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So, let me get this straight... the supposed front-runner who was running on his business credentials actually stole his business from someone else? Since he has never served in public office, what else does Fimian have to run on? Wow.


great post ben. its frustrating seeing people gin success on the back of other's hard work.




WOW! Someone Cooch can be so proud of!!

Brian W. Schoeneman

Has there been any response from Fimian's campaign yet?


Nice try, but unless he was caught lying about his military service, I'm not interested.

In seriousness, this is a pretty unflattering profile of him -- from professional misconduct to physical intimidation. Can the other individuals involved with the venture go on the record with similar information, so as to decrease the likelihood that the retelling of this story is inaccurate?



They are probably sitting there trying to figure out what the F*** to do.


So my question is who is Keith Fimian? Everything he has claimed about himself is a lie. Back in March, he gave a speech where his facts were wrong and when confronted and told about this, he argued with the constituent. Also, where is his wife? I don't see her anywhere. She wasn't even there to support him during the 2008 campaign. And to hear that the campaigns are too cruel on his family doesn't work because Herrity hasn't said anything about them. That's like saying Sarah and Todd Palin should have packed their bags during the 2008 election and went home to Alaska because the Washington establishment didn't like them. Now, what was said about the Palin family was harsh and uncalled for. So I say again, who is Keith Fimian and where is his wife?


I am so looking forward to reproducing this post and placing it on every door I can hit between now and Tuesday! Finally, someone has exposed what a fraud that this unstable nut job really is!


Sour grapes.

Fairfax GOPr

I have hear Keith in public forums and he has stated out loud (not in a cartoon bubble over his head) that illegal aliens should be allowed to stay here - it's ok...he just wants them to pay taxes. HUH??? People who are here illegally should just start paying taxes? Exactly which social security number would he like them to use??? And what's he going to do...drive around with a bullhorn through a sunroof and say 'Come out, Come out wherever you are?'?! How bizarre...his visage is pleasant enough, he has crafted the platitudes, but his rhetoric is vituprative, his background questionable and he does not have the political legs to win the race in November...he has treated a Primary race with a fellow Republican like a death match and that stench is one he will not be able shake win (hopefully not) or lose.

Fairfax GOPr

sic - "heard"

Joan Clemmons

Unsubstantiated drivel. Lots of Herretics busy tonight. Must be out of money and sensing a loss.

Glen Oberman

Ben breaks another story. It's good to see someone fill a blog with good info and not just re-print press releases.


Unsubstantiated?! Ask Keith then duck!

The Dark Knight

It’s only a Flesh Wound.


Cameron Gorantis

I am far more concerned about Keith's so called public record of assaulting a women in James City. Is this his wife or an ex girlfriend? If this is his wife, maybe this explains her absence as it could be a private family matter that she doesn't wish to confront. If this is true, this is not a DWI that while horrible on its own account, can not be described as a lack of judgement. This is a personality characteristic. I am not saying I would vote for Herrity if this is true, I am saying that I could not in right mind vote for Keith with this information being stated as fact being a woman myself. Actually, NOT ONE women could or would admit to doing so publicly. So much for having a candidate we can stand by, believe in, and be proud of. Thanks Keith!


Ben, assuming McGreevey's story is an honest one, hats off to you for the scoop. I assume the long e-mail was from him to you?

I vacillate between despising and loving this blog, and analysis and scoops like you've had lately on Fimian are reasons why I keep coming back.

But make no mistake, the charges against Fimian in your blog as relayed by McGreevey are serious ones, and I hope for everyone involved McGreevey is not committing libel.

Jennifer Donnolly

DCC is exactly right. Libel charges are the only answer here. I'm waiting...


Joan, even the most ardent Fimian supporters have to take a step back and question Keith on this, or would you rather just blindly follow? What if he has been misleading everyone for the last three years? His whole credibility relies on his business background - I seriously want to know if and accounting major could create a radon detection machine. If this is true I expect an apology.



The assault charge from James City County was not against his wife. I do not believe it was against a female. I have personally seen the Bond Recognizance form that Fimian signed when the judge released him from jail pending his court date and the name on the form is a male. Not sure who. From what I have heard AGAIN I have HEARD the gentlemen was permanently injured due to Fimian's assault. However, in terms of him doing jail time that is true. He did 7 days of a 30 day sentence.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Fimian is a public figure. Unless McGreevey is acting with malicious intent, there's no libel issue here.

This may be unsubstantiated, but the patents are out there. I did a Google patents search and found the Radon one. Keith's name is listed first on the Radon one. That at least verifies that part of the story.


