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Wow great post, Palin is coming to Fair Lakes (inside the district) http://www.pwconservative.net/2009/11/sarah-palin-coming-to-fairfax.html do you think she'll have any affect whatsoever on the Senate race?


Poor little Bennie:

Those career Democratic and turncoat Republican politicians have been mean to him and denied him the right to hold the political office to which he believes he was entitled. Cry me a river!

From the substance and tone of your post, we can all be thankful that you were never elected to serve in the General Assembly in Richmond as you lack both the maturity and judgment required to serve in any public office.

It seems as though your entire adult life has been one "major political miscalculation."

Given your own conduct during the past election when you continuously attempted to deliberately damage the political campaigns of a number of Democratic candidates, your own complaints about being politically sabotaged some years ago, reflects a rank hypocrisy on your own part. However, I doubt that you have the basic personal perspective to understand this.

Good luck in your future activities; your actions this past campaign and your pathetic statement of grievances with the Democratic Party in Fairfax County should be the end of your miserable, sought-for political career.

I hate to be uncharitable, but you seem to have largely deserved every negative thing that you claimed to have received!

Not A Virginia State Senator

Who is the alternative? Ask for the polling data. Look at it yourself. Talk to Chap. And then tell us who is the alternative.

Not Timothy Geithner

Not A Virginia State Senator,

Special elections are about turnout. If the best argument for Marsden is now, "who's the alternative?" then the best hope for the Dems is extreme overconfidence by the GOP.

Not  Dr. Laura

Dear NAVSS (this is Marsden, right?),

Even with Ben's woes aside, this was a good ol' boys set up. Saslaw wanted Marsden--duh, why we did not figure it out and all played along with the "poll" is beyond me. Your "talk to Chap" comment" proves that point.

Who are the alternatives??? Seriously? Compared to someone WHO DOES NOT LIVE IN THE DISTRICT??? Oleszak maybe, who despite some weakness (and all candidates have them) has done the best County-wide in her races and against the Cooch?

For me, the larger point is the failure of the Dems to build a playing field of viable candidates. Anyone watching Steve Shannon's race knew we were going to have an empty seat, and we don't start planning until NOW???? Ugh. Pathetic planning by Saslaw. Pols may view this as a game or a sport, but this has real implications for Virginians. The Dems are now complicit in allowing the R's to "take Virginia back", back into R control and back into awful policies.
The choice of Marsden allows me the freedom to keep my wallet closed, hang more holiday decorations, and maybe even go skiing.

So, Dave, write to Santa quickly right now. Ask him (OMG it's kinda like Miracle on 34th Street--we can call it Miracle in the 37th District) for a home and tell him that you need to get your present before Christmas---just this once please. As the movie says, "I believe, I believe, it's silly, but I believe."

I have some homes in foreclosure on my block. Or maybe you can rent a room. Good Grief.

The Bottom Line

So, Ben, does this mean going to tell your friends and family in the 37th District to vote for whoever is the the Republican nominee (Hunt, Horinko, or Nance)?

Loudoun Insider

Boy, Ben, tell us how you really feel!

Marsden does seem like a complete ass. I can't believe how inept the Dems are these days! They run the pathetic Steve Shannon for AG then run this jerk off to replace him??? Truly horrible planning.


This finally gives me the complete story that had me wondering about little bits of info I've picked up in comments here the last year or so.

It doesn't matter to me what party someone "belongs" to anymore....but what really gets me steamed is these people who have no core or convictions, who have no idea what they stand for, and then want to be elected to something just because they want to BE something.

Both parties have people like that in Richmond....but Marsden rises to the top as the best example.


What Ben really reveals here is that four years ago, local House Democrats decided that they wanted to go with several House candidates that had a real chance of winning a seat-- rather than rely on the old, failed self-selection process -- and Ben and one of his friends got eased out (the name of the ganme in partisan politics -- just as Janet Oleczak flubbed her big chance two years ago and got eased out this year).

It worked four years ago in Northern Virginia (Marsden, Poisson, Caputo, Englin. Bulova, etc.); but Ben is still crying in his beer and still attempting to seek political revenge for being cast aside for a certain winner.Instead, he has destroyed any hopes for political office that he once might have harbored.

