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You have the process wrong. Neither the party nor the Governor fills the seats. Fairfax County judges picked von Spakovsky.

The party must submit at least 3 names to the circuit court judges who pick one person to serve. Va Code ยง 24.2-106.

Not Larry Sabato

Right, the party picks 3 people, and puts them in order from 1-3 for the judges. The judges confirm- but it is almost always the person listed first unless the party specifically says they have no preference.

Loudoun Insider

Learning English should be madatory for citizenship. Yeah, I know, I'm an evil xenophobic racist, but that's simply the way it should be.

Not Larry Sabato

Loudoun- you think that someone should pass an English test to become a citizen?

Martin Lomasney

Loudoun Insider

self knowledge is a wonderful thing, you evil xenophobic racist.


If one needed to pass an English test to be able to vote, 75% of the tea baggers would be stopped at the polls.


Jackasses, you have to be proficient in English to become a citizen. Case closed, there is no reason to have forms in any other language.

Not Larry Sabato

Since when?


re: If one needed to pass an English test to be able to vote, 75% of the tea baggers would be stopped at the polls.

That might be true but the percentage of democrats allowed to vote would be around ten percent.


Jackasses, you have to be proficient in English to become a citizen. Case closed, there is no reason to have forms in any other language.

Posted by: PWConservative | April 06, 2010 at 11:42 PM

Since when?

Posted by: Not Larry Sabato | April 06, 2010 at 11:45 PM

Since we started the modern naturalization process over 100 years ago. An applicant must take the naturalization test in English and thereby demonstrate a "basic knowledge of English."


Not Larry Sabato

From the test site:

However, if you are more than 50 years old and have been a permanent resident for 20 years OR you are more than 55 years old and have been a permanent resident for 15 years, you may take the test on U.S. history and government in your own language.

If you are at least 65 years old and have been a permanent resident for 20 years, you may be permitted to take a simplified test on U.S. government and history in your own language.

Not Larry Sabato

And not to pile on here, but not knowing English is generally a generational thing with immigrants- the kids in school usually know English or learn very quickly- its the older parents and grandparents that are the ones who struggle with English. Hence the voter registration forms in other languages.


They should distribute the forms so all US Americans will get to participate in voting against Gerry Connolly and Tom Davis II


Tom Cruise, thanks for that link. Some of those signs are priceless.

No wonder these tea people believe anything Faux News tells them. It isn't like they are going to read anything to the contrary. They appear to be barely literate.


Why are Republican voter suppression efforts a story. This is old news. And well documented.

Of course, you won't see too much about it in the supposedly "liberal" media. But that same "liberal" media can be counted on to give lots of air time to every phony and fantastical allegation of "voter fraud" that the Republicans make in order to deflect attention from their own activities.


Har! PUConservative wants to vote in Salazar and Franco by rigging the elections!

Brian W. Schoeneman

Dan, both sides engage in their own versions of voter suppression. Stop with the holier than thou.

Personally, I agree with Ben here. We should be extending the vote to as many qualified citizens as possible, and if it's more convenient for them to fill out forms in their own language, so be it. Unless the cost far outweighs the benefits (say, spending $50,000 to translate the forms into Klingon for one or two speakers in the county) there's no reason why these forms can't be distributed in other languages.

The Donkey

The Republican effort to selectively suppress non-english speaking votes is an outrage that very Korean, Vietnamese and Spanish speaker should remember when they go to the polls:

Republicans don't want you to participate. Democrats do.


Brian, I'm glad you agree that all who are eligible to vote should be encouraged to register and vote.

As to your contention that there is an equivalence in the two parties when it comes to attempting to suppress the vote among groups they believe to be inclined to vote for the opposition, that is hogwash. For powerful examples of that one need look no farther than the subject of this post, Mr. von Spakovsky, or the state senator for district 27. Those two Virginia examples and their associates are hardly isolated in the long standing effort of the Republicans nationwide.

As for the distraction and misdirection to divert attention, how many frothing at the mouth allegations about ACORN have we been treated to in the recent past? And the "liberal" media dutifully gives ample air time to them all. Without doing any actual reporting as to their accuracy.

I do have to hand it to Republicans in that regard. They are masters of media manipulation while at the same time successfully selling the canard that the media is biased against them. Absolutely brilliant!

Speaking of "fair and balanced". Have you viewed the unedited versions of the tapes shot by that young charlatan O'Keefe? The ones recently released by the California AG's office?

It would seem young Mr. O'Keefe and his "mentor" Mr. Breitbart don't even have a passing familiarity with the truth. And unless Sean Hannity was completely duped by these two frauds he doesn't seem to care much for it either.


Dan- O'Keefe and Breitbart are racists, every scam they try to promote is race based.

And remember, O'Keefe was attending white supremacist events here in NOVA with the Leadership Institute.


Look, you can debate all you want about whether or not English SHOULD be a requirement of citizenship. You can't debate that voting is a RIGHT of citizenship. So, since English knowledge IS NOT a requirement of citizenship, even if it should be, we have non-English speaking citizens and they should not be prevented from voting.

I'm with Ben here.



You're right, there's not equivalence in suppression, but that's not the issue, and I think I know what Brian means, he just stated it poorly. To quote Larry Sabato:

"Republicans are experts at voter suppression, Democrats are experts at voter fraud."

Both parties do it, and it's dispicable, but it oddly goes with both parties' general voting philosophy. Republicans are willing to turn away a few eligible voters as long as no fraudulent votes are cast, while Democrats are willing to allow a few fraudulent votes to be cast as long as every eligible voter gets to vote.


Bob, I don't know that Larry Sabato is correct on this.

