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Petty muckraking. This happened 39 years ago, well before you were born and is minor blemish on an otherwise commendable record. The bigger concern is whether Fred Malek at age 74 is able to function effectively as head of this commission.

Not Larry Sabato

MINOR blemish???

Heinrich Bimmler

Yes, it's just a minor blemish. He was just keeping track of the Jews with an eye toward "controlling" them.

What do you mean, "what were we doing during the war"? We are Swiss, not German. We know nothing about those terrible things.


Targeting Jews...?...awwwww geeeeze....again?...maybe its time we made another GOLEM...like that that time in Prague....

Jewish Voter

Being Jewish, I really don't see the issue. Jews do rule the world, its no secret, its no conspiracy, it is just a fact.

Our very culture is what makes it possible. The top bankers, the top authors, scientists, lawyers, everyone is a Jew and it has a direct relation to our culture that places a huge emphasis on learning.

So what if he counted the number of Jews? 13 doesn't seem like enough, all 50 should have been Jews.


Ummm..."Jewish Voter" .... if you are a troll you are a truly sick piece of excrement ...


If he is a troll? Is there any doubt?

Actually, the Irish would have ruled the world. But it is said that God created whiskey in order to impede us and prevent us from leaving the rest of you in the dust.

As with most aspects of the big guy's plan, whiskey has worked splendidly.


Dan- do you remember when that moron Holocaust denier and pro-eugenics idiot Ken Meyercord ran for office in the Reston Civic Association?

Will McDonnell appoint him next?


Ben, aren't you being a bit unfair? This all happened four decades ago.

Look at the large number of Jewish Republicans in Congress today. There is Eric Cantor and... give me a minute. Well, Cantor is the only one in the House. Has been the only one since 2003. But I'm sure if we look at the Senate we will find lots of Republicans.

Oh, wait. There aren't any. Unless you count Lieberman. And he isn't technically a Republican. He just supports their presidential candidates and stuff like that.

Damn! Maybe this Nixonian idea that "most Jews are disloyal" is not completely dead.

I have to agree that Malek is an odd choice, given his past work in "restructuring" Jews out of government. I'm sure a better and less controversial choice could have been made. And I'm kind of surprised that McDonnell would step on his dick this way.

You know, Malek was a national finance committee co-chair for McCain in 2008. Maybe this pick has more to do with McDonnell's possible aspirations for national office than it does with restructuring state government.

Just a wild guess. But as good as any. I'd think Bobby would have run out of feet to shoot himself in by now.


The purge of Jewish employees at the BLS under the Nixon Administration was just a tip of the iceberg.

I remember it well and was one of the non-Jews with a Jewish sounding name that got hit with the anti-semitism of that event.


Spock, I don't think McDonnell is likely to appoint Meyercord to anything. But Meyercord has a lot of company in the Holocaust denial business. And as years pass they will very likely be able to diminish the enormity of the crime in the eyes of many.

I'm an old fart. I had the opportunity to talk to men who were present at the liberation of concentration camps. There are survivors who can still give direct testimony. But those folks are getting very old now and won't be with us much longer. This is already ancient history to the school kids of today and deniers like Meyercord are clever enough not to deny outright that many Jews died. He would just have you believe it was from disease and malnutrition and that it was not part of a Nazi policy to exterminate an entire race.

Meyercord is very well educated. Those are the most dangerous ones. The thuggish semi-literate ones don't convince too many. The bright ones like Meyercord are the ones to watch closely. And oppose.

Great Job Delegate Englin!

Proud to be in Old Town and represented by David Englin!


Dan- I was being facetious, but only partly...

I remember when Meyercord tried to inject his crap into the Washington Peace Center, he was asked to leave and never come back.

But, he still shows up at DC leftist events and organizes a few himself with little to no opposition.

Now, we see the same pass given to those on the right.

My crystal ball tells me we are going see Sonderkommando Eric Cantor come out with a "this is not offensive to Jews" statement ....

Loudoun Insider

I'd probably be doubtful about this normally, but after one of the religious right/builder type Republicans in Loudoun County running for town council just ran a print ad quoting Goebbels, I have to wonder!


Loudoun Insider- can you provide a link, please?


Fred Malek is a superior businessman with a lengthy track record of high ethics and success. I cant think of a better person to lead this commission. Virginians are exceedingly lucky to have someone of his caliber to head this effort. Kudos all the way around.


Sundance, he may be a successful businessman. But the governor couldn't find someone with a successful track record who wasn't involved with excluding Jews from government service for no other reason than that they were Jews?

Forgive me, but I think both you and the governor display an astounding level of tone deafness. You don't see how the man's history might make him a less than ideal choice?

No wonder there are so many holes in McDonnell's feet. For the governor's sake I hope Malek has the good sense and judgement to withdraw his name from consideration.

He is no longer an ambitious thirty something proving himself willing to do questionable things to advance his career. He is now a septuagenarian who could gracefully bow out without causing the governor any further grief.

local gop

so as long as you are a good business man its ok to be anti-semetic or count jews to control them? the values of the gop seem to change daily.