He is still stumbling over his oversized ego and deadly penchant for revenge. In other words, he is nothing but a immature crybaby.

Maybe, he should join the Republican Party where they would treat him far more roughly than the Democrats ever did.


Ben - this is one of your best-ever posts. Thanks for sharing. I am going to spread the word - and I have a good family friend who may be willing to challenge Marsden. He is well qualified and well known to the active Dems in the district. I don't want to say more until I can talk to him more directly, but I am going to push him to run.

Win one for the zipper

please keep in mind that in this post that bashes Dave Marsden, he uses "I" no less than 43 times and "Me" no less than 14 times. So this really isn't about Dave, it's about "I" and "me"



Let me rain on your parade:

The current political climate in Northern Virginia does not favor no-name Democrats in a short campaign, low-turn out election as this one will be. You can thank Ben for helping contribute to that current state of affairs.

Save yourself the time and your friend's time and money to start out on a fool's errand while abetting Ben's efforts to extract revenge on Dave Marsden.

Zero Marker Girl

Google Account Poster:

You have no idea what you're talking about...

Just look at the substance of the content of this posting. As a true Democrat, wouldn't you have wanted to know?

Not Carl Schurz

Clearly Marsden is the sort of politican that members of both parties have reason to distrust and dislike. Whether all the things that Ben says are true or not what is clear is that Marsden appears to do whatever needed to get ahead including switch parties, lie, cheat and perhaps even subvert the intent of representation; by moving into an area only to run for office.

Not Bentard

I have a few thoughts.

1. Politics is about opportunity. When an opportunity presents itself, you run. That said, WHY ISN'T THERE ANYONE WHO LIVES IN THE DISTRICT CONSIDERING THIS OPPORTUNITY? Nevermind Saslaw and Cranwell--they do not live in the district, and neither does Dave Marsden. I like Dave, yet I don't understand why he is putting himself forward when he does not even live in the district. Running Dave is not about an opportunity, it is about hedging bets in Richmond and not respecting (or taking seriously) the voters in a special election.

2. Politics is personal. Those who are idealistic about politics, especially at the local and state levels, are those who have limited or no experience with campaigning year after year. I do not know a single person who is in DPVA who does not feel primary battle scars or fear primaries all together. Same with friends who are in RPV--although they are much more quiet about it.

3. I look at John Jennison's loss to Patty Reed for the Providence School Board--another special election this past November. Half of the active PDDC members did not even vote for him in the general, and proof that he barely won the endorsement of PDDC back in August shows that even the influence (or presence) of Gerry Connolly cannot push voters. Heck, John got less votes in his own precinct than the two other candidates combined. Complete political humiliation, and he still has not sent out a thank you email or even posted one on his website (as of this morning).

3. At this point, I foresee RPV picking up both state senate seats, and regaining control of the state senate. 37th Republicans will be very motivated to help McDonnell become a powerhouse in Virginia nationally, and they will be motivated to help Gov. Kaine look more like a failure as the DNC chair.

4. If Dave runs, he will lose and then lose again in the 2011 delegate race.

Still Searching....

LuAnn McNabb for State Senate!

Loudoun Insider

Note to Dems - PLEASE run Marsden!

Lloyd the Idiot

I find it appalling that anyone, Republican or Democrat, would move to a district just to run for office. That goes from Marsden to Hillary.



Quote: "You have no idea what you're talking about...

Just look at the substance of the content of this posting. As a true Democrat, wouldn't you have wanted to know?"

I have been an active Democrat for fifty plus years and for 48 years in Northern Virginia; I have been involved in Virginia General Assembly affairs for nearly forty years. For the last thirty years, I have been at the General Assembly every day as a staff member or lobbyist for non-partisan trade associations. I have actively participated in and managed political campaigns for more than thirty years. For twenty years I managed three state PACs and a federal PAC.

Yes, I do not know what I am talking about when it comes to partisan politics: I guess that I should seek your expert advice before I ever comment!

Partisan politics is not softball; the goal is to win, not to avoid bruised feelings at all costs. I know very well what goes on in politics and what must be done at times to win. Good politicians do not take offense to perceived slights.

Apparently, you and Ben seemingly do not understand those facts! What he has described is very routine in all political parties; to survive, you must accept that fact and move on. Ben has not and seemingly will not.

