everything you guys have said over and over about McDonnell. If you can dish it out like men, you should learn to take it like men.

Secondly, even the Washington Post (the official home of Thesisgate) mentioned twiced in their brutal "profile" of Deeds that he studders and stammers in his speech, and its a sign of how indecisive and clueless the man really is.

Get over and get used to Governor McDonnell in three weeks.

Terry B.

I grew up stuttering and was mocked all the time. At times my life was made a holy hell. I worked for years to over come my stuttering and have been largely successful (I do stumble sometimes).

So when I hear anyone mocking a person who stutters, I become very angry.

First, Ms. Johnson needs to appologize to Mr. Deeds and to all of us who are or have stuttered.

But more imporantly, Mr. McDonnell must appologize to Mr. Deeds and all of us who have stuttered or are stuttering. It is his campaign after all.

Apparently, neither he nor his campaign will apologize.

This shows what a low life he really is to refuse to apologize for this insult. If he has any heart at all -- I doubt he does -- he must apologize and NOW.

If I sound angry, I AM.


I'm not here to talk "righteous indignation" or political outrage--I just think this is really petty and tasteless.

I stutter. I manage it pretty well, and it doesn't get in the way of my day-to-day life, but when I was younger it was sometimes really really disheartening. Other kids made fun of it. Sometimes, trying to read aloud in class, they just thought I didn't know the word. At times it discouraged me from trying out for the school play or auditioning for a solo in choir.

It's just sad that, for a few cheap points scored against a politician, Sheila Johnson is willing to make fun of every kid out there who's growing up wondering if there's something wrong with them, if there are whole corridors of the American dream--in theater or radio or politics or teaching--that are simply closed off to them.

Especially for a problem that is so clearly dealt with by more understanding and more comfort, one that affects the self-esteem of so many otherwise-smart and -talented young people, this is a childish and irresponsible thing to say.

Unfortunately, it seems like this will just be another political football, and so no thoughtful exchange will ever occur. So thanks a lot Sheila Johnson, for making the work of speech pathologists, parents, and kids struggling to overcome the fear and shame of their dysfluencies, that much harder.

Salem Republicans

How is it that I'm a Double Deacon and I never heard Deeds is Wake law grad? Does that say something about his inability to create a narrative/history that a fellow Wake law grad who follows politics this closely had no idea he's a Wake grad?


I bet you don't know where he went to undergrad either.

Mr. Jefferson

"But more imporantly, Mr. McDonnell must appologize to Mr. Deeds and all of us who have stuttered or are stuttering. It is his campaign after all. --Terry B."

That's bullcrap. McDonnell (nor his "campaign") didn't say it. Johnson did. She also supports Tim Kaine. Should he have to apologize too? What about Obama (another Johnson supportee)?

Personal responsibility is personal, no?

Salem Republicans

rowhey - I do now but only because I looked it up. I actually know a lot people who went to Concord. Bunch of kids from the high school in W-S where I used to do volunteer work went to Concord. In fact, one of my 4 year old's pre-school teachers is on the football time right now.

Pretty amazing though that the guy has been in office for decades and run statewide twice and yet his personal story is completely unknown. He needs to have some long hard talks with his campaign staff.


I never knew that Deeds had a speech problem. I listened to him in each primary debate, and actually believe he was the best of the democrat bunch. (when rooting for Gov. at that time my preference was for McD, Deeds, Moran, McA )
If she was making fun of a speech problem it was wrong. If she was making fun of the fact that he has no ideas or plans it’s ok.
No matter what, this should have no reflection on McD’s campaign and is only another attempt at feigned anger by the left.
I am a bit struck by all the new "paid" posters on this site attempting to tar McD with somebody else’s words. I am sure it is the same group that takes out of context thesis words to make himlook bad.

We have issues in this state that Deeds could address immediately since he is attempting to follow our current democrat Gov. (I assume he is still playing governor)
Maybe he could address with his mentor why Virginia is the slowest state in the country to put federal stimulus money in use for transportation; or what is going to happen when the democrat administration is successful in their health care scam and this state gets hammered with even more debt for medicade funding.