I know Fred Malek personally. Accusing him of being anti-semetic is laughable. This entire rant is beneath this blog. Really. Why dont you get to know a guy before hurling unfounded ugly accusations in his direction. No, Malek is precisely who ALL Virginians should want for this job. A tremendous man. At the end of this process, Governor McDonnell and Fred Malek come out looking great and NLS comes out looking small and fringy.


"This entire rant is beneath this blog."

I'll assume you are not very familiar with this blog to make a statement like that.

Sorry, Ben. I couldn't resist.

Sundance, I assume you would also contend that Strom Thurmond was not a segregationist. That he was a principled man who was only defending "states rights". Being part of an effort to expel Jews from their government positions simply because they were Jews is a pretty good imitation of anti-semitism if, as you contend, it isn't the real thing.

Actions speak louder than words. And his actions on Nixon's behalf were not pretty. He did very well for himself. But the corners you cut, moral or otherwise, to advance your career sometimes come back to haunt you.

He did what he did. His actions speak for themselves.



First they made a list of the jews, and I said nothing. Then they made a list of the blacks, and I said nothing. Then they put me on a list, and nobody was around to help me.


Dan is and always will be my hero!:-)

College Marketing

now they'll make a list of italians and portugese...lol

but ya this news is too old to be of any use to today's world.

Jewish State Employee

I wondered why McDonnell pointed at me last week and said "42". Damn.


Well grand wizard Robert Byrd seems to have been forgiven by all democrats for his KKK leadership. However, like Byrd, I think at 74 Malek may be good for some input, but not the best choice to lead a 2010 reform group.


Fred Malek is an equal opportunity anti-semite; he only purges Jews when it is to his political advantage.

Just think how useful he would have been in the 1930s and 1940s to any right wing authoritarian regime.


Sundance, its not like these are spurious insinuations about Fred Malek. The Watergate papers copiously document his NOTORIOUS history of rooting out Jews in the federal bureaucracy and politicizing the federal bureaucracy! In the shadow of the Holocaust which was less than 30 years in the rear view mirror when Malek embarked on this campaign, Malek's jew-hunting was INEXCUSABLE and should be disqualifying for high office. Combined with the recent move to allow police chaplains to give sectarian prayers at public functions which prompted a critical press release by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Northern Virginia, and it begins to appear that Gov McDonnell has a tin ear for his Jewish constituents.


You know, it's hard to see this kind of thing happen in Virginia. However, Malek was behind a lot of campaign in Northern Virginia and the McDonnell campaign as well, raising a lot of money. Check the fundraising reports and you'll see. I guess at the time, Ben was too busy cheerleading the downfall of Deeds and the VA Democrats.

Chuck Colson

With his background maybe Malek could do something about the Supreme Court. That is being overrun too.

Commissar Obama is about to appoint the Court's third Jew. And the other six seats are held by Papists!

We need men like Malek to preserve the Real America. I'm sure he would agree that having a Jew or a Catholic on the Court to appease those groups is fine. We can't have them take the whole thing over though!

Nixon would know what to do.


From today's WaPo: "I have known Fred Malek for more than 20 years and he is a friend for whom I have great respect, trust and admiration,'' said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California), who is Jewish, in a statement. "He is a man of high principle and he has no bias of any kind whatsoever. In addition, Fred is a renowned expert on organization and efficiency, and he brings with him a unique set of skills and experiences that will serve the people of Virginia well. "

"Fred Malek is a loyal and patriotic American and a staunch supporter of America's ally, Israel,'' said Kenneth Bialkin, chairman of the America-Israel Friendship League. Malek is on the League's board. "I know him personally to be wholly free of bias and he has proved many times over the years his loyalty to the highest principles of freedom, human rights and international tolerance."

According to the Slate article, Malek has engaged in Jewish and pro-Israel philanthropy. Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, and Malcolm Hoenlein, vice chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, both granted indulgences for Malek's 'mistake,' and two of the three employees who were transferred told blogger Steven I. Weiss two years ago that they held no grudge.


Well that seals it.. if he has support from Dianne Feinstein there must be something wrong with the guy.


"Except for one instance, for which he has apologized and atoned for -- acceding to President Nixon's order to compile a list of Jews in government -- he has no record of being anti-Jewish. The Anti-Defamation League strongly believes that one mistake does not an anti-Semite make." -- Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League


'"Except for one instance, for which he [MALEK]has apologized . . . . "

I imagine that Malek's apology was only for getting caught discriminating!


Sundance, sorry, just because a couple of prominent Jews think he's ok doesn't mean we all grant him absolution! I'm Jewish, my family lost relatives and had to flee Europe to survive the Holocaust and I don't forgive this partisan hack for "following [anti-semitic] orders"!

Ken Meyercord

Dan, thanks for the compliment ("well educated", "bright"). I don't know what all the brouhaha here is about, but I look forward to being appinted Chairman of the Department of Holocaust Studies at UVA any day now.

Just to clarify, Spock, I've never even been to the Washington Peace Center. Ironically, the only organization whose events I've been banned from is the Reston Citizens Association.

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דיני עבודה שרון רוזנבלט

I support the effort to make a top level fee to suggest guidelines to change administration, it is greatly unsettling that Governor McDonnell would have as its seat.

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