Alexander Hamilton

Great post, smart analysis.

James Young

Interesting post. Sounds like Eileen was an asshole, too.


Here is what all of you are missing. Why would any normal person want to run for any of these offices. The pay is total crap you basically can't have a real job because you have to not be there for at lesat three months a year. Basically you have to be close to independently wealthy or run your own business. In both of those cases there are much better ways to increase your wealth than politics. Watts comes across as the ahole she is in this post but she does have a point about having to deal with elections every four years in this case but still in a very swing district which will propably cost upwards of 500k to defend.

Final thought I know people on here worship Chap Petersen. That guy is just like any other politician all he cares about is power and he will use other peoples time money and energy to advance that quest for power to no end. Yall know most of you are sheep. Even if you are a paid person the pay and hours are crap.

My only question is why anybody does any of this stuff unless you actually want to run one day which leads back to point one. There are much faster and easier ways to make money and get power especially in the greater NoVa area.

Barbara Munsey

google poster, one thing about your list of winners posted above, including Poisson and Caputo?

uhhh, not any more.

This doesn't read so much as beer-crying to me, an outsider, but does smack at the kind of personal-power jockeying that comes back to bite everybody--whether they knew what was happening or not--when the lack of substance to the endeavor plays out.

Yeah, get a few people in a room to threaten someone, and they'll have no witnesses because the only witnesses are the threateners.

Happens in Loudoun too, on subjects besides elections.

And it stinks.

Please do move someone to run--it worked for Mr. Miller in the 86th, right?


Ms. Munsey:

Apparently, beside being a Republican-appointed political hack, you are also reading-challenged: I said that Poisson and Caputo were winners four years ago!

You got what you wanted out of this election after spewing your poisonous venom all over the 67th and 86th House districts.

Thank Ben Tribbett at least for partially for buying your poison and take your beer home and drink it.

Lurch Isn't Green?

Why is Dave Marsden so close with Dominion? http://www.vpap.org/lobbyists/events_list?beneficiary=29809

And who knew that Vivian Watts was the kingpin of NOVA politics? Wonder if she didn't want a woman running for a seat this time too? But she does have great hair.


Wow...that's what they need much more of in the halls of the General Assembly.....a grumpy, old guy working as a staffer or lobbyist. I'm sure "google link account poster" was a major player there as evidenced by the fact he knows everything.


Vivian Watts may be the smartest person -- both intellectually and politically -- now sitting in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Vivian not only knows what she know, but also is smart enough to know what she does not know! She has a very authoritative manner that can come over to the casual observer as authoritarian when it is certainly not. Vivian is not warm and fuzzy.

She was giving Kathy Belter very wise political advice and neither Kathy nor Ben were smart enough to understand it and for Ben to accept it!


Zero Marker Girl,

While I try to be a realist in political matters I would encourage you not to lose your sense of idealism. It will always have an important place in Virginia and in America. When people become cynical and check out of the process that yields the field uncontested to the paid whores, er lobbyists, to exert undue influence to the benefit of the pimps who pay them and to the detriment of the people.

Is anyone else's bullshit meter pegged when they read the comments of Mr. Google Account?

It is deeply ironic that he calls Barbara Munsey a political hack after having shared his resume that might cause some to label him the same.

And the tone of his posts just doesn't seem to reflect the maturity one would expect from one who claims to have been an active Democrat deeply involved in electoral and governmental affairs since the time of the Eisenhower administration.

Of course, I could be wrong. And if I am I apologize. But does anyone else think this guy is toatally full of shit?

Not A Virginia State Senator

First I am not Marsden. Second the 37th District is about insurance not control of the State Senate. Despite what some of the commentators might wish, when the General Assembly starts in January there will be 21 Democratic Senators. Marsden will make it 22.

I understand the frustration that some of you have expressed. However, as far as I know no one else has offered their name. Thats probably becasue they have seen the poll numbers and understand that this is a tough fight and they dont have the political heft to make this happen in this current enviroment.

Politics, at times, is the art of the possible.


Google poster-Speaking of Ms. Watts, and given your five decades of experience, any insight (or for that matter anyone else reading) on why didn't Vivian Watts go higher up in politics?