Republicans never cease in their allegations of what they call "massive voter fraud". But there is no evidence of any significant number of fraudulently cast ballots that can be demonstrated by objective evidence. All they have is shrill rhetoric and highly and selectively edited video tapes that are proven to be total lies when one views what was taped in its entirety in order to discredit an organization that registers poor and minority voters (not exactly a strong Republican demographic). Of course, the base that repeats this stuff as if it came from the mouth of God will only watch the fraudulent stuff on Hannity and other shows of that ilk and aren't likely to ever watch the unedited version to learn that they have been lied to and duped. If , as Sabato incorrectly states, "Democrats are experts at voter fraud" one would think there might be some evidence to support that contention and Republicans wouldn't have to make things up to sell the idea.

I don't know if Sabato is correct either when he says, "Republicans are experts at voter suppression". I don't know how you can accurately measure how many voters have been intimidated from either registering or voting. So the level of the Republican success at voter suppression is an open question. What isn't in question is that they have (and have had for some time) a coordinated national effort to suppress voting among groups that vote heavily Democratic. And the bogus allegations about nonexistent voter fraud are a good smokescreen to obscure those efforts.

As I say, media manipulation is one of the few things Republicans seem to do very well.

Martin Lomasney


Despite years of investigation with thousands of manhours expended, multiple Republican US Attys could find NO EVIDENCE OF VOTER FRAUD. And Rove had them fired for their honesty.

Voter fraud is a myth perpetuated by Republicans to rationalize their voter suppression efforts.

Larry Sabato is a lying sob, just ask the Delegates who zeroed out his precious center for state funding.

Martin Lomasney

Prior post directed to Bob not Dan

Brian W. Schoeneman

There is plenty of evidence of voter fraud in a variety of elections of well-known Democrats. Lyndon Johnson won his Senate seat by stealing the election. It's a common claim that Kennedy's narrow win over Nixon was the result of voter fraud. Chicago history is rife with claims of voter fraud.

As has already been said, neither side has clean hands.


Brian, I won't argue with the example of Lyndon Johnson's election in 1948. That is how he got the nickname "Landslide Lyndon". The Kennedy/Nixon election accusations are not so nearly clearcut although they were long ago enshrined in Republican mythology. That was mostly sour grapes over a close loss.

Anyway, examples from 1948 and 1960 hardly support all the bogus nonsense Republicans so regularly spew in modern times with no basis whatsoever. And Republicans know it is bullshit. It is by design to deflect attention from their own very real efforts at voter suppression. And the press dutifully assists them in the effort at obfuscation. If they had an affirmative message maybe they wouldn't feel that the only way they could win was to stop others from voting.

As Martin Lomasney pointed out, they pressured U.S. Attorneys to bring cases that were completely without merit to support the effort. And then fired them for having the integrity to not completely politicize their offices.

This is not an argument in which the facts are on your side. Better to leave it lay and hope your party develops some leaders with a better sense of ethics and the integrity not to inject politics into law enforcement.


I think the term we should be using is "voter REGISTRATION fraud." That's when you see that someone named Mickey Mouse has registered to vote.

Now, if Mickey Mouse showed up at the polls and actually voted, then that would be voter fraud.

There is a difference, although Republicans don't seem to recognize it. You know, the only reason Obama is president right now is because of massive voter fraud on the part of ACORN.


LAS- That is the point I keep making to Repugs.

Here you have homeless people who are paid per person to sign people up to register to vote.

They are poor and homeless and often add a few names for the extra $.

Now, those names are not even processed and are weeded out during the processing.

Micky Mouse's name wouldn't even make the final lists.

But, that homeless person might get a few extra hot meals out of the deal, and that is what has the Repugs up in arms?

Gretchen Laskas

(wry grin) Believe me, if we were as expert in voter fraud as Republicans make us out to be, we would win more elections!!!


The Fairfax County Board should defeat this with an ordinance that says that County officials will distribute voter registration information in every available language, and distribute voter registration information wherever possible. I think Fairfax County can do this, but even if they can't because of the Dillon Rule, do you think that the GOP is going to fight it in court? It would be catastrophic for them - just about every immigrant and their children would vote Democratic for the next thirty years.


Brian's comment about voter fraud in Chicago during the 1960 presidential election is true,; what he fails to mention was the voter fraud by Republicans in downstate Illinois that same year.

It was a joke in Illinois for many years that late vote reporting by downstate Illinois was based on the need to know how many votes were needed to overcome Chicago's vote!

Gretchen Laskas

Look, we had otherwise responsible Republicans asserting the Marsden had "stolen" the election because Dems had done such a good job with the absentee vote. No less than the chair of FCRC came out and disputed this, but I'm sure there are some out there who still insist that because Dems won, it must have been "stolen". The story worth remembering here isn't "The Fox and the Grapes" but "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."


Not Larry Sabato:

If this backwards policy can't be fixed by the county legislature... would it be possible/legal for an existing voter registration nonprofit (or simply a group of individuals) to spend a little money to print the non-English forms out online, copy them, and show up at all the community registration events to distribute them? Of course, ACORN's been killed, but are there other groups? And/or would such a thing be possible?


Good for Hans. If you can't be bothered to learn English, you need not be voting, either.

Nuts to Racists

Well, I think volunteers from the Democratic Party should show up at all the events where the forms are distributed and distribute them in foreign languages, explaining to each person who takes one that the racist, xenophobic Republican party doesn't want them to be able to register to vote. It could be a great opportunity to get some life-long Democratic voters.


Is this change something the Justice Department must review? If so, I hope the Fairfax Electoral Board gets the smackdown from the USDOJ.


To Hans:

Seig Heil!

Michael Caplin

What's happening is not "disgusting." It is outrageous & unacceptable.
Add Cuccinelli's behavior and you have democracy-threatening chaos. What action steps are possible to recall these crazy, incompetent people?

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