Fairfax GOPr

Mr. Fimian - You have sullied yourself in a race which could have been respectable against a fellow Republican to get a Primary nomination - yuck.
You have lost perspective on the forest for the trees - the race is against Connolly, you numbnut!

How about Fimian's recent public comment when asked about his opinion of the potential closure of Clifton Elementary and the watershed effects of such a decision = "I am running for FEDERAL OFFICE and, as such, this issue really has nothing to do with a Congressional candidacy" (read, 'I don't know what the hell you are talking about, but let me shoot myself in the foot/mouth) "...but I know there are tough decisions and you may not always like what you hear from me, but I will tell the truth and some schools may just have to close whether you like it or not" (read - I am clueless that one of the major plans under consideration is to build a brand new elementary school on the grounds of Liberty MS and stick all of you taxpayers with the bill because that is the fiscally conservative thing to do - NOT.) Good grief, we can't afford this disconnected and disingenuous candidate.

Hey, Mr. Home Inspector = if a client's windows are leaking, they need new roof shingles or their heat pump needs service, do you advise them to just build a brand new house? Maybe they should just hire the illegals next to library to do it - or will they be employed by Fairfax County building the new elementary school on our dime?

S County

Ben: I'm not sure how you pulled off this story but Holy s#*t!! This is just the kind of stuff that will make the business community cringe should he get past Herrity. And yes, Connolly will have a field day with this! For all of you Connolly fans-put your tongue back in your mouth. For all of you Herrity fans-put your tongue back in your mouth! For all of you Fimian fans-you can go change your wears now! I have a strong feeling that this is just the beginning of this story both pre primary and post primary, win or lose for Mr. Fimian.


Well said Fairfax GOPr. I was at the event where Keith said that comment. Truly saddening to think he would want to shut down such a good performing school. Being Congressman means you know your districts issues and work for them. However, he was probably too busy getting sloshed later that night because as we know, Keith likes to drink. In fact it has been rumored that he got drunk routinely during the 2008 race.


Interesting story, if true.

The problem is that the verifiable facts simply show what Keith has been saying, not that what he has been saying is false. The part of the story that is damaging is all the personal word of McGreevey.

Sure, Keith could be lying. But so could McGreevey. And the story isn't really some secret backroom story, so it's amazing that nobody came forward about this until 5 days before the primary. Multiple people had to know the facts.

So, what we need to know is who is lying. To know that, we would need to know more about McGreevy. Is he a Herrity supporter? Is he a Connally supporter (neither is disqualifying, if the story is true obviously he would support one of those people.

Gretchen Laskas

I know absolutely nothing about this, but I will say that no one necessarily has to be outright lying. Everyone might be telling the story as they remember it happening. Doesn't make it true, and it's true that that in Appalachia, the word "story" is the same as "lie" but I just throw that out there.

Fairfax GOPr

Under FOIA, don't we have the right to see arrest and jail record of someone running for public office?? Mr. "You may not like what I say, but I will always tell the truth" Fimian? I want this out - and no better reason to DEMAND ELECTION REFORM IN VA - no identification required, anyone can vote in primaries (hmmm - how about this bumper sticker? - Democrats for Fimian!).
I want my county, state and country back!

Gretchen Laskas

I would like to know more about what actually took place regarding the arrest and the assault charge. My attention regarding Fimian has been mostly policy based (I disagree with most of it, after all!) but given that Connelly is an incumbent in an anti-incumbent year, I'm reading and trying to understand everything about both Fimian and Herrity.

For what it's worth, this Democrat will not be voting in the primary. This is a Republican matter about what they want their party to look like; that's something they need to work out on their own.

Either way, I'm prepared to work hard for Connelly to win this fall.


Fimian does not drink heavily, that is an outright lie.

Queen City Kid

Wow - this site is really cool! Anonymoous weasels get to congregate, pop off and smear people with anything they can make up! We don't need no journalism here and we don't need no facts! Dude, this is like, awesome!

In reality this just sounds like the petty grievances of some dingbat who likes to carry around a stun gun.

T. Graham

"Rich and I spent the next 2 years getting this business up and running only to find out that Keith never registered the business so it was never a real company even though we were doing lots of business. I am not sure how we filed tax returns. Maybe Keith just rolled the work up under Radonics. "

Okay, so let me get this straight. They were doing "lots of business" but he wasn't sure how they filed tax returns. That just destroyed the validity of anything he had to say. Honestly,he isn't sure how they did taxes or what company his "lots of work" was under?

Very interesting piece, and I have heard rumblings of this before, but the quotes from McGreevy just seem a little odd. Just my opinion.