That is a serious question-I can remember when she was Transportation Secretary for Baliles after a short time in the HOD,..then back to the HOD when her seat came open again.

She seemed like a rising star back in the day-and then (comparatively speaking) back to where she started. No interest in ofice above the HOD? No opportunity? No support?


Not A Virginia State Senator,

You are right. Short special election cycles are tough. If you don't have the horses and are not ready to come out of the blocks fast there is no point in making the run.

As we have seen though, these low turnout affairs provide an interesting opportunity for an energized minority to steal a cheap win. They are hard to track.

Barbara Munsey

very important well connected lifelong bigdog D google poster who sounds remarkably like TomPaine, Thomas, Thomas from Cville:

I'm not appointed, elected, or anything else. I belong to no committees. I can only vote in the 67th, which went against Caputo by 5 points in Fairfax and 14 in Loudoun--that loss wasn't just my little vote. Perhaps your own confusion of truth with poisonous venom (while apparently defending poinous backroom threatening venom you, and other very important people, apparently agreed with) suggests not that I need a beer, but perhaps that you should switch to beer from the onanistic koolaid that fuels your own mania.

(Gee, was that overheated enough to be considered responding in kind? Sorry, oh great omnipotent anonymous angry one, but while somewhat cowlike, I remain uncowed by your wrath. Boo!)



I also was surprised
as I thought that she was the perfect candidate for a federal level transportation job; Unfortunately, when the Balisles Administration ended, the Reagan and Bush Aministrations were in charge at the federal level. Clearly. the Clinton Administration missed the boat with Vivian.I do not know her well enough to know her own personal or professional interests.


Perbhaps, I am full of shit; most of the people posting on this site fit that description to either a greater or lesser degree.

Yes, I could be labelled a as a "political whore" even a "pimp" or "hack" because of my lobbying background; hell, I have even been called (wrongly) a "political bagman". But, I did note that I only lobbied for non-profits and was active in supporting afforable housing legislation for Northern Virginia, the restaurant non-smoking act, the minimum wage increase, and a host of other public safety and consumer protection issues. So I was never a high-paid whore.

As for the maturity issue, others can decide that. But at least I am mature enough to recognize that idealism only goes so far in politics; it is a hardball game and compromise (not on principles) is what gets political results. I used to be pretty much a political idealist -- like most of you -- with a lot of litmus tests, but soon realized that if I imposed all of my ideals on to political candidates I would ultimately be in a political party of just one person.

I did not state my background simply to brag (otherwise I would have posted a lot of accomplishments)about how great I was. However, i will state that I was noted for my personal and professional integrity and my most prized accomplishment was writing a Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice for Lobbyists in Virginia.

When one lives long enough and stays active, it is easy to rack up a lot of things, as you all will learn as you age.In nearly 80 years of life one acquires a lot of evperiences by just being alive and sentient.

My reference to Ms. Muncey was in regard to her frequent claim that she is not active in partisan politics, when by her own
posts she reveals that she is up to her neck (and often over her head) in partisan politics.

Gretchen Laskas


I'll be the first to give you a hard time about bashing Democrats, so please let me say here that I appreciate this post.

All of us come into political activism for lots of different reasons and build lots of diverse loyalties, some rational, some more nuanced, and some simply personal. (I have my own, as does any political person worth his/her salt.)

I live in the 37th, and I confess, it rankles a bit that Dems like me are being told that there is NO ONE living in the district who can win. I find it interesting that most of the people telling me this also do not live in my district.

It also disturbs me that we seem to treat candidates as "one shot deals". Lots of candidates (including, incidentally Barack Obama) lose races before they learn to win them.

And while I have no way of verifying Ben's claims, as someone who has now been watching this district for several years now, I notice a pattern towards women candidates that I really do not like. And I'm not someone who has ever pushed gender as a reason to support a candidate over another candidate. (Indeed, I have not, in the past few years, supported Clinton, Byrne or Wagner in primaries.) So if I'm seeing a pattern, that makes me wonder how bad it really might be.


Ms. Munce:
Just a D, not a "big dog D."

No, you are no longer an "appointed political hack" as you were when you served on the Loudoun County Planning Commission as the political appointee of Supervisor Steve Snowe, who deservedly has been at least temporaily retired from active political life.

