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Join the Friends of the Great Seal of Virginia Facebook Group, our Attorney General is an elected official, not a king. Down with Tyranny!

Ken Hearts Guys (and there's no problem with that)

I'm thinkin' that Ken Cuccinelli is actually gay and seeing a woman's breat is troubling to him.


This is the perfect music as background for Virginia politics today:


Not Larry Sabato

Funny you say that Spock- that was basically what we used to open our debate last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLwp0UjOrjg


LOL! Great minds...

BTW, your top image is coming up as a red X, don't know if you might want to fix that..

Not Larry Sabato

That's your computer having a loading error (are you in Internet Explorer?). Website is loading fine.


I'm using Safari which sometimes has issues with certain scripts.

It's the image right above:

Office of the Attorney General"

It has a box with the infamous Safari "?".


It's a red X for me, too. I'm using Explorer. I assume it's a gif of the seal.

Not Larry Sabato

Yeah that's what it is. Sorry guys. I'll upload it differently next time.


But dude. Titties cause earthquakes.

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Your top image is coming up as a red X, don't know if you might want to fix that..

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