Fairfax GOPer,

One, you don't need a social security number to pay and file taxes. You can use an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, which is what a lot of illegals use.

As to "election reform", since there's no party registration in Virgina, anyone can vote in any primary they chose to their precinct. So if thousands of Dems in the 11th decide to vote for Fimian on Tuesday, there are zero legal issues with it. It's an open primary.


I'm curious to see where this goes but I'm not sure I'm buying this story from a bitter former business partner or whatever.

As for Fimian's family not wanting to be involved in the campaign. While it seems odd, there are understandable reasons for not wanting to get involved with a campaign.



Its 1978 in James City County and Keith Fimian assaults a young man at William and Mary. He is arrested for attacking the guy, put in jail. He is released on bond and appears before a judge a few weeks later and is sentenced to a 30 days in jail but the judge only make him serve 7 days. Presumably it is a "suspended" sentence. For more information you can visit the James City County Clerk of the Court where they have all the records of Keith's assault charge, the man he permanently injured and the time he spent in jail.


Gerry is laughing his ass off somewhere at this Republican primary. I am highly skeptical that Fimian was ever in jail and all that (give us names, dates, and proof), but my observation of him is that he is pompous. I don't think he's smart enough to invent anything.

John Denver

Well, at least part of the story seems corroborated by lexisone - seems that Keith and his buds tried to short change the McGreevy's, and they had to sue to get their fair share.



OMG - NLS now a Republican Blog - how did that happen.

What is the Herrity campaign paying you


Duh!......No wonder Democrats in the 11th District are privately discussing voting for him next week in the open GOP primary.


its nice to see Ben putting up anonymous drivel all in an effort to get into Connolly's good graces. I note Ben has never investigated the school Connolly attended dodge the draft during Vietnam. The school that closed right after the draft ended.


Not for noting, Frank but in case you missed the newsflash...Ben cannot stand Connolly. So, if there was a bad story about GC, Ben would be running it. Sorry your a little late to the Party.


Assault charges aren't informative, you can be charged with assault for defending someone else or any number of ludicrous reasons. Why wasn't this McGreevey guy on top of the status of the company? Sounds pretty foolish to me, Unless you can find more people to corroborate the story it's not something people can base their votes off of.

Gerry's School

I think Ben did cover that school, and accused Gerry of being expelled from it for having sex with a nun- who later became his wife.

Elizabeth King

PWConservative- I am sure the judge in a court of law appreciates your reference to a possible "ludicrous reason" he found Mr. Fimian guilty of assault. Please show some respect.

James Young

Wow, Ben. You must really be scared of a GOP victory if you're willing to carry water for Connolly and slime Fimian like this.

He must be in better shape for the nomination than I thought.


I don't think Gerry has to be scared of a GOP victory. Keith started out negative with that total whiner statement he issued to welcome Pat to the race, and eventually Pat foolishly stooped to his level.

Now, both Republican candidates are polarizing figures. I don't think Pat's people will come out for Keith if he wins next week, nor do I think Keith's people will come out for Pat if he is the victor. Since Pat is likely to remain an elected official at the County level, and since Fimian's chance of becoming an elected official and unseating Gerry is like onto a snowball lasting in hell, the only upside I see is that this whole race should remove Keith from politics, permanently. How much more of his money is he going to throw down the well?

Of course, I still don't believe half the stories people tell about Keith. I just can't believe when there is a golden oppotunity to unseat Gerry, a guy I'd like to see defeated, that this is the best the GOP can do! Shame, shame, shame.

Phil Chroniger

I do have the feeling that there might be some sour grapes here from McGreevy. Is there any way you can get an unbiased 3rd party to corroborate this story, Ben? Or are you simply taking a possibly disgruntled ex-business partner's word for it?


Elizabeth, with all due respect, many judges are insane and corrupt.

God Family Country

To those suggesting that this comprehensive list of community leaders are 'desperate', 'Herritics' (lousy religious analogy offensive to Catholics, by the way - oh, and Fimian being Catholic makes it worse), 'slimy' and 'crazy'...and that it is the Herrity campaign gone negative and nasty??
Go grief - Fimian is going to have a hard time holding up his head in public, nevermind in a room full of conservatives. Run on your values or not at all - but don't drag the names of good and respected leaders throughout our community through the mud.
Go wash your mouth out with soap - your mother would.