I stand by the "poisonous venom" charge and hope that there is a backlash ultimately coming for you!


I can remember when the House Democratic Caucus staff succeeded in apportioning financial and political support based on gender. For several elections in the late 1970s and early 1980s. they forced good male candidates (I was never a candidate so I have personal axe to grind) to to defer to female candidates whose only overt qualification was their gender. The rapid loss of Democratic seats soon brought an end to those policies.

Gretchen Laskas

2:50 (since I don't know how other to address you!)

I'll admit, I was only a child during the late 70's and early 80's years that you refer to, and not living in VA. And should such a proposal occur today, I would be first to oppose it (as I mentioned, my voting and support record on several high profile women recently hasn't exactly made the sisterhood embrace me.)

Like you, I consider myself a realist. I have my own ideals, and those ideals are what bring me back to the game of politics year after year, but you don't win the game by showing up, you win by playing, and hard.

So while I'm willing to defer (somewhat) to my "elders" in experience, I will only go so far, as I've realized sometimes "elders" don't understand the world we live in today, and by deferring, we are more likely to lose. And I hate losing.

Ghost of RWR

Yep, you D’s please run Marsden and while you’re at it, ask him why he can’t control his legislative employee in Richmond who was arrested for taking on a bouncer in a bar? That’s what you D’s need in Richmond. A Senator who can’t run a professional staff.

Gretchen Laskas

Ghost -- (grin) When Marsden's staffer took on the bouncer, did he win? That could actually be a plus in my book..... ;)



I am not suggesting that you defer to your "elders,"

I am only suggesting that your elders have some experiences to share that just might be of value, and
that some of us --just because we are old -- may well understand the modern world far better than you think. After all, not all of us have been hidden away in the family attic for the last decade or two.

Many of us hold full-time jobs until our late 70s and volunteer on a full-time basis.


Well, I was driving home from class today and I've already seen from Will Nance signs along Braddock so even now the GOP is getting an early start on whoever the Democratic candidate is going to be which I'm assuming now it is Marsden.

Whether or not your agree with what Ben wrote he put a lot of time into writing that and now you can't say you don't know why he have such a problem with him. Everyone is entitled to their opinions of someone to include politicians. Whether it is true or not, I can't verify it but there are issues that people have outside of Ben and so far the biggest problem I see is that we don't have any candidates who live in the district but the GOP has three?

Either way, I don't live in the 37th or anywhere near it. My local will not be getting involved in the race for Marsden as previously noted which is not a decision of mine but from a labor perspective I have to respect. Although, after looking at the three potential Republican candidates all I have to say is....Damn!

Also, Hi Babs! How's it going?? Enjoying having your Supervisor back?? :)

Gretchen Laskas


I'm someone who is more than willing to listen. And learn. After all, I became active in politics because of my family tradition, which goes back multiple generations. I also write historical fiction. That means learning from the past.

And since, at 40, I'm often put in the category of "still young" rather than "young" (sigh....) part of what I'm saying is that for every time someone in your position sees someone younger than yourself challenging opinion (which may or may not be justified) someone younger sees someone older basically telling them to "sit down and shut up" (which may or may not be justified.)

Bridges need to be built between generations. However, they can't only be built from one side. From my perspective, each side seems more intent on telling the other "You build the bridge" than actively building.

Gretchen Laskas

I've seen signs for Republican Steve Hunt as well.


Interesting post, Ben. I appreciate the insight you share regarding the game in NoVa. Saslaw is one very slimey guy so I wouldn't put anything past him - PayDay Lending anyone?

And Warner, well, I lobbied hard, along with several other special interest groups in 2004 to get the tax bill passed and can tell you with certainty the Governor owed a lot of people...Dillard being high on the list. He pretty much flubbed his nose at the R's to make sure the package got passed. He worked hard...very hard.

So I'm not surprised that Marsden was one of his payoffs. That is how the game is played, like it or not, which actually means I concur with Googlehead.