We have real issues in this commonwealth and the question of Deeds speech is not one of them.
No thinking person believes Deeds is stupid and no thinking person believes McD hates women. If that is the best the campaign has it (and our commonwealth) is in deep trouble.



Sheila Johnson is a democrat, if you want to throw her under the bus thats fine, but she'll drag warner and kaine under too

Kevin in Arlington

I agree with "change," although we're supporting different candidates.

Creigh should talk about real issues. Like how the last eight years of leadership has resulted in Virginia being ranked the best state in which to do business (Forbes).

Or how Virginia is one of the best managed states in the country(Pew Center on the States).

Or how Virginia has the 4th lowest unemployment among the 50 states, as the country struggles through tough economic times.

In these last few weeks, Creigh really should make the case that he's the candidate that will continue the responsible stewardship started by Mark Warner. If he does so he will be able to close strong.


His ads are illegal too. I'm sure he knows his ads are illegal, he's just hoping the rest of us don't.



Well, if Dailykos says so, then it MUST be true, seeing how they're such a bastion of objectivity and accuracy in reporting! ROFL!!

BTW, I am a lifelong stutterer, and I think this woman's comments were tacky and proof of a very poor upbringing. No person of any intelligence or class makes that kind of remark.

Unlike Terry, though, I'm not *angry* about it. She embarrassed herself more than she embarrassed Deeds. I am 100% certain that Creigh Deeds reacted to it the same way I react when adults mock my speech -- he felt pity for her.

Also, McDonnell has nothing to apologize for. He didn't say anything. He did what any stutterer would want him to do -- he ignored it and moved on.


Man....Kaine and Deeds must have pissed her off real bad. I hope the REAL story on this comes out sometime soon.


I appreciate the support, and although many of us support different candidates our goal is agreeable (what is best for the commonwealth.)

The accolade you presented should be appreciated by all Virginians. I am of the opinion that we accomplish this by not being a “blue” or “red” state; but a fiscal conservative commonwealth with an understanding of social needs (as opposed to wants).
As long as we all can find the common ground that moves our state forward in the areas you stated, our cumulative effort should be best considered in how to keep our monies in the commonwealth as opposed to “bailing out” states like California who are about to go bankrupt due to their own fiscal negligence and lack of foresight (which seems all to probable in the near future).

I assume your appreciation of leadership includes the checks and balances of a two party system that has kept our cumulative passions within due bounds.

I think we have all have seen (and are seeing) the ills of a one party system where the pendulum swings too far to one side or the other.


There is a link to the Times article, I. Publius. His ads are indeed illegal. Take a look. Those former state employees are breaking the law bc they were paid by taxpayers and are using their jobs to advance a political party.



Repeating the ignorance of someone else might make you seem so yourself.

Think before you type. Parroting the KOS will usually make one look like a silly bird.


Please tell us which provisions of the Code you allege those state employees violated. The provisions cited in the Daily Kos article do not get you there.


Making fun of a man with a speech impediment?

Ben is SO correct. This trash does not belong in Richmond.

Brian W. Schoeneman

You're absolutely right, Lowell. We should never elect Sheila Johnson to anything that would send her to Richmond.

Is this really what this campaign has come down to? A thesis and stuttergate? Do we not have anything more to be focusing our attention on?

Johnson shouldn't have said what she said, but trying to blame McDonnell for it is a stretch. Just like it would be a stretch to blame Deeds if this had happened to one of his surrogates.

Can we get back to the actual issues now?

Pimp D

Damn, ho - Jim at The Campaign Spot just pimpslapped yo' ass -


You're exposed, beyotch!

Kevin in Arlington

Change: I know the drawbacks of one party (my party!) dominance. I'm from New Jersey. However, I also am familiar with the drawbacks of budget gimmicks (re: Christie Whitman).