Endorsements for Pat Herrity
Elected officials/ candidates/ former elected officials

Dave Albo –Delegate, Fairfax County

Barbara Comstock – Delegate, Fairfax County

Tim Hugo – Delegate, Fairfax County

Vince Callahan – Delegate, Retired Fairfax County

Jackson Miller – Delegate, Prince William County

Tag Greason – Delegate, Loudoun County

Jill Holtzman Vogel – State Senator

John Frey – Fairfax County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Mike Frey –Fairfax County Supervisor, Sully Supervisor

John Cook – Fairfax County Supervisor, Braddock District

John Stirrup – Prince William County Supervisor, Gainesville District

Wally Covington – Prince William County Supervisor, Brentsville District

Marty Nohe – Prince William County Supervisor, Coles District

Michele McQuigg – Prince William County, Clerk of Court

Tom Peterson – Mayor, Town of Clifton

Rob Lederer – Mayor, Fairfax City

Liz Bradsher –Fairfax County School Board, Springfield District

Patty Reed- Fairfax County School Board, Providence District

Austin Haynes – Soil and Water District Director, Prince William County

Mike Polychrones -Council Member, Vienna Town Council

Jay O’Brien – Former State Senator

Gwen Cody – Former Delegate

Roger McClure – Former Delegate

Dick Dingman – Former Vienna Town Council

Will Nance – Former Candidate, State Senate

Marianne Horinko – Former Candidate, State Senate

Sasha Gong –Former Candidate, House of Delegates

Jay McConville –Former Candidate, House of Delegates

Jim Hyland – Former Candidate, House of Delegates

Chris Merola – Former Candidate, House of Delegates

Aaron Ringel –Former Candidate, House of Delegates

Marc Cadin – Former Candidate, House of Delegates

Mac Cannon – Former Candidate, House of Delegates

Community leaders (partial)

Anthony Bedell – Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee

Becky Stoeckel – Chairman, 11th District Republican Committee

Mike Thompson Sr – past Springfield GOP Chairman

Mark Johnson -Prince William Activist/ Fmr. Candidate for 11th Congressional

Siddique Shiekh – Pakistan American Business Association

Harold Pyon – Korean American community in Northern Virginia

Puneet Ahluwalia – Republican Indian Committee of VA

Kishore Thota – National Secretary for the Republican Indian Committee

Vellie Dietrich-Hall -Candidate for Mason District Supervisor

John Brownlee – US Prosecutor

Donald E. Scoggins – President, Frederick Douglass Republican Forum

Inge Gedo – Fairfax County Bob McDonnell Co-Chair

KayAnn Schoeneman – McDonnell Team Leader, Springfield District

Terrence Boulden – McDonnell Team Leader, Hunter Mill District

Ali Ahmad – Chairman, Prince William Young Republicans

Mike Thompson Jr – Vice Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee

Danny Vargas – Fmr. Chairman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly

Steve Lam - Community and Civic Volunteer Leader

Joe Underwood- Fmr. Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee

Joe Regan – Fmr. Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee

Julie Dime – Fmr. Legislative Director for Delegate Tim Hugo

Robert Boland – Prince William County Coles District Chair

Donna Widawski – Prince William County

Anna Lee – Member Fairfax County Republican Committee

David Skiles – Member Fairfax County Republican Committee

Paul Miller – RPV Finance Committee

Shak Hill – Conservative Activist

Greg Stone – Conservative Activist

Rob Hartwell – Woodbridge District Chairman

Larry and Nancy Krakover – Braddock District Chair

Bob Carlson – Sully District Chair

Paul Liberty – Herrity for Chairman Treasurer


Did you see where Herrity said he missed votes at the Supervisor meetings for an entire year because of one funeral? And his campaign could not even get the date of the funeral correct?

Herrity's campaign is dependent on being supported by blogs with anonomyous attacks.

Fairfax GOPr

To NotJohnSMosby

You goof - of course I know we vote without party registration, that is exactly the point. No party registration, No ID...just sign this statement you are who you say you are...what is the definition of 'is'???
We need party registration and voting reform vis a vis ID - period.
That way I won't sign and say I'm you...promise (fingers crossed behind my back?). Or should we just go to Al Dwoskin's "Hire Illegals in the van down by the river behind my shopping center so I can earn more money" shopping center and pick up a "WORKER ID" card there? Worker...hmmm, now where have I heard that phrase before? Hey, you wouldn't be a 'community organizer' now, would you?