Speaking of Googlehead, what's your deal? Why are you so crotchety? Seems you've got a helluva bone to pick with Ben which is certainly your business, but the rest of us don't have to be exposed to it. Why don't you behave like a gentleman and pick up the phone and have it out with him. You'd be doing the rest of us here a huge favor if you did. Otherwise, if I were Ben, I'd ban you. Your tantrum appears to be personal, misplaced and disruptive. Deal with it or shut your pie hole.


Oh, one other comment. Warner, as some may recall, appointed Dillard to I believe it was William and Mary's Board of Trustees. It was one of the big University's, can't remember exactly, and the R's in the House stopped the appointment. It was payback time in 2005 and the R's were in no mood to give Warner a thing and they didn't. Hence, that's how we ended up w/Preston as Sec'y of NR


Gretchen - you are so correct. Building bridges isn't necessarily only a senior to young middle age people it seems to be a problem with just about everyone under the tent these days. Lots of nastiness seems to be spilling out from the D side. Not sure why that is, but it is what it is.

Gretchen Laskas


Thanks for the post.

There are two things about this particular election that keep nagging at me. First, as I mentioned, and DanielK mentioned, is the idea that the Republicans seem to have found three credible candidates who actually LIVE IN THE DISTRICT and we can't seem to find one. This isn't exactly a district without professional talent, connections and money, so I find that a tad frustrating.

But, as googler points out (see? I do sometimes listen to my elders!) politics isn't about personal slights, but about winning. I can live with that. Reading d2i's post, about political payback, makes sense. It's not idealistic or touch my innermost Democratic heart, but I understand that this is how politics happens (more often than not) and it's inevitable, no matter which party you bat for.

But I still have one more problem. Assuming this isn't only about political payback, why Marsden? There have been more than 40 posts (thus far) on this, and while we have plenty of people beating up on Ben or yelling about politics in Virginia, I have yet to read one post about why Marsden is the best candidate. I have yet to find one ANYWHERE in the blogosphere (which is, at this point, the only public place talking about this race. I do not, of course, include all the backroom discussions we all know take place in both parties all the time.)

So why Marsden? Why does Saslaw think he can win? Why is he willing to run a race in a district where he doesn't even live? There may actually be really good answers to these questions -- I personally have no beef whatsoever with Marsden (or anyone else.) I'll work for the candidate the party puts forth. But you know what? It would be nice to know WHY. It would be nice to actually tell voters something good about why Marsden and the Democrats will do right by the people of the 37th.

Why does this matter? Becasue I just spent months of my life pushing a candidate for governor who never helped me answer that question. And it's tiring and demoralizing.



I have had a number of extended email discussions with Ben, all to no avail.

You do not have to read my posts if you don't like them: I am not the only one on this blog critizing Ben; just the most persistent one. Most other Democrats have given up on Ben; I think that Ben has some strong talents but is given to excessive bad judgment, egotism and a deadly tendency to seek revenge not solutions.

Ben is welcome to ban me anytime he chooses; this is his blog and free speach rules do not apply.

Until then, I will post as it pleases me; I realize that unpleasant truths discomfort many people.

Gretchen Laskas

Sigh. Yes, we're all out there telling "unpleasant truths" and "hitting a nerve" and "if people are upset I must be doing something right" and "speaking truth to power."

Mostly people, often in good faith, just disagree. There's nothing wrong with that!!

Bryan Scrafford

Gretchen, Dave Marsden has put out a statement announcing his candidacy and it touches on two of the reasons that I believe he'll make an excellent state senator. We need leaders in the senate who will stand up for the working class and make sure that our schools remain among the best in the country. As I said on my blog (Left of the Hill), I'm confident that Dave Marsden is that type of leader.

Gretchen Laskas


Thank you!

Not Dr. Laura

So let the great Senator RUN IN HIS OWN DISTRICT!



Sorry, but I am not the one telling other posters that they ought not to post their thoughts; people have a right to disgree with me and do; where they engage in hypocrisy, I let them know.

And no, I am not "hitting a nerve" on purpose or saying "if people are upset I must be doing something right" or even "speaking truth to power." However, I plead guilty to speaking
"unpleasant truths."

Sorry that I seem to discomfort you.


Barbara Munsey

greatgoogleposter, of course I have partisan leanings! I am not a member or officer of any committee.
Like you, I have opinions and act on them.

Apparently unlike you, I don't think that anoints me in any way.