I'd say back-to-back Democratic governors have been a positive for Virginia, capably handling a fast-growing state while keeping the size of government under control. In that light, I think McDonnell's ideas for transportation funding fall short of the need. Creigh's openness to new, steady streams of transportation revenues - I think is the more responsible position.

But, you're right, all Virginians should take pride in keeping things running well. And the spirited debates about taxes, spending, etc. are part of that maintenance.


why would Mcdonnels campaign apologize on her behalf? the correct thing to do is decline to comment

James Young

I guess this is what you can expect when one strays from the One True Faith.

Amy H.

All parents of children who have ever struggled with speech impediments will now be voting for Creigh Deeds,whether they like him or not. Happy now, Sheila?


Remember when this site popularized the term "Creightard"?

Keep pushing the mock outrage, NLS. Maybe it'll get Deeds within 10 points of McDonnell.

Kim Dwyer

I felt concerned about the possibility of having Creigh Deeds as our governor when I heard him speak at the Virginia Union University Debate. I truly pitied the gentleman and recognized his impediment immediately.
Why should the McDonnell campaign apologize? Why should Sheila Johnson apologize and why should Creigh Deeds even request an apology when he obviously does have this disadvantage? How ridiculous! Should I request an apology if you notice that I am legally blind? And I am...feel sorry for me please???


And to Terry B.

We should all apologize to you for trivializing stuttering for political purposes.

This whole thing does no good for anyone involved.


After considering this flap for several hours, I've come to the conclusion that Deeds campaign is using Johnson's comments as an innoculation against what has been the most damning moment of the campaign -- the tax meltdown following the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce debate.

I guess, the Deeds campaign rationale used to rebut that footage would be to suggest an impairment. So, any use of footage from that press gaggle would be meanspirited and, accordingly, "off limits."

I'm sure that's the strategy. But given the fact we have three weeks to go and Creigh has yet to define what he would do for Virginia, time is drawing short.


I'm actually with the Deeds folks on this one. It was a terrible thing for this woman to say.

However, liberals have a history of bashing and making fun of special needs kids, as evidenced by Obama's remarks on Leno and remarks during the last election.

Kim Dwyer

Creighhhhh ssssttuttteerrs


Not Michael Jackson

S-s-s-s-s-stop making f-f-f-f-un of my s-s-s-s-stutter, you muhmuhmuhmuhmuh MEANIES.

You g-g-g-uys are such creightards when u-u-u-nderstanding the p-p-plight of s-s-s-tutters.

Not Retarded

asodij asfdioj290u oija sfdoij289ua oij208h

(Translation: I am legally retarded and I don't appreciate being mocked by calling Creigh Deeds supporters Creightards.)


Who knew that Deeds had a stutter? No one! Has anyone told him?


Dems picked on Bush's speech difficulties for 8 years. That's different, of course.

Terry B.

Mr. Jefferson

You are 100% wrong. It was his campaign event so he is responsible for it but as a Republican -- he will never take responsiblity.

Once again as a life long stutter, I DEMAND AN APOLOGIZE.

If you were a stutter, you would want an appologize.

If you are not a stutterer, then you have NOTHING TO SAY.

Oswald Q. Hasenpfeffer

thatsdifferent, no one made fun of Bush for having "speech difficulties", as you put it, because Bush did not have a speech impediment.

Bush was simply inarticulate and was often painfully bad at expressing ideas. If Ms. Johnson had made her point that she felt Deeds was a poor communicator without crassly making fun of his speech impediment there would be nothing to talk about here.

But she didn't. She chose to express herself in a classless, mean spirited way. Does she also go to the special Olympics and laugh at the participants? Maybe she could make sport of Alzheimer's patients?

Marrying and divorcing well have given her a lot of money. Clearly it didn't imbue her with any graciousness.

I am surprised she hasn't apologized. Even if the apology is insincere it would take the heat off the McDonnell campaign and end the distraction from what they'd prefer to talk about.

Oswald Q. Hasenpfeffer

I see that Johnson has finally issued an apology. Better late than never I suppose.

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