K Street

John Denver, the lawsuit you cite only corroborates the fact that McGreevy had a falling out with the Fimian brothers, not that any serious short-changing happened. The decision goes into excruciating detail about different ways to properly value a company, showing that the "real" value is not at all black and white. But here are the interesting bottom line facts:
* It was John McGreevy's WIFE who sued, and not John. Why was that?
* McGreevy's wife claimed her shares were worth $2.50 each.
* The Fimians had paid her $0.71 a share.
* The court found the proper value was $1.09 a share.
It doesn't take a math or legal genius to see that $1.09 is much closer to $0.71 (the Fimian offer) than $2.50 (the McGreevy claim). So though the Fimians ended up owing her some money, the court decision really calls the McGreevys' credibility into question more than the Fimians.

Gretchen Laskas

Just because I'm so nit-picky, I'm not sure why "Herritics" pun is insulting to Catholics specifically. My family's hundreds of years in Protestantism has resulted in a lot of name calling, heretic being among the most benign. Of course, they were pretty good at hurling insults themselves.

But as my mother would say, if you are looking to be insulted, you probably will be in a few minutes.

Haywood Jablomi

Shorter Frank: (slurp slurp) Keith can I suck the left one now? (slurp slurp)

God Family Country

From a fellow nit-picker (btw, bed bug reference if you know your history - yuck, but etymology is interesting since we are wordsmithing)
Main Entry: her·e·tic
Pronunciation: \ˈher-ə-ˌtik, ˈhe-rə-\
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1 : a dissenter from established religious dogma; especially : a baptized member of the Roman Catholic Church who disavows a revealed truth.
Since you are intending to mock and belittle public figures and private citizens who have the right to support the candidate of their choice by saying they are akin to those who have formally disavowed the tenents of their faith (a faith supposedly held by YOUR candidate), it is offensive. But I will defend your right to say it - while holding a gun in one hand and the Constitution in another.


Fairfax GOPr,

So, in your opinion, the Republican primary next week will be skewed because lots of people, some of who may be illegal immigrants from Centreville who don't even live in the 11th, will go to vote illegally by memorizing names and addresses of voters on the rolls and voting in their place without ID, just signing the card? Is that your wingnut thought process?

Gretchen Laskas

GFC - I always thought "nit picker" referred to head lice. (I love the history of words. Nit picky people often do!) And I have never referred to anyone as a "Herritic" and wouldn't, since that isn't my personal style. But I'm with you about defending the rights of people to use it, as I'm pretty fond of the Constitution myself (and a decent shot, although I used to be better.) I just don't personally find it very insulting. (But maybe that's my Protestantism showing!)

Peter Barjonah

It would be humorous if it were not sad at how fast the above commenters are claiming Fimian should drop out and protect his honor.

This is a hit piece, nothing else. Nothing listed above is substantiated. You can say anything you want on a blog about a public official, and nothing happens. Take accusations with a grain of salt.

The fact the Gerry Con. didn't find anything out about any of these accusations should speak volumes for the fact that it is coming out just days before the primary.

It does not matter whether Keith spent a few nights in jail for getting in a fight decades ago, or for saying he is the founder when really a co-founder (like there's a difference), and how initial investments he made into the patent surely suffice his reasoning for being listed as one of the inventors. What matters is what kind of man Keith is now. We know him to be a man of God, family, principle, and hard work. This is what needs to be taken into account, not a hit piece days before an election substantiated by nothing.


Well, I am sure if it is printed on a “blog” it must be true….

Just ask Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif who insists that the Arizona immigration law came into existence because of white supremacists (she read it on a blog).
I think I read a blog somewhere that said Obama and BP intentionally created the oil spill to further the administration’s “Marxist agenda”. (tongue planted firmly in cheek).

I suggest heading Benjamin Franklin advice when he said. "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see”.

Peter Barjonah

**This is a test to see if comments are submitted to moderators, or if mine was simply deleted after being posted.**

Lorien McGreevy

John McGreevy is my father. I remember the business being started in our home above our garage in McLean. I was too young to understand the full depth of what my parents were going through at the time. However Keith was not an original partner. I vividly remember the late nights and long hours my parents spent getting the company off the ground. My father is a good and honest man. His account is 100% accurate. Now being an adult I fully understand the ramifications of Keith's actions. I hope this is the first of many blogs. He caused my family quite a bit of pain. The truth should be out there.

Not Larry Sabato

Peter- no comments have been deleted. There are 25 per page, your comment is on the last page.

Not Karl Rove

Herrity will win the primary by a double digit margin. It's over for the Fimian campaign. There are too many questions about who Fimian really is.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Lorien, thanks for the post. It's good to get another perspective on this issue from someone who was, at least obliquely, involved.

Peter, the fact that Gerry Connolly did not use this in the 2008 race does not mean he is/was not aware of it. I don't like Connolly at all, but I respect his campaigning abilities and he has always had a top notch oppo research operation. Connolly didn't use this because he didn't need too - the Opus Dei/Ave Maria stuff was enough and more potent with his base in 2008.