Hi DanielK! It's going pretty well, and yes I AM glad my supervisor is still my supervisor, at least on paper--he jumped right back in to work, and has been showing indications that he's focusing on his job in his district.

Unfortunately, the little cabal he turned it over to while he was AWOL doesn't seem to be in any hurry to give it back to him--that might be a bit of a tussle to have his staff actually act on his public statements, instead of continuing on their own agenda.

C'est la guerre!

Good to hear from you.

Larry Sabato's Hairpiece

"Vivian Watts may be the smartest person -- both intellectually and politically -- now sitting in the Virginia House of Delegates."

Clearly, Google has either not been in a room with Delegate Watts or she has a previously-undisclosed doppelgänger...


When Vivian Watts was Secretary of Transportation and my boss was Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, I spent nmany long hours in 1986, 87, and 88 negotiating with her and Ray Pethtel, the head of VDOT, on some very important and innovative transportation legislation.

Look up the major transportation bills that came out of those sessions, there has been nothing even remotely like it over the past 21 years.


Ms. Munsey:

I was not annointed and neither were you, although with your haughty tone of entitlement I certainly
thought that you surely were coronated!

Have they found any of the
diamonds, gold, or silver that must have been on that $200,000 per acre property that the school board recently acquired.

I know that a lot of inflation has occured over the years, but when Lord Fairfax granted leases on that property in the 1740s, it brought him only
one shilling annually for every 50 acres. And remember the Crown reserved the right to one-fifth of the value of all gold and one-tenth of all silver.

Don't thank me for this valuable insider information as I do not want to be associated in any way or form with that
questionable deal.

Keep your powder dry!

Not Michael Barone


Thank you for your courage.


Many people knew that Kathy Belter had a problem, long before Kathy could face it. Watching her on the school board, it was obvious. Watts tried various ways (including the email) to discourage Kathy from running without having to confront her with a truth that Kathy was not yet willing to accept. When left with no alternative, Vivian had to tell Kathy the truth. I have no doubt that it was painful for everyone in that room. I do NOT believe that Vivian EVER said she would make Kathy's problems public if she didn't drop out. How ridiculous. She told Kathy because of her problems the party did not feel that she should run. Vivian Watts did the right thing, although painful for all concerned. We all know that now. Kathy could not function well on the school board, her fellow democrats did all they could to help her and cover for her with constituents. That didn't stop some constituents from being very upset that they had no representation during continuous boundary disputes. Her continued mental deterioration was very sad to watch. Of course she chose not to run for school board re election in 2007 2007, she had accepted her dementia/alzheimers (whatever it was). It was all so very sad. I wish her well. Vivian did the right thing, the only thing that she could do under the circumstances.


What on earth does Dave expect to do for FCPS while in the Senate? Open another TJ that is badly need, as Horinko has proposed? Or simply funnel more money into the bloated bureaucracy?


Google guy, is there some reason that you can't use a normal nic, like normal posters?

BTW, I couldn't care less about your age or your credentials, or what you consider credentials.

Barbara Munsey

googlyposter--your information is not only out of date, but incorrect.

The school board did not acquire the property originally suggested at $220K, voted down well over a year ago.

The site, while compliant with the comprehensive plan, was too close to some very special people (you might know about that, eh?) and NOT on a non-selected alignment for a road that the same few people are interested in.

The road alignment that a realtor (who assumed political juice by proxy automatically translated into multimillion dollar commercial development) thought could be paved in place under a rural road program with a vehicle cap that precludes the nonpermitted use they were trying to slide through with a set of public uses the land wouldn't support.

I would suggest that you stop trying to pontificate based on bad information from people with no actual knowledge, but plenty of corrupt ambition.

I guess "haughty" in your lexicon means anyone who just doesn't lie down and die when you start fulminating?


Whatever, bub.


As a certain candidate once told me: "Ben might be a dog, but he's my dog."


Ms. Muncey:

Well, I guess that the material I was given to read some months ago had not been updated to reflect the current status of the school site. Apparently, I have been reading the wrong columnists and promise in the future to make a point of reading the "Dulles Distraction" on a regular basis from now on.

By the way, your use of all that planning commission jargon is really impressive and I look forward your eloquent expository digressions in the future.