This kind of an issue only matters to us Republicans.

Phil Chroniger

Again, Ben...any kind of independent, unbiased corroboration of this account? So far, the only person who cosigned on this is Jim's daughter...hardly an unbiased source.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Phil, until someone from the Fimian campaign or Keith himself actually comments on the story - denying it or explaining - I don't see any reason not to discount what is being said.

The patent information was confirmed as was the lawsuit by the McGreeveys against Fimian over the company. That's two issues in there that are accurate. That, at the very least, adds some credibility to the story.

None of the Fimian supporters here have called the story false. They have simply said it's uncorroborated, questioned McGreevey's motives and blamed Pat Herrity.

Until someone from their side acknowledges the story (which I doubt they will) I see no reason to discount it. There's nothing obviously suspicious in it.

Perhaps Mark Plotkin will ask him about it in the debate on WTOP tomorrow. I hope he does.

Not a relative

I have worked with both John McGreevy and Keith Fimian. Mr. McGreevy’s account of the business history and Keith’s personality flaws are completely accurate. Mr. Fimian tends to display a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Do we really want another one of these people in Congress?

Lovettsville Lady

I have never understood how democrats can justify voting in republican primaries. Isn't that rather unethical?

Oops, I forgot, democrats don't care about ethics.

Never mind.

Lovettsville Lady

I don't believe for a minute that Keith has a drinking problem. I've seen NO evidence of that. I've seen no evidence that he has a wife either. Has any ever seen her? Are there ANY pictures of the two of them together? What's up with that?

John Denver

K Street – you missed the point.

It’s not the 35% of share value that Fimian and his thugs tried to rip-off from the McGreevy’s. It’s not even the brutish tactics they employed.

It’s that the court documents corroborate the McGreevy’s story.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, or more appropriately in this case – where there’s fire, there’s more fire.


Lovettsville Looney, Democrats vote in Republicans primaries about as often as Republicants vote in Democratic primaries.

I'm surprised you dipshits are still claiming to be the arbiters of what's ethical and what isn't. Not that voting in OPEN PRIMARIES is unethical, but you guys really have no moral high ground to stand on.


As a neighbor of the Fimians when they lived in Merrifield area I can verify Keith did indeed have an office/work area above his garage.

He also had an mailer last cycle picturing him with his wife and daughters. So they've appeared (albeit in a limited manner).

How old is Keith? Early 50s? Meaning his arrest is from his early 20s. Something that happened over 30 years ago doesn't really have same effect of a more recent "scandal". Voters are sympathetic to the fact that people do dumb stuff while they're young.

Lovettsville Lady

As is typical of JohnSMosby, you are clueless. Democrats here are talking about voting in a republican primary. They brag about it! When was the last time you saw a republican bragging about voting in a democrat primary? We don't, because it's not ethical. Ask Gretchen, perhaps she explain to you what ethics means. I know it's difficult for you, but she's a terrific writer. If anyone can explain ethics to democrats, it would be her. Good luck Gretchen!

Lovettsville Lady

How nice that the elusive Mrs. Fimian posed for a picture two years ago. Is there a reason why no one has ever seen her? Just seems very strange to be married yet never appear in public with your spouse.

Gretchen Laskas

Plenty of Republicans voted in the dem presidential primary in 2008, at least in my precinct. They have every legal right to do so under Virginia law. If Dems want to vote on Tuesday, that's their right. I won't be doing so, but I have, in the past, voted for John Warner when he had an extreme right wing challenger. Perhaps a situation might arise where I would do so again, but this election isn't one of those times.


Many politicians wives and husbands dont share their spouses love for politics. I don't find that difficult to understand.

Not ethical? Based on what? I'm a republican who voted in the Dems 2009 primary. I voted Moran because I wanted someone with Northern Virginia roots in the Governers mansion. I voted R in the general but I dont think I was a bad person for pulling the lever for Moran.

Lovettsville Lady

No one ever said it was illegal to vote in a primary of the other party. I said republicans don't do that because they don't. You'll pardon me if I don't believer democrats who report on republican behavior.





"I said republicans don't do that because they don't."

That was after a 10 second google search. So what was that about they don't vote in Democratic primaries? Unless your retort is that these are not Fox News sources.


I know plenty of Republicans who vote in Democratic primaries, Lovettsville Lady.

It is interesting that Herrity seems to have his family's vigorous support. Where are the Fimians? Where is Mrs. Fimian? Why isn't she photo opp-ing with her husband? Inquiring minds want to know!


Lovettesville Ladyboy,

Not that Kevin has already proven my point, but you may want to check the archives on your favorite blog, Too Conservative, and check out the threads discussing "operation chaos" for the Democratic primaries in the 11th in 2008 and for governor in 2009.

"Republicans don't do it because it's not ethical". Dumbass, I think that went out the window somewhere between Richard Nixon and Watergate and Larry Craig trolling for cock in public bathrooms.


As a neighbor of Pat for the last 17 years,I can say I know him well.You were right, Anon, to say Herrity`s family vigorously supports him.It has been disturbing to receive Fimian`s negative mailers questioning Pat's work ehtic.

Let me tell you PAT NEVER STOPS !!! He tries to go to as many things as physically possible.On the other hand,he is never too busy to help when needed.He is the one person I know I can count on.I was in a bind with the movement of large bleachers for an NVSL All Stars Meet,we needed strong men to accomplish that task.I called Pat and even though he had no children involved in swimming,he came and helped for hours.I could bore you with many examples of his dedication to the community and to his friends.I am not a blogger at all but felt compelled to post because these negatives attacks on Pat are done by people who obviously do not know Pat.

By the way,Fimian staffers -Pat`s sport of choice is not golf..


Brian W. Schoeneman

I've voted in a couple of Democratic primaries. I don't consider it unethical. I consider it a tactic. But to each his own.

I also support party registration, so it's not that hard for me to accept it.

Gretchen Laskas

I understand where Lovettsville Lady is coming from. There is something about being a strong partisan and voting in the primary of the other side. I wouldn't go so far as to call it unethical, but I would wish that people who do so use a lot of thought and care.

It's not unlike poking a hornet's nest. If you see a hornest's nest in the woods or in the furthest corner of your backyard, you tend to leave it be. But every so often they build too near your house, and you have to get rid of it. Poking it involves some risk, and sometimes you get stung. And most of the time, you wish you didn't have to do this.

I'll be the first to admit that my voting for someone like John Warner over another (more rightwing fanatic) candidate displays a tremendous amount of arrogance. After all, as an extremely partisan Dem, who am I to tell the Republican party in any way that they have come off the rails? And on the flip side, Democrats will be frustrated with me, because a candidate who is out there is often easier to beat than a more moderate one.

But sometimes, every once in awhile, you look at the state of the county, the commonwealth, the country, and you think, you have to remove the hornet's nest. You don't need to exterminate every last hornet in the nest, and you certainly don't think you are getting rid of hornets from your home forever, and yeah, it might hurt you in the short term, and in the end, you're left with what you originally had, not something you can look at and enjoy having made better.

(And before anyone says anything, I am NOT calling Republicans hornets -- the same analogy could be just as easily turned around to describe Republicans voting a Democratic primary.)


FairfaxGOPr, you just cut and paste from blog to blog! Clever. Folks in the 11th District need to vote for the candidate that is able to send Connolly packing. Let's bring in a new face, fresh ideas, conservative values, and elect Keith Fimian.


For a good part of his presidential bid Obama chose to not wear the American flag pin. When asked about it he fumbled his response and eventually lectured us on how to show American patriotism. BS. Obama is running this country to the ground and Connolly is helping him do just that. Now Fimian "forgets" to wear the American flag pin to the most important debate in the primary??? BS. Vote for Herrity, the real conservative.

Big Dog

Will be interesting who
shows up at the big
Old Town Manassas Railroad
Festival & Civil War
event tomorrow. The City is
just in Wolf's district,
but Connolly and Herrity
have been frequent visitors
(both marched in the St.Pat
Parade). Never have seen


Thank you, NLS, for breaking this story. Voters in the 11th district deserve to know the full story behind Keith Fimian.
Funny how Keith hasn't commented on this... all we see is attacks from his little pet puppet, Timmy Wimmy.
And, as a REDSKINS fan, I have to say that I'm disgusted at the Fimian campaign - not only do they not support the Skins, but they completely botched the story. Herrity did ask County staff to look into the possibility of bringing the skins' hall of fame into Fairfax County, which would provide more economic revenue to our county... however, they completely missed the boat because Herrity clearly wanted to make sure that NO additional costs would be associated with that process.


I've never seen any data that indicate that crossover voters are a meaningful phenomenon in Virginia primaries. To the extent that it happens, my guess is that it's self-cancelling - i.e., that it happens at a negligible level in both directions. Anyone have any data that will prove my instincts wrong?

One thing's for sure: there's no reason to believe that Republicans are so morally superior that they foreswear the practice, while Democrats, being persons of lower moral and ethical calibre, cross lines all the time. This seems to be LL's premise. It's total malarkey.