Not being a Loudoun resident, I am not always able to keep track of the latest machinations of the former elitist movers and shakers in Loudoun County and their journalistic enablers. As a former member of the Loudoun County Planning Commission, you certainly are well-positioned to know about the former Republican local politicans with "corrupt ambitions" and seem to have been especially effective in diverting suspicion onto other parties.

I also was interested in learning that the original price of the property in question was actually $220,000 per acre: even pricier than I had previously known; inflation in land prices must really be high in Loudoun County. Is that just the additional cost of doing the public's business out there or should I say doing business to the public?.

It just proves that Lord Fairfax really started subdividing his land more than 250 years before the property really matured.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that this was one pricey site which some people were determined to foist off on Loudoun County citizens regardless of the existence of other less costly sites.

Intent can be just as important as results; I noted that the last time you dealt with this issue (several weeks ago)your argument was that the price was "irrelevant" but you failed to mention that the proposal had been voted down. It strikes me that $220,000 or even 200,000 per acre is pretty damn relevant to the taxpayers of the county. Perhaps, your board of supervisors could use an auditor or even an inspector general to curb any potential waste, fraud, or abuse.

Other than yourself, Steve Snowe and Eugene Delgaudio, I really do not know anything about the "special people" in Loudoun County. As a confirmed "fulminator" (they say it takes one to know one), I only consort with the common folk who work for their living and do not clip coupons or rely on their trust funds.



I have always wondered about your your age and credentials?

However, I could care less about them.


Ms. Muncey:

From now on, I will leave all the "pontification" up to you! You are certainly much better qualified than me.


Google guy, why do you ''always'' ponder things that do not interest you? Seems rather contradictory.



Barbara Munsey

Great Googly Moogly: Are you reading blogs instead of news? Even some of the news on that site was off, as with the Post. Being a primarily Democratic paper, it never mentioned who was trying to sell the alternative site, even though they didn't represent the property, and were a bit sketchy on some of the published facts.

"Corrupt ambitions"? Are you reading the Neverending Story of the FBI? The Post FOIA that is still referenced as something we should be waiting to be arrested for? Again, partial information, and an ongoing snoozer.

If you don't live in Loudoun I guess it's to be expected that you don't know what you're talking about (at length--lol), and getting the gossip instead of the facts is surely good enough.

If you say so, it's so!

I'm sorry you feel so angry and sad that all of your wisdom and clout didn't get some of your candidates to win.

Maybe you should have taken out some ads yourself, telling people what to do, since you are....you?

A Cramped Shoelace Eats Muffins

Wow, Ben is only 30 years old or so, according to this post. What an accomplished and mature young man he is!

Google Guy: you're mean!

Not Dr. Laura


Pls make the googly monster go away.


Or at least make him use a better nic. The long google thing is just silly.

It appears that we can all agree on one thing, this Senate seat will stay on the R side of the aisle.


It just so happens that I have developed a very sensitive political bull-shit meter (with a special moose-shit sensor) that tells me that Barbara, Janie and possibly Dan and others posting on this blog are mooseshit Republican apologist hacks attempting to take advantage of Ben Tribbetts sadly deteriorating state of mental heath.

Now my electronic detector could be defective, but if it is, I do not apologize since my two tours to Alaska have taught me to recognize both bull- and moose-shit when I see and hear it!

The rest of you Democrats on this blog should be ashamed of yourselves for openly and notoriously consorting with the enemy.

Ben Tribbet's mother

Barbara Munsey

googly moogly: I've been to Alaska myself, and the portion I visited was beautiful (southeast, no farther north than Juneau).

Saw no moose droppings, but did see salmon coming inland at the Ketchikan harbor, and others farther north dying over their completed nests in a stream in Skagway.

My own moonbat-bs meter goes off well when anonymous people bluster about how very seriously we should take their threats, because if only they revealed their own indisputable importance behind the fake name, we'd all be very very sorry and embarrassed.


But I kind of doubt it.

As for people who disagree with you personally daring to visit this little corner of cyberspace and leave a mark, why not start your own blog?

Then you can be 100% certain that nothing remains there but posts that pay sufficient homage to you and your opinions.


Who then?
Do we have a retired war vet with some nice medals for heroism?

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