Not Larry Sabato


Wow. That might be the greatest screen name ever on my blog. You seriously made me laugh out loud.


Scout, the only real data I've ever seen on it - I think Nate Silver did something a while back - is that while some partisans will vote in the other primary as an "operation chaos" and vote for the worst candidate (the one they feel is most likely to lose against their party's candidate in the general election), most crossover voters take the other tactic. That tactic is, they'll vote for the best candidate for them if their party's candidate loses in the general election. While it hurts them a bit in the general, it is (or at least used to be) an insurance policy against the very worst possible outcome - the worst candidate from the opposing party winning in the general.

As far as the Fimian-Herrity race goes, both sides are absolutely correct. Fimian is an asshole and a crook, while Herrity has missed a lot of votes and has a tendency to completely shutdown when he doesn't get his way on the council. He's a buffoon who the Democratic majority - and Frey as well - tend to ignore for the most part. He's a whiny blowhard who desperately wants to be in charge of something.

One great thing this primary has done - as expected - is gotten a lot of the dirty laundry out into the open as both candidates have been negative from the start, with Fimian being by far the worse of the two.

Finally, I do enjoy all of the new readers writing that Ben is "trying to get in Gerry's good graces" or that he's shilling for Gerry. Whether you like Ben or not, everyone who's read this blog for any amount of time knows that he hates Gerry probably more than he hates any Republican. I would bet he would vote for either Harrity or Fimian instead of Gerry if he lived in the 11th. More than likely he just wouldn't vote at all.


Fimian's arrest record DOES matter to me, no matter how old it is. A DWI is one thing - beating the crap out of somebody is quite another. With his strategic ideological flip-flop to pander to the tea party while bashing political expediency, he is distancing himself from independent voters like me. I'd like to go to the polls in November and not have to hold my nose for once. From my perspective, we'll get to choose between a left winger and a right winger, no matter who wins the primary. Oh joy...

PWC Politico

Sounds like Mr. McGreevy is a very un-saavy businessman ... felt he got screwed by the Fimians and yet he kept going back to him? Set up a new company with Keith Fimian doing the legal and accounting work? "At this point in the business we had decided that we (Rich Tucker and John McGreevy) did not want to work with Keith and Brian so it was agreed that we would set this company up with equal ownership." OK dumbass ... we don't trust you but go ahead and be involved in a key role in our business ... sure.

And if Keith Fimian was a tag-along, why did he have so much control. Mr. McGreevy is someone I wouldn't trust to be in business with!!

Brian W. Schoeneman

Actually, PWC Politico, it sounds to me like Mr. McGreevey is exactly like 95% of the engineers and inventors I've ever met. They aren't businessmen. They're engineers. That's why the would bring in folks like Fimian - to help with the business side while they deal with the technical side.

They're exactly the kind of people you want to be in business with because they actually come up with the products and inventions that make money.


And anyone in the tech biz knows that the true founders of most companies, the guys who came up with the first product or the first design or the first idea, they almost always get pushed out way before the company gets big. Even Apple sent the Steves out to pasture at the earliest moment they could, and it took Jobs coming back to save the company. The founders of Cisco, a couple of college professors, were kicked to the curb back almost 20 years ago, before Cisco was even billion-dollar company, much less the 40 billion a year it sells now.

Technology founders tend not to be good businessmen. Most who I've met have no desire to deal with finances and accounting and marketing and selling, all the things that turn an idea into a company. When the "pros" do sign up, they always start to push the originators - that's probably a better word than founder - off to the side. Keep them in the lab and keep them happy enough to crank out something to sell. Then buy them out, turn development over to someone else, and market the product.

Phil Chroniger

Personally, like all "he-said, she-said" situations such as these...the real truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.


Primo post Ben when you can get all their panties twisted like this. Kuddos brother.


The assault issue was reported in the Potomac News on June 4th. Fimian accuses Herrity of a smear campaign, while Herrity's campaign refused to comment. Fimian says it was 35 years ago and was the result of a dorm waterfight gone bad and has since apologized to the man he injured. Temper, temper... If I hadn't found this blog, I never would have known. Thanks.


I believe this story. I knew the Fimians in the early days of starting this business and was at their house a lot. There was no office set up in the house, infact he had converted his garage into a playroom.....He also is not a person who will help people in trouble, he is totally out for himself...speaking from experience.

Big Dog

A bumper crop of
poisonous snakes and
now rabid foxes seen
in Prince William.

The Fimian campaign team
is working